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Sometimes we think about those people we once loved but who are long gone from our lives. I wrote this letter during a Mercury retrograde in the spring or early summer of 2015 when I was staying neat Kasar Devi, India. Perhaps, if I would have had an internet connection Read more
Sometimes I can't tell if I'm walking thru some known past or walking into some unknown future. The people I meet along the way all appear to me as dear old friends rather than people I'm meeting for the first time. I become familiar fast, I tell people what I Read more
This page has information on the 10th lord in the houses, the planets in the 10th house, the Navamsha of the 10th lord & miscellaneous rules relating to the 10th house.  The 10th house is the main house of career, public reputation and social leadership. The 6th house describes the kinds Read more
When Jupiter transits Virgo, he will be showering the very being of Virgos with his blessings. Of course, Jupiter's blessings are not quite as pure for Virgos as is the case with several other ascendants. It's long been recognized that Jupiter looses his first face when he comes into ownership Read more
Jupiter in Virgo for Leo Ascendants (or moon in Leo) Jupiter will be in the 2nd house ruling the 5th and the 8th houses while looking at the 6th, 8th and 10th houses. Jupiter will bring his natural significations as well well as his functional significations to the 2nd house Read more
On August 11 Jupiter will move from Leo to Virgo. Of course Jupiter likes his friends sign of Leo more than Virgo who is ruled Mercury who does not particularly like him. This means that many of the significations of Mercury make it difficult for Jupiter to do his job. Read more
Part 7: How do we prevail? “Aath pinde, tat brahmade [As the world is inside, so it is outside.]” (Manduka Upanishad) Self knowledge, the equal of universal knowledge in most of India, is one of the most prized areas of knowledge. Various sciences and systems have been created just for Read more
Doubt is a big part of all of our lives. This can be especially so in regards to our spiritual lives. The scriptures abound with stories of our most revered saints doubting their path. The Bhagavad Gita can be said to be a story of how Arjuna overcomes his doubt. Read more
“Maayaa is the lack of discernment of the principles beginning with Kalaa.” “The principles (that obscure the individual soul) form a group that ranges from Kalaa to Earth. (They are called) “principles” tattva because the entire universe is pervaded by them. Kalaa is said to be (the individual soul's) limited Read more
“.... Then he unfolds Himself in the totality of manifestations viz., principles (tattvas), worlds (bhuvanas), entities (bhaavas) and their respective experients that are only a solidified form of Cit-rasa [the juice universal consciousness].” (Pratyabhijnaahrdayam: The Secret of Self Recognition. Trans. Jaideva Singh. Sutra 4) Macrocosmos & Metaphysical Existence Shiva Tattvas Read more
I'm going to start this in a very easy way with a discussion of the various levels of education and how this is related to yoga teachers and teaching. I will make broad reference to the kinds of yoga discussed in the Gita, which in many ways parallels the upayas Read more
For Markji! It seems to be very easy these days to point fingers at what is not yoga, I've also caught myself doing this at times. These attitudes become in vogue for a little while to criticize this or that and for a culture to have a look at itself. Read more
“The individual experient also, in whom citi or consciousness is contracted has the universe (as his body) in a contracted form. .... Then he unfolds Himself in the totality of manifestations viz., principles (tattvas), worlds (bhuvanas), entities (bhaavas) and their respective experients that are only a solidified form of Cit-rasa Read more
    Saturn conjunct Mars 9th house Scorpio Saturn and Mars will bring some special Masala to your beliefs. Saturn's dryness is combining with Mars' more subtle but steamy heat in water sign Scorpio. Saturn is likely to cause some frustrating delay, but Mars will none-the-less give you both the courage Read more
Ketu in 1st house Aquarius Ketu in the first house makes a very good spokesperson. Ketu in this position can create a kind of self negating attitude making it easy for him to play whatever role is assigned to him by his more determined Rahu partners. Ketu in 1st does Read more
    Rahu in 8th house Leo conjunct Jupiter (Moon will be full here of February 24th) 8th house is giving strong indications of involvement with people over seas and foreigners. Rahu and Jupiter both naturally give indications of travel, and for Capricorns, Jupiter's rulership of the 12th house (foreign travel) Read more
    Rahu in 9th house conjunct Jupiter Rahu's conjunct with Jupiter forms Guru Chandal Yoga which compromises the virtues of Jupiter. Since this occurs in the 9th house, this corruption of higher law and broad humanistic thinking is complete. Rahu is our strongest desires and uncontrollable urges; those ones that Read more
   Leo 10th house: Rahu conjunct retrograde Jupiter (full Moon February 24th) Rahu comes into the 10th house with Jupiter. Rahu will being some intensity to public life and a drive for pubic recognition. Jupiter, as owner of the 5th house transiting the 5th sign will bring extra energy to Read more
For other signs and 2015 horoscope follow this link.    11th house: Rahu & Jupiter in Leo (Full moon February 24th, 2016) Rahu, the shadowy planet signifying some of our strongest desires and urges goes into the 11th house signifying hopes, gains, and friendships. The triple conjunction with the full Read more
Rahu moves into Leo 12th house Ketu moves into Aquarius 6th house Saturn will be in Scorpio 3rd house Mars conjunct Saturn (in 3rd house) Jupiter in Leo (conjunct Rahu makes Guru Chandal Yoga) Jupiter retrograde    Rahu in Leo 12th house Rahu is very happy in the 12th house Read more
Planetary Transits for Leo Ascendant: Rahu & Ketu in Leo & Aquarius; Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Scorpio Jupiter conjunct Rahu in 1st house Leo (Guru Chandal Yoga) While Jupiter in the first house for Leo ascendant is generally very favorable since his benefic effects will be felt in the Read more
Rahu & Ketu move into Leo (2nd house) & Aquarius (8th house) Jupiter in Leo (Guru Chandal Yoga) Saturn in Scorpio (Mars conjunct) Note: As always, this is a very general forecast which ignores many important transits. How these transits will affect you personally can only be seen through your Read more
I've tried to limit my forecast to the four slow moving planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu), while also highlighting the sign change of Rahu and Ketu. I have occasionally mentioned a few of the other transits that will be effecting things, but this evaluation is none the less far Read more
Highlights for the 2016 natural horoscope, Aries rising Results and predictions For Aries Lagna (or Moon in Aries) Rahu in Leo & Ketu in Aquarius (January 29th, 2016) Mars in Scorpio (February 20 – June 17, 2016) Jupiter Retrograde (January 7- May 9, 2016) Jupiter conjunct Rahu Satrun in Scorpio Read more
The Bhagavad Gita is a timeless story of the moments before a civil war when the protagonist begins to doubt what he must do. His chariot driver is the beloved god Krishna who, thru his playful spirit is a delight to all. These doubts of Arjuna are not the doubts Read more
Nagaland: The Tribal Warriors of North East India Many people have asked me about Nagaland and of course I've been meaning to write about it for years. Over the past couple of days I have found these words to say about it. Enjoy! The complete photo gallery can be found Read more
I've been quiet with my writing. I'm back in Canada where I have other duties to preform; writing looses it's place on my priority list. But my mind is still working, learning and churning out ideas. The topics are simple on one hand but suddenly as I begin to explain Read more
Yoga was once shared among friends. Someone would wander off to India or some ashram, blowing everyone’s minds in the mean time, and then come back and perhaps start teaching a few hesitant friends in someone’s living room. That was before the Yoga Alliance stepped in to “promote and support Read more
I stepped into a bright sunny morning on Kensington a few weeks ago; it had just been raining for three days. A chipper fellow sitting on a bench reading the news-paper said good morning to me immediately. I returned it and asked him how he was on this beautiful morning. Read more
One of the richest men of India graced the evening aarti (ceremony) in Varanasi one evening. Not unlike Obamas visit to India, several private planes landed in the days before his arrival to ensure he would have all the comforts to which he’s accustomed, as well as the security preparations Read more
I was asked to write a few words about India to help sooth some of the hearts that are missing Mother India’s expansive embrace. India is an impossible country that will easily defy anything I say about her. Those of you who have met Mother India know her more surely Read more
How does one satisfy all desire by putting the mind on the self? If we know the self, then we know our desires and our potential; we know what we want and what we can get. It often seems, however, that we don’t know ourselves. This is why we practice Read more
Vedic Astrology transit horoscopes 2015 for the 12 signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces Yearly horoscope based on Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. On July 14, 2015 Jupiter will move into Leo. The other three planets will remain in the same sign for the Read more
Om poornamadah poornamidam poornaat poornam-udachyate poornasya poornamaadaaya poornamevaavashishsyate Om Shanti… Shanti… Shanti….. ~Upanishad~  It’s not unusual to hear the new age refrain that “this is perfect, and that is perfect, everything is god so everything is perfect just as it is.” On one hand, who can argue with this? Who Read more
“When (the yogi’s consciousness) pervades all things by (his) desire to precieve, then why speak much? He will experience it for himself.” ~Spandakarika~ One of my goals in writing about Indian philosophy is to clear up some of the New Age misunderstandings, which, though they carry some grain truth, are Read more
From the Aghore branch of Tantra it’s clear that common impurities like shit, menstrual blood, drugs, alcohol, death and other filthy tamas things like are not in themselves impure from a Tantric perspective. Nothing can be impure in itself since everything is, in its essence, divinely pure consciousness. But it’s Read more
This article has been published on Elephant Elephant Journal at this link I was speaking with one of my first yoga teachers the other day. He’s doing quite well for himself teaching yoga in Rishikesh and Dharmasala these days. He knows asana very well and has earned the success that Read more
At first glance Tantra and Astrology appear to be at odds with each other: astrology confirms the hand of destiny while Tantra confirms the freedom of our will. An astrological birth chart is none other than a map of how we are bound in our human condition. Tantra is the Read more
Most people in the west recognize the concept of maya from Buddhism or Vedanta philosophies. Following these modes of thought, maya translates as illusion. The path of these philosophies is a path of negation (neti neti: not this not that) to distinguish the real from the unreal. They say that only Read more
A friend recently asked me how the stones or whatever remedies work? I partially answered this question in a previous blog post, but I wanted to give a more direct answer to this question. I have been studying astrology for only a few years. I’ve always had a skeptical rational Read more