2017 Transits for Pisces


Home comforts and general contentment could be difficult for Pisces natives in this period. Fourth owner is in the 12th house from the 4th and Mars, Ketu and Saturn are all giving some influence to the 4th house. There may also be some opportunity to purchase a home in this period due to Mars making a connection between the 2nd house and the 4th house, though the process in likely to be disagreeable due to the other influences: delays and other such dispersals of your comfortable energy.

Rahu in the 6th house can signify debt while Ketu in the 12th can cut expenditures due to market forces or other reasons not necessarily of your own influence. Saturn in the 12th house from his own 11th house also signifies some loss of gain. In some cases this loss could be due to career (10th house) related expenses. However Saturn is also looking at the 8th house of the unexpected to say nothing of several other factors that could eat up the profits of Pisces natives. With all of this said, Mars has some power to bring some kind of satisfaction despite the tension that will also be there in the 4th house due to his 2nd and 9th house ownership. The changes in this regard, though perhaps forced (Mars) and sudden (Ketu)

Rahu is in the 6th house and Saturn is in the 10th house which suggests that you cold be working a lot. Rahu in the 6th can create many obstacles for us to overcome, but he can also give us the energy to overcome. Saturn in the 10th can give us a strong sense of social responsibility. Both planets highlight service and a loss of vitality to 6th and 10th house activities. It should be mentioned, however, that such loss of vitality could raise Pisces natives to a high level of responsibility; particularly if they are beyond the age of Saturn’s maturity that occurs in our late 30’s.

Jupiter’s transit thru the 7th house can also be a good position for business, meeting people, making fruitful and fair negotiations, and all sorts of social affairs. This position of Jupiter favours expansion and multiplicity in these areas of socialization rather than focus on a single person. The Moon, 5th house owner will be in debilitation at the date for which this is forecast so despite being in the 9th house this will not be a good time for satisfaction thru risk or teachers or parents for that matter. There could be health concerns for both mother and father at this time due to various factors of the Sun and Moon and 4th and 9th houses.

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