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How is yoga a complete system?

Yoga is life. Dharma is the path of our life. Indifferent Atman is being carried along this path thru maya by the body. Know what maya is! Know what Atman is! Know your dharma. Know yourself! Know God!

The Eight limbs. Practically speaking. 1. How we treat ourselves. 2. How we treat others. 3. our posture throughout the day. 4. Breahing. 5. Control of our senses. 6. Concentration. 7. Awareness of true reality. 8. and it doesn’t feel right for me to even speak of this eighth limb.

Be aware of yourself and what your relationship with the other truly is. Master your body and your breath by becoming more and more aware. Control your senses knowing the source of all your desires. Be aware, be totally totally aware of all states of being. Know the root of all perception and act as witness rather than as actor or re-actor. Complete acceptance of all of life (truth consciousness contentment).

So yoga teaches you to know yourself thru all states of your being, all states of consciousness, and all states of mind. It gives lessons on how to act, how to work, how to teach to give to receive to live… it does this while still leaving the doors open to anything. Yoga accepts ever action, every behaviour, every bit of thing or happening that comes and goes from existence. Yoga accepts that everything comes and goes. Everything that arises, passes away. It also teaches that whatever changes cannot be real because truth does not change. We’ll maybe get into this another time.

In the mean time we have to take care of these ever changing (and thus very “unreal) bodies. We have to act with some degree of care, use our body (our muscles, our lungs, our organs, our heart and our brains) correctly. Yoga teaches all of this. Yoga teaches us to learn from ourselves the finer features of our bodies, our minds, and our emotions and our deeper motivations.

The practice of yoga includes a much wider variety of activities than is normally thought. asanas, meditation, chanting, singing, mantra, concentration, dancing, breathing, living with awareness…. it’s scientific, energetic, spiritual, practical, humanitarian, devotional, and, surprisingly after all I’ve said, very simple. It encompasses all aspects of life. No matter what your personality type or natural inclination, there’s a place in yoga for everyone.

Why yoga?


Yoga is a complete system. I’m sure it’s not the only complete system, but in it’s ability to integrate other systems it really is a complete system. What more do I need? Every aspect of myself can be made healthier thru yoga: physical emotional, mental, respiratory, pranic body, spiritual…..

Yoga is also very inexpensive. I’m certainly not talking about the $15/class variety of yoga at your local studio. I’m talking about the living and breathing yoga we do in our own bedrooms and living rooms and everyday life. Become a witness. Take a few minutes every day to practice being a witness so that you make it a habit to do always. A few classes to get yourself started is good, some good book can be helpful. The classics like Patanjali’s sutra or the Bhagavad Gita are good. They will both be likely to change your idea of what yoga really is. I was certainly confused at first, but now it all makes perfect sense; these books describe what yoga really is and how to get there. You’ll notice that neither of them suggest going to your local yoga studio three times a week. What they do say is to meditate, meditate, meditate.

Yes, meditation is yoga. What the Buddha teaches is is yoga! What Christ teaches is yoga! What pain and suffering and sympathy teach you is yoga! Tantra, chanting, prostration, pranayama, prayer, and awareness will all bring you to yoga.

Yoga has become another outlet for fitness junkies. Most yoga classes are rajas at best. It’s unsettling to see so many tamasic teachers, but they’re there promising short cuts and leading the masses. The peace and relaxation and utter tranquility of yoga just isn’t there in the cities anymore.

But yoga, my yoga is still sublime. This is why yoga! I’ve made it my own. I love following my own rhythm, sometimes disciplining myself while at other times letting it all slid. I do what I want, I get what I need. Sometimes focusing on pasture, other times focusing on breath. And it costs me nothing. I need nothing. Just the will to do yoga; the will to learn about myself; witness the good with the bad.

Yoga for my back/Yoga for a man

When I was 16, I slipped a disk in my back for the first time. The pain was horrible and it caused me to miss much of my last year of high school. I was fortunate that my teachers were sympathetic and gave¬† me adequate grades to get into university when i eventually chose that route. This was in the mid-1990’s when bed rest and pain killers were still the prevailing therapies being recommended for sever lower back pain and sciatica. Over the years, I have done physiotherapy, chiropractor, acupuncture, muscle relaxants, and for a while, doctors even talked about surgery. I eventually filled a shoe box with recommended exercises. Many of these things worked, but once my back was feeling better they were put aside until the next “flare up” of pain. It was pretty much and annual thing that affected my work, my education, my relationships, and most certainly my happiness.

I eventually thought to try kung fu, which seemed to work miracles, but after a few years, a dislocated shoulder, a couple sprained ankles, and some broken ribs, I began to reconsider the overall health benefits of this art. The “flare ups” were also still occurring quite regularly, though not for as long nor not as sever as in the past, but it was not uncommon for me to twist, or be twisted in the wrong way only to find myself hobbling home hunched over and in pain while once again comforting myself with a T3s (pain killers) and a couple Robaxacet (muscle relaxants). Eventually I decided that even though I was “taking it easy” and avoiding any full contact classes, there was still enough of an aggressive aspect to Kung fu that it was not quite what I was looking for; this was when I first began to consider yoga.

My fear of yoga (yes, looking back it was a fear) was that it was very much an activity for women and I didn’t want to be perceived as some pervert taking yoga classes just to check out the hot yoga girls doing their sexy poses. Yes, I think many men avoid yoga for this very reason. It’s not uncommon for people to have irrational fears about the way the opposite sex will perceive their actions; think about how many women will order something light on a first date even though they may be dying to order the pork tenderloin with baked potato and sour cream. So for the next five years I maintained this fear and did nothing but see, and certainly feel, my back pain and my sciatica getting worse. Weeks went by when I was barely able to get out of bed. I was living alone and I can remember the fear, rational or not, that I might not ever walk again. Days would go by when I wouldn’t eat and my home eventually became filthy from neglect; it was all I could do to get myself to the toilet when I had to go. Taking a shit caused excruciating pain. I had no money to spare at this time and if it wasn’t for the help of a benevolent chiropractor/acupuncturist I’m not sure what would have became of me. He got me thru the worst of it but once again when I began to feel better I stopped seeing him and stopped doing the necessary exercises at home.

It’s wasn’t until 3 years after this last major “flare up,” five years after quitting Kung fu, that I bought a ticket to India to learn yoga and see something of this strange and poverty stricken country that had fascinated me for many years. It was only a few days before my 30th birthday when I got on the plane, and though I wasn’t in crisis, I was certainly in a lot of pain. I was most certainly afraid of the possibility of having another major “flare up” while being so far from home.

It didn’t take long for me to stumble into my first yoga class. Someone said come’on, lets go, and as I was following I asked where we were going. Before I knew it I was breathing through alternate nostrils and contorting myself into shoulder stands and even sitting cross-legged on the floor in comfort. After a few months of yoga and meditation and meeting hugely inspiring people my back pain was gone. It took me about a year of intermittent classes before I started my own routine practice at home. And other than some minor back aches I haven’t had any problems in almost five years.

Some of the advantages of yoga over all the other treatments is that it asks the practitioner to know their body better; too feel and focus on the activity and inactivity of every part of the body. Body awareness is central to yoga. For years I allowed “professionals” tell me what was causing the back pain. The doctor would say stretch this way but not that, the chiropractor would say don’t stretch that way, stretch this way. Through yoga I have learned when to stretch one way and when to stretch the other. The diagnosis arises from within. But it’s not just body awareness that I have learned, mind awareness has taught me to deal with physical pain without the use of drugs. “Witnessing” the pain, “witnessing”¬† my thoughts has allowed me to focus and concentrate on what is important: like doing the stretches that will keep my body healthy, like doing the the work that will keep my life on track, and on the very simple fact that my happiness is not dependent on anything apart from myself.

I cannot overstate the benefits of yoga. Whether your pain is physical or mental, yoga can help; it really is a complete system with such host of techniques that there is something there for everyone. Don’t be frightened of yoga if you’re injured or lazy or out of shape. Even if you’re a macho man or shy or scared you can do yoga. It’s a lifestyle choice that anyone can make.

I wish you all peace and harmony and love.

Yoga for the Cheap and Lazy

In my last article, I mentioned that yoga was even good for lazy people, and of course it didn’t take long for someone to write to me challenging this assertion. But have you ever began a day off work just wanting to spend the day doing nothing but sitting around the house, only to find yourself overcome by a feeling of boredom. Or maybe it’s some muscle cramp that forces you to get up off your ass and move around a bit. In any case, it can be very difficult to sit still sometimes. This is where yoga can help you.

One of the main reasons for all those yoga stretches is to allow you to sit comfortably and do nothing for long periods of time. Just imagine being able to sit for two or three hours, or even a whole day and do nothing. Oh the peace, oh such laziness. Yoga can help you to do this.

With practice, your conscience won’t be burdened my those dirty dishes by the sink and any thoughts of that report due Monday morning will just pass through your mind like a plane high in the sky without burdening you in the least. You will find that even your grumbling belly can wait until your good and ready to get up off your lazy ass before you have to feed it. The levels of laziness you can attain with yoga are unparalleled.

And talk about cheap. Not only is that rubber mat not a necessity, but once you can sit comfortably anywhere, you don’t even need any furniture for your home. Sure guests might be a little confused when they don’t see any tables and chairs, but if they know you to be a cheap and lazy person that you are, they won’t complain, they’ll just stretch out on the floor beside you and forget about it. And with all the inward looking yoga will teach you to do, you won’t need a TV or a stereo or books or pictures or anything. You won’t believe how much money you can save with yoga. But then again you’ll have to since you didn’t get that report finished for the Monday morning meeting.