2017 Transits for Aquarius

Saturn, the ruler of Aquarius is in the 11th house promising both gains as well as delays for those gains. 11th house Saturn also shows broad networking connection and friendships with the common people. Since the owner of this 11th house, Jupiter, is in the 8th, you are likely to gain thru confidential information, secrets and in unexpected ways. However, depending on your personal chart, this wealth and gain could go just as fast thru 8th house channels. Jupiter is, however, a very powerful karaka for wealth for Aquarius natives making him very sensitive to positive or negative associations with other planets and signs. Jupiter

During the particular period in early June that I have been considering, Jupiter is receiving aspects from Mars and Saturn, which is very likely to depress ones income due to unexpected variables – though this could just as easily signify wealth from underground toxins like oil. Illness due to over indulgence is likely and there is a good chance of some sudden or unexpected (perhaps even shocking) news to come from a teacher, father, husband, or even via the judiciary if you are involved in court proceedings. Jupiter’s aspect on 12th house offers you a good opportunity for charity and other noble expenditures of time and money. His 4th house look can be good for expansion in or of the home: renovations, extensions, or even the introduction of new members to the home are all likely outcomes of such a look from Jupiter. Venus, the ruler of 4th house will be transiting the 3rd house in this period, which can influence some short travel or perhaps even moving of the home to a neighboring community.

Lets go back to Saturn, the lagnesha transiting the 11th house. He’s looking at the 1st, 5th and 8th houses. The Saturn Jupiter combination in the 8th house could be good for researching secret, occult, and hidden knowledge in order to better understand the universe. These two together give an nice scientific mind, and considering the 8th house owner, Mercury, will be in the 4th of education and pleasure, there is a very good opportunity for Aquarius natives indeed. This Saturn, however, also signifies loss and is affecting both the 1st house and the 8th house that can cause chronic illness (especially with Mars and Rahu both giving debilitating looks to Saturn; as well as combined effect of Saturn and Ketu in the 1st house). Any time Saturn touches the 1st house he can promote aging. His influence on the 5th house will promote intellectual or creative caution, which, if we consider Mars’ transit of this house in June, is likely to cause some frustration as Mars seeks action in this regard. Creatively this could be a difficult time: investments, education, romantic encounters, and children are all likely sources of frustration. Mars in this 5th house will encourage risk while Saturn and Ketu delay and disperse. Ketu’s aspect on Mars can always cause a great dispersal of our vital force.

This brings us to Rahu in the 7th house encouraging negotiation, diplomacy, contracts and union. Rahu will be looking for the powerful other to lead things. After all, the 5th house is all bound up by malefics making it difficult to focus the mind and come to clear decisions. Ketu in the 1st house is also scattering our personality and weakening our sense of self; in such a condition it can be much easier to rely on others. This position of Rahu and Ketu weakens our sense of fate and faith and disperses our personal beliefs causing us to follow what is popular rather than think too much about it ourselves. And this is where Rahu steps in to draw our attention away from ourselves and direct it at others: partners, friends, networks, working groups, siblings etc. Rahu in the 7th house can make us quite hungry for a relationship and for some kind of connection with those around us. This excessive hunger can lead to unhealthy, controversial, or even misappropriate relationships. It’s perhaps easy to suggest that Aquarius natives could be taken advantage of in this period, but that would only tell one side of the story since both sides of abusive relationship generally seek their own ego advantage in their own way.

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