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Classes are a journey, a pilgrimage of knowledge. Students are guided through a labyrinth of comparative philosophy,  spiritual insight and psychological self-discovery using history,  research and personal  experience to illuminate esoteric wisdom from numerous cultures and bring all it together with Vedic wisdom & Vedic Astrology.

If you follow me on Spotify over the next two years, you will receive a free two year course in Vedic Astrology.  With the lectures I have in queue, my website articles you have all you need. But there is also something special about taking classes with a living teaching in real time. By taking my classes you support my work and my research; and you get it all fresh and full of prana, full of life. And who knows if any of these courses will be offered in the same way.   Thank you for your support. Mahadev!  Follow me on Spotify (link here) 

Rahu & Ketu Through the Nakshatras
Starts on 20 January 2024

The next course will be the next step in my own nakshatra journey. This course  will follow the path of Rahu & Ketu backwards through the nakshatras. This will allow us to consider the polarity between the nakshatras, the historical transits of Rahu & Ketu , and of course, the nakshatras themselves.

This course will fork with both the magic and mysticism of the nodes, as well as with their confusion and ambivalence. They will no doubt take us for a ride; like asking Durga snd Kali to prom.

This class is for mystics and philosophers in general. It’s suitable for intelligent beginner students of astrology, as well for advanced students of the craft.

Starts 20 January 2024 – 02 March 2024
Saturday & Sunday each week for 13 classes.

(Sign up with a friend and it’s only $250 each)

20 hour Vedic Astrology Intensive

This is an introductory course for astrology, but there will be much in the course for advanced students  of astrology as well as for lovers of yoga philosophy & Ayurveda. Each session will open with mantra and close with meditation. Students will receive a PDF Text Book for Vedic Astrology and an image of their Vedic Chart. Concepts will be explored through lectures, notes, workshops and group activities. Participants will get a deeper understanding of their own chart and well as a foundation for self-study in Vedic astrology, ayurvedic astrology and predictive astrology.

Friday Evening (4 hours)
We will go over the basic rules of Vedic astrology and do some practices to get used to the basic layout of the chart.

Saturday Morning (4 hours)
Ayurvedic Astrology Theory with workshops to get used to reading a persons constitution and basic ailments.

Saturday Evening (4 hours)
The dasha system and making predictions. We will all start to make predictions, practicing with each other.

Sunday Morning (4 hours)
Introduction to the 27 Nakshatras explained through polarity. This will open into a theme of relationship astrology. We will again take some time to understand the concepts by studying live charts.

Sunday Evening (4 hours)
We will continue with relationship astrology and move into synastry and transits before concluding with a discussion about upcoming transits.

The 20 hours course described above was created to compliment yoga teacher training programs and and for in-person programs. The online version  is reduced to 15 hours of instruction and five hours of team work shop done outside of class time.  The online classes are just 3 hours long.

Have me come teach from your home, or yoga studio and students will also receive 25% off online readings for the next year and friends and family 50% off in-person readings in the week following the course.

On-line Christmas Astrology Intensive 
December 27, 28. 29, 2023
15 + 5 hour course

On-line Spring Intensive
March 9, 10, 11, 2024
15 + 5 hour course

On-line Autumn Intensive
Sept 27, 28, 29. 2024
15 + 5 hour course

There have been many questions about the ‘+5 hours.’ This is due to the difficulty in doing the workshop parts of the class on-line. Students will pair up and read each others charts in their own mini classrooms. I will only be able to supervise some of this, but I will also be available for questions and feedback. Getting a bit a chart reading experience is important, the +5 allows for this. 

The Magic of the 27 Nakshatras

Next 27 week course starts 03 October 2024.

This course explores the nakshatra’s in detail and provides a very intimate understanding of the zodiac. This is an excellent course fo anyone interested in the Vedic sciences, mythology and philosophy. This course is guaranteed to make you a better astrologer, capable of giving more detailed readings with philosophical spiritual perspective. We will study nakshatra theory and look at many examples. This course will illuminate the Hindu gods and the energies the represent. This course is a journey and experience in itself.

27 classes – $490USD
(Sign up by Aug 20 and get 20% off the course)
Full 7000 page Nakshatra Project – $360USD

Pre-Recorded Classes & Books

The Nakshatra Project
The most comprehensive book on Vedic Astrology you will ever find, and the most complete research of the nakshatras on the market. This is a complete course in astrology, philosophy, mythology,

70+ hours of recorded lectures –  $199 USD
Full 7000 page Nakshatra Project (36 books in one + ground-breaking research)  – $360USD

Philosophy for Healers & Energy Workers
This is a philosophy course fo astrologers, healers, energy workers. Each chapter explores a specific planetary energy, how we might recognise when there is an imbalance, and how we might remedy the imbalance.

20+ hours of lecture – Free on Spotify (link here)
200 page PDF companion book  – $25USD

Astrologers Notebook – Foundations of Vedic Astrology 
A text book for Learning Vedic Astrology with significant chapters on Ayurvedic astrology, career analysis and relationships.

PDF Astrology Textbook – $25
Join one of my astrology intensives for a solid foundation.

Private Lessons

Many students combine their self studies with private tutoring to really improve their astrological analysis. For more information check out my tutoring or mentorship options here, or consider an extended astrology reading here. Contact me directly if you are interested in  learning Aarti, Mantra  Chanting, Pranayama, Meditation or body awareness. Or if you need help or advice for yoga, tantric or astrological remedies.

Contact me for a free 20 minute consultation to determine which program is  right for you.

All the material for the classes is original, much of it groundbreaking  research and all of it deeply contemplative.  This is my life’s work. I still have several years of research waiting for me, projects that are laid out and just waiting for eager students who want to be part of something much bigger than anyone of us: a line that goes back to Sage Parashara, passes though my Varanasi Gurus through me and on the the future. Join me on this voyage through time.

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