Astrology Services

Astrology Services

Quick Astrology Reading: 1 – 1.5 hours ($80)

  • This is just a quick verbal chart reading in person or over skype.
  • Includes a confirmation of birth data (past prediction), future prediction & the general pattern of the cosmic cycles of life.
  • Basic advice on remedial measures.
  • This appeals to the skeptics and curiosity seekers and provides a good introduction to the topic.

Basic Astrology Consultation: 1.5 – 3 hours ($250) 

  • Verbal and Written reports which provides a much deeper analysis.
  • Full chart assessment of the past, present and future cycles of karma, the main themes of life and personal characteristics.
  • Remedial measures with follow up support.
  • This appeals to those with a sincere desire to use the tools of astrology and the Vedic sciences for personal growth.

Astrological/Philosophical Counseling/Mentoring: 6 hours ($500)

  • This begins with the Basic Astrology Consultation, but continues with several sessions to answer questions and provide greater for the remedial measure or other areas of ones personal sadhana (spiritual practice).
  • Provides a solid foundation for continued mentor support for yoga teachers and other holistic health and healing service providers.
  • Provides a solid foundation of self-knowledge, remedial practices and the application of Vedic knowledge for self-realization.

Relationship Assessment & Chart Matching: 2 hours ($300)

  • Used in the traditional way for marriage suitability.
  • Also used to shed greater light on relationships so that we can understand our relationships and our partners at a much deeper level.

Payments or donations can be made by e-mail interact transfers or PayPal. 


Yoga Offerings

Hatha Yoga classes

  • Pubic classes are advertised and listed in the calendar on the side bar of this web page.
  • Semi-private classes are not advertised but are open to the public upon request. These classes typical happen on the beach or in the forest or in a park or in someones back yard or living room. Contact for details!
  • Private class are closed to the pubic. Most of my private classes are for individuals who cannot attend regular classes for some reason (therapeutic yoga), for beginners who want a very solid base to get them started, or for advanced practitioners who want a bit of personal touch to tweak their home practice or their teachings.

Workshops & Special Topics in Yoga

  • These are available as workshops or as private classes
  • Therapeutic Yoga – Ayurvedic Yoga for health, healing, and special circumstance. (May include massage and acupressure.) Specialties include back pain and sciatica, mental tension, crisis care, grief and loss.
  • Yin Yoga, Breath work, Meditation, Philosophy classes are also available
  • Contact for details

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