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img_20190523_1516402305387229322113099.jpgMike Holliday is a Vedic Astrologer, philosopher & traveler who has spent half his time since 2007 in India seeking the secret knowledge; following lonesome, pointless pilgrimage routes; and connection with the ancestral root of humanity thru simple living with traditional societies. The other half of the year he is typically in Canada travelling and teaching across the country and living as closely as possible to nature.

Vedic Astrology: Mike is a gifted Jyotisha specializing in Kundali interpretation offering self knowledge, narrative of individual life cycles, future prediction, and unique contemporary and traditional remedial measures.

Philosophy: Mike has been studying philosophy his whole life. Since 2007 he has dedicated his life to the philosophical quest for truth along the pilgrimage routes and holy towns of India. His primary residence is in Varanasi, India where he focuses his studies on Vedic Astrology and Kashmiri Shaivism. He offers classes and workshops in ashrams and studios throughout India & Canada.

Travel: Mike has traveled extensively off the tourist trails throughout north India seeking unique & authentic cultural experience. He is a natural nomad & pilgrim who has lived on the road most of his life. He is currently taking a couple of years to share some of those most incredible hidden treasures of India with the public.

The last of the tribal tours in North East India will happen in October 2019 for the trekkers who are really serious about getting into the back country and then in November – December 2019 for a more casual trip focused on the unique tribal festivals that can accommodate anyone. North East travel is done in coordination with Dibang Tourism and the Himalayan Gypsy.

Yoga retreats, spiritual pilgrimage, and trips focused on traditional knowledge will start before Christmas and be held in Varanasi, Omkareshwar and Amarkantak in coordination with Eden Halt, Gayatri Ashram & the Kailash Puri Ashram.

Mikes Sleeping Dog represents over ten years of study, travel & experience. I have done my best to share from my heart. Please contact my if you have any comments or questions:





Vedic Astrology – Yoga Philosophy – Off track Travel and Pilgrimage

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