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Mike Holliday : Vedic Astrologer – Yoga Instructor – Healer

I have been involved with traditional physical education, yoga, breath work, meditation, touch & non-touch therapies and other traditional therapies for over 20 years.

In 2007, I traveled to India for the first time and spent most of the next ten years living and studying out of Varanasi, India while traveling around the world to learn what I could about traditional healing and knowledge.  In 2011, on the insistence of my teacher, Sanjay Tripathi, I began to focus on teaching and had a very nice word of mouth practice going on in Varanasi.

In 2016, I came back to Canada to share the experience and knowledge I gained in my time away. Since I started teaching yoga, I have learned the lesson Sanjay wanted me to learn from it. Despite all of this focus on self knowledge and self improvement and finding ones true self; the highest path of yoga is selfless service, otherwise it devolves into selfishness.

I have great respect for traditional ways of living and healing. I value the history and the evolution of knowledge as well as the moments we are able to just let it all go. I look forward to following this path in Canada, to completing the higher studies and licences necessary for clinical practice in Acupuncture and Ayurveda.  It has been a special feeling being back in Canada and meeting so many sincere and dedicated yogis and others who have a passion for life and seeking what is best in ourselves and humanity.

Mike Holliday with Sanjay Tripathi
Mike Holliday & Sanjay Tripathi

About Sleeping Dog

In 2007 I walked past a dog sleeping in front of a Shiva temple. The moment I moved past it jumped up and bit me in the bum. It retreated immediately, but blood had been drawn and as I walked along the bank of the Ganges river in Varanasi, India with my back pack looking for the guest house I had made arrangements to stay. It didn’t take long in this condition to forget about my arrangements and take the next place that I found. I began following signs leading me to a popular guest house by the river, but just as I was getting there I was given an option to continue following to the left, or follow to Eden Halt on the right. I chose right and met the family I would stay with for nearly half of the next ten years. Sanjay Tripathi, the oldest brother of the family, shared his knowledge of yoga, astrology, Ayurveda, tantra and Indian culture freely and abundantly. Our friendship and brotherhood is among the greatest blessings in my life.

Kal Bairava in Varanasi.

The dog is also the vehicle of Kal Bhairava in Kashi, where he takes over for Yama, to liberate those who bath in the nectar of mother Ganga, in life or in death. he rides on the back of a black dog like any of filthy disease ridden mutts on the streets without shame; free to follow their every desire. In India, the dog is recognized for it’s lustiness, what it wants it goes after even fighting savagely with it’s own kin for scarce resources on the street. The 9th Century Aphorisms of Shiva says that “Bhairava is upsurge.” That upward movement when the vibration of uncertainty ceases and we move with resolute focus into our destiny.

Kal Bhaihava
Kal Bhairava

Who could have ever guessed that I would carry that sleeping dog with me for so many years feeding it with these words and images, my time, my effort and my love. Those ghats, that river and that city where you cannot turn a corner or enter a door way which is not a path to Shiva. His City of Light watched over by Kal Bhairava and his ghoulish helpers from the underworlds taking each persons name as the enter the city so that they will be cared for in death. Varanasi, or Kashi is one of the most important places in India for Hindu families to deposit the shes of the dead. No other god is capable of the great peace in the same way as Shiva; the God of Liberation.

Eden Halt, the Tripathi family guest house is on the banks of the river in between the burning ghats (the two main places where they burn the dead). This is the main tourist attraction of the town. Kashi, the citadel of light, is not a pleasant place for many people; for the light shines even in the darkest corner and all things are worshiped equally. For the Naga’s and the Aghore even the dead are worshiped as pure as new born babies. Shiva’s light does not distinguish. For many of the inhabitants of Shiva city, much of the spiritual journey is overcoming our repugnance for anything; and accepting all of things of this world and all of the other worlds with the same openness and vulnerability; awareness of the moment coupled with loving acceptance.

Sleeping dog also references the state of deep sleep beyond dreaming where we enter into the void. When we do this with awareness we can be carried along into the 4th state of Turiya & beyond; always beyond.

My teachers, training’s & experience

Thru the experiences I had in 2007 & 2008 I dedicated my life to yoga, healing, philosophy & spiritual life. I am exceptionally grateful for the teachers I met and the time they so humbly shared with me in order to advance my knowledge and allow me to recognize that divine light that flows form everywhere. I have had many great influences in my life including my parents and family as well as many inspiring, helpful, enlightened people I’ve met in my travels. Some of the the teachers & lineages I have learned from are listed below. (My teachers are italicized). 

Kashmiri Shaivism / Tantra





Alexander Sanders

Mark Dyczkowski (Varanasi)


Yoga / Asana

Swami Sivananda

Swami Sivananda

Satyananda Saraswati & Vishnudevananda

Pankaj Seth (India), Isil Aydin (Turkey), Sunil (Varanasi)

Sivananda Ashram (Canada)

Astrology / Ayurveda / Everything Else

Sanjay Tripathi & the Tripathi family (Varanasi, India)

Healing / Acupuncture / Chinese Medicine

Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka) – David Lujan, ECAN (Spanish)

Mark Dyczkowski


  • 2011 – YTT 200 hrs Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga from School Yoga, Nicaragua.

  • 2012 – YTT 200 hrs Hatha Yoga from Sivananda Ashram, Canada.

  • 2013 – 60 hrs Thai Massage from Sunshine School, Thailand

  • 2013 – Certificate in Natural Acupuncture from the International Open University, India.

  • 2017 – YTT 500 hrs Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga (near completion)

Prior to 2007 I studied Philosophy and Humanities thru the University of Alberta; Writing & Communications at MacEwan College; Meditation & Martial Arts from Master O.E. Simon; and Therevada Buddism with the Sri Lanka community.

Nature has always been my greatest teacher: the rivers, the mountains, the sun, the air and the sky; the mother & father, and that thread which connects all of us.



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