Ashlesha Ascendant – Rising – Lagna

Ashlesha Ascendant

(16° 40’ – 30° 00’ Cancer)
Epsilon, Delta, Mu, Rho, Sigma & Zeta-Hydrae.

Ruled by Mercury
The Clinging star. Power to Inflict & Remove Poison.

Meaning: Embrace, Entwine, Coiling, Clinging

Main Deity: Snake king, Shesha, The Remainder, 

Symbols: Coiled Serpent, Naga, Kundalini Shakti, Caduceus, The Staff of Aesculapius

Western Myths: The Hydra, Hermes,
Secondary Gods: Garuda, Laxman, Balarama

Trimurti: Shiva/Dissolution

Gotra/Clan: Sage Vashishta

Gana/Race: Rakshasa/Demon

Varna/Caste: Mleccha

Motivation/Goal: Dharma

Nature: Hard/Sharp/Dreadful

Activity: Active


Body Parts: Joints, Nails, Ears

Guna: Sattvic

Element: Water

Tridosha: Kapha

Sex/Gender: Female

Downward Facing

Direction: South

Colour: Blackish Red

Animal: Male Cat

Tree  Nagkesar (Nag Champa), Alexandrian Laurel

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Ascendant In Ashlesha

Kundalini and other energy channels in and around the body

For the most part this Ascendant gives thin lithe bodies like a snake, quick movements and  coordination through most of their lives.  Though they can gain weight later in life (possibly due to intestinal problems), but this depends on the strength of the moon and influences on 1st house and ascendant lord Moon since she is so sensitive to other influences. Just as there are so many species of snake, so there are varieties of Ashlesha.  They are good fighters, dancers and athletes. They are deadly diplomats and very good politicians. They excel at deception, baiting the enemy. Some of them are directly associated with magic, black magic, kundalini and at least a few that are not directly connected with this kind of thing tend to at least keep some kind of lucky charm or believe in superstition and astrology. 

As the ascendant lord we see the snake-like characteristics most clearly in their body and personality. They do well in high pressure situations and often live high stress lifestyles. Several NHL goaltenders appear on this list. I’m sure this speaks for their coordination as well as reminding us of the function of the immune system defending against attack; which is certainly a part of this ascendant in a broader way. 

Many of these people have a knack for using people’s words or actions against them in the way Stephen Seagal uses an opponent’s momentum against him in Aikido.

Bismarck’s Walking Stick

Edward Smyth-Osbourn is a highly trained NATO commander who will receive the Golden Stick (Hermes staff) from the queen upon retirement, marking him as one of the most trusted and capable royal guards. It’s interesting that the goaltenders also hold a kind of stick that makes them immune from the violent side of hockey as well. Hitler had a walking stick that he used to climb 13 mountains in Europe. Marilyn Monroe was famous for her lipstick. Thomas Jefferson used an ivory walking stick and Otto von Bismarck also carried a lovely walking stick with him. I’m sure there are more examples. A walking stick might also be necessary due to a slight curvature of the spine that can cause problems. 

“Dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” ~ Mohammad Ali

General Indications: “You will possess the quality of a penetrating glare. You will have difficulty showing gratitude. You may be of a duplicitous nature. You will possess the gift of intriguing speech. You have the qualifications of a leader, possibly as a politician. You will be very intelligent. There is also an indication of being soft spoken and meek. But your external shyness may be misunderstood by others as arrogance. You are not easily swayed by others. Be cautious of this trait when dealing with those of questionable character. You do not keep any distinction between rich or poor, good or bad. You work well independently and would be suited towards managerial positions. You are not of a cheating nature, but are often mistaken by others. You have difficulty distinguishing between those who are truly in need and those who are not. You enjoy being recognised for your good deeds. You will be lucky and popular, but have difficulty controlling your temper. You may lose it at inappropriate times and remain silent when it may be necessary. You will have difficulty enjoying your fortune, mainly due to poor association. You will be the recipient of anonymous donations. You may have your education in arts or commerce. In the professional field, you will get speedy promotions and sudden reversals. A heavy loss of money at the age of 35-36; unexpected and unearned income when you are 40 years of old. You will have to shoulder much of the family responsibilities, due mainly to your being the eldest. You may experience some miscommunication with your spouse in the realm of finances. You may suffer from intestinal disorders. Be aware of addictive tendencies with intoxication.” — Behari

Female Ashlesha: “Careless and unclean in the way she dresses. She is usually not good looking and may be rather homely and have some distinguishing mark or disfigurement on her face. She is mostly miserable and unhappy. She is secretive and bitter, harsh and unkind with others. If she cultivated kindness and tact her shortcomings might be forgotten by those with whom she comes in contact. Neither her attitude or or appearance are conductive to popularity. Story tellers capable of manipulating peoples emotion. They are usually very patriotic and bound by their home culture; their roots. They might evoke ancestral guilt, ancient resentments, narratives of the home culture, the place of settlement, and the local people. They often represent a way of life which they seek to protect, they can be eco-warriors or environmentalist defending the land.”  — Shil-Ponde

Male Ashlesha: “Unpleasant and unsociable; they are awkward and gauche in their manners and are not quick to profit from their mistakes. They do no easily adapt to to their surroundings or situation and they are reluctant to be gracious or kind to others. Their cantankerous personality is itself a barrier to success and progress in life. They need to cultivate a habit of doing things for others, learn to appreciate the good of others, and live less introspectively. Intensely patriotic and often xenophobic, they are tied to their roots culture, local ethnic narratives, and possibly ancient resentments. They seek to defend the land, or local culture. They can easily draw others in with their stories and messaging style which can emotionally manipulate or mesmerise the audience. They often come to prominence when the tribe is weak and vulnerable.” — Shil Ponde

Cancer Rising: “Extremely sensitive, inquisitive, nervous, restless, interested in music and dexterous. They have a middle sized body, full face, slightly snub nose, fair complexion, long arms, long face and wide chest. They are very intelligent, bright and extremely frugal and equally industrious. Their frugality often takes the form of miserliness. The mind in intuitional, perceptive. They like pleasure. They are deeply attached to their family and children. They often meet with disappointment in love affairs. They are very talkative, self-reliant, honest and unbending. They have a reputation for justice and fair play. Their emotions are strong. They have psychic tendencies, are receptive to new ideas and adapt themselves to the environment. They are desirous of possessions and cautious. They can best take up occupations of a fluctuating nature.” — B.V. Raman

Carrie Underwood (1), Ralph Klein (1), Denton Cooley (Surgeon, 1st heart implant (1)), Alice Bailey (1), Sachin Tendulkar (1), Anneloes Veneman (1), Johnny Depp (1), Baba Ramdev (1), Frederick Engels (2), Sri Aurobindo (2),  Andy Warhol (2), Stephane Abrial (2), Katie Bouman (2),  Sivananda (2), Marilyn Monroe (2),Otto Von Bismarck (2), George Carlin (2), Susan Strasberg (3), Fifth Business SnowBall (fiction (3)), Hitler (3), Ted Kennedy (3),Michael Moore (3), Elizabeth Hurley? (3), Jorge Paulo Lehmann? (3), Ella Fitzgerald (3), Gillian Anderson (3), Sarah Bernhardt (3), Thomas Jefferson (3), Tina Turner (3), Darshan Undirwadkar (3), Sharvangi Varanasi (3), Christopher Reeve (paralysis (3)), Buster Keaton (3), Saddam Hussein (3), Muhammed Ali (3), Carl Rogers (3?), Indira Gandhi (4), Picasso (4), Terry Fox (4), Tanya Tucker (4), Hulk Hogan (4), Leon Trotsky (4), Marilyn Manson (4), Robert Hand (4), Hugh Armstrong Robinson (pilot, inventor, daredevil (4)), Joe Bungsund (4), Edward Smyth-Osbourn (4),  Zenobia Camprubi (4),  /////

[Many charts have not been confirmed so ascendant and even moon nakshatras may not be correct. There may be inconsistencies regarding the house placement of the planets as well. Use your own judgement. A healthy dose of scepticism should be applied to astrological data generally.]


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