2017 Transits for Capricorn

8th house Rahu will influence some kind of wandering; perhaps some new ideas or perhaps also in regards to foreign travel, overseas, far from home. But if you don’t find yourself in physical movement, you are likely to find your mind and your interest taking an unorthodox turn. This can be a good time to reinvent yourself and discover new possibilities. Ketu will be working across the chart cutting your connection to family and the values you learned growing up. This is a good combination for experimentation. Rahu’s aspect on the 4th house further suggests that you will spend time outside of the home, even if you don’t travel. His 12th house look will get us out and increase our expenditures. Saturn and Mars’ influence on this 12th house furthers the inauspicious expenditure: hospital, medication, unexpected travel expenses and other such expenditures are likely. This is not likely to be positive in regards to the finances of Capricorn natives. Expenses are wasteful, gain is debilitated (by full moon on June 9, 2017), and savings are feeling a pinch from market forces beyond your control.

The good news comes thru Jupiter who is expending your faith and your higher knowledge as well as offering positive guidance and advice. His look on 1st house is supporting good health and a noble bearing throughout this period. His look on 3rd house will be supporting pride and dignity, while his influence on 5th house is supportive of children education, good luck, and success in competition. I should mention as well that since the 12th house owner, Jupiter, is transiting the 9th house, expenses related to education, religion, and charity is also likely. 12th house involvement with 9th house can also signify ashram learning or volunteering abroad.

Since the moon owns the 7th house for Capricorn natives, agreements may always be in flux. With the moon also full in Scorpio debilitation on June 9, 2017, there may be difficulties with negotiation, diplomacy and contracts. Gain is not likely to be as expected. Although there are no direct aspects on the 7th house, it’s still hemmed by Rahu and Mars which will be enough for any agreements to feel pressured and a spouse to feel some heat. There is a likelihood of fighting in the home, disputes with spouse, mother, landlord or tenants.

The 6th house is suggestive of accidents at this time; especially at home or in transit. Such malefic influence of a dussthana house is likely to prove a boon to you and a curse to your enemies. Mars’ transit of this house will be an especially potent time to fight for what right or take action to remove whatever is blocking you from fulfilling your destiny.

2 thoughts on “2017 Transits for Capricorn”

  1. Your blog is good. However, it is not for a complete year. Jupiter now moved to 10th house, Rahu/Ketu in 7th/1st, and Saturn 12th. Please cover overall year. Now, the 2018 is coming.

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