Astrology Services

Astrology Services

Basic service
1 hour Skype or WhatsApp conversation $60
This is a fairly brief but comprehensive astrology reading that will go over  the highlights of your chart, outline easier or more challenging periods (or areas) of life, and give some very basic remedies that can be used strengthen you positive qualities (connection to the cosmos) and other remedies to relieve you of some more difficult karmas you will face in this lifetime.
This hour can also be used to explore specific topics of life or astrology for those who already know their chart basics

(Repeat clients pay by donation)

Full service

Full readings typically include some preliminary writing, about 2 hours voice conversation and a bit of follow up messaging for around $150 (sliding scale around that).
I like these reading because it give’s some opportunity to connect more deeply on a topic that works best with a good connection. This service is good for those who have a sincere desire to use astrology for self knowledge and connecting with the universal self. Sincere seeker who wish to work with Vedic remedies including yoga, mantra, Ayurveda, meditation, service, and others that may come out in the reading.
(Once again, after this initial consultation, future consultations will go by donation).
Repeat service
Many people who show sincerity for self knowledge, self realization, and personal growth remain in contact for philosophy, astrology, or for support for their yogic, healing, spiritual, or even professional journey in life. I typically offer support as a friend, life coach, mentor, advisor, guide, or mirror. Clients and students typically offer appreciation for my grounding, knowledge, openness, and sincerity as well as for providing an atmosphere of comfort, safety and trust.

(Repeat clients with sincere hearts are never under pressure to offer donation).

What I need from you to make a chart and do a reading:

To make an astrology chart I need your date, time and place of birth. If you have one or two questions about your future, and whatever background information on those topics you can offer. If you’re not sure of the time of birth it can be very useful for me to know the dates and details of a couple major life events. This is good information for me to confirm the data (birth details) you provide in any case. 

Relationship Assessment & Chart Matching: 

This service compares charts of two people. This is traditionally used to select a marriage partner, but it can also be used to understand relationship dynamics in general. I have occasional used this to help select business partners or more deeply understand relationship dynamics with family members. This reading is best done by voice conversation and typically takes about 2 hours. Due to the complexities of working with two charts the fee for this service is $300. There is typically some follow up messaging included.

Payments or donations can be made by e-mail interact transfers or PayPal.


Hatha Yoga classes

  • Pubic classes are advertised and listed in the calendar on the side bar of this web page.
  • Semi-private classes are not advertised but are open to the public upon request. These classes typical happen on the beach or in the forest or in a park or in someones back yard or living room. Contact for details!
  • Private class are closed to the pubic. Most of my private classes are for individuals who cannot attend regular classes for some reason (therapeutic yoga), for beginners who want a very solid base to get them started, or for advanced practitioners who want a bit of personal touch to tweak their home practice or their teachings.

Workshops & Special Topics in Yoga

  • These are available as workshops or as private classes
  • Therapeutic Yoga – Ayurvedic Yoga for health, healing, and special circumstance. (May include massage and acupressure acupuncture.) Specialties include back pain and sciatica, mental tension, crisis care, grief and loss.
  • Yin Yoga, Breath work, Meditation, Philosophy classes are also available
  • Also offering occasional workshops on astrology, relationship boundaries, and other related topics
  • Contact for details


I typically spend about half my year following pilgrimage routes in India and around the world. A couple times a year I make some space for others to join me. These trips are small and intimate groups offering a look at traditional ways of life while learning yoga, meditation, philosophy.

These trips are attended by first time India travelers as well as long time lovers of India who wish to get away from it all as we go back to nature places, holy places and tribal areas where life is much more simply lived.

I usually have some time each year to do one private tour in India which I make together with the guest-client to suit their needs.

Contact for details.

Acupuncture Healing

Have found excellent results with sciatica, piles/hemeroids, muscle pain, impotence, fibromayalgia, anxiety, paralysis

In conjunction with yoga i am finding excellent results for depression, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, insomnia, and all back problems.

Yoga Astrology Travel Pilgrimage

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