2016 Transits for Gemini Ascendant or Moon in Gemini – Rahu & Ketu move into Leo & Aquarius

Rahu & Ketu move into Leo and Aquarius for people or places with Moon in Gemini or Gemini Langna 

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Rahu transits Leo (3rd house)

Ketu transits Aquarius (9th house)

Jupiter transits Leo (3rd house)

Saturn transits Scorpio (6th house)

Mars transits Scorpio (6th house)


Note: As usual, this is a very limited view of how these transits are likely to affect you and the world around you. Many factors need to be considered when giving a forecast: the effects of the other planets in the houses and in relation to each other as well as their relation to your own individual birth chart. If you are interested in a more complete reading, please feel free to contact Mike at holliday.michael@gmail.com

Rahu in Leo 3rd house

Rahu generally likes being in the 3rd house of effort; Rahu is good at effort because he’ll do anything to get what he wants. The third house is the first house of the Kama Trikona (desire trine) and of course Rahu represents our strongest desires; those uncontrollable urges that we find extremely difficult suppress. Rahu brings us into our future with these urges by creating karmic situations that we have no choice but to deal with. In Leo, Rahu seeks recognition, he becomes very active and creative. In the third house he brings us into groups and seeks opportunities for net working and communication. He wants to lead whether he’s ready or fit for leadership or not. The 3rd house also represents the arms and hands of Kal Purusha so it shows where we reach out to the world; Rahu’s involvement could cause us to reach out for our illusions. By the time Rahu completes his transit of Leo we could come to realize just how clouded our efforts were; however by this time it’s too late and we will have to deal with the karmic implications of our efforts.

From 3rd house Leo, Rahu looks at 7th house Sagittarius and 11th house Aries. These are the other two houses of desire. The 7th house is our desire to connect with others whether thru contract of committed relationship. Rahu will of course increase this desire. It becomes difficult to look within when Rahu is involved with this triangle of desire. His influence on 7th house could cause us to get involved in relationships or contracts that don’t serve us; “the other” receives out attention as we negate our personal needs which is indicated by Ketu’s look on our 1st house. Rahu’s look on the 11th house will again involve us with others; this time with our friends in hopes that we can belong to the class of Aries people who don’t like to waste time getting what they want.

Spiritually, 3rd house can be a difficult location for Rahu, but he will help us to get what we want and propel us forward into new and exciting realms. After all, what wrong with wanting to connect with others, create with our hands and share those creations with others so that we can profit.

Ketu in 9th house

Ketu in the 9th house can restrict our faith in God while at the same time providing us with the dress and look of one who believes. This tension is often apparent to others who might laugh at our beliefs and our faith. On account of Ketu’s look at the 1st house we likely won’t care what others think of us. Ketu is, of course, a body without a head: ever satisfied, seeking nothing, and thinking nothing. Mystics believe Ketu to be the only truly spiritual planet allowing for peace of mind and past life abilities to rise to the surface without effort. With this in mind, we could discover some of our past life talents relating to 9th house and Aquarius (law, religion, luck, sublime thought, etc). His look on the 5th house will limit creative production, restrict our relationship with our children, and generally put us in a situation where we don’t much care one way or the other if we produce anything or not. This does not mean we will not create anything, it merely means that we have no attachment to the results.

The danger of Ketu lies in giving over his power to the more active and more desirous Rahu. We risk taking our beliefs from small working groups or those who are younger than us; those for whom we are supposed to stand as mentor. In a way, Ketu 9th house can make us into a spokes person for the beliefs of others.

Jupiter 3rd house Leo (conjunct Rahu)

What good can come when Jupiter, the guru, is being corrupted by the underhanded out-caste who desires only to help himself. Guru Chandal Yoga occurs whenever Jupiter is conjunct Rahu. Add to this Jupiter’s retrograde motion until the end of April and your get plans (and effort in this case) not only straying off course by fate, but actually straying off course by ones own willful effort. Jupiter will regain some of his power when he turns direct again, but he will still have the miserable out-caste Rahu to deal with.

Jupiter will be looking at the 7th, 9th, and 11th houses. His look will not be a corrupted as the house he is living with Rahu, but there will still be some Rahu influence on each other these houses. His look at the 7th house should be beneficial in regards to partnerships since Sagittarius, Jupiter’s own sign, is here for Gemini ascendants. Look for greater expansiveness in 7th house matters. This could mean an expended role in your life from your partners, or it could bring more partners into your life. Jupiter’s look at the 9th house will also be beneficial since Jupiter in the Karaka for the 9th house even though in this case his enemy Saturn owns 9th house thru his rulership of Aquarius. In any case, Jupiter will be taking care that law and order prevail despite Ketu’s negating influence here. His look at the 11th house should also be beneficial for our friendship (expending their scope) as well as for our profits and gains. Rahu and Jupiter will be working together in a strong way to help us realize our hopes, we just need to ensure that our mind stays clear and focused on attaining them in a positive manner without hurting or alienating those we love.

Saturn in 6th house Scorpio

For Gemini, Saturn becomes the karaka for 9th house luck and faith as well as 8th house of hidden treasures and sudden events. He brings these influences to the 6th house of obstacles, debt and disease. As owner of a bad house living in a bad house Saturn forms Vipreet Raja Yoga and has the power to destroy the negative indications of both 6th and 8th. Vipreet Raja becomes all the stronger when he lives with the owner of the house he is in, therefore, when Mars comes into Scorpio it could bring nice gain from our enemies and obstacles. Mars in 6th house Scorpio will certainly give us the will to fight our enemies and win. But the combination of two naturally malefic enemies living together is sure to bring some frustration. But Mars in his own house is sure to overcome Saturn’s resistance.

Saturn will be looking at his own 8th house, the 12th house, and the 3rd house. His look at the 8th house will likely influence him to look for hidden treasures in jungly untamed places. He also restricts death for Gemini natives which is a good thing for most people, but for those deep in suffering this influence will only prolong the suffering. Saturn’s look at the 12th house which will also receive a look from Mars for a great deal of the time Saturn transits Scorpio will likely cause a great deal of wasteful expenditure as one seeks escape from their problems or the problems of the world. Such escapes will likely only serve as a source of greater frustration rather than acting as a solution for anything. It’s Saturn’s look on the 3rd house, Rahu and Jupiter that could prove most malicious in motivating effort. Watch your heath, your expenditure and your efforts for signs of sorrow. It could be a very good time to become aware of the ways of Saturn. Some of his negative effects can be mitigated by reading “The Greatness of Saturn” or following other remedial measures for Saturn.

If you have any comments or questions about how the current of future transits are likely to affect your individual birth chart, please contact Mike at holliday.michael@gmail.com. I welcome all questions and comments related to Vedic Astrology.

Om Namah Shivaya

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