Ketu in Punarvasu Gemini

Ketu in Punarvasu – Gemini

Non-linear thinkers. Scatter shot like grape shot; ambivalence about where the shot goes, they don’t care. Shooting from the hip, they don’t really care where it goes, they don’t aim, they just shoot. Ancient narrative running through the mind. Rahu and Ketu here can give a person a strong shadow side. Those shadow sides are heavily cloaked. They might even black out so that parts of their memory are just missing. The counterpart for these people may be an ancient civilisation like it was for Columbus, or a saint, an alien or a refugee. They might be accompanied by memories of abandonment, non-linear (of scattered memories), memories of messages or signals that seem completely random. Alyssa Milano has certainly made a name for herself with random messages online. People with this position are so fascinated by the ideological image that they don’t even notice the message they are sending out. They will often experience some kind of numbness or tingling due to neurological issues. Possibly affecting the arms of the hands, but perhaps also the house that this Ketu is in.

Bushwachers, pathfinders, explorers, landscapers and loggers. In some sense the are working to civilise the natives. The make paths and inroads that others can follow. But their compass is broken, they often don’t know where they’re going or where this or that road leads. Punarvasu is very linear and goal orientated, but when Ketu is here there is not real direction, it’s just random, and often times they will find a path no one else has taken, but in many cases there are good reasons why no one else has taken that path: it’s unusual, improper somehow, and may not lead anywhere: just tromping through the wilderness without a lot of awareness.

Their massages, sign and signals will be random, their story never sticks together. Ghost signals, static squelches.

Ketu in Punarvasu (Gemini) Pada 1, Aries Navamsha

Trailblazers who make their own way, often against the odds. They are preoccupied by trying to find their way they they don’t notice how lost they actually are. They are often bureaucrats or corporate figures: they person who always takes some kind of initiative

Ketu in Punarvasu (Gemini) Pada 2, Taurus Navamsha

These native might have to keep reminding themselves to cut back on their spending and cut back on their speaking. They’ll say anything, ultimately there is no filter on their message or on their mouth. They are too focused on the bigger picture and miss many of the details. They don’t see the trees for the forest. And as a result they can let their own image slide, they don’t even notice there’s a hole in their shirt or food caught in their beard. On the other hand there can be something very pure about their message if this Ketu is not associated with malefics or otherwise in poor dignity. Several of these fellows are great mystic messengers. For Sri Ramana Maharishi the goal itself was surrender and we can see this in several different ways with many of these people (of all four pada). 

Ketu in Punarvasu (Gemini) Pada 3, Gemini Navamsha

Others are known for their great exploration in the inner wilderness. Great guides like Johann von Goeth, Dalai Lama, Sri Ramana Maharishi and Tagore. They have all broken new ground and made their own way that is worthy of others to follow, The condition of their Jupiter and Sun with perhaps suggest to us the true value of their path. But they have gone their own way.

Celebrities with Ketu in Punarvasu Gemini

Ketu in Gemini: Angela Merkel (1), Hugo Chavez (1), Charles Koch (1), Jack Welch (1), Peter Kropotkin (1), Philippe Gaumont (1), Leonardo Da Vinci (1), Oscar De La Hoya (1), Ella Fitzgerald (1), Woody Allen (1),  Liz Voth (1),

Sri Ramana Maharishi (2), Rabindranath Tagore (2), Jean Jacques Rousseau (2), Leon Trotsky (2), Romain Vionnet (2), Michael Moore (2), Bennett Cerf (2), Alyssa Milano (2), 

Dalai Lama XIV (3), Johann von Goethe (3), Erdogan (3), Ron Paul (3), Abdul Rashid Dostum (Afghan VP (3)), Donald Sutherland (3), Ken Kesay (3), Kirk Douglas (3), Gerald Amirault (3), Zsa Zsa Gabor (3), Candy Barr (3), Gwyneth Paltrow (3), 

Ketu in Punarvasu (Gemini) 1st house

Phala Deepika: Ketu in 1st house “makes a person always suffer from ingratitude, remain unhappy, and carry tales against others. He is an outcaste, fallen from his position, disabled, keeping company with the wicked.

Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 1st house “native is a maker of cotton threads, sickly and diseased, distressed, troubled with fear, worried about his wife, agitated, perturbed, and suffering from windy diseases. Head aches and brain disease is possible, suffering caused by wicked people.”

B.V. Raman: Ketu in the 1st house: “Psychic powers are likely. It denotes a weak constitution and an emaciated figure. Instability and deceitfulness may influence the character. Morbid imagination, strange appetites, tendency to excitability and wandering disposition became pronounced. Married life will be unhappy unless there are other favourable configurations.”

Chamatkar Chintamani: Ketu in the 1st house: “Constant distress and anguish through relatives; fear and anxiety through the wicked. Trouble from wife and sons etc. Confusion, biliousness and rheumatism. He remains perturbed and his wife suffers from restlessness and stomach problem. The native is sad, inert, selfish, ugly, and foolish. Death of wife and trouble to the arm. He is seen as a liar, ungrateful, wicked, spiritless, dismissed from service, afraid of sex. Trouble for maternal uncle. He faces losses, scandals, danger to the face and eyes, and he has a short life. If in Capricorn or Aquarius the native is blessed with property and noble sons.”

Bepin Behari: “Rahu in the 7th house and Ketu in the 1st may produce restrictions in ones relationships. Psychologically the person can be self0-centred; socially, he is sometimes lonely. He expects the world to conform to his terms while he himself is reluctant to compromise. Such individuals may find partners in life, wether business , social life, or in marriage, not working in harmony with them. Enduring amiability or happiness are difficult to establish. Marital problems do not necessarily arise due to any lack of desire to achieve harmony and adjustment, but could be caused by illness, voluntary or involuntary separate living arrangements, divorce. Such experiences may lead the individual to extreme degrees of loneliness; he feels no one understands or appreciates him. These people have a tendency to relapse into seclusion, to keep away from others physically as well as in thought. When they begin to develop self-awareness, they then find themselves well prepared to undertake severe austerities and to assume a spiritual course in life.”

Prash Trivedi: Rahu in the 7th house and Ketu in the 1st: “The native is pronounced worldly wise even when they are functioning on an otherworldly plane. Rahu in the 7th takes good care on ones social standing between the years of 24-42 unless there are overriding negative indications. The spouse is usually more mature than the native and a rise of fortune takes place after marriage. If Rahu is working through his lower principle than the motive behind these relationships is questionable and balance is not maintained causing misunderstandings, break-ups and abuse at various levels. If the nodal axis is afflicted these natives will carry out the mindless sexuality we see in modern media. Balance in sexuality is absent allowing the darker side to take over. They often enjoy vocations dealing with people like counsellors, psychologists, management experts, project coordinators etc. They usually start something on their own as they would rather be boss of their own small private setup than work under someone in a bigger set up. Ketu in the ascendant usually adds some psychic dimension to the personality and gives a self effacing nature. An aspect from Jupiter will solve 90% of the problems that can arise from this placement. Natives are usually short in height and have an out of ordinary appearance if Ketu is close to the ascendant degrees. The ascendant lord needs to be well placed to keep these natives from being too under-confident in regards to appearance and personality. An exaggerated self-consciousness may be apparent. Ketu in the 1st is also supposed to give low appetite and peculiar tastes in foods. They can internalise energy and develop along spiritual lines. Spiritual transformation usually takes place in later years. The native has to be careful about depending on relationships to drive his or her sense of self.”

    • Bolichand (3), Hugo Chavez (1), Dalai Lama XIV (3), Johann von Goethe (3), Ketu conjunct Moon: Ella Fitzgerald (1), Hugo Chavez (1), Sri Ramana Maharishi (2),

Ketu in Punarvasu (Gemini) 2nd house

Phala Deepika: Ketu in 2nd house “deprives the native of good education and riches. His language is foul and he has a sinister look. He depends on others for food.”

Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 2nd house “brings loss of wealth, opposition against own men, disease of the mouth. Loss of wealth due to punishment of the king. Loss of grain due top theft and birds. The native get refuge with great difficulty in his time of need. If Ketu is in his own sign, or sign of a benefic friend, the native gets very much happiness.” According to BPHS Ketu is exalted in Taurus, moola trikona in Cancer, and ruler of Virgo. Phala Deepika say Ketu is strong in the later half of Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.

B.V. Raman: Ketu in the 2nd house: “Bad speaker. Loss through fraud and deception. There will be liability in financial affairs. Success in spiritualism, navigation, mystical arts, hospital etc. mat be expected.”

Chamatkar Chintamani: Ketu in the 2nd house: “Perturbed about his wealth lest the government should take it away as penalty. Worried about food grains; if that support should be snatched away there will be strife and opposition with friends and family. Not a word of respect or hospitality escapes his mouth. If in Aries, Gemini or Virgo this Ketu is most favourable. The native is always mentally agitated, losses by government, hostility with relatives, ineffective speech in an assembly, harsh and critical speech. His supporters find themselves in trouble. If in Aries, Gemini, or Virgo, or influenced by benefics there will be much happiness and wealth. Loss of wealth, association with low people, wickedness, unhappiness and misfortune. Suffers from want of education, casts vile looks, is dependent, and has trouble with his mouth. If in own sign of associated with friendly planet they can be sweet and soft-spoken.”

Bepin Behari: “Rahu in the 8th house and Ketu in the 2nd attracts super-physical powers. Such individuals often display tremendous energy which they utilise to achieve extraordinary results. They make their mark on society. Under favourable planetary conditions they create a niche for themselves and may become greta scientists, exceptional police officers, politicians or doctors. If the individual is preoccupied with sense gratification, however, he or she may be drawn towards unapproved activities such as smuggling, drug trafficking or gambling. The results of Rahu in the8th are difficult to predict because the range of the unseen work which this house represents is very extensive. Whatever their achievements in life, this placement will lead to the sudden psychological transformation of these individuals.”

Prash Trivedi: Rahu in the 8th house and Ketu in the 2nd “Confers long life, but Ketu in the 2nd is not considered good for maintaining a smooth financial situation throughout life unless Ketu is in Sagittarius or Pisces; but even then they will have to suffer substantial loss at least once in life. It gives peculiarities in the way the native handles money: miserly with small spending but carefree with big purchases. Gambling can be a major downfall of this placement: this is the worst nodal placement for luck in speculation, while feeling the desire to gamble. Extreme cases can see the native gamble on almost everything in life; including their own life. A lot of natives who squander ancestral property are born with this placement. This Ketu gives a wandering nature and pleasurable travels. Many renown travellers have this nodal placement. Since the native is not inclined to follow orthodox religious rituals he should strive to develop some personal philosophy in life. Ketu in the 2nd causes bitterness in family life, which requires patience on the natives part. The native may end up under the control of their life partner at some point. This Ketu can adda sarcastic tone to the voice and the native can be a bitter critic and use foul language. Rahu in the 8th promises legacies and wealth from the partner. At the very least the native can be forced to learn humility by accepting resources from others. This Rahu favours 8th house professions: scientists, researchers, explorers, adventurers, insurance agents, bankers, spies, detectives, writers of mystery stories, occultists and all kinds of employment involving old things. If working through its lower principle this Rahu can make the native commit some bad deeds similar to those of Rahu in the 2nd house. It’s a very dangerous placement as the dark side of the 8th house is a very destructive force. There is a thin line between the balanced use and the excessive use of 8th house energies. The native can totally neglect 2nd house affairs or handle them in a very peculiar manner. The native needs to control their speech. It can be better to communicate in writing as their speech will often be misunderstood. Optimism also needs to be cultivated as these natives can be overly pessimistic.”

    • Candy Barr (3),  2nd from Moon: Alyssa Milano (2), Ken Kesay (3), Kirk Douglas (3), Gwyneth Paltrow (3),

Ketu in Punarvasu (Gemini) 3rd house

Phala Deepika: Ketu in 3rd house “promotes longevity, strength, wealth and fame. The native lives happy with his wife and enjoys good food. He loses a brother.”

Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 3rd house “brings about the destruction of the natives enemies, disputes and quarrels, gains of wealth, a luxurious life, obtainment of grandeur, dignity and an increase in energy. They also see the destruction of their own men and pain in their arm. This Ketu generally give auspicious effects. Vigour and valour will rise up very quickly. But they will have a lot of worries. If this Ketu is exalted of in own sign the native get fear, agitation and happiness.”

B.V. Raman: Ketu in the 3rd house “Strong and adventurous, but funky. Disturbs the mind with hallucinations.” During the dasha period of Ketu “enemies will be destroyed, becomes well-versed in music and dance. Generally the period will be a favourable one.”

Chamatkar Chintamani: Ketu in the 3rd house: “The native kills his enemies. Useless and fruitless altercations and discussions. Gets prosperity and shows smartness, and has sexual affairs in great measure. Loss of friends; pain in the arms; anxiety and fear due to misunderstandings and needless worry. Affluent, sensual, sharp. If in own sign or exalted this Ketu grants much happiness, skilfulness, long life, fame, fortunate partner, tasty food. Fear and loss through friends; uneasiness and fear through the community and family and is adulterous with enemy women. This native is patient, brave, generous. Weak Ketu denies happiness. In Leo or Sagittarius there will be heart trouble, deafness, painful wound in the shoulder. If in Pisces he will be an expert spiritualist. Debilitated Ketu bring mental anxiety, trouble with brethren and neighbours and unprofitable journeys.” 

Bepin Behari: “Rahu in the 9th house and Ketu in the 3rd produces a psychological storm which may be religious in nature. These individuals become charged with ideas that could seem idealistic, unconventional, and provocative to others. Rahu makes the individual absorbs in his or her thoughts, perhaps with some sympathy for others, but often without external demonstration of it, That may appear as if some superior spirit has taken possession of their personality which, under malefic planetary influences, could make them ruthless in executing their nefarious programmes. In large numbers of people, this placement of the nodes creates attraction towards religion, holy places, tantric rituals, and austerities — all with the intention of securing greater personal advantages. There is a gulf between the secret aspirations of these individuals and their external activities, which may make them insecure, temperamental, peevish, or irritable. Coordination between the hidden ambitions and aspiration for psychic power and their actual deeds may be difficult to achieve. But this is the stage where, with some guidance and luck, they can obtain much spiritual merit. They are well prepared for psychological metamorphosis which could radically change the direction of their life course.”

Prash Trivedi: Rahu in the 9th house and Ketu in the 3rd: “These natives usually meet their destiny in a foreign land or through foreigners. The native usually believes in religious symbolism though not striating in the orthodox sense. The native is seen to concentrate on 9th house affairs: long journeys, philosophy, inner life, foreign influences, ethical disposition , higher mind, initiation and self realisation. It must not be misunderstood that the native will follow organised religion; he is more likely to develop a personal philosophy. Ketu in the 3rd house shows some sort of skill related to the 3rd house like writing, painting or other skills involving the hands, but Ketu usually requires some additional good conjunction or aspect to bring out these latent talents. Ketu is even more dangerous than Rahu for the live things related to 3rd house like younger siblings. An unhappy first half to life makes childhood a time not worth remembering. When poorly placed this Ketu is like a dog roaming the streets with much unnecessary and fruitless travels and wandering. Whether the native rises from their childhood scars asa saviour or a revengeful manic depends on the over all chart. Aspects from Jupiter of Ketu’s depositor can usually iron things out.”

    • Oscar De La Hoya (1), 3rd from Moon: Ron Paul (3), Jean Jacques Rousseau (2),

Ketu in Punarvasu (Gemini) 4th house

Phala Deepika: Ketu in 4th house “destroys land, vehicle, mother and happiness. He is made to leave his native place and is made to live in a foreign land at the mercy of others.”

Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 4th house “gives loss of happiness from mother and friends, losses through the father and they have no brothers. If Ketu is in own or exalted sign they get happiness for a short time, but remains full of worries and anxiety. If this Ketu is afflicted by additional malefic the mother suffers greatly and one has disputes over land. They live in an atmosphere of quarrels and disputes.”

B.V. Raman: Ketu in the 4th house “Will be deprived of mother, properties and happiness; lives in foreign place. There will be exceptional experiences at the end of life. There will be reversals and sudden changes.”

Chamatkar Chintamani: Ketu in the 4th house: “Never gets gain or favour from mother or friends. Loss of patrimony. Does not stay long in his house, and if he does stay, he suffers from nervousness. Benefits through brethren and relatives if in own sign (Pisces) or exalted (Sagittarius). He always criticises others; speaks ill of them and develops much unpleasantness and misunderstandings; quarrels with parents. He is dependent and suffers a loss of agricultural land, loss through father. He proves unfit for the assembly, experiences death of the mother; is valiant; truth-loving; soft and sweet and opulent. If in Scorpio or Leo he gets support from parents and friends. If debilitated there is loss of wealth, travelling, ailing mother, trouble from step-mother. If exalted there is Raja Yoga and gain of conveyance. Gain is sudden if in Sagittarius or Pisces, but it unlucky for immovable property and people will consider him contemptible due to his over-critical approach. He faced danger of poisoning, is thin and lean; bilious; indulges in ungainly controversy. Other effects are loss or confusion with land and property; inheritances; jeopardised family honour and credit; great disturbance in the lives of ancestors; much family strife and discord.”

Bepin Behari: “Rahu in the 10th house and Ketu in the 4th impels an individual to affect society in which he or she lives. These natives are able to concretise abstract ideals, channelling their inspiration to socially useful purposes. They enable society to experience new truths, new visions, new sensitivity, or even new or radically different patterns of living. Rahu in the 10th house produces much social interaction with substantial gains. These experiences vivify the psycho-mental capabilities of the person but may make him or her somewhat unstable. The achievements and frustrations which inevitably both arise during their social and professional interactions teach them a sense of detachment. At this stage the ego is ready for psychic transformation, leading from a sense of utter desolation to a level of being at which they begin to surrender themselves completely to the unknown universal spirit.”

Prash Trivedi: Rahu in the 10th house and Ketu in the 4th: “This placement subjects the native to various extremes in life. The first half is usually full of unpleasant or psychic experiences. The 4th house relates to childhood (3 – 14 years old) which makes this the most difficult period leaving some scars on the natives psychological make-up. Mishandling on the part of parents, peers or elders in this period results in psychological disorders which influence their later years. With a strong Ketu they come out of these experiences even stronger. They will have a keen insight into the subconscious and a piercing and penetrating intellect. A weak Ketu will cause them to succumb to outside influences. Psychic powers are heightened with a strong Ketu in 4th, but a strong personality is required to harness these powers for the benefit of all. The fourth house is directly related with the universal mother principle and the precedes of Ketu can connect the native to the wellspring of wisdom and the core forces off creation. Relationship with parents is not usually very smooth but there can be a strong connection with one of the grandparents. Although one may receive financial support from them there are always misunderstandings. A strong psychic contact with the mother is seen, but it might not be very pleasant because of the extreme involved. This combination experiences the generation gap to the fullest degree. The sooner the native is separated from their parents, the better it is for both. This is a wonderful placement for making ones mark on the world. It gives the ability to head large organisations or undertakings. Many agree that this is the best placement for Rahu. The closer this Rahu is to the midheaven the more power it has to help the native. They are especially favoured in the second half of life  with a strong sense of purpose and destiny. Ketu in the moksha house gives an innate understanding of the primeval forces which create and sustain the manifest universe. In younger souls it gives an emotional and hypersensitive disposition. One has to check the excessive emotionalism and take a more practical approach to achieving one’s goals. An analogy to keep in mind is that the “earth needs to be watered just enough to raise the crops; more water leads to flooding and less water to drought. Rahu is said to bring positive changes in life at age 19, 38 & 42. This combination often requires sacrificing private life for public life. The native should guard against neglecting the 4th house affairs or else there is very little inner peace and contentment even after all the fame and glory. 10th house Rahu gives leadership qualities which can be used for personal aggrandisement or for the benefit of one’s circle of influence. The presence of Ketu in the 4th gives strong attachment and knowledge of ones roots but Rahu in 10th makes it in an all inclusive manner.”

    • 4th from Moon: Rabindranath Tagore (2),

Ketu in Punarvasu (Gemini) 5th house

Phala Deepika: Ketu in 5th house “makes the person suffer the loss of children, stomach ailments, haunted by evil spirits. They are evil minded, wicked and sinful.”

Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 5th house “causes wounds to the stomach, from windy disease or from falling, and surgical procedure may be necessary. The person is dear to siblings, has a righteous mind, few children and is wealthy strong, and vigorous. They make quick decisions, ideas flash in their mind. Favourably placed this Ketu can bring great luck, gain through shares or lottery.”

B.V. Raman: Ketu in the 5th house “Loss of children and rouble in the stomach; strange and peculiar experiences in connection with the emotions and feelings. Later in life they will have an inclination towards spirituality.” Afflictions to this Ketu “gives criminal tendencies. The person lacks even a sense of shame when provoked and usually possesses a vindictive nature. The person lacks even the human touch between one or two of his children. If Venus joins this Ketu the may opt for platonic love. If afflicted by Mars, dangers are treated and the family will be extinguished.”

Chamatkar Chintamani: Ketu in the 5th house: “Brothers face repeated danger from arms and from bile. Physical pain and suffering from own misunderstandings and wrong notions. Blessed with one or two sons. In spite of his great many vigour he remains in service. Great trouble from too little learning; strife with sons; injuries due to fall from high place. His offspring get affection from relatives but has disputes with brethren. The native is crafty, jealous, weak, timid, impatient, more daughters than sons, relatives are fortunate, stomach complaints, gain through fraud, harms brothers through mantra-tantra. Good fortune and much happiness if in Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Pisces. If strong, exalted or in own sign it gives Raj Yoga for head of a monastery; an impressive sermoniser, inclined towards pilgrimage and foreign travel. Fear and danger from water. Knowledge and learning are denied. Cattle wealth. Wicked and foolish. Absence of offspring, or their sudden and violent destruction. Meet with adversity and are disobedient. Harm through excess or irregular pleasure.”

Bepin Behari: “Rahu in the 11th house and Ketu in the 5th is very powerful. It enables the person concerned to acquire physical and social conveniences and power. The are often members of the social elite. An aura or righteousness and morality surrounds them. In materially inclined persons these impulses are favourable for the acquisition of wealth, social and political status, and opportunities for disseminating spiritual and occult knowledge. Opportunities like these come in profession and may upset their personalities, making them vain, egotistical, and self opinionated. If they maintain their psychological balance, however, they may explore undiscovered laws of nature, clearly describe latent motives of others, and extensively externalise their own inner powers.”

Prash Trivedi: Rahu in the 11th house and Ketu in the 5th: “The analogy of the phoenix rising from the ashes usually holds true for natives with this placement. As often the case when Ketu is in the first half of the chart, the early life of the native is not very pleasant. Breaks in formal education as they don’t like it and may only go through it out of a sense of social obligation. When Ketu I strong here, they will have a penetrating and piercing intellect as Ketu’s disposition for learning is usually internalised. I have noticed that they usually pursue some form of mysticism either in an accepted way or purely personal. If the ascendant lord conjuncts this Ketu the native will choose platonic love over other forms. There is some sort of frustrations and disappointment encountered with love in adolescent years that makes the native harbour and negative feeling towards love in general. Ketu in 5th is not auspicious for having and raising progeny unless the fifth house is exceptionally strong and Jupiter is aspecting. In charts of female it denoted difficult child birth. Rahu in the 11th is supposed to fulfil most of ones desires in this lifetime. This is not always true and when it does happen, it’s late in life, after ones 40s. This Rahu makes the native ambitious and there is a distinct frustration noticed when their aims are not achieved. 11th house affairs — goals, aspirations, elder brothers, sources of gain, philanthropy, idealism, friends, sharing, group relationships, realisation of objectives — get highlighted. Elder brothers, if they exist, are a source of gain and vice versa provided other influences allow for it. Rahu in the 11th is a great bestower of material gains, but this has to be supported by other combinations in the chart. It is the natives karma to understand and work out the opposites of 5th & 11th like self consciousness & group consciousness, acquisition or resources & sharing of resources, personal ambition & humanitarian perspective. Friendship is a keynote of the lives of these natives, and any unnecessary selfishness needs to be avoided as those who can help him might put out if they see him acting in a selfish manner. Natives with this placement acquire a fortune by devious means and squander it is quickly on undesirable expenditures.”

    •  Gwyneth Paltrow (3), 5th from Moon:  Peter Kropotkin (1), Johann von Goethe (3), Leonardo Da Vinci (1), Oscar De La Hoya (1), Woody Allen (1),

Ketu in Punarvasu (Gemini) 6th house

Phala Deepika: Ketu in 6th house makes “a person very magnanimous, embodying the best of human qualities, firms and fame. He will possess high authority, destroy his enemies and fulfil his ambition.” “Danger from ulcer.”

Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in the 6th houses “brings the destruction of a persons enemies, happiness from animals, gain of wealth, no disease of the body, but disrespect with relatives on mother’s side.” “Ketu in the 6th is very auspicious, due to which the native is dear and loved by brothers, is generous with good qualities, is famous and gets reputation and prestige due to learning and education.”

B.V. Raman: Ketu in the 6th house “This is the best position for Ketu to occupy in the horoscope. The person will have fame and authority, He will be foe-less. Never-the-less his moral character will be loose. The position also confers intuitive and occult powers.”

Chamatkar Chintamani: Ketu in the 6th house: “Discomfiture and disillusionment through the maternal uncle. Destruction of enemies. Cattle wealth, but pauper. Sound health; recovers quickly is there is any ailment. There is little gain, success and pleasure from maternal comfort of cattle wealth. He is free from sickness and worry and has wealth. He is successful in most debates and discussions. He is dear to relatives, large-hearted, skilled, reputed, and gets honour and fame through knowledge. He has financial gain and is firm, a high officer; enjoys expediency. There is trouble the teeth and lips. This native suffers from physical affliction. Unfaithful servants; loss through small animals; danger from insects, reptiles and other animals.”

Bepin Behari: “Rahu in the 12th house and Ketu in the 6th produces an unusual and powerful impact, providing much psychic power and enormous physical strength to carry out a special mission in life. Sometimes these individuals are found living in abnormal or trying living conditions, but they produce extraordinary results. These results may be highly propitious or socially undesirable; this depends on the disposition of Rahu in the particular chart. These individuals are great organisers and leaders of large numbers of people. Their leadership may be along bizarre, abnormal, or non-conventional lines. When their psychic faculties weaken, these people feel baffled. It is of utmost importance that they are guided properly so that they can take advantage of their opportunities to gain deeper understanding of the laws of nature using their powers for constructive purpose.”

Prash Trivedi: Rahu in the 12th house and Ketu in the 6th: “This placement oscillates between opposite more often than other placements. There can be a thin line separating insanity & genius; paranoia &  self discovery. This can be a difficult combination to handle and there is usually a sense of fatness to life. Rahu highlights 12th house things: receptivity, negation, seclusion, destiny, past lives, karma, escapism, excessive indulgence, luxury, losses, expenses, charity, foreign affairs, limitations, imprisonment, connectivity with subtle planes, fantasy, paranoia, subconscious mind, dreams, visions, sorrow, renunciation, liberation. The 12th house becomes the main field of activity in the natives life and even very evolved souls have difficulty balancing this combination. It can give a taste for all kinds of intoxications, smoking is common, There is a desire to completely immerse the ego in the sea of illusions resulting from excessive indulgence. Usually a strong ascendant is the key to minimising the negative effects of this placement. It can give the native a taste for the supernatural and allow him to look far beyond the material realm of existence. It can also give knowledge of the ocean of Maya in which the divine play of life in played. In my view, half the problem is solved if the native can keep away from all types of drugs and alcohol and they should remain equally wary of blindly following religious orders or other types of institutions. Such natives have a tendency to end up as doctors, nurses, healers, mediums, preachers, counsellors, lawyers, social workers, politicians, detectives, law enforcement. Rahu in the 12th also gives some foreign connection relates to the significations of its depositor or plants associated with it. Ketu in the 6th is supposed to be a powerful force giving worldly riches and power. There is better chance of this coming true is Jupiter is associated with Ketu in some way. These natives tend to expect too much from those working under them. They are not good at taking orders and do not do well in 9 – 5 jobs. Independent enterprise is better for their mental well being. These natives should avoid making too much of 6th house things like diseases, servants, enemies as there is a tendency to unnecessarily dwell on these topics. Most strange diseases and disorders can be found with this Ketu. They usually have no depth of enemies either by their own making or conferred by providence. How they deal with enemies differs based on other things in the chart, but diplomacy is not in the sphere of Ketu’s expertise. 6th house Ketu has very definite ideas about work ethics, purity and morality and there is a tendency to pass judgement and impose one’s ideas on others. Their strong will power helps them achieve their desires sooner or later; but they must guard against over extending their energy. They need to strike a balance between 6th house and 12th house.”

    • Jack Welch (1), Kirk Douglas (3), Ken Kesay (3), Bennett Cerf (2), 6th from Moon:Gerald Amirault (3), Donald Sutherland (3), Angela Merkel (1),

Ketu in Punarvasu (Gemini) 7th house

Phala Deepika: Ketu in 7th house “causes a person to be disrespected, live in the company of wicked women, suffer from disease of the bowels, loose wife and vital power.”

Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 7th house “gives fear during travel, and enemies destroy ones wealth. If in Scorpio, conditions are always profitable but wife gets troubled, worries, anxiety, and expenditures are ever increasing. Wife suffers headaches and sudden physical troubles. This Ketu is not considered auspicious; travel in Ketu periods tend to be fruitless and expensive.”

B.V. Raman: Ketu in 7th house: “The native will have an unhappy marriage with a shrewish wife. He is passionate, sinful and lusts after windows. His wife is sickly. The native suffers from cancer of the abdomen (or uterus is if a woman). He will suffer humiliation and loss of virility.”

Chamatkar Chintamani: Ketu in the 7th house: “has much trouble and danger form travel, but he returns safely. Loss of wealth and fear of drowning. Trouble from partner and sons. Extravagant; nervous. If in Scorpio there will be gain of wealth, and income will be stable. Increased expenditure and happiness from wealth. There is want of happiness from partner. She may be wicked. The native himself is immodest, sleeps long, has humble speech, undertakes a lot of travels. Journeys are postponed, wealth is lost, and there is fear of enemies and thieves. He is adulterous and deserted by partner. Ailments of the intestines; seminal troubles and wrath of the ruler.”

Bepin Behari: “Rahu in the 1st house and Ketu in the 7th intensifies the material urges of the individual. It drives one to seek prosperity, personal prowess, greater work skills, higher social status, and to leave ones mark on society. Yet these individuals fair to satisfy their thirst completely. This leads to disenchantment with the people or groups with whom they come in contact. Self-conceit greatly vitiates their interpersonal relationships and these individuals may experience great anguish and phycological frustration at many levels. They may begin to analyse the working of their inner mind. The psychological changes arising out of situation makes them more introverted. As their frustration is transmuted these persons gradually begin to immerse themselves in humanitarian activities and become useful members of society and helpful and understanding workers.”

Prash Trivedi: Rahu in the 1st house and Ketu in the 7th “fortunate in that it allows the native to successfully project their personality to the outside world. Rahu is said to do well in the 1st, 9th & 10th houses. If Rahu is placed very close to the ascendant degree, then it gives an out of ordinary physical appearance and personality. The person is usually on the taller side and has a peculiar sort of wordiness attached to their manners, which of course is not very pleasing to others. A heightened sense of self, which can often turn into ta false sense of pride or vanity, is noticed; which can drive them to act mindlessly on many occasions.If Rahu is working through his higher principle, this position provides keen insight and capacity for constant introspection. This is why this combination produces so many philosophers and saints. These men having the true understanding of the working of the cosmic forces don’t like to be addressed by titles. Rahu here can also provide deep insights into mass psychology and future trends. they can be found working in any field, but we do find that many scientists, inventors, explorers, adventures have this placement. They like to have independence in whatever they are doing. Rahu in the first provides good physical stamina and vitality that might be over-extended in exploration in extreme conditions, adventure sports. They often feel lonely. Their sense of individuality does not depend on social intercourse and they have capacity to be alone for long periods of time. Ketu in 7th hinders the formation of any lasting relationship. Unless there are powerful forces over-riding this, life-long bachelors is the norm with this placement. Relationships only stand a chance if their partner gives them lots of room to be themselves and follow their own path. They can be sweet and humble in their social conduct unless afflicted. They always stand by the way they think and feel and are very frank and outspoken about it. This habit does not help them win many friends except those with enough understanding to gage their real intent. Public speaking comes naturally to these people even is they seem shy off-stage. The native has to learn to take the spotlight off one’s own self in order to understand and accommodate others. They are caught up in the dilemma of why should one scatter one’s energies outside when the whole universe exists within the self. This often causes them to completely exclude the world outside. More evolved souls do not make this mistake because they understand self-realisation has no meaning unless it is shared with and includes the world outside as well.”

    • Rabindranath Tagore (2), Erdogan (3), 7th from Moon: Charles Koch (1), Michael Moore (2),

Ketu in Punarvasu (Gemini) 8th house

Phala Deepika: Ketu in 8th house “native will be short lived, remain separated from his dear friends and engage in feuds, be injured by a weapon and meet with disappointments in all efforts.” “Danger from ulcer.” “Unnatural death like suicide or association as a result of the hatred of enemies, or through worms.”

Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 8th house person. “If in Cancer, Virgo, Gemini, the native has disease of the anus but gains wealth from conveyances. If in Aries, Taurus, or Scorpio they will see exceptional gains of wealth. If associated with any other malefic they will suffer piles or fistula, money lent out is not returned, and despite their love and affection for animals will be bitten or injured by them”

B.V. Raman: Ketu in 8th house: “If aspected by a benefic the native will enjoy a long life and much wealth. If afflicted, the native covets the wealth and women of others. He will suffer diseases to the excretory system and illness due to a life of profligacy and excess.”

Chamatkar Chintamani: Ketu in the 8th house: “Suffers from piles and fistula etc. Fear and danger from fall from horseback. Difficulty from advances given as loans. Gain of wealth if in Aries, Gemini, Virgo or Scorpio. The native is brilliant in games, in job, by character and happiness. The native suffers from secret disease of the face and teeth. He is brave and industrious, but short-lived. There is separation from friends, strife, arm wounds, much opposition, danger from conveyance. If in Gemini, Cancer or Virgo: gain though conveyance. If in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo or Scorpio: trouble from piles, fistula; fear of loss of cattle; hinderance of the return of loans, financial gain through government. He has his eyes on the wealth and women of others and is ailing, vicious and greedy. If aspected by a benefic he is long-living and wealthy. If in Taurus he gets wealth and son.”

Bepin Behari: “Rahu in the 2nd house and Ketu in the 8th may give the individual a sense of mission, a feeling that he or she is functioning as an agent for some higher power. In extreme cases this can lead to megalomania. More often it makes one so opinionated that it may be difficult for them to establish a positive rapport with others. These persons have unrealistic expectations of others and want to change them to suit their own specifications. They may not feel content with their achievements, and become obsessed with securing even more. The promise of acquiring greater physical or spiritual merit often brings radical changes in their thinking. They may grow interested in occult sciences as they become increasingly aware of the immense psychophysical possibilities inherent in the process of expanding their consciousness.”

Prash Trivedi: Rahu in the 2nd house and Ketu in the 8th: “Considered a good placement for the wise management of resources, material and spiritual, available at ones command unless there is affliction. If afflicted the native is sure to go through a period of deprivation followed by a period of plenty. It’s good for material well being but the desires never end. There is an intensity about getting exactly what they want. Satisfaction or the lack of it became a keynote for these natives. Usually gives an attractive personality, especially to female natives if there are favourable supports. It usually imparts an unorthodox beauty and captivating quality to the natives face which seems to mature early. Although this position of the nodes supports a wide variety of professions it has a tendency to favour mathematicians, linguists, astrologers, economists, financiers, bankers, explorers, researchers, singers, and musicians. It favours a capitalist mindset unless aspected by Saturn. If badly afflicted the native can lose his sense of proportion and earn through trickery, deceit, bribery, blackmail or theft. It’s likely many drug dealers have this placement. Money made is usually spent quickly on indulgences: smoking, alcohol, meat. Jupiter aspect can redeem a person. A lot of present day evils arise from this combination, but in its higher aspect it gives a love for truth and a charitable disposition. Ketu in the 8th house is good for carrying out research in any chosen field. If working through its higher aspect the native will not fear death as they understand its power to renew. If well placed and materially inclined it can bring legacies and resources of others later in life; but if it’s weak it will only give expectation and no fulfilment. Affliction can give sexually transmitted disease. There is need to maintain calm in the worldly game of gain and loss. If the native gets carried away in either of these they will find life to be unforgiving. They need to seek balance between the earthy second house and the emotional 8th house.”

    • Romain Vionnet (2), Leonardo Da Vinci (1), Alyssa Milano (2), Peter Kropotkin (1), 8th from Moon: Alison Victoria (2), Erdogan (3), Abdul Rashid Dostum (Afghan VP (3)), 

Ketu in Punarvasu (Gemini) 9th house

Phala Deepika: Ketu in 9th house “makes a person take a sinful course, commit unrighteous acts, and be deprived of father. They are unfortunate, poverty stricken and speak ill of good people.”

Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 9th house “releases the person from their troubles, gives happiness from son, rise of fortune through foreigners, distress or diseases of the arm. Blessings from doing penance, religious activities and giving alms.”

B.V. Raman: Ketu in 9th house: “The native will be short tempered and get upset over triffles. He will be eloquent but will use this talent to scandalise others. Fond of pomp and show, haughty and arrogant, he will, however, be valourous. Often treating his parents badly and generally hostile towards them he will be short sighted but save much money through frugal living. He will have a good wife and children.”

Chamatkar Chintamani: Ketu in the 9th house: “He is desirous of sons. Favour and fortune through aliens. Trouble and loss through brothers and pain in the arms. People laugh at his penance and donations. The native feels the absence of sons, He generosity is considered a boast. He is short tempered, eloquent, convert, critical, brave, jealous of father, vain, spiritless, arrogant and unfortunate. The native is blessed with wealth and sons; gain through aliens and success over troubles. His brothers are in difficulty and has much pain and suffering in both arms. Mocked for his religious fervour and activities as they are not in accord with scripture. Trouble for the father since childhood. Luck is not favouring. No desire for pilgrimage. The native overcomes anguish and harbours a burning desire for sons. He is valiant, well-armed, absence of friends, wealth; piety and modesty and is worried about relatives and sons and poverty. This Ketu keeps him free from many troubles and calamities. It blesses him with sons; fortune through foreigners; satisfaction through asceticism and benevolence. He may be a king or a minister; has fame; glory, wisdom, generosity, kindness and devotion. This Ketu shakes his faith; voyages bring misery and misfortune; strange dreams, and doles out punishment in foreign lands.”

Bepin Behari: “Rahu in the 3rd house and Ketu in the 9th gives many responsibilities along with a tendency towards reclusiveness. These individuals come out of their isolation when their assistance is sought and they are thrust into leadership roles. The leadership may be philanthropic activities, dissemination of the wisdom of the past and sacred scriptures, or in the realm of political organisation and philosophy. They may impart guidance in psychological exploration or industrial organisation. They suffer when they have to follow routine duties; otherwise they do not reject hard work, penance, and contemplation. Gradually they realise that public and charitable work is the best goal in life and they embrace the principle of right action: selfless activity with no expectation of reward.”

Prash Trivedi: Rahu in the 3rd house and Ketu in the 9th: “This is considered an auspicious placement for the nodes. Rahu provides material success while Ketu takes care of inner life. Rahu provides courage but also misunderstandings with younger siblings. As is the case with natural malefics the live things of the house suffer (younger siblings and companions), while the non-living things prosper: mental and physical energy, passions, prowess, leadership ability, oratory, scientific rational thinking, writing ability, etc. In some cases strong assistance from younger siblings helps one get ahead in life (or vice versa). Short journeys bring luck, though they can sometimes be unpleasant. Longer journeys to distant countries do not turn out to be suited for the native unless Ketu is strong in a friendly sign and conjunct the yoga karaka planet or exalted planet. A peculiar thing of this placement is that the native can hold a gun or a pen with equal ease; which they choose depends on other things in the chart. Writers, orators, painters, sculptors, instrumentalists, soldiers, athletes (especially those requiring skill and strength of arms), generals, revolutionaries, political and spiritual leaders are likely to have this combination. The physical and metal abilities provided by this Rahu can be uses in positive way if other placements in the chart provide an integrated personality. I have found that, due to the 3rd house emphasis, this placement to produce a number of atheists who swear by science and scientific thought. Late in life that can swing to the other pole and denounce everything material. They have to strike a balance between physics and religion; aggression and compassion, the drive and the path, mater and spirit. If an evolved should is capable of striking this balance they will realise the beauty, dexterity, gentleness, and genius of this placement. The first half of life is usually more fruitful than the second half: if the native achieves fame and fortune in his youth, this will be lost in his 40s. Age 47 begins a new episode in their life: for those who have had a relatively uneventful life until this point they now, after 47, find an opportunity to make their mark on the world. Ketu should be quite strong for this to happen. After age 47 Ketu tries to bring the 9th house to light. For those who have lived a material existence up to this point will find it a miserable experience; especially if they are not willing to change the course of their life.”

    • Abdul Rashid Dostum (Afghan VP (3)), Philippe Gaumont (1), Angela Merkel (1), 9th from Moon: Liz Voth (1), Philippe Gaumont (1),

Ketu in Punarvasu (Gemini) 10th house

Phala Deepika: Ketu in 10th house “makes a person have to overcome great obstacles in order to do any good act, or he may himself be responsible for the obstacles. He is impure and engages in evil deeds. He is energetic, wise and reputed.”

Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 10th house “native is devoid of happiness from father, destroys enemies despite being unfortunate oneself. Conveyances get wear and tear and one suffers from windy diseases. Trouble from horse back riding. Ketu in Virgo 10th house makes a person happy and wealthy. Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio is good for gains.”

B.V. Raman: Ketu in the 10th house: “The native will be strong, bold and well known. He will commit vile deeds, be impure in his resolve, and face many obstacles in his undertakings. He will be very clever. If beneficially disposed the native will be happy, religious, well-read in scripture and visit many pilgrimage places and sacred rivers.”

Chamatkar Chintamani: Ketu in the 10th house: “He is unfortunate and miserable. Trouble through father. Danger of falling from a horse or some other form of transport. His enemies are destroyed if in Gemini, Leo, Capricorn or Aquarius; the native will be intelligent, strong, a craftsman, self-realised, social, phlegmatic, bravest of the brave, challenging and much travelled. Trouble for the father and the native is ugly and unfortunate. Danger for horse, elephant, cow or bull etc. If in Pisces or Sagittarius [or is it Pisces or Sagittarius ascendant] he get the greatest honour and recognition, wise, an authority of scripture, living in foreign land, many victories. In Aquarius, Virgo, Gemini or Taurus [or these ascendants] he is amiable and get ordinary results. The imposition is not favoured for business, but the native get fortune in a foreign land if it’s in a movable sign. Disease of the rectum, lowly habits and deed; adulterous. He gets no gain or support from parents. If in Virgo he gets a though injury from conveyance. He is fond of playing Veena and like black objects but opposes all good activities. He is impressive, reputed, and gallant, but troubled through thieves. There is loss of reputation through fraud, treachery, an unfavourable public and market conditions, failures, changes and depressions.”

Bepin Behari: “Rahu in the 4th house and Ketu in the 10th may bring emotional suffering and the frustration of desire. These natives often enjoy many physical comforts and opportunities for sense gratification, but first they may pass through heart wrenching situations of utter hopelessness. Their despair may not appear on their faces; indeed, others may accuse them of insensitivity or of exaggerating their troubles. These emotional setbacks may seriously affect their relationships. Those with extremely weak egos may suffer from schizophrenia; those with exaggerated egos may become ruthless and pursue their objectives without consideration for others. When they begin to deal with their inner issues constructively, they prepare themselves to meet any situation without giving undue importance to their person conveniences, dislikes, or troubles. They begin to realise that life is not for idleness but for working simply for the works sake, without wasting time or licking one’s wounds.”

Prash Trivedi: Rahu in the 4th house and Ketu in the 10th: “Everything is fine as long as the native is not ambitious about career. Contentment is the key word of this placement, A strong attachment to mother or mother figures in seen; similar to Rahu conjunct Moon. Some help from the mother or the mother’s side helps one get ahead in life. The father figure is usually absent from a young age or ignored. They no not like vocations that involve a lot of travelling. They prefer to have a permanent home in a particular village, town or city where they spend the majority of their life. They usually prefer smaller towns to bigger cities. 4th house vocations like property dealers, agriculturists, dairy farmers, transporters, professional drivers, child psychologists, children story writers, interior decorators, architects, construction engineers, etc. are favoured by this placement. At least a couple changes of profession are common. Ketu in the 10th hinders job satisfaction. It becomes the natives duty to insulate the emotional aspects of life rather than the practical aspects. A sudden fall is imminent if the native gets over ambitious in career or reputation. Any attempt to suppress the active subconscious can make their lives dull and sad.”

    • Zsa Zsa Gabor (3), Sri Ramana Maharishi (2), Donald Sutherland (3), 10th from Moon: Romain Vionnet (2),

Ketu in Punarvasu (Gemini) 11th house

Phala Deepika: Ketu in 11th house “makes a person hoard money, possess many noble qualities, enjoy himself well, and gives every opportunity to collect good materials and be successful in achieving all desires.”

Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 11th house makes the “native sweet spoken and excitable, they get good education, has charming appearance, is voluptuous, vigorous, valorous, wears beautiful clothes, but suffers disease of the anus and unhappiness from children. In own sign aspected by benefits this Ketu can give quick gain, much wealth and give success in all objectives.”

B.V. Raman: Ketu in 11th house: “The native will have a habit of hoarding. He may get monetary windfall through speculation, lottery, horse racing or stock exchange. Noble and possessed of many good qualities of head and heart, he will succeed in all his ventures and will participate in charitable causes and events.”

Chamatkar Chintamani: Ketu in the 11th house: “The native gets success and gain from all sources. Very fortunate and learned, handsome, strongly built, well-dressed and very glorious. His offspring are unfortunate and suffer from fear and danger. The native is reputed, charming, happy-go-lucky, has house and property, affluent, generous, skilled in aesthetics and archery; sweet, pleasant, humorous, learned, prosperous, imposing, fortunate with jewellery, dress, and ornaments; suffers from ailments of the rectum and tension. He is generous, kind, popular, fond of literature, contented and respected by the king. If this Ketu is in Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, or is aspected by Jupiter or Venus the native is especially benefitted. There is success and gain in business. He is a poet, a writer, gets state honour, wealth flourishes. He was success and quick gain everywhere and spends it on noble cause. He is unfortunate in respect to progeny. Denotes undesirable associations, opportunities are missed, hopes remain unfulfilled; he is misguided by unfaithful friends.”

Bepin Behari: “Rahu in the 5th house and Ketu in the 11th activates the persons creativity in a paradoxical manner, restricting material creativity in order to impels the creative forces to higher levels from which beneficence of different kinds can be radiated. These individuals may experience difficulty in having offspring of their own, but on a mental plane they are very active. The keep themselves extremely busy. Material creativity might suffer, as may sociability, and there can be anxiety about financial security. Despondency  due to such experiences makes them seek compensation on the mental plane where they attain some degree of satisfaction. Ultimately they may become both impersonal and quite successful in relationships. They attain significant social status and may make a great deal of money. They eventually realise that their happiness and peace of mind do not depend on specific work involvements but on a trust in the law of karma. Even in small everyday activities their actions are now guided by an attitude of helpfulness.”

Prash Trivedi: Rahu in the 5th house and Ketu in the 11th: “This combination can produce the best and the worse type of human being. The 5th and 11th deal directly with ones mental make-up and interaction with others. They have abundant mental energy which can be used for good or evil. Rahu in the 5th provides this mental energy along with highlighting 5th house affairs — intellect, creativity, self-consciousness, past life merits and demerits, children, love of the self and others, acting, confidence, education, publications, mantra, the chosen deity, etc. This is also the house governing mass media and cinema. This is the reason why most actors and other people associated with movie and stage productions have this combination. In my view, photography originates from this placement. In many charts of photographers I have come across this nodal placement in 90% of them. Under malefic influence Rahu in 5th can produce megalomania and even dictators if Sun & Mars are involved — dictators of nations as well as the self styled dictators of home and workplace. It can also produce crooks and swindlers, thieves, thugs if Mercury is afflicted or involved in this combination. It is thus a very sensitive place for Rahu where one need to channel their creative and intellectual energies for the benefit of the group or the sphere of ones influence. In other words, this energy needs to be channelled through he 11th house. There is usually a break in formal education making vocational training preferable to classical education. When working in it’s higher principle, 11th house Ketu allows channelling to happen with ease. When afflicted it can block the 11th house so that one does not have many friends nor are they involved in any social or humanitarian projects resulting in a self-centred life. The self-conscious has to become a part of the group consciousness, and form a part of the collective human consciousness, before finally merging with the greater universal consciousness. 5th house is fire, the 11th house is air; air has no warmth without fire and fire cannot burn without air. The fire produced in 5th house should be dissipated into the 11th house so it reaches those who require it. This is the challenge for these natives. Ketu in the 11th house produces misunderstanding with the elder brother and is not considered favourable. Some anxiety on the part of children, their birth and development is also seen. If having children the native usually makes for a concerned parent.”

    • Jean Jacques Rousseau (2), Woody Allen (1), Ron Paul (3), Gerald Amirault (3), Charles Koch (1), J 11th from Moon: Jack Welch (1), Dalai Lama XIV (3), Candy Barr (3), Leon Trotsky (2), 

Ketu in Punarvasu (Gemini) 12th house

Phala Deepika: Ketu in 12th house native “commits sinful deeds secretly and squanders away his wealth on vile things. He destroys his wealth and is of questionable conduct suffering from ailments of the eyes.”

Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 12th house “gives trouble to feet and eyes, heavy expenses, destruction of enemies, lacks desire for happiness, and suffers disease to the anus and loins. The native might not have wealth but will spend money lavishly.”

B.V. Raman: Ketu in 12th house: “The native will have a restless and wandering mind and will leave his country of birth. The lower classes will befriend him. All inherited property will be lost.”

Chamatkar Chintamani: Ketu in the 12th house: “Bestows princely glory and prosperity. Spends his wealth for the social good. Enemies are defeated on the battle field. Pain and suffering anger the navel, private parts, feet and eyes. No gain through maternal uncle. He wastes his wealth on misdeeds. He is laggard in war, vicious, restless, generous, extravagant, in-depth. If it conjoins Mercury: success and gain in business; affluent like a king; a poet learned in sastra. If exalted, in own sign or with Jupiter the naive is a very skilled, gentle aesthetic. If strong with Venus he worships Durga, the power goddess. If with Venus or Moon he is adulterous and vicious. The native is eloquent in debate, has beautiful eyes, education, and he destroys his enemies. He gets no help from maternal uncle. Suffers from ailments of the private parts, rectum, feet, eyes, and remains mentally upset. There is loss of old property, unsteadiness, immodesty and imprisonment.”

Bepin Behari: “Rahu in the 6th house and Ketu in the 12th makes these people intensely concentrated on material pursuits. Often their dreams, psychic experiences and spiritual contacts affect them at deeper levels, producing radical transformations in their mental attitude. They feel unhappy about social differences and may face illness, litigations, and personal accusations but they confront them with courage and confidence, and the final outcome works in their favour. The experience gained in these confrontations gives them inner confidence. Their dream experiences, increased sensitivity, and psychic visions initiate them in the knowledge of supra physical realms. The perception of higher realities now becomes more meaningful to them then the enjoyment of physical comforts and social acclaim. They gradually establish greater control over their psycho-physical functions.”

Prash Trivedi: Rahu in the 6th house and Ketu in the 12th: “Rahu is said to function well in the upachaya houses and Ketu has a natural affinity for the 12th house. This is generally true, but when it comes to giving hard times this is the toughest placement. Rahu in the 6th highlights 6th house things like work, service, health, enmity, distillation and discrimination, dietary and personal habits, accidents, diseases, discipline and austerity, opposition, litigation, power, helpers, medicine, healing. Natives with this placement have come to terms with all of this negative energy to some extent. 6th house represents adolescent years so from this early period these natives show an immaculate sense of method and order in their lives (provided there are supporting factors). If this Rahu is afflicted they can indulge in mindless behaviour that harms themselves and others which they come to later regret. This is a good combination for physicians, healers, therapeutic vocations. The native usually deals with foreigners and benefits from them in some way: foreign service, tourism, import-export, shipping, etc. They have capacity for heard work, and a dint of fearlessness is noticed. Ketu in the 12th usually gives some psychic experience either through dream or visions [or related to the functions of planets in conjunction]. This is a good position for spiritual pursuits, but Ketu has to be acting through his higher principle. The native usually has some understanding of the divine forces in a very personal way. This position of Ketu usually brings about some unpleasant experiences: imprisonment, isolation, accidents, but this is often a good thing as they are paying off karmas from their past. Isolation is very important for these natives as it can bring out latent abilities. After this realisation follows the hard work indicated by Rahu in 6th. A peculiar trait of this Rahu is that no matter how are they try to avoid enmity, it seems to follow them; this makes forgiveness one of the most important qualities the native can develop. This combination is also beneficial in modern day politics where dealing with enemies and behind the scenes manoeuvres comes naturally to the native. These native usually prevail over their enemies, but enemies can also bring their downfall, and even their death. This position of the nodes usually give a strong constitution but other planets involved can cause serious disease or difficult to diagnose disorders. Sudden unexpected death can also happen if there are other contributing factors. Worldly recognition or success comes only after a long struggle, these natives are very career conscious. They can be headstrong and there is danger of misuse of power, but Ketu in 12th will bring their downfall to teach them the lesson. The native has to guard against rigidity which comes from too much order and discipline in life. They also have to guard against loosing themselves in extreme indulgence from having a complete lack of discipline. Financially the native is neither a miser nor a spendthrift, but they often take up either extreme asceticism or extreme indulgence as a means of attaining liberation . Some few take up the middle path once wisdom dawns on them.”

    • Leon Trotsky (2), Michael Moore (2), Ella Fitzgerald (1),  12th from Moon:  Bennett Cerf (2), Zsa Zsa Gabor (3),

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