The Dark Path through the Zodiac

The Dark Path through the Zodiac:
The Path of Rahu & Ketu

This 8 week course takes us backwards through the zodiac as we follow the course and polarity of Rahu & Ketu. Like all my courses, astrology provides the framework, but this is a good course for anyone interested in philosophy, ayurveda, yoga, healing & spirituality. This course will have an added occult aspect as we follow the shadow planets. This course will provided a lot of research allowing astrologers to improve their transit predictions as well as opening up the world of the nodes in natal charts.

I hope to make this into a group project that we can all collaborate on together.  I will provide a fairly extensive framework and we will build on it together. It will not be a necessary part of the course, but a very valuable one for those who participate. In this way i will also be acting as editor.

Starts 20 January 2024
Saturday – Sunday
09:00 – 11:00 MST  (20:30 IST)

Course Includes:

  • Thirteen 2 hour classes over zoom with recordings available.
  • Students will receive a link to a collaborative project at the beginning of the course.
  • At the end of the course they  will receive a  PDF of the complete project.
  • Students receive 20% readings a private lessons. Follow this link for more information.

Cost $340 USD
(Sign up with a friend and it’s just $250  each.)

This is a good course for all levels of astrology experience. For a course like this it might be more important that you are grounded in a spiritual practice because deep study of the nodes will invite a certain level of confusion and miracle; synchronicity and magic.


“Mike is a true teacher of Yoga, Tantra & Philosophy. His peers are not the the yoga teachers on Instagram but the monks & sadhus of Varanasi.” — Shiva (computer engineer)

“I’ve been going to astrologers and tarot readers all over the world for over 20 years and have not met anyone who can make as accurate prediction as you.” — Anthony (professional psychic)

“There’s an authenticity to your readings and classes and the messages between us; like it just me and you. You see me. And your passion for knowledge, to know Ultimate Reality, as you say; your humility, just a simple Baba. My wise friend, my busy friend.” — Elena (Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine)

I think the best testament to my work is that people come back again and again. My business model operates from word of mouth rather than social media.  So please do share my work with your friends. 

Instructor: Mike Holliday is a Master of Vedic Astrologer who has been studying out of his teacher’s home (Sanjay Tripathi) in Varanasi for 20 years years .  Mike has travelled the world teaching and lecturing on philosophy, astrology and  pilgrimage.  He has read well over ten thousand charts. He is a scholar and a baba by heart.

Contact me for more information or for a free 20 minute consultation to discuss learning or coaching opportunities.


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