2017 Transits for Aries

I used the full moon in Jyeshta on June 9th, 2017 to provide a framework for a horoscopy reading. The emphasis of these articles is not, however, the moon, but rather the slower moving planets Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu. Therefore this can be refer to most of the first half of 2017.

  • Saturn (retrograd) in Sagittarius (moving back to Scorpio on June 20).
  • Rahu in Leo – Ketu in Aquarius (moving back to Cancer & Capricorn respectively on August 18)
  • Jupiter in Virgo (moving to Libra on September 11)
  • Sun in seasonally in Taurus with Mercury while Venus lags behind in Aries. The Moon is full in Scorpio, Mars is transiting Gemini.


Venus is transiting the first house receiving aspect from Rahu. This can be a good period for the physical body as well as adding some artistic appeal to the personality. Rahu aspect on the first house can add a touch of selfishness that we sometimes need to assert our own personality. Rahu’s aspect on the first house can also make a person somewhat unpredictable.

The Sun in 2nd house suggests prosperity from your productivity, children, and perhaps even speculative gains. With Rahu in the 5th house (which is owned by the Sun) you will be very willing to take risks. Mercury is also in the 2nd house with Jupiter and Moon aspecting. With four planets aspecting this second house, I would expect a variety of means for making and storing various kinds of wealth: The Sun can bring wealth from father as can Jupiter’s aspect. Jupiter also signifies the husband in a females chart as well as children for both men and women so Jupiter can add to gained wealth by these means also. Good advice can be another source whenever Jupiter is involved.

Mercury’s position in transit suggests there could be some kind of property dispute or disputes with the family. He also suggests that a gulf may form between you and your younger (3rd house) siblings. There are many reasons to think that prosperity will increase in this period, though with Venus in the 12th house from his own 2nd house there could also be some losses of family prosperity and the native might stay away from his or her family in this period.

We have to keep in mind that with these faster moving planets moving thru their transits could be very minor events. If we consider all of this happening in relation to ones natal moon, much of this could be as subtle as a passing thought. In regards to the last results I wrote about from Mercury and Venus; these planets give vaguely seasonal results like the Sun, though of course, they do not move in such a steady path, they are not as reliable. In any case, a loss of family prosperity could be as minor as a broken toaster, or perhaps merely a period where everything has aged (depreciated) but nothing has been added or repaired. Being away from family could be as subtle as a passing thought of running away from it all.

When I’m writing these full moon horoscopes, I’m looking at it as if these are the results most likely to fructify from the time I select somewhere close to the full moon in the month. It’s quite random, though I do also try to consider them in their past and future relation to each other. One other small thing that I really should be considering when writing these horoscopes is the Navamsha, or more specifically, the Nakshatra pada. This makes a big difference for the result of the activity conducted in the main chart. Maybe that passing thought brings you to the next flight out of town, or perhaps it brings you to confirmation of the love you have for your family. Of course I don’t have to remind anyone that it’s your own chart, thru your own heart that will ultimately decide things.

Enough digression…..

Younger siblings are likely to face difficulties. See Gemini lagna to understand the effects on the younger sibling. With the owner of the 8th in this 3rd house, there is very good opportunity for some sudden even to draw forth some courage that you never imagined. Efforts could be less than noble in this period. Hands, arms, and the upper chest can all be effected.

And perhaps I put too much gloom on these malefic aspects on the third house. We shouldn’t worry too much. Mars is, after all, Lagnesha (ruler of 1st house) and Saturn is giving aspect from the 9th house (which alone can give strict discipline, lawfulness, sacrifice, and renunciation). These beliefs, will effect gains, efforts and the way challenges are faced and the kinds of obstacles over-come. And of course, our own beliefs will affect the way this Saturn affects us. In any case, even Ketu can be of some benefit. Perhaps some crazy new age technical achievement will be released; perhaps some next generation (Ketu) biological agent (Saturn/Mars). Mars is ruler of the 8th house of new inventions while the owner of the 4th house of learning is in the 8th house of research.

Jupiter is in the 6th house giving duties and obstacles on many fronts. Mars is aspecting and the owner of 6th is in 2nd, so debt and savings could be a problem. Mars can give accidents, cuts, burns and fights with people working below you. Jupiter can give good counsel in these matters and Mars can give the will and the action needed to overcome. Jupiter’s aspect to his own 12th house should be beneficial. If there is to be expenses, at least they should be charitable or educational and hopefully not judicial. Jupiter’s aspect on the 10th house (Mars is also aspecting this house) should be positive. Capricorn is Jupiter’s debilitation house; Mars’ exaltation house; the owner of 10th, Saturn, is in 9th, the “best house,” but this best house is also 12th from the 10th. This can liberate us from our career and bring some reputation for religion, spirituality, higher knowledge; retirement. Disputes with the law, with father or guru are possible (9th owner in 6th house).


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