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My practice and teachings of yoga are informed by many years of intense study, pilgrimage and sadhana throughout India, Canada and around the world. I have been working full time with the traditional sciences of India (Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, and Jyotisha) since 2011 when Sanjay Tripathi, suggested, and gave a very good argument for why I should share my passion for Yoga, healing and philosophy with others.

My classes are strongly informed by the classical Saivist philosophy that sees this universe as a universal egoity: active, dynamic, free, and over-flowing with bliss and bounty. The universe arises from within and then falls back into that space within. We are the source and the power of the universe.

My asana classes seek to relax the body and slow all of the vital functions so that we might fall into that meditative state where we can come into touch with our inherent freedom. Typical classes cycle between postures of intense extroverted effort, followed cooling, introverted postures of release. Awareness and breathing are heavily emphasized.

Therapeutic Yoga

Individual or group therapeutic yoga classes target specific limitations in life such as back pain or anxiety, as well as offering options for those who would like to practice yoga but feel excluded by the dominant cultural narrative of yoga (yoga for the non-yogis).

Hatha Yoga

This is a general yoga routine that takes about 1.5 hours and can be followed daily by most people. It includes pranayama, sun salutations, 12 basic postures and meditation. It’s deeply relaxing and meditative class with postures that offer insight and challenge for all levels. This is the practice I have followed for over ten years as well as the one most commonly taught in North India.

Yin Yoga

This is a very slow cooling class. The longer holds in this class allows us to explore the philosophy of inward awareness. We seek to to go deep into the tissues of the physical body as well as generating a deep mental focus as we explore the limits of the subtle body.



Hatha Yoga 1 – Foundational Practice

This six class series offers a solid foundation for a personal hatha yoga practice.

Hatha Yoga 2 – The three worlds of hatha yoga 

This is for students who have either completed the foundational practice, are regular students, or can show (or explain) proficiency in the 12 basic postures and the pranayama.  This six part course acts as a refresher for the home practice while bringing us more in touch with the deeper flow of energy in the Hatha practice as well as a broader understanding of the empowerment philosophy of tantra.

The Spanda aspect of Kashmiri Shaivism

Classical Tantra of the 11th Century for the Modern World

This is a six part philosophy class designed to give students a solid understanding of classical Tantra, some of the basic practices, as well as clearing up several of the modern misconceptions about this Supreme Science of Freedom.

The Prana Vayus – The Movement of Vital Energy

This is a three class series to help students understand and integrate these important concepts into their practice. The class focuses on integrating the classical philosophical perspective with the modern Ayurvedic perspective of the Prana Vayus while also expelling some modern misunderstandings.

Ayurveda, Astrology and the Human body

This course will look at the body for the perspective of the 3 dosha (vata pitta kapha), the 3 qualities (sattva, rajas, tamas), the 4 aims (artha, kama, dharma, moksha), and the 9 planets. This class aim to connect us to the cosmos thru a traditional understanding of human existence.

Yoga Astrology Travel Pilgrimage

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