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To live a beautiful life, free from suffering, and free from restrictive karma that keep us from doing what we want to do.  Realising for ourself the divine love that nourishes us unconditionally, and doing the work to develop self respect so that we truly can do anything without feeling like we’ve let ourselves down: this is true freedom when the pleasures of life bring healing instead of guilt of shame. Self-reflection is said to the the path of Shakti: deep and honest personal awareness of our strength and weakness. Feeding the strengths and drawing energy for the weakness.

Mike is a mystic scholar, philosopher, vedic astrologer; practitioner of yoga and energy medicine. He’s given his life to the path which leads to the heart of consciousness. He has spent most of the past 15 years studying with the Brahmins and great Gurus of Varanasi, India.  He has taken his own path through most of life: lived in the forests of Canada, walked across India on pilgrimage, visited tribals and shamans all over the world.

As a teacher he has travelled the world giving classes, lectures, and workshops in Ashrams, Universities, yoga studios, private homes and parks. He has a unique style and strives for a personal connection with his students & clients as he facilitates self knowledge, self discovery, and a greater awareness of the subtleties of life. He knows that the most effective remedy for any situation is the remedy that people can understand and connect with. And of course everything can be a poison or a medicine depending on how and when it’s used. There is a time and place for everything; this is freedom.

Vedic Astrology

Astrology is best used as a tool for self knowledge and self-reflection; to open the mind and bring greater awareness to the subtleties of life, the mind and the spirit. Astrology is capable of shining a light on every aspect of the individual from Maya to Earth, including the physical body, all parts of the mind, thinking, intellect and emotion, and even the energy body, the light energy and chakra system.

Mike’s deep knowledge or psychology and philosophy, as well as his intimate spiritual experiences helps him to open up the chart for clients so they can see themselves like they’ve never seen themselves before. But this takes time, sincerity, and openness to develop the kind of connection that makes for great conversation.

The benefits of the self-knowledge reading are subtle. The main goal of yoga is to be firmly seating in the Self. Self-reflection and the witness perspective are the main techniques for achieving this. But we also want to make sure we are seated in our highest self, in what they call the Abode of Pure Consciousness. This moves our thinking away from the particular, individual, differentiated world to the realm of the universal, undifferentiated world where there is less division and more unity. The benefits often come in the form of revelation or inspiration that mysteriously helps forward and upward as they move into the future.

For those who are looking for remedial measures, Mike takes a kind of shamanic perspective in seeking first the remedy the individual is most likely to follow. Depending on the chart and the individual this can be anything from a specific practice of yoga, asana, meditation, pranayama, mantra or tantra; to offering charitable donation of time, money or energy to a specific energy. 

Astrology can also make very clear predictions about the future. Marriage, family, children, wealth, health, career and any number of things. These things can be quickly assessed and can be helpful as we move into the future, but it does little to raise consciousness or open the mind. This astrology reading is more like a weather report so that a person can have an umbrella ready for the tough times.

Counselling & Life Coaching

This is an exclusive service typically reserved for those who have completed an introductory astrology reading, but of course this is not always necessary or possible so some exceptions can be made. Most clients are highly educated, highly motivated, and actually don’t really need counselling at all. They just need a perspective that is outside of the box of their normal lives, deeply penetrating, and honest. Sometime life is just about perspective and one of the best things we can do for ourselves to try to see things from a different perspective.

Many people find it useful to just touch base once in a while and share the blessings and curses that come with leadership, being in the spotlight, taking on heavy responsibility, or trying to live their dream.

Courses, Mentorships & Apprenticeships

This is essentially long-term counselling or coaching for people committed to personal growth and a philosophical perspective of life. Most clients have their own professional practice or are seeking to establish a professional practice as astrologers, yoga teachers, spiritual guides, holistic healers and helpers of all kinds.

This exclusive program offers an opportunity to get the personal touch in ones studies of the universal principles and elements by establishing a personal relationship with a Guru figure. The truth is that most of the Gurus out there have no time for individuals, they talk to the group and the masses but rarely to individuals; they spread their net wide. There is a beauty, a kind of intellectual romance that happens when two people come together and speak intimately just one soul to another.

Aspiring astrologers find that this ono-to-one format  enhances their ability to read charts and work with the various layers of understanding that is involved with Vedic Astrology. Novice astrologer find great utility in discussing client charts with a teacher before meeting with the client.  This program helps overcome the barriers to becoming a professional Vedic astrologer and I will support you in your professional practice.

Mike is one of the most insightful mystic philosophers of our time.  He has spent most of his life living on the road as a kind of  21st century wandering holy man. He has studied and practiced hatha yoga, martial arts, acupuncture, massage, yoga therapy, tantra, shamanic practices for north and south America. His mother was a Forensic Psych Nurse so he grew up studying the psychoanalytical methods of Freud, Jung, and Alder. He is not a commercial astrologer or councillor; he works outside of the system where freedom and sincerity prevail. Many of the big spiritual guru turn to him for this reason, and clientele typically comes from word of mouth.

Om Namah Shivaya

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