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The new age is fond of embracing some sort of mediocre perfection and proclaiming it to be the highest law if tantrism or tribalism or some such thing. We are all perfect just the way we are. Accept your faults your pain and your suffering because it’s all part of Read more
Everything has a root! Every idea, every action, every thing that ever is has some root. Getting at the root is often like the voice of a curious child. Where did the apple come from? Where did the tree come from? Where did the sun and the earth and the Read more
I want to share a few things about how Vedic Astrology works. Vedic astrology uses predictive methods to test the chart. Quite often one or two fairly specific things will pop out at an astrologer from your past that they will be able to predict to a time frame. The Read more
Traditional culture goes by a lot of names these days. Every region has their own ancient practice. The Americas have their shamans connecting man to nature and the cosmos thru fire and smoke rituals, chanting, and vision questing. China followed the Doa and yin yang with the precise awareness of Read more
Adavasi: In India this word is used to describe people who come from traditional societies living without modern convenience or codified natural law. They are tribal people outside of the caste system because they do not follow or fit with the social laws and customs prevalent in the land. “They Read more
To hear some people speak, you would think that humans would die out quickly if we stopped the mental chatter about past and future. Many people are attached to this chatter and there is nothing wrong with this: it’s the differences that make life. To have just one of something Read more
Have you seen this? Have you seen that? People always ask about my travels. But what am I going to see? What is seeing this or that going to give me? One of my unique blessings in this life is to have so much time like this to just sit Read more
Background: I was recently asked, rather last minute, to speak at a conference that was going on at Banaras Hindu University (BHU), in Varanasi India. The topic of the conference was "Recent advances and the role of basic sciences in Ayurvedic Medicine." As India seeks to align it's tradition knowledge Read more
Sanjay is continually reminding me that the "goal" of yoga is not union with oneness, but rather realizing and maintaining your own zero-ness. Do not seek the spirit beyond your own zero point, nor the material life below that zero point. Gandhi's zero is different Buddha's zero is different, Donald Read more
I've been lucky enough in my travels to meet a few Tantriks who were not trying to sell me anything, nor did they want anything from me: they never spoke about sex. They laugh at the west and their so called Tantric sex cults and the culture of permissiveness that Read more
The true nature of wisdom is that it can't be shared. Each person has their own wisdom that is tied to their true self. The nature of an artist is to try to share their wisdom when the best they can do is share knowledge. This is certainly more satisfying Read more
I realized something the other day. For a man on a spiritual path, it was a solid realization like running into a wall. The realization came about thru practical analysis of my will and desire as well as thru acknowledging my fears. By mind and by impulse we want many Read more
I've met many people during my travels in Canada and abroad who sincerely want to learn yoga. They ask me what kind of yoga they should look for? They ask this question not because there is a lack of yoga classes around, but because even without any experience in yoga, Read more
As many of you know, when it comes time for me to make some money I turn to construction work. Philosophy, holistics and yoga just don't pull in the big bucks like the brochures promised. I'm good at construction. They hire me to lead a couple or a couple dozen Read more
Dear Woman of the Woods, I’ve been wondering about what I could say about yoga to someone who tells me they know nothing about yoga. Yoga is commonly translated as ‘union;’ the yoking of two things. The yoga sutra says that yoga is the cessation of modifications of the mind. Read more
Many westerners reject astrology in principle. They may read their own horoscope daily in the news-paper but when it comes down to it they cling to their illusion of free will and believe that the essence of astrology regects this very will. But astrology does not reject free will, quite Read more
I was welcomed to the City of Light this year by a cycle rickshaw ride from the train station that was a nice change from the ever-frantic auto rickshaws. The familiar odors of the city rose up to greet me as well: The pungency of burning garbage, the sour of Read more
I was reminded of a time in Varanasi, sitting at the burning ghats, watching bodies burn. Everything is happening here. The whole city goes by, nay, the whole world! Seasonal festivals pass thru, all the animals of the city are represented, except they're bigger stinger healthier and more menacing somehow. Read more
Most of the other travellers I know have some purpose to their travels: musicians, photographers, artists, writers, and healers. They’re passionate about what they do, they’re driven and ambitious, they have purpose. I envy this sense of purpose, the creative process that drives people and affords them a love that Read more
Dear Friends, This is the second part of the city of light as I see it. You will notice that the main conflict that began the story comes to a very unceremonious end here. I'll get to it. In the mean time, notice how much fresh conflict (competing dualities) have Read more
What is it that causes so many people in their thirties to suddenly contract unhappiness. They look back on the whole of their life: their achievements, their relationships, their careers and their training and suddenly they decide that none of it is enough. Something vital is still missing. While they Read more
Dear Friends, I started writing this story a couple years ago as I plunged into the myths and stories of India. The basis of this story comes to me from the ancient stories of India via Diana Eck's book of the same name: Kashi: City of Light. At times I've Read more
I've been keeping quiet for a couple of years. Not much blogging, not much facebooking. I suppose the silence began with the confusion of my marriage back in December of 2011. Maybe you remember hearing about that? Or maybe I was even quiet about that too. Anyways, it didn't last Read more
What is acupuncture? Most people know that acupuncture is a practice where very thin needles are inserted into the body to balance or open the channels of Qi (pronounced ‘chee’). Qi is basically life force or energy that brings all things into being; the equivalent of Prana in the East Read more
Preface: Dear Brilliantly, I think I told you this before, back in the beginning.... But Since it fits so well with the end of our conversation last night, I'll repeat myself. I'll try to be brief. I kinda feel like the story I've been enacting all starts with what you Read more
November 2009 Varanasi, India In a cold guest house room beside the Ganges. Me and Joseph the Swede are wrapped in blankets, playing chess, smoking charas. "I can't keep going on like this. broken heart after broken heart. it's not fair to me or to them or to anyone that Read more
I'm amazed by a lot of things. But the thing that really amazes me is no matter what kind of mood I'm in, no matter hat the world seems to be hitting me with, a long slow concentrated yoga session can really bring me back to earth and make me Read more
This blog is my soap box. Writing is my therapist. I write a lot more than I publish because I feel that whatever I publish should be coherent. This desire for coherence is a product of both my training in university and my cultural upbringing in North America. Things must Read more
This morning, as I watched the clouds lifting ever so slowly from the mountaintops I began to pray: "Please God.... Dear Lord, please have mercy. Carry me gently across this bridge. Please give me the insight Grant me the.... Help me.... Please Lord, grant me thy grace." And the moment I asked for grace Read more
I don't normally post the words of others in my blog, but these words seem somehow important to me these days. The following is an excerpt from Shyam Ranganathan's commentary on Pantanjali's Yoga Sutra. "To study the self is to be introspective. It is an effort to discriminate between the Read more
Some men are born lead, others are born to follow, some few others, to tread a path that neither leads or follows. This is my path. I've met none others that are like it, but I suspect everyone feels this way. It seems like one of those truths of humanity Read more
I was given a beautiful lesson about gratitude almost two years ago to this day. I wasn't ready for it at the time, but it sunk in somewhere and stayed there until I was ready; until I needed it. I was in my room, at a place I consider to Read more
I've noticed that every time I come back to Canada I find a way to live more and more simply, frugally. Even those little things that I do for myself that I consider luxury (special little treats for myself) are becoming more and more simple. I found a room to Read more
Yoga is life. Dharma is the path of our life. Indifferent Atman is being carried along this path thru maya by the body. Know what maya is! Know what Atman is! Know your dharma. Know yourself! Know God! The Eight limbs. Practically speaking. 1. How we treat ourselves. 2. How Read more
Yoga is a complete system. I'm sure it's not the only complete system, but in it's ability to integrate other systems it really is a complete system. What more do I need? Every aspect of myself can be made healthier thru yoga: physical emotional, mental, respiratory, pranic body, spiritual..... Yoga Read more
When I was 16, I slipped a disk in my back for the first time. The pain was horrible and it caused me to miss much of my last year of high school. I was fortunate that my teachers were sympathetic and gave  me adequate grades to get into university Read more
I was given a beautiful lesson about gratitude almost two years ago to this day. I wasn't ready for it at the time, but it sunk in somewhere and stayed there until I was ready; until I needed it. I was in my room, at a place I consider to Read more
In my last article, I mentioned that yoga was even good for lazy people, and of course it didn't take long for someone to write to me challenging this assertion. But have you ever began a day off work just wanting to spend the day doing nothing but sitting around Read more
Dedicated to Joseph the Swede! The other day I met a man who said he was a monk. He told me his path was that of an authentic self seeker. He did not claim that he was authentic himself, but merely that he strove to maintain the authenticity of his Read more
Dear Friends, Our time together was brief, but in the space of moments we shared a comradery that is only possible between people whose paths are understood by each other. Within moments we became joined as brothers and sisters; they were beautiful moments as such moments always are. We spoke Read more