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The next pilgrimage I will be embarking on begins mid-late March, 2024. I will be walking form Seville to Santiago, approximately 1000km, and you are invited.  I’m not asking for any payment for this trip; just pay for your own trip is all. Join me for the whole thing, come walk with me for a couple of days, or join me for a celebration in the end (probably early May.

Spain: March – May, 2024


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Seva Yoga Learning Opportunity

This is an incredible opportunity for those pure of heart students who have no money but would like to learn. I have lots of work for students who are masters of the english language, design, aesthetics, detail. Help me improve this website adn raise the bar for Vedic Astrology for everyone . This is a bit like an apprenticeship: I provide the work, you learn by doing the work, the world benefits and I get more time for research and analysis.



There are a few ways we can work together.

  1. Many of you have been using my work as a launch pad for your own research. You can share your research with me to make the Nakshatra Project even better.
  2. You can make Vedic Astrology or Philosophy a part of your teacher training program. I’m told that it’s very auspicious to have a baba’s blessing for these things.
  3. Get a group together and schedule your own course with a group you can study astrology with together. We can come up with something that is right for you.
  4. Lets do Satsang or Aarti together. Mike is powerful and knowledgable speaker on astrology, tantra, Ayruveda, healing, pilgrimage. As I travel, I’m often asked to give impromptu talks, lectures, teaching, mini workshops.
  5. As I travel, I’m often invited to stay or to have dinner or coffee with people who follow my work and my life.  If you think I’m in your area, or will be passing close to you, contact me, I’m happy for such meeting on the road.


The nakshatra project  has been a huge undertaking, and it’s not over yet, there is still much research to do. The existence of this website is always precarious due to lack of funds. Your donations can go a long way to maintaining and improving this valuable astrological resource. Donations can be made through PayPal using my email address:

Your support is appreciated.


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