2017 Transits for Virgo

Jupiter is transiting the 1st house and the 1st house owner is in the 9th house suggesting an excellent time for education and spiritual knowledge. With the Sun also in the 9th house, you might find your father or guru to be a little too over bearing in this period. This Jupiter can also influence a few extra pounds around the midline (most cultures take this as a positive sign of prosperity). Speaking of health, Ketu is transiting the 6th house suggesting that you might be neglecting your health and the advice of your doctors or others who are trying to help you overcome any obstacles in your life. Rahu in the 12th can bring fatigue or abnormal growths to the feet. Mars – Ketu – Saturn influence on the 10 house can damage the knees, and the malefic influence on the 4th house can effect the heart, the chest of the upper digestive tract. Ketu in the 6th is also suggestive of some strange (undiagnosable or mis-diagnosed) dis-ease. Holistic practitioners are much better equipped to diagnose and treat illnesses related to Rahu and Ketu.

Rahu in the 12th house highlights expenditure for Virgo native. Rahu likes being in the 12th house. If there is anything that Rahu understands, it’s expenditure. But a head without a body can spend without limits and has little concern for what is lost. This can also be a very powerful spiritual placement as Rahu brings our strongest desires (our uncontrollable urges) into the house of Moksha (though it also relates with bed pleasures). This Rahu is also very well placed for foreign travel. The ruler of this 12th house for Virgo natives is the Sun who is placed in the 9th house giving double potency to travel possibilities (though this Sun can also signify loss of father or guru.

Ketu is in the 6th house. With all the malefic aspects to this Ketu in 6th house, I’d really hate to have any Virgo enemies. This combination certainly doesn’t bode well for them. I suspect this combination will be better for the Virgo native than it is for Virgo enemies. Though of course Virgo will still have to deal with enemies and obstacles in a very harsh way that can be just as challenging as having that harshness directed at you. Surgical procedures are also possible with this combination.

Saturn is in the 4th house giving a strong feeling of responsibility in the home and for the homeland. Since Saturn owns the 6th house, he could also bring disputes in to the home or with our mother of parents. Teaching or running some kind of home or school is also possible by this combination. You may, however, feel separated from your children. Even if they are physically present in your life, you may feel as though you’ve been shut out of their private life. Saturn’s aspect on the 6th house suggests some small health concern could grow and become more serious (likely aided by Ketu’s indifference). Saturn’s aspects on 10th and 1st houses suggest that you may be especially diligent and sober and lawful in this period. It’s good time to take on extra responsibilities.

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