Libra transits for early 2016 – February -March

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11th house: Rahu & Jupiter in Leo (Full moon February 24th, 2016)

Rahu, the shadowy planet signifying some of our strongest desires and urges goes into the 11th house signifying hopes, gains, and friendships. The triple conjunction with the full Moon (on February 24th), Jupiter and Rahu is likely to set the stage for large political gatherings that might not be completely peaceful since the peace loving moon will be afflicted by Rahu as well as Saturn. The popular support afforded by moon will be there non-the-less. The Guru Chandal Yoga formed by Rahu’s conjunction with Jupiter is likely to decrease Jupiter’s ability to offer a broad humanistic perspective. Rahu will not, however, compromise ones ability for gain. Rahu, a head without a body, has an insatiable desire for gain and will likely continue his pursuit despite the obstacles of nobility and righteousness presented by Jupiter. Look also for some shadowy friends to enter the scene during Rahu’s year and a half transit of this house. Wandering with many different kinds of people is also likely by this configuration. Rahu will be giving a look to the 3rd house and the 7th house which will also fan the flames of desire, especially in in 7th house matters like love, relationships, partnerships and trade. As owner of 3rd house looking at 3rd house, Jupiter will be providing good support for 3rd house matters which should maintain some sense of humanity in regards to ones efforts. And with this 3rd house owner living in the 11th house, efforts will certainly go into making gains and making friends. However, as 6th house owner, Jupiter is sure to bring some dispute with friends as well.

Saturn 2nd house Scorpio (conjunct Mars)

As owner of 4th and 5th houses, Saturn acts as Raja Yoga Karaka for Libra Ascendants. Saturn’s role is, however to delay things and make us work hard for the things we want in life. 2nd house things like savings, land holdings, and collections, will likely be delayed. A reasonable placement in your chart should allow him to come thru for you in the end, but in the mean time you might find yourself surveying and organizing what you already have. It’s a period of taking stock. When Mars comes into this house, he will bring a lot of energy into collecting and saving, but as an enemy of Saturn, frustration is likely to result. From a global perspective, it’s likely that there could be some disputes over the trading and collection of oil. There could also be a kind of taking stock of ones homeland 4th lord Saturn in 2nd) and perhaps aggressively seeking expansion (mars in 2nd) thru trade and partnerships (7th house). Saturn casts a sorrowful look to 4th house (making emotion dry and bureaucratic), 8th house (hidden things or sudden events) along with mars which could cause some life changing event, and 11th house (gains, friends, and hopes) signifying a restriction of ones hopes.

Ketu in 5th house Aquarius (March 9th)

The Sun – Ketu conjunction with Mars and Jupiter looking on is likely to be provoking strong reaction by mind rather than any kind of well thought out plan. The full moon aspecting this conjunction from the 11th house on feb 24th could have a cooling effect on the mind, the ego, the political arena; but the next couple of weeks will see all the planets aligning for big fight between the 5th and the 11th. On a personal level this could feel like a fight between your ego (sun has a kind of natural rulership of the fifth house and will be situated in the fifth house), and your more idealistic hopes (11th house). On a larger scale, it could become a fight between people and governments of Libra places. In this condition, I can say that the Sun is in trouble by March 9th, I still need to look at later in the year to see how it all works out, and of course everything will be felt in a very individual way. Ketu looks at the 1st and 9th houses, which can bring our some changes to ones belief system, which will of course have it’s effect on the personality as well.

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