2017 Transits for Gemini

I’ve used a chart made for the full moon on June 9, 2017 to provide me with a framework  for this horoscope, however, the emphasis is on the slower moving planets which can make this reading relevant for most of the first half of 2017.

  • Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius (until June 20 when he will move back into Scorpio)
  • Rahu in Leo (until August 18)
  • Ketu in Aquarius (until August 18)
  • Jupiter in Virgo (until September 11)

The full moon is debilitated in the 6th house. It could signify some difficulties for the women in a native’s family (moon suggests mother, 2nd house rulership by moon suggests family member, perhaps a sibling of the mother 6th house signification).

Sun is giving his seasonal effects of lost effort. This could result in expenses due to hobbies, travel, or communications. In some cases, Suns transit thru the 12th house can give fines or other such losses to authority or father figures. Jupiter’s aspect put the losses to good use. He can also add a charitable disposition.

Mars transits thru the aspects of Ketu and Saturn in the first house (the early part of this month their degrees are in very close aspect). There is sure to be some emotional reaction and perhaps even physical ailment or accident. Mercury, the owner of first house is also in the 12th house suggesting travel or isolation. Jupiter’s aspect on Mercury in the 12th can also aid travel, or even a change of residence since it also owns the 4th house. The 3rd house owner can also suggest a long commute with much wasteful travel within your own area.

Saturn is in the 7th house receiving aspect from Rahu and Mars; which could make for some very tense agreements and relationships, though the owner of 7th, Jupiter, is relatively well placed in the 4th house suggesting agreements for pleasure, or home. Such a Jupiter could suggest signing a lease contract for home or office space. Since Jupiter owns the 10th house and sits in the 4th, this could suggest an enjoyable period in your career (pleasure from career, or perhaps having a reputation for liking what you do). This 10th lord in the 4th house could also signify a period of working from the home or setting up a home office.

Saturn is aspecting the 9th house which is likely to bring some discipline (Saturn’s 3rd look), especially for home (Saturn’s 10th look) and body (Saturn’s 7th look). The Saturn Ketu combination in the 9th house can bring health problems for the father and/or Guruji; but since the 9th owner is in the 7th, this can also manifest as some kind of partnership or agreement being forged with the father, guruji, or some institution of higher knowledge.

Ketu’s influence in the 9th house can disperse ones belief system so that the deeper philosophy becomes unclear. This combination can make one question deeply the existence of god, higher principles, or the meaning or purpose of life.

Rahu in the 3rd house will be supporting this state of weakened faith to assure your ego that you have everything under control. Rahu’s transit thru the third house can encourage great courage in our efforts, but sometimes Rahu is not cognizant of healthy limits. This Rahu can help get what you want, but there could be some unintended consequences that will have to be dealt with either immediately or at some future time.

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