Canadian Current Events Commentary

The following is an edited response to some questions asked to me by Andrew Sorge as we chatted on line about the recent shooting in Ottawa. We were discussing The Great Game (a book he is familiar with but I know little about). I don’t follow Canadian news so much, but of course

I did notice that the Canadian govt pushed thru a new surveillance bill at some point between the army guy getting run over in Montrael and the parliament shooting. But of course the news has no more time or space for this controversial bill as everyone turns their attention to mooring not only the loss of a couple of soldiers, but also the loss of innocence of our parliament building as it host it’s first gun fight. We should be mourning our loss of freedom and humanity by our own government as we mourn those other losses. Someone wrote a great article chastising people who are shocked this could happen after so many years of being at war. This is what war means. It wasn’t an act of terrorism but an act of war. Do people really think we can go around the world blowing people up in other countries and be free of the consequences. Shoot at someone long enough and they are bound to shoot back eventually. Whoever this guy was was very clear and deliberate in not killing any civilians (unlike the Canadian and other western armies as they pursue the global enforcement of their ideologies). I read that the shooter even forced someone out of his car at some point. If he was a terrorist he could have killed the guy. I think of his act as more of a violent protest than terrorism. He was quite specific in his targets. And now that the shooter is dead we will never know for sure what his motive was. Case closed. Personally I find it all rather boring.

In regards to the great game analogy, the audience will always demand a winner and a loser; and games are always more exciting when played before an audience. But who wins and who looses? And perhaps more importantly, when does the game end? The west thought they won in Iraq but their puppet government lacks the strength to defend against Isis.

And now that someone has shot back in Canada it’s now clear that we lost the game because that was after all what we went to war to avoid. And now that the government can spy on us we, the people, have doubly lost by losing the freedoms that so many soldiers have gone thru war after war to protect. But considering we’re still supporting the hi-tech terror in the land of the bad guys, they have not yet won either. No winners, just a bunch of fucking losers.

Politics never makes much sense. And it is just a game. Everyone takes it so seriously thinking that there can be a winner or a loser. But once this is declared everyone just sets the pieces up again and starts a new game.

I do to know what Canada is so worried about. Sure the enemie has possibly made a weak pawn attack on us early in the game, but we still have all of Europe and the Atlantic Ocean between us and them. It will be a long long time before Isis is rolling their tanks on Canadian soil and demanding our submission to Allah (if that’s what people are so scared of). If they were such a threat all of Europe would be thrashing them along side Turkey.

I actually appreciate Turkey’s stance in this. Though I’m also sure Erdogan stance is somewhat influenced by his own issues with the Kurds and support from the more fundamental Muslim majority in Turkey. Besides, if two enemies want to kill each other, then let them. In any case why are we so worried about what’s going on on the other side of the world if out allies who are neighbouring the war don’t seem to be too concerned. It has nothing to do with our freedoms and everything to do with being to scared to do what we all know is right anyways. “Our Freedoms” is merely jargon for “our oil rich way of life.” The average day is filled with reasons why we should become less dependent on oil, every sector of thought and academia agrees on this, but yet we fight continue to blow people up on the other side of the world rather than face our true fear which is just doing what’s right. It has nothing to do with war and everything to do with common decency, or the lack there of. People frown on smoking in public but drive their cars everywhere and lay down miles of tar to do so. It the mean time we head out to the Middle East and kill people for the privilege of driving those cars and laying down that tar. It’s our way of life and we won’t let anyone stand in our way.

This is nothing new, we all know better. We are loosing our way of life, but our way of life comes from freedoms that are being eroded by our own government. Nothing thats going on in the middle east can make that happen, but as long as we keep looking there for the enemy, our own government here will do as it likes.

Fear is our greatest enemy along with our reactions to fear. There is certainly no hidden master at work in our houses of parliament. Everyday some new thing comes up and “oh my god, we have to make a new law,” or “we must strike back,” or “we have to spy on everyone.” These are not the reactions of a confident nation and such reactions will only draw us further and further away from what we really want. And I think what most people really want is peace and freedom.

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