2017 Transits for Sagittarius

Saturn is in Sagittarius, at least until June 20 when he goes back into Scorpio for several months. In any case, this is sade sati for Sagittarius: the infamous 7.5 years of bad luck. Of course it’s not always as bad as we expect (which can be good, because then perhaps the good that comes from this Saturn will gain greater appreciation. Body illness, delays and repetitions as well as difficulties for loved ones; and perhaps even the death of a guru. They have often said that a grandparent may die during the first sade sati, a parent in the second, and perhaps the spouse in the third. Of course all of this depends on your own chart and your own Saturn.

The beauty of Saturn, and every planet has some beauty, is that we come to know what we really, really want in this life thru Saturn’s effort and by meditating on the areas in our life where we feel some deep responsibility. Saturn transiting first house can age us thru grey hair, wrinkles or perhaps some kind of lameness, he is also a fane of bad teeth so don’t be shy about visiting the dentist. His ageing process doesn’t stop with our image, but actually gets inside of us making us feel like we have greater responsibility. Of course this is also one of the effects of loosing a guru; without them to carry us, we must carry ourselves (my own father guru died during my first sade sati; by Shiva’s blessing, another guru has come into my life).

Since Saturn rules the 2nd house and is transiting the 12th from the 2nd, there is some chance that you could go away from your family or loose some family prosperity in this period. His look at the 7th house could cause delays to any signing of contracts and it may not be a good period for partnership. With Mars living in the 7th house, there is likely to be frustration with others, fights with your partner, and with Ketu’[s look at this house, perhaps even the dissolution of contracts and agreements. Saturn’s look on the 10th house is more likely to be beneficial since Saturn and Jupiter work well for reputation, as does Mars (although Mars like quick and sudden). Responsible, respectable, committed along with expensive and knowledgeable are all good traits for career and reputation.

Jupiter is in the 10th house can broaden ones reputation. In this period around June, Mercury could be causing some disagreements with authority or in the workplace. It also possible that you merely feel overburdened by clerical duties, though considering this Mercury is conjunct with Sun in the 6th, it’s more likely that you will be feeling some heat from authority. In any case, Jupiter is also looking at this 6th house so there may be some relief (there may also be judicial obstacles to overcome as well). His aspect to the 2nd house can diversify your portfolio of liquid assets; your speech is likely to be respected at this time, and you may acquire something new for the home. Venus in the 5th suggests a good time to purchase a car (Rahu’s aspect on Venus suggest an import car at this time). Venus is also in a good location to gain by speculation or via the negotiating table.

Rahu is transiting the 9th house. This is an excellent transit for independent thought. He can also bring some hip problems (likely for no apparent reason). With Rahu’s aspect on the 1st house, he can bring a level of intensity to your personality. This Rahu can also be beneficial for higher studies, PhD, Masters, law, philosophy, religion and spirituality. The deception that Rahu creates can sometimes give us plenty of study and information about philosophy without supplying the necessary practice or experience.

Ketu in the 3rd house can make us lazy. Why try for anything when we are guided by the hand of fate and God? This is the sort of beliefs that often come from the nodes in 3rd and 9th houses.


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