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Mike left home and career in 2007 to follow  spiritual path. It began as a search for a simpler life though BUddhism but each year he went further down the rabbit hole.  His love of philosophy took hold when he started studying Tantra and Indian Philosophy in Varanasi. He soon found a Brahmin teacher to learn the culture and eventually dove into Vedic Astrology. Varanasi has legendary teachers and translators of Tantric Scripture Varanasi. His interest in Tantra has made him a kind of bridge for students between the crash modern tantra and the classical scriptural traditions.

In the beginning it was all about self healing. He had no interest in teaching, but the students started coming and Mike became a trusted voice for Yoga tantra, mantra, mysticism, astrology.  He spent several years studying alternative healing methods and learning different techniques: Acupuncture, TCM, Ayurveda, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Therapy. All this brought him closer to understanding the world as magic. He grew up in the forests of Canada so he has always been close with the forest traditions and the forest tribes.  He has visited many of the most remote tribal areas of India as a way of touching base with the roots of humanity. 

Mike is a solo travelling. In 2021 he walked 2000 km of pilgrimage across India with nothing but his sleeping bag and travel alter. He has spent considerable time in Jungle ashrams offering acupuncture and astrology readings to the local populations. His path is very close to  the Natha tradition, his Shaiva philosophy is very close their Vaishnava non-dualism. Like the Natha’s he was a tradesman and builder before taking spiritual path. 

He is currently writing a Vedic Astrology book on the Nakshatra Moon Signs. And expects to have a short booklet on Acupuncture and Holistic Healing come out soon.  

He is a modern Babaji offering Vedic Astrology readings and counselling,  acupuncture and massage as well as meditation, breath-work and yoga classes. 

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