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Sleeping Dog Blog grew up on the ghats of Varanasi, India as a vehicle for Lord Kal Bhairava: upsurge incarnate. As an aspect of Lord Shiva, Kal Bhairava is known to slay whatever is not truth. He rides on the back of a black dog using our own lust and desire to increase the intensity and karmic activity of any situation, which brings us to tapas, the most sure way of achieving god consciousness and true inner healing.

Sleeping Dog Blog was started by Mike Holliday over 10 years ago. All the writing and photography on this site stands as a testaments to his lifelong dedication to the spirit of Lord Shiva and the body of humanity. (click for more about sleepingdogblog)

The main topics of Sleeping Dog Blog include:
Vedic Astrology

Yoga & Holistic Healing


Travel – Inspirational

Personal Reflection


I created sleepingdogblog as an outlet for my writing and photography as I travelled the world. I value the traditional outlook of yoga, philosophy & healing. I believe that healing arises from within & that we are all capable of healing and self-recognition.

As a teacher and practitioner of yoga and traditional knowledge, I seek to use my gifts as writer, storyteller and healer to help bring guidance to those seekers who wish to deepen their practice, as well as others who wish to overcome some limitation of body mind or spirit.

I offer over 20 years of experience in traditional physical education, breath work, meditation, touch & non-touch therapies as well as astrology to help people achieve their goals for physical health, mental focus & spiritual growth. I work privately or in groups with anyone who feels that traditional methods can be helpful and complimentary to their healing or self care regime

From 2007 to 2016 I travelled all around India and much of the world for personal healing.  I lived in Varanasi, India for more than a third of that time living, studying and teaching yoga, philosophy, astrology as well as other vedic and tantric means of self-knowledge with a local Brahmin Sanjay Tripathi. For the last several years I ran a Yoga Studio – Acupuncture clinic – Astrological / Philosophical consultancy offering diagnosis & treatment

In 2014, I was invited to speak at an Ayurveda research conference at Banaras Hindu University, in Varanasi, India. From there I went on to help design and conduct a yoga program for local high schools. My writing has been published in Elephant Journal and interviewed by Hindutva Magazine as well as smaller publications in Hong Kong, UK & German. My personal philosophy blog, “sleepingdogblog,” receives over 25 000 visitors per year.

Yoga and Holistic Healing 

  • 2011 – YTT 200 hrs Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga from School Yoga, Nicaragua.
  • 2012 – YTT 200 hrs Hatha Yoga from Sivananda Ashram, Canada.
  • 2013 – 60 hrs Thai Massage from Sunshine School, Thailand
  • 2013 – Certificate in Natural Acupuncture from the International Open University, India.
  • 2017 – YTT 500 hrs Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga (near completion) from Ajna College, Canada. Includes: Yin Yoga, 50+ yoga, Yoga for hips and shoulders, for low back, for the mind, as well as general therapeutic theory and practice.

How did I get into teaching yoga?

After spending about five winters in India (including numerous months of walking pilgrimage, travel pilgrimages, simple, traditional ashram and monetary stays, Intensive study of scripture and and traditional ways of life combined with equally intensive periods of yogic sadhana) my teacher suggested that I should focus on teaching; sharing my knowledge with others rather than focusing on myself. He made me feel quite selfish, actually, for not sharing in Canada what so many people were traveling to India for. I was already teaching at that point, but in a very small way to friends and family and a few random people I would meet. I remember laughing at his suggesting that I teach. “How could I teach, I was still a baby myself?” Anyway, this conversation went on for several months, as our conversations tend to do and eventually he convinced me that compared to my peers in India might still be a baby, but already at that time many western yogis managed to find me by reputation, so he reasoned, by western standards I was a teacher. Besides that, he reasoned, I owed it to society that pushed me and supported me this far in life. Yoga, Tantra, Jyotish & philosophy was all I really had left in my life, so if I was going to give any beneficial service to society, these would have to be my means. In the end, he waylayed my fears by suggesting that few people put in the sustained work and study that I do for each individual person who comes to me with questions about life, health, yoga, philosophy, future, or remedial measures for these thing.

It wasn’t until after that conversation that I decided to learn how to teach yoga and to learn about this activity they call yoga in the west. I figured that I should at least meet their expectations half way. So, after five years of intensive yogic studies in India, I came back to the west to study yoga; first in Nicaragua & then back in Canada.

Of course I’m still a baby, a student with unimaginable studies and realizations before me, but I have also walked a long road of knowledge and experience with much to share with others who seek union with Brahman.

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