Consultation & Services

I’m always available for questions and comments on my work.

Vedic Astrology for Self Knowledge & Self Reflection for people on the spiritual path.

Career Astrology and Counselling  for Scholars, Academics. Professionals.

Philosophical & Astrological Life Coaching for Yogis, Mystics, Tantrics & Healers.

Astrology apprenticeships  or mentorships is the most common way to learn astrology with me. We can get started wherever you are, it allows for an open format, and you will have a teacher you can always contact with questions or to help you go over charts. This is how I learned: I lived with my teacher in Varanasi for 15 years. We must have looked at a thousand charts together. Nothing can replace this kind of one-to one learning.

Collaboration: Jnana yoga, the yoga of knowledge and contemplation has been the main thrust of my studies. I don’t exaggerate when I say hat there are few people who have caste their philosophical net as broad or deep or sincerely as I have. My whole life has been dedicated truth, humanism and personal empowerment. I have a solid background discussing the “Bhagavad Gita,” Patanjali’s “Yoga Sutra,” classical Tantra or Kashmiri Shaivism with special knowledge of “The Stanzas on Vibration,” as well as yoga philosophy, mysticism and Shaivism generally. I don’t yet know of any Yoga schools that have a Vedic Astrology or even an Ayurvedic Astrology module, but if you wish to add it to your cirrocumuli, I would be happy to oblige. Please do contact me with any inquiries.

Workshops are rare but I do offer them occasionally. And I promise you that when I do offer a workshop, it will be something different, probably something in particular that I’ve been working on that has I my full attention. I know workshops are the thing these days, I just find them incredibly boring for the most part. Have you ever done a workshop with someone who’s teaching the same workshop for the 10th (or the 100th) time: it’s painful; they’re just going through the motions; i refuse to subject myself to such indignity; but I guess that why I mostly live outside of society.  Anyways, my workshops and lectures are never like that: they’re fresh and original and you’re likely to catch me hanging out over the limit of my knowledge trying to push myself to learn along with you. I figure that if I’m learning something from a workshop or a class I’m offering, then you will to.

Public speaking and lectures: I love giving talks, I just get up there with a topic in my head and work it all out as I go along. It’s beautiful thing: the spontaneity is like a dance. About five minutes in I find myself (metaphorically) sitting with the audience listening to myself in awe. I can’t imagine what I’m gonna say next.

General notes about my work

I don’t follow any format in my readings. I meet each person as an individual and do my best to fully see and feel everyone I meet. Of course this is a two way street so you have to also be open to be seen. Honesty and sincerity are keys to success for any reading and any encounter we come across.

I don’t have any associations memberships and I don’t belong to any  ashram or lineage, my path is my own. My guru’s didn’t teach me how to touch my toes, sell certificates or jump thru bureaucratic hoops; they taught me to respect myself and others,  to be aware of the karmic implications of my actions, and they set me on a path of principle and self-sacrifice; the path of freedom.  I’m not trying to meet some standard set in a boardroom, or tick off all the right boxes; I’m here to help expand your awareness and see yourself  from the universal perspective as light and energy; as so much more than what meets the eye. But at the same time I don’t want to feed you any fairy tales; I want your expectations to meet relativity as closely as possible. I can’t fix any of your problems, but I can help you see them and give you some tools to face them so that at least when it’s raining you can have an umbrella with you. Mysticism grounded in reality. Everyones path is unique. I’m not here to judge anyone. I don’t care if your goal is wealth, liberation, pleasure or wisdom. My only goal is to help you get what you want.

Astrology  kind-of demonstrates that “time is an illusion:” if we can predict the future then it’s a little like that future has already happened. Another principle that strikes us with astrology is: “As within, so without. ” That we can understand anything about ourselves from the position of the planets at the time of our birth is incredible. But it also connects us to the planets, and to everything else in nature. Astrology also confers upon us great responsibility because everything in our life emanates from our Self. We want to blame the world for our misfortune, but spiritual path starts with the self.-awareness and personal responsibility.

This brings up one of the most important lessons of astrology. Astrology deals with the karma of life making it seem as though our whole lives are predetermined, and in a sense this is true, but it’s not predetermined by the planets or some god up in the sky pulling all the string; it’s predetermined by you. Whatever you do now will determine your future. There might not be any guarantee that your actions now will bring about the desired result in the future, but we if we must do everything we can to make it work out how we want rather than allowing ourselves to be passively herded into some future that we certainly do not want.

Be the master of your fate & the captain of your soul. Accept what is, but work like crazy for what could be. I have a special place in my heart for people who are doing the work. I will do everything I can to support you on your quest. If you just want to blame your crappy life on the stars without taking any personal responsibility, I’m sure you will find another astrologer or a counsellor who will validate your you poor choices,  and lack of personal responsibility.


Mike Holliday