Tribal Festivals of North East India Tour

November 23 – December 5, 2019

This tour is open and suitable for everyone. This will be an excellent opportunity for photographers or anyone else interested in tribal culture and customs. We will visit four unique festivals put on by four different tribal groups which will allow us a broad overview of the traditional clothing, music, dance & food of the North East Hill Tribes.

We will begin with a trip to Cherrapunji to experience the beautiful jungle, incredible waterfalls and the living root bridges built by the kashi tribes near the border with Bangladesh.

Your guide, Mike Holliday, with a Living Root Bridge in the background.

Before catching a train to the unique Loktak lake & Keibul Lamjao National Park for nature and wildlife viewing. This is the home of the rare dancing deer called Sangai which is the namesake of the festival that we will visit next in this area.

We will make a quick stop by Dzuko valley for a short day trek on our way to Kohima where we will witness the awe inspiring Hornbill Festival of the Naga tribes.

Naga Elder

The cost of this tour, inclusive of food, transport, lodging and entrance and guiding fees $2800.

Flight to and from India is not included and you are responsible for your own travel Visa for India. Any personal expenses including photography fees, travel insurance, gifts and extras will be your own responsibility.

For more information or to book your place contact Mike Holliday at

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