2017 Transits for Scorpio

I finally get to my own rising sign, Scorpio. Scorpios are still suffering with Sade Sati as Saturn goes back and forth between the 1st and the 2nd houses. Sade sati can influence durable savings. Perhaps it can be said that as the trouble of Saturn’s transit over moon sign or rising sign, one begins to feel the need for some kind of security. As 4th house owner in the 2nd house, there can be some positive gain of land and savings (these positive outcomes are perhaps more likely for Scorpios more advanced in age). Anytime Saturn influences the 2nd house, we have to have some concern for the teeth, which is likely influenced by the dry, starchy, even stale food that Saturn likes to eat. With Mars and Rahu also influencing this second house, I can’t expect much health to come from your diet; and this motely crew could even escalate things to a point of surgery. However, since Jupiter owns this 2nd house and sits in the 11th, you could make some gain from food or speech or family or perhaps merely thru adjustments to liquid assets. There will, no doubt, be difficulties in the family: major sickness or death (this sort of prediction generally goes with sade sati as well).

This Saturn is looking at the 4th house giving his affects to the mother and the home. You are likely feeling some responsibility for your home or homeland, while Ketu is doing his best to help you to disregard it. A serene home life is not on the cards for Scorpios, though there is a good chance that there will be changes in these matters by Ketu’s influence. Saturn’s look at the 8th house is generally considered favourable. Anything that begins in this period is likey to be maintained. Although this Saturn gives longevity in the 8th, this does not also suggest a life of ease. Longevity by this Saturn generally accompanies some pain and suffering. Saturn’s 10th look is going to the 11th house which would be crimping you profits and gains and ensuring that those around you do not challenge the status quo. Any gains that are made in this period are quite likely to be the product of hard work and committed responsibility.

I mentioned Ketu’s cutting qualities in the 4th house. This sharpness will also go to his look on the 8th house, which, combined with Saturn and Mars, also suggests some sudden health concerns and possibly a surgical procedure. This combination could suggest other kinds of cuts, burns, chemical reactions or accidents as well. Mercury, the owner of the 8th hose is in the 7th suggesting that your secrets may also be released. And there is a good opportunity for some secret partnership. Your spouse could also suffer from some separation with his or her family at this time. Ketu’s aspect on the 12th house is generally a positive indication. Lack of sleep could be a result, but more likely is less expenditure. This will not be a period of wasting your time. Dreams are likely to take on an unsual importance in this period as well; though, like sleep, meditation may also be difficult.

Rahu is in the 10th house working on our public reputation. He will do good work to get us noticed, but it might not always be in the best light. Rahu in the 10th can often tarnish our reputation in society by not acting in approved ways (not that approved channels is necessarily where we all wish to be noticed). So as usual, the transit results, and our reaction to them has much more to do with were we are in life and what we want than with the facts of this al that occurrence. Rabhu is looking at the 2nd house, which increases our ego and promotes expenditure so that we might appear as someone with means. Rahu’s aspect on the 6th house can give debt and various obstacles. If your job involves removing obstacles or solving problems for people, then such a Rahu can be a very good thing for your chart.

Jupiter is in the 11th house helping you to come up with new and novel ways for making gains and fulfilling your hopes. You will likely attract upright people working for a noble cause and with Mercury transiting the 7th house, this late summer period could be a good time for gaining thru agreement, negotiation and/or contract; speculation and risk is also likely to turn a small profit at this time. Any sort of agreement that you make is likely to have noble intentions and Jupiter’s aspect to the 7th will likely ensure that all parties live up to their contract agreements at this time. This is a good time, for education.

Relationship with spouse could experience some turbulence in this period as your mind is likely to be considering options and perhaps avoiding being forthright in your words or behaviour.

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