Mercury in Jyeshta – Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in Jyeshta 

Carlos Castaneda – Mercury in Jyeshta

“We are men and our lot in this life is to learn and to be hurled into inconceivable new worlds.” “Man goes to knowledge as he goes to war, wide awake, with fear, with respect, and with absolute assurance.” “ I would say that the best of us  always comes out when we are against  the wall and we feel the sword dangling over our head.” “Nothing can temper the spirit of the warrior as much as the challenge of dealing with impossible people in positions of power. Only under those conditions can warriors acquire the sobriety and serenity to withstand the pressure of the unknowable.” “A warrior takes his lot, whatever it may be, and accepts it in the ultimate humbleness. He accepts humbleness as what he is, not as a grounds of regret but as a living challenge.” “The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse.” “To seek the perfection of the warrior’s spirt in the only task worthy of our temporariness, our manhood.” “The hardest thing in the world is for a warrior to let others be.” — Carlos Castaneda

“Some words when spoken, can’t be taken back.” “The smallest oceans still make big waves.” — Eddie Vedder

“We need poets to change the world.”Justin Trudeau

“I’ve learned. Every organisation needs somebody standin’ out front. Call it a figure head , a leader, a headman, a kingpin, a president, whatever. It doesn’t much matter to me who does it.” — Lucky Luciano

“Any film about heroism: the triumph of good over evil. If you look back at my films , you will see that as a reoccurring theme.”“Cinema should always be in touch with the soul of the country. My film celebrate the heartland of India.” — Salman Khan

They make good lawyers, communication management specialist, journalists, speakers or preachers, story tellers, songwriters. Mercury can be a little immature and deceptive, using words and ideas to stir up trouble. Like Ted Turner, the media mogul who started CNN and things like the cartoon channel said: “I wanted to better inform the world.” Turner has his ascendant and Mercury in Jyeshta conjunct Sun & Venus in Scorpio so he had a very powerful quest involving media, journalism, communications and these kinda of things. He also said: “I didn’t care how much adversity life threw at me. I intended to get to the top.” This is the spirit of Jyeshta, the Mars energy is supported by the Indra energy. But with powerful mercury in his own nakshatra this quest is brought into Mercuries sphere of activity. And we need not forget that Mars and Mercury are both war planets. Mercury is the natural ruler of Virgo and the 6th house and Mars is the natural warrior so we can easily make for information warfare. We find another quote by Ted Turner to be relevant on this topic: “War has been good to me from a financial standpoint but I don’t want to make money that way. I don’t want blood money.”

Martin Luther, with Mercury in Jyeshta conjunct Sun in Scorpio, warned us about information warfare back in the 15th century when he commented on the public school system. “I’m afraid that the school will prove the very gates of hell, unless they diligently labour in explaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of the youth.” People with Mercury in Jyeshta also make good preachers and speakers capable of drumming up a lot of passion. Especially,, as Martin Luther point out: “When I’m angry I can pray well and preach well.” Or “Grant that I may not pray alone with the mouth, help me that I may pray from the depths of my heart.”

In so far as Jyeshta seeks prestige, Carlos Castaneda tells us that “Power rests on the kind of knowledge one holds. What is the sense of knowing things that are useless.” Ted Turner also commented on prestige in the news business when he said, “If you had the most prestige and you were the network that everybody turned to in a crisis, that that was the most important position in the news business, to hold.” And of course the path to prestige is to do what everyone tells you that you can’t do. Ted turner again reminds us that “All [his] life people have said that [he] wasn’t going to make it.” He goes on to tell us how a Mercury in Jyeshta overcomes and makes it to the top; first he says: “There’s no point sitting around crying about spilt milk. Gotta move on.” And then: “I’ve never run into a guy who could win at the top level in anything today and didn’t have the right attitude, didn’t give it everything he had, at least while he was doing it; wasn’t prepared and didn’t have the whole program worked out.” Howard Hughs also talked about the nay sayers: “Do the impossible because almost everyone has told me my ideas are merely fantasies.”

Any placement in Jyeshta will be infused with a lot of pride and a bit of conceit: “If I only had a little humility, I would be perfect” (Ted Turner). “I am by nature a perfectionist, and I seem to have trouble allowing anything to go through in a half-perfect condition. So if I make any mistake it was in working too hard and in doing too much of it with my own hands” (Howard Hughes). “I have to play everything just perfectly. I can’t take less of myself. I’m strong. I’m prepared” (Gordon Lightfoot). 

And it may be the immaturity of Mercury in Jyeshta that comes up with statements like LGBTQ activist , Hunter Schafer’s claim that, “We are on the forefront of a revolution and expression will take priority over the labels assigned to us at birth, in which self-identification will take priority over perception, in which gender will fall away entirely.” And Neil Young who recently sacrificed himself on his crusade against Joe Rogan on Spotify, once said, “I don’t like to be labeled, to be anything. I’ve made the mistake before myself of labelling my music, but it’s counter productive.”

Like Ann Coulter, they like to wade into controversy, say the things no one else will say, or even rush to be the first person to say what everyone sees but is not talking about. She point out that: “I am the illegal alien of commentary. I will do the jokes that no one else will do.” And: “A word to those of you out there who have yet to be offended by something I have said: Please be patient. I’m working as fast as I can.” And of course they like to win the argument even if it means fighting a weaker opponent. Jyeshta often has to watch that they don’t become bullies; in the case of Mercury in Jyeshta they can bully people with their words, ideas, logic, media. Ann Coulter puts it right out there when she admits: “I love to engage in repartee with people who are stupider than I am.” 

There is also a chance they come off as preachy, because, like other nakshatra placements, Mercury in Jyeshta knows better than everyone else. Hunter Schafer, with no small amount of pride (pun intended) said about her work that, “No matter what I’ve worked on or what art practices I’ve delved into, they’ve always been an attempt to world-build.” And Neil Young should probably look back on this quote, cause he has been sounding a little preachy lately:“I have so many opinions about everything it just comes out during my music. It’s a battle for me. I try not to be preachy. Thats the real danger.” Neil Young might want to take advice from Eddie Vedder about how to properly defeat ones enemy: “You kill yourself and you make a big old sacrifice and try to get your revenge. That all you’re gonna end up with is a paragraph in a newspaper. In the end, it does nothing. Nothing changes. The world goes on and you’re gone. The best revenge is to live on and prove yourself.” 

Schafer and Young seem to be following Howard Hughs business strategy: “Play off everyone against each other so that you have more avenues of action open to you.” But even Lucky Luciano was smarter than that. He once gave a lesson to the boys with a little story which kinda reminds us that Jyeshta can also have a bit of a revolving door: “Don’t worry, Joe. Maybe you know it was gonna happen to me, maybe you didn’t. But by the old way of doing things… If I became boss right now. I’d have to hit you in case you knew. And all of you shrug, except some of you are friends of Joe’s. And one day I might do something that upsets you, so then you’ll hit me. And the YOU”LL become boss. My friends will hate you for that. Then somebody else becomes boss, and so  on, and on… You know what I call that? Stupid. Very stupid… We’re all boss here.” 

Carlos Castaneda has many wise words of the Jyeshta native. We also find a strong current of mysticism and shamanism in his writing. About success he says: “If one must succeed in anything the success must come gently, with a great deal of effort but with no stress of obsession.” The kind of effort we need to make is highlighted by Canadian singer song writer Gordon lightfoot who said, “Every time you wanted to do something, you’d hope it would score. You’d keep trying and trying and all of a sudden , something would come out of left field , like “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” No one hand any idea about that one.” Howard Hughes probably takes it too far when he said, “Passion will make you crazy; but is there any other way to live.” He was one of the richest men in the world, so who am I to contradict him. You don’t get that rich without being a bit of a jerk: “We don’t have a monopoly. Anyone who wants to dig a well without a Hughes bit can always use a pick and shovel.”

Swami Satchidananda Saraswati also makes reference to digging, diving and drilling of this Scorpio placement: “There is no value in digging shadow wells in 100 places. Decide on on e place and dig deep. Even if you encounter rock, use dynamite and keep going down. If you leave that to dig another well, all the first effort is wasted and there is no proof you won’t hit rock again.” And communing again on what lies deep and what arises from the depths Swami Satchidananda also said, “Yoga says instinct is a trace of an old experience that has been repeated many times and the impressions have sunk down to the bottom of the mental lake. Although they go down, they aren’t completely erased. Don’t think you ever forget anything. All experience are stored in the Chittam; and, when the proper atmosphere is created, they come to the surface again. When we do something several times it forms a habit. Continue with that habit for a long time and it becomes your character. Continue with your character and eventually, perhaps in another life, it comes up as instinct.”

Aside from the difficulty and struggles to reach the top, Mercury in Jyeshta people face similar problems in relationships as many other Jyeshta placements as their passion is for media and communication rather than relationships. Swami Satchidananda Saraswati, with Mercury in Jyeshta, tells that “At various points in our lives, or on our quest, and for reasons that often remain obscure, we are driven to make decisions which prove, with hindsight, to be loaded with meaning.” These discussions are inspired and don’t usually involve the partners, which of course can build resentment. Eddie Vedder tells us about the truest “love,” which is impossible love.  “It’s a song abut first relationships and letting go. It’s very rare for a relationship to withstand the earths gravitational pull and where it’s going to take people and how they’re going to grow. I’ve heard it said that you can’t really have a true love unless it was a love unrequited. It’s a harsh one, because then your truest one is the one you can’t have forever.” Lucky Luciano is blunt when he said, “I don’t have a wife because emotion is dangerous.”

Speech can also be a kind of defence mechanism causing them to talk too much or ramble as a way of trying to control or dominate a conversation. Like other Jyeshta placements they can be control freaks. They are not particularly diplomatic in the their communication style, usually blunt. And due to their habit of charging into a conversation, and perhaps is contrast to their perfectionism they do make mistake. They are intelligent with an intense communication style but sometimes cloudy thoughts. Ted Turner reminds us that, in his words, “I’m a very good thinker, but I sometimes grab the wrong word. I say something I didn’t think through adequately. I mean, I don’t type my speeches, then sit up there and read them off the teleprompter, you know. I wing it.” Just another Jyeshta on a crusade for power; nothing to see here folks. 

They have no problem talking about taboo topics, that bluntness of the Mars and Indra.  They may be involved with conveying secrets or safety information, giving warnings about possible sudden events. We find many coaches, tutors, and teachers with Mercury in Jyeshta. A few yoga teachers, health nuts, life coach and these lower level teachers who seem to know what’s best for us also have Mercury places here. The house it’s in will often suggest the topic of their sermon. They can easily become over-bearing in meetings, workshops, and conversational settings. This quality can also make them good lawyers, activists or policy advisors with an excellent knowledge of rhetoric and the art of the argument. 

It can also be noted that Jyeshta’s don’t really like to listen to others. This may be do to lack of attention, conceit or merely because of a hearing problem. Ted Turner once said: “I’m hard of hearing. I miss a lot. It’s really tough.” I  can certainly relate to this. I don’t have Mercury in Jyeshta, but I do have three significant placements in Jyeshta. And Jyeshta, like Ashlesha, has strong snake symbolism and snakes don’t have ears. Instead of heading they have a special sensitivity to atmosphere through their tongue and their skin. 

Mercury in Jyeshta Pada 1, Sagittarius Navamsha: They tend to espouse a strong ideology, lifelong students of philosophy. They can get tenure as teachers or professors. As politicians they can use emergency situation to ram through policy changes and maintain power. The message is first relates to scorpio so strong, powerful, penetrating, sudden, shocking, taboo, sexual or relates to life and death. Such messages, self narratives, logical pathways can make for very exciting reading. Transformation after transformation, tell all kind of books. The underlying message of that is spiritual a philosophical; humanistic, but also focused on policy path then law. Spiritual media.

Mercury in Jyeshta Pada 2, Capricorn Navamsha: This is a good position for leaders of revolution, or leaders of changing times. All of that Scorpio stuff paves the path to leadership for these people; or at least that the story. Catastrophe or surprise attacks may be used to gain power at young age. One may be an immature leader. State media.

Mercury in Jyeshta Pada 3, Aquarius Navamsha: Revolution in network communications. “The system is gonna chase.”

Mercury in Jyeshta Pada 4, Pisces Navamsha: Mercury comes into debilitation in the navamsha. Which causes their story of what happened in the emergency to become a little scattered, This is not like the Saturn pada where Mercury gives a linear story; in Pisces Pada there can be some confusion, lacking the linear, disconnected and possibly a little fanciful. It’s not necessarily that they lie, but their minds record feelings, and can fall into believing what they think happened. This can be like over-hearing two people in another room and completely misunderstanding. Maybe events happen in a similar way. Propaganda and miscommunication can also be involved. “All is lost anyways.”

Celebrities with Mercury in Jyeshta

Tsunami 2004 (1), Justine Trudeau (1), Lucky Luciano (1), Professional Madam (1), Baba Ramdev (1), Neil Young (1), Karl Benz (1), Carlos Castaneda (1), Julius Mayer (1), 

Martin Luther (2), Sri Ramana Maharishi (2), Claud Monet (2), Billy Idol (2), Gordon Lightfoot (2), Ranjan Bose (2), Lucien Bouchard (2), Howard Hughes (2), Charles Guthrie (2), Salman Khan (2), 

United Kingdom (3), USA Peacetime Draft (3), King George VI of England (3), Mao (3), Jacques Chirac (3), James LeBron (3), John Graham Burge (3), Ted Turner (3), Frank Sinatra (3), Donovan Bailey (3), Sexual Abuse (3), Dick Van Dyke (3), Hunter Schafer (model, actress, LGBTQ activist (3)),

Otto Von Habsburg (4), Catherine of Aragon (4), Robert F. Kennedy (4), Swami Satchidanandan Saraswati (4), Joseph Conrad (4) ,Eddie Vedder (4), Trump Jr. (4), Bill Ash (4), Carl H. Brans (4), Jeff Bridges (4), Chelsea Manning (4), Bobby Hull (4), Scarlett Johansson (4),

Mercury in Jyeshta 1st house:

Rules the 8th & 11th houses for Scorpio ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Mercury in 1st house person “enjoys longevity, is sweet, soft, appropriate in speach, sharp-whetted and learned in the shastras.” 

Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 1st house “makes a person peace loving, curious, extremely generous, of good conduct, patient, learned with knowledge of the arts.” “Benefic influences will certainly make them a craftsman and artist, good at math, writing, astrology, business, trade, education, oratory, printing and grammar. This Mercury destroys the negative influence of other planets. The natives body has brilliance and they are vigorous and energetic. They will appear much younger than they actually are.” “Moon & Mercury conjunction gives receptivity, sharp memory, imagination, love for travels, writing, knowledge of language. The native is most excellent in eloquence, wealthy, handsome, kind hearted, meek, has great love for his wife, is very talkative and performs many religious deeds.” 

B.V. Raman: Mercury in the 1st house: “This position makes the subject humorous. Quickness of wit and mental ingenuity tend to be strongly marked. The native becomes well read, particularly in occult studies. In good aspect to Venus, it makes one musically talented. Adaptability is a striking feature. He will be intellectual. If conjunct Rahu or Ketu the native suffers a lot of nervous trouble.”

BPHS: 8th lord in the 1st house: “The native will be bereft of bodily pleasures, be a detractor of gods and brahmins and have wounds. For Aries and Libra ascendant the 8th lord will be in their own house so auspicious effects will be present.”

B.V. Raman: 8th lord in the 1st house: “The native will be bereft of bodily pleasures, a detractor of gods and brahmins, and will have wounds on his body. If Venus is exalted here he will have good health but will still be a detract or gods and brahmins. For Aries and Libra ascendants, Mars and Venus will give only auspicious effects.”

BPHS: 11th lord in the 1st house: “The native will have a sattvic nature, be rich, happy, even sighted, a poet, eloquent in speech, and always endowed with gains.”

B.V. Raman: 11th lord in the 1st house: “The native will be born into a rich family and he will earn much wealth. The strength of this planet will relate with the level of family wealth: very rich, fairly rich or merely well-to-do. He will lose an elder brother later in life.”

Commentary: They may be gender fluid or bisexual.

    • Ted Turner (3), Frank Sinatra (3), Hunter Schafer (model, actress, LGBTQ activist (3)), Scarlett Johansson (4), Dick Van Dyke (3), Ranjan Bose (2), Mercury conjunct Moon: King George VI of England (3), Howard Hughes (2), Lucky Luciano (1), Scarlett Johansson (4), Professional Madam (1),

Mercury in Jyeshta 2nd house:

Rules the 9th & 12th houses for Libra ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Mercury in 2nd house “allows one to earn wealth by dint of their own effort. He is a poet, sincere, attractive in his speech, and eats sumptuously.” 

Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 2nd house “endows the native with good character and disposition, they are devoted to their guru, happy earning money with their skill, have extreme lustre or loveliness and makes great progress.” “They are exceptionally witty speakers; if this Mercury has benefic influences the native will have higher education, his economic standard is of a higher level and his plans are useful.” 

B.V. Raman: Mercury in the 2nd house: “Learned in religious and philosophical lore. Denotes gain by lecturing, business and commercial affairs. Becomes rich. Highly intelligent. He spends money on charities and moral purposes. Clever in earning money: careful and thrifty.”

BPHS: 9th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be learned, popular, wealthy, lustful, and blessed with happiness of wife and son.”

B.V. Raman: 9th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be learned, popular, wealthy, lustful, and blessed with happiness for wife and sons. Exalted Venus here will cause raja yoga and give very auspicious effects; as will Venus or Mars when they are in their own sign for Virgo & Pisces ascendants. No planet is debilitated in this position.”

BPHS: 12th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will always spend money on auspicious deeds, be religious, speak sweetly, and be blessed with virtues and happiness.”

B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 2nd house: “The person will suffer financial losses. He may contact debt and be involved with nefarious activity. He will not eat timely meals. His eyesight will be poor and his family life will be marked by lack of harmony. If the 12th lord is benefic and in dignity these losses will be greatly reduced and the native can achieve financial stability. He will be a tactful speaker. If the 12th lord is badly disposed the native indulges in gossip and quarrelling.”

Gordon Lightfoot’s Astrology Chart

Commentary: Many have higher knowledge of the stored traumas of the family. Talking about and accounting for the hidden and secret wealth in the family. Good position for psychology especially regarding hidden values, family structure. They are really good speakers and rhetoricians, They may seek to revolutionise the family structure, the banking systems, and other storage departments. Some bureaucratic function in keeping track of everything and accounting. They will bring message of transformation in regards to food, eating drinking, diet. Transforming things in regards to visual messaging. The might be bringing a foreign philosophical or ideological message to their audience. Excellent messengers conveying warnings and caution. Prediction and analysis of the future prospects. They tend to have a friendly tome to even the most dire warnings.   

    • Bill Ash (4), John Graham Burge (3),  Gordon Lightfoot (2), 2nd from Moon: Dick Van Dyke (3),  Chelsea Manning (4),  Ted Turner (3), 

Mercury in Jyeshta 3rd house:

Rules the 1st & 10th houses for Virgo ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Mercury in 3rd house person will be “brave, of medium life, and have good brothers. They will get tired easily and quickly feel dejected.”

Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 3rd house “gives the courage to remain free from bondage from their relatives, they are devoid of happiness, their heart is not pure, but they get what they want by clever devices. The person is perplexed by so many plans but has a talent for for performing work with some intelligent device and getting success.”

B.V. Raman: Mercury in the 3rd house “Will do good deeds for the benefit of others but will not be happy himself. The mind is sharp: for of reading and studying. Once he undertakes a work he complete it and never gets discouraged. Tactful and diplomatic. He will befriend businessmen and merchants. He will generally be successful in trade and speculation. A number of brothers and sisters. Independent views. Liked by friends and relatives. If afflicted, inclined to nervous breakdown. Gain through 3rd house affairs.”

BPHS: 1st lord in the 3rd house: “Equal to a lion in valour, will have all kinds of wealth, will be horrible, have two wives and be intelligent and happy. The native will be enterprising, and will have the courage to face any situation. The faculties of the body flourish, he will need more nutrition and his diet will need to be richer. When the ascendant is Gemini, the native becomes and aesthetic toward earning money from about he age of 40 – 45 as his vitality and strength become decayed.”

B.V. Raman: 1st lord in the 3rd house: “Makes one highly courageous, fortunate, respectable, two wives, intelligent and happy. When well positioned, the natives rise in life will be brought about by his brothers. He may become famous as a musician or a mathematician depending on the nature of the sign and the planets involved.” 

BPHS: 10th lord in the 3rd house: “The native enjoys happiness from brothers and servants. He will be valorous, eloquent and truthful.”

B.V. Raman: 10th lord in the 3rd house: “The native has to travel constantly on short journeys. He will be a speaker, writer or celebrity if the 10th lord is well placed. His brothers may be instrumental in helping with his career in some way. If this planet is poorly placed by sign, nakshatra or in navamsha (6th, 8th, or 12th navamsha) the natives rise will be slow and beset with obstacles. If the 3rd lord is also afflicted, rivalry between brothers may lead to reversals and obstacles to ones career.”  

Commentary: Often identified as a media personality, possibly remaining behind the scenes. The message can get receptive here: reruns, and recycling the media messaging. They can be leaders in their field, commanding the respect of small secretive groups in a relatively friendly way. They are really capable of bringing a lot of intensity in a group[ situation. It’s also found that these people make good Reiki Masters as their hands can be really sensitive to electromagnetic energy between two things. The are antenna senior member of a group situation. 

With Saturn making a raja yoga they make a good editor. Print magazine. the one who gives the signal for death, sex, revolution, transformation. 

Sri Ramana Maharishi’s Astrology Chart

One may be asked to account for these things as well as other unspeakable taboos. This position also matches with sexual messaging like you might find with someone on only fans, online sex or pornography. Messaging about safety and security will also be there, 

Ramana Maharishi has Raja yoga with Mercury and Venus (9th & 10th lord) and was able to extend a message of peace and logic and mantra and singing and bhakti as a means of transformation. 

    • Catherine of Aragon (4),  Sri Ramana Maharishi (2), Sexual Abuse (3),  United Kingdom (3), Howard Hughes (2), Otto Von Habsburg (4), Professional Madam (1), 3rd from Moon: Charles Guthrie (2), Gordon Lightfoot (2), Sexual Abuse (3),

Mercury in Jyeshta 4th house:

Rules the 2nd & 11th houses for Leo ascendant. Private school

“The man who has the will to undergo all labour may win to any good.”“Be thou comforted, little dog, Thou too in Resurrection shall have a little golden tail.” — Martin Luther

Phala Deepika: Mercury in 4th house “person is witty and happy with plenty of good friends, land, corn, wealth and pleasure.”

Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 4th house “endows the native with excellent conveyance, wealth, jewels, prosperity, interest in crafts, drawing, music and dance and knowledge. This is an auspicious house for Mercury. If this mercury has benefic influence the native will make balance and, effective decisions allowing them to enjoy worldly comforts, popularity, good houses and conveyance. Sharp memory, logical and effective arguments, strong intellect. This person will weigh each side carefully before making decisions but will be firm once they do. If this mercury suffers affliction or weakness they might be deceived by friends, face social censure or blame, jealousy and conflict with his own men. Obstacles in education will surely arise and the native can be adept at trickery.”

B.V. Raman: Mercury in the 4th house “Shines well as an educationist or diplomate. He will boldly criticise the government. He will be held in great esteem. Father will be a self-made-man. He will command good conveyances. He will have a taste for music and other fine arts and will frequently travel to far-off countries. He will be witty in speech.”

BPHS: 2nd lord in the 4th house: “The native is endowed with all kinds of wealth. If conjunct Jupiter of in exaltation the native will be equal to a king. The native particularly invest his money in articles of pleasure and luxury and therefore must possess much wealth.”

B.V. Raman: 2nd lord in the 4th house: “The results of 2nd lord in the 3rd house will apply as well as the following. He will spend money for his own happiness. He will be highly frugal when dealing with money. If well fortified he will earn well as an automotive dealer or agent, or agriculturist, or landlord, or commission agent. He will also be benefited by his maternal relations There will be loss on this account if the 4th lord is afflicted.”

BPHS: 11th lord in the 4th house: “The native will have gains from his maternal relatives, will make pilgrimages, and will possess, happiness, house and lands. They will earn wealth through the sale and purchase of lands, transport, agriculture, nursery, etc.” 

B.V. Raman: 11th lord in the 4th house: “One acquires profit through real estate, rentals and products of the earth. His mother will be cultures and distinguished. He will be renown for his learning and scholarship in various subjects. He will live in comfort and enjoy all joys of life. He will have a devoted and charming wife.”

Commentary: Excellent position for earning from teaching; possibly working out of ones own home. Private school. private tutor. 

Justin Trudeau’s Astrology Chart

Justin Trudeau: Mercury in Jyeshta conjunct Jupiter with Saturn & Ketu aspecting. Jupiter gives a strong ideological bent to his communication, Saturn seeks to restrict free speech, and Ketu aspect makes most of what he said hollow and meaningless.

Kate M. (4), Justine Trudeau (1), Julius Mayer (thermodynamics (1)), Martin Luther (2), Akbar the Great (2), Jeff Bridges (4), Karl Benz (1), 4th from Moon: Trump Jr. (4), Eddie Vedder (4), USA Peacetime Draft (3), Lydia S. (3),

Mercury in Jyeshta 5th house:

Rules the 3rd & 12th houses for Cancer ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Mercury in 5th house makes a person “learned, happy and courageous. He has good progeny and is learned in mantras (charms & spells) [sic].”

Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 5th house “grants the happiness of having a son, many friends, skill in counselling and debate, great interest in sports and games an of good character. Mercury is an impotent planet so it’s not good for having a son if Saturn also afflicts the 5th house or 5th lord. The native will certainly be wise and intelligent with knowledge of Mantra sastra if there are benefic influences. Such a native makes his destiny with skill of his own intelligence and loves entertainment.”

B.V. Raman: Mercury in the 5th house “Learned and happy; will have a number of children. The person may become an advisor or minister; highly intelligent and learned in mantra sastra. Inclined to too much sexual pleasure and there is a lack of vitality.”

Chamatkar Chintamani: Mercury in the 5th house: The 1st child will be a daughter is Mercury is 5th from Lagna. The first pregnancy could end in abortion. Late life children survive. Blessed with sons and grandsons. He accumulates wealth by wisdom. There is no end to his wicked and crooked acts. The company of vicious people makes him crafty.. He is balanced, brave, happy with many friends, logical arguments. He is gentle but his actions are strange. He has wife and family. He is handsome, innocent, devoted to noble and learned people, earns name and fame though learning, has many sons and is a pleasure seeker, indulgent and curious. If in Leo he is bless with many daughters. If in depression or associated with malefics his children do not live. Mother may die in his 5th year. If in Capricorn or Aquarius and not aspected by malefic, he will have daughters and normal intelligence. The uncle and his sons may suffer glandular issues. If in own sign he is blessed with sons, If lord of the 5th is weak or associated with malefics there may be abortion, miscarriage, adoptions, or poor relations with children. He gets sons and wealth, he is patient, contented, skilled, and reputed. Gain from Speculation, gaming, and inclined to mental pleasures. Favourable occupations are entertainment, schools, travels, If in a barren sign, loss of progeny. Worry, anxiety, sorrow though near and dear ones. If in a water sign children will show mental imbalance. Modified if in a yoga with Saturn or Mars. If in Gemini or Libra there will be few children; mostly girls. If in good aspect from Jupiter or Saturn they may gain from speculation of lottery. Moon aspect id gainful for travel, for public amusement, and for children, but it leads to wicked habits. Good results if Mercury is in a masculine sign: the native will be courteous, sharp, and get a good early education until age 23. The native can be a poet, writer, dramatist, or novelist. The native is more mental than physical; he will like solitude and be impressive in an assembly. If in a fire sign he is sharp, short-tempered, social, generous and just; fond of mathematics, metaphysics, astrology and dancing. If in an earth sign he will have poor education and few (manipulative) children, and he will be cruel and quarrelsome; he will like physics, palmistry, vedic knowledge, and grammar. . If in a water sign there may be many children: the first 3 or five will be daughters and then an untrustworthy some3 will be born; typing, thumb impressions and linguistics.

BPHS: 3rd lord in the 5th house: “The native will be blessed with sons and be worthy. If conjunct or aspected by malefic planets ones partner will be of cruel nature. When the 3rds lord is debilitated here, ones partner is of especially cruel nature and without religion. The native does not get a son and if one is born it’s likely to die. He will also get mental troubles due to his brother. If the 3rd house is related to the 5th house, the native is accomplished in physics or engineering because of the combination between the hands and the mind. Drawing, painting as well as education related to arms and weapons may also result.”

B.V. Raman: 3rd lord in the 5th house: “Not much pleasure will be derived from children but one will be financially well-off in life. Friction will prevail in domestic life. If well disposed the native will be highly benefited by his brothers. He will carry on agriculture operations on a large scale or he will be adopted by a rich family. He will also shine well in government service.”

BPHS: 12th lord in the 5th house: “The native will be bereft of sons or learning. He will spend money and go on pilgrimages in order to beget a son. The native may get his learning in a foreign country, which brings great expense. If weak he will remain in his own country but go stay in a hostel for his education.”

B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 5th house: “Either difficulty to beget progeny or unhappiness from children will be experienced. He will be religious minded and may undertake pilgrimages. Weak minded and suffering mental aberrations; he feels he in miserable. He will not succeed in agriculture as his crops will suffer from pests and disease.”

Baba Ramdev’s Astrology Chart

Commentary: Excellent hand eye coordination makes them very good at sports and games. Bobby Hull was said to pick the pockets of of defenders before putting the puck in the net. I wonder if we might find modern day video gamers with this Mercury. I don’t think I have seen a single chart for such occupations. 

    • Baba Ramdev (1), Bobby Hull (4),  5th from Moon: Mao (3), Claud Monet (2),  Carl H. Brans (4),

Mercury in Jyeshta 6th house:

Rules the 1st & 4th houses for Gemini ascendant.

Ava Yoga: 1st lord in the 6th, 8th or 12th house. “The person might be of no significance, unknown and of no importance to others; possibly short lived and poor. Humiliation, company of the wicked, bad behaviour and unsteady position are descriptive of the persons life.”

Phala Deepika: Mercury in 6th house person is “short tempered when dealing with disputes. They are impolite, idle, and destroy the strength of their enemy.”

Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 6th house “involves the native in arguments and disputes, they may have some disease, they are stone headed, and lazy. This is not considered an auspicious position for Mercury. Influenced by malefic they may have abdominal troubles, respiratory illness or skin problems. Heavy afflictions can give leprosy, indigestion, irregular bowels. They express themselves in such a way that no one can possibly agree with them. If this Mercury has benefic influence mothers relatives will prosper.”

B.V. Raman: Mercury in the 6th house “Quarrelsome and showy but respected; uninterrupted education. If afflicted, mental trouble and danger of nervous breakdown. If afflicted by Mars & Rahu, or Saturn & Rahu, there is danger of insanity from excitement, troubles with servants and a tendency for ill-health. The person will be lazy, harsh in speech, and a terror to his enemies.”

BPHS: 1st lord in the 6th house: “The native will be deprived of bodily pleasures. If this ascendant lord is under malefic influence without benefic influence he will be troubled by an enemy and will remain sickly. A well placed planet her with benefic influence will make the person exercise loving, found of wrestling and yoga and other practices that care for the body and keep a person strong and healthy.”

Ava Yoga: 1st lord in the 6th, 8th or 12th house. “The person might be of no significance, unknown and of no importance to others; possibly short lived and poor. Humiliation, company of the wicked, bad behaviour and unsteady position are descriptive of the persons life.”

B.V. Raman: 1st lord in the 6th house: “In addition to the results produced by the lord of the 1st in the 3rd, there will also be debt which may be liquidated during the dasha of the 1st lord. When fortified, the native joins the army. Becomes a commander or ever commander and chief provided the lords dasha operates at the opportune time. Or, he may become head of medical or health services or and expert physician or surgeon. All influences should be suitably balanced.”

BPHS: 4th lord in the 6th house: “The native will be given to wrath and theft, he will have a questionable character, be self willed and vicious. This is a very inauspicious placement for any ascendant. Disputes over land, quarrels with tenants and people living in his house, and diminished popularity. Vehicle accident is common. These natives are often adopted. For Taurus ascendant debilitated Sun will cause a great lack of happiness, dejection, mother will not be well disposed and one remains sickly. The same will happen in Scorpio ascendant when Saturn is debilitated in 6th: the native will suffer great misery and sad consequence. Exalted Mars in 6th house is said to be the only exception to this suffering.”

B.V. Raman: 4th lord in the 6th house: “Short-tempered and mean. He will have dissimulating habits, evil thoughts and intentions. Always roaming about.”

Claude Monet’s Astrology Chart

Kuhu Yoga: 4th lord in the 6th, 8th or 12th house. “The native will be bereft of mother, conveyances, friends, happiness, ornaments, relations. The person will be unemployed and without a place of living having lost the one owned by him or her associating with low people of the opposite sex.”

Commentary: May be involved in litigation over property matters. Living in war zones, places of highly charged boundary disputes. Afflictions can bring squatting or living in occupied territories.

    • Charles Guthrie (2), Trump Jr. (4), Orest (3), Claud Monet (2), James LeBron (3), 6th from Moon: Joseph Conrad (4), United Kingdom (3), Sri Ramana Maharishi (2), Bill Ash (4),

Mercury in Jyeshta 7th house:

Rules the 2nd & 5th houses for Taurus ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Mercury in 7th house “native is learned, well dressed and possessed of all the merits man may be known by. Partner is wealthy.”

Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 7th house “endows the native with good character, wealth, truthful speech, gold, wife and son.” “If this Mercury has benefic influences the native will have many friends, a deep intimate relationship with someone of the opposite sex early in his youth, This person will have charm and youthful manners, attraction and his wife will have exceptional lustre to her face. They may suffer premature or quick ejaculation during sexual intercourse. If Mercury is with Venus and Saturn there is a possibility of impotence or low sperm count. This is not an auspicious position for giving birth to strong, healthy progeny. If the natives does his own trade, he will be very skilful at it.”

B.V. Raman: Mercury in the 7th house: “A man of virtue and geniality, he will dress well and tastefully. He will have profound knowledge of law, skilled in tactics for business and trade. He will have writing ability and success though it early in life. Early marriage to a rich women. Learned in mathematics, astrology and astronomy. He will be religious and devout. Diplomatic, but if afflicted he will be cunning a deceitful. He will have a good physique and looks.”

BPHS: 2nd lord in the 7th house: “The native will travers other’s wives and will be a physician. If this 2nd lord is conjunct a malefic the natives wife will be a harlot. The natives spouse may have secret addictions. Poor relationship with partner and eventual divorce is common. For Taurus ascendant the native will start love affairs from college. He will be attracted to women with intellectual abilities. Sex will be compulsory in love affairs. He will flirt with many women. He is willing to help his beloved in her adversity. Due to these improper relations he may be the father of a bastard child.”

B.V. Raman: 2nd lord in the 7th house: “Likely to become a healer. Laxity of morals will mark both husband and wife and much money will be wasted on the gratification of the senses. When the 2nd lord conjoins the 7th lord and they are well fortified there will be an influx of wealth through foreign sources. The native will take journeys to foreign countries for business. When Rashi, navamsha, or constellation held by the 2nd lord happens to be a feminine one he will benefit by contact with women.”

BPHS: 5th lord in the 7th house: “The native will be tolerant of all religions and be very religious oneself. They will be endowed with proteinic happiness will always be helpful to others. In college they will develop an aptitude for the opposite sex and developed love affairs. The native makes and effort in education up to Masters or Bachelor of Arts.”

Billy Idol’s Astrology Chart

B.V. Raman: 5th lord in the 7th house: “If favourably disposed the natives sons live abroad and attain distinction wealth and fame. Or he will have a number of issues. He will also become renown, learned, prosperous, greatly devoted to his master and possess a charming personality. When the lord is afflicted there will be loss of children, one of whom will die abroad after achieving name and fame.”


    • Chelsea Manning (4), Billy Idol (2),  7th from Moon: Donovan Bailey (3), Karl Benz (1), Jeff Bridges (4),  Bobby Hull (4), Hunter Schafer (model, actress, LGBTQ activist (3)), Tsunami 2004 (1), 

Mercury in Jyeshta 8th house:

Rules the 3rd & 6th houses for Aries ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Mercury in 8th house “brings great renown, longevity; it makes him a great supporter of his family and lord and leader of an army.” “Death is ceased by anemia, bloodlessness, vertigo and similar diseases.”

Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 8th house “gives prosperity due to favour and kindness of the king. The person suffers from pride, opposes others and destroys their work. Vipreet raja can make this Mercury very auspicious; the native may be long lived, fame spreads far and wide, he remains cheerful, has sex with many different women, but has strength and supports his family. The person may have poor handwriting and be opposed to their brothers. Problems arise due to signing contracts, borrowing or lending without first thinking it through.”

B.V. Raman: Mercury in the 8th house: “The native will possess many good qualities. He will be known for his breeding and curious disposition. He will inherit as well as earn much wealth. He will be learned and famous for his scholarship in many subjects. He will live long but have a weak constitution.”

Chamatkar Chintamani: Mercury in the 8th house: “The native enjoys a long life and is renown in his own and in foreign lands. He is cheerful, gains through royal favour or business, enjoys pleasure and the confidence of women. Longevity, reputation, wealth, debauchee but famous for his qualities, glorious, hostile but philanthropic, ungrateful, vicious, sexy, lying, ailing. The native gets wealth from the state, proud, antagonist of the people, disrupting, deviating, magistrate, supporter of his family and distinguished personality, truth-loving, honours guests and dies peacefully. If Mercury conjoins a malefic or is in enemy sign the native suffers from degradation due to over passion. His courtesy makes him famous and rich. Whatever planet be in the 8th house the result is one and the same. This native is wicked, rich, cheerless, danger from weapons. No friend or relative, life in prison. Death in a holy place and peaceful. If this Mercury is malefic: acute pain in thigh or stomach. In a female chart this Mercury will bring trouble, discord and disputes; worries due to financial difficulties with husband, partners and others. She is inclined to occult services, literature and the search for a life here and in the hereafter. Lively at time of death. If this Mercury is afflicted by Mars or Saturn brain or nervous conditions may prove fatal. Gain through goods of the dead. This position of Mercury is gainful. It gives longevity, prosperity. Land and property. Seven sons, high status in the 25th year, and royal favour, He annihilates the enemy and is a glorious person. If lord of the 8th is strong, exalted, in own sign or with a benefic the native enjoys longevity. Life is cut short if in enemy sign, debilitated or with a malefic. Gain if this Mercury is in a masculine sign; wife keeps secrets and lives merrily with husband. In a feminine sign it bring mental anxiety and physical agony; they are quarrelsome and they give out family secrets. This native is inclined towards knowledge of scripture and divine learning. If the Sun is near this Mercury it gives royal favour and good reputation with the public.”

BPHS: 3rd lord in the 8th house: “The native will be a thief, will derive his livelihood from serving others and will be killed by the king. The native himself becomes the cause of his own death, he is given to criminality due to which they receive the capital punishment. They have proven to be inborn criminal. They also tend towards suicide. If a malefic is in the 8th house he functions as an opponent towards ones longevity that provokes to commit suicide.”

B.V. Raman: 3rd lord in the 8th house: “Involvement in a criminal case or false allegations. Trouble on account of a death or bequests. Marriage is unfortunate. Career will not be smooth, victim of misfortune. Suffers from serious or dangerous disease and looses his younger brother.”

BPHS: 6th lord in the 8th house: “The native will be sickly, inimical to the learned and wise, will desire the wealth and wives of others  and will be impure. Gives diseases that remain for the whole life of the native and ultimately become the cause of death. Conjunct the 8th lord and Saturn will be even more malefic. Vipreet raj can confer upon the native wealth prosperity and other auspicious effects.”

B.V. Raman: 6th lord in the 8th house: “When fortified he will have middle life. When afflicted he will have plenty of debts and will suffer from loathsome diseases. He will hunt after women other than his own wife and take please in inflicting pain on others.”

Joseph Conrad – Tentative rectification.

Commentary: Joseph Conrad started his literary career with Mercury mahadasha at 37 years old.  24 March 1896 he married the daughter of a bookseller: Mercury Mercury Jupiter. He wrote numerous books between 1894 – 1911. The themes were typical Jyeshta themes: the hero who goes on adventure and faces the unknown will become king; or something like that. 14 December 1897, towards the end of his Mercury Ketu period he wrote a very Ketuish sentence to a friend. “Egoism, which is the moving force of the world, and altruism, which is its morality, these two contradictory instincts, of which one is so plain and the other so mysterious, cannot serve us unless in the incomprehensible alliance of their irreconcilable antagonism.”

Although he received some critical acclaim in this period with “Heart of Darkness” in 1899, Mercury Venus & ” MIrror of the Sea” in 1906; Jupiter Mercury; he suffered want of income in this period. It wasn’t until the end of Mercury dasha, Mercury Saturn, 9 Aug 1910, that he was able to secure a small pension of £100 per annum. 11th lord Saturn was able to provide him with a fixed income, but he also found a place to rent that offered him stability for the next ten years. He moved around all over the English countryside battling depression the whole of Mercury period.

    • Carl H. Brans (4), Robert F. Kennedy (4), Joseph Conrad (4), 8th from Moon: Carlos Castaneda (1), Julius Mayer (thermodynamics (1)),  Catherine of Aragon (4),

Mercury in Jyeshta 9th house:

Rules the 4th & 7th houses for Pisces ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Mercury in 9th house “The native is of great learning and wealth, of saintly temperament and spiritually inclined. They are conversant in anything and of eloquent speech.”

Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 9th house “gives respect for education and giving help to others and alms to beggars. They get wealth, happiness from servants and sons. A well placed Mercury with benefic influences will give religious tendency, study of philosophy and scripture, havan, yagna, and religious rites. The person will be devoted to father, a good orator, famous but will oppose ostentatious shows of religion.” 

B.V. Raman: Mercury in the 9th house: “The native will acquire much education and wealth. He will be a great scholar interested in theosophy and metaphysics and have a scientific mind. He will love music and pleasure in Venus conjoins Mercury here. Conjunct Jupiter will give wit and wisdom; he may travel abroad and lecture in educational institutions on invitation. Relations with father will be friendly and happy.”

BPHS: 4th lord in the 9th house: “The native will be devoted to god and loved by all. Virtuous, honourable and blessed with every kind of happiness. Home will be near the temple.”

B.V. Raman: 4th lord in the 9th house: “Generally a fortunate combination favouring father and properties.”

BPHS: 7th lord in the 9th house: “The native will have union with many women, be well disposed to his own wife and will initiate a number of deeds. There will come other marriages and sexual unions after the first marriage. Saturn or Sun debilitated here will bring great defame from sexual intercourse.” 

B.V. Raman: 7th lord in the 9th house: “If fortified, the fathers native lives abroad while the native also makes his fortune in foreign lands. He will attain an accomplished with who will enable him to lead a righteous life. If afflicted, the father may die early. Marriage partner will drag one off-course (away from dharma) and he may waste away his wealth and suffer penury.”

Lucien Bouchard – Quebecois separatist politician

Commentary: Lawyers, criminal justice, preachers, professors. Can marry into a teacher student relationship. The love father figures and tense to develop friendships with them. They will like to negotiate and talk about religion and spirituality. They usually believe in things like astrology. Their home and partnerships are combined, they might be travelling as a couple 

    • Donovan Bailey? (3), Lucien Bouchard (2), 9th from Moon: Ranjan Bose (2), John Graham Burge (3), Otto Von Habsburg (4), James LeBron (3), Martin Luther (2), Justine Trudeau (1),

Mercury in Jyeshta 10th house:

Rules the 5th & 8th houses for Aquarius ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Mercury in 10th house “brings success in every enterprise, good education, strength, wisdom and happiness. He is noble and acts truthful in speech.”

Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 10th house “endows the native with great learning, knowledge, all kinds of wealth and property, and is the door of noble deeds, sweet spoken, sensual and pleasure loving. This is considered a very auspicious placement for Mercury. Wealth is earned through teaching, crafts, music, writing, work relates tot he courts. They usually have more than one career and possibly multiple sources of income. The person gets paternal wealth in exceptional measure, he is tactful, get royal authority and respect in society. They are economical with words, handsome, happy, patient, religious with sattvic mind, and is sincere and honest in their aims and objectives.”

B.V. Raman: Mercury in the 10th house: “He will be a happy straight-forward person. He will be a scholar in many subjects and engaged in acquiring more knowledge and fame. He will be successful in his endeavours. He will have defective eyesight but profound knowledge of astrology and mathematics. If Venus is in conjunction he will have. Charming wife and wealth. If Jupiter, he will be unhappy and childless but move in powerful circles of government. Saturn and Mercury make the native toil in jobs like copyist and proofreader and they will suffer penury.”

BPHS: 5th lord in the 10th house: “The native will be blessed with Raj Yoga (government favour), pleasures and be very illustrious.”

B.V. Raman: 5th lord in the 10th house: “If beneficially disposed, raja yoga is formed. Acquires landed property, earns the good will of the rulers, constructs temples and performs religious sacrifices. One of the sons becomes the gem of the family. If aspected by the Sun, the native may join the intelligence department. If afflicted, the native faces the wrath of the rulers and contrary results.”

BPHS: 8th lord in the 10th house: “The native will not have paternal bliss, he will be a tale-bearer bereft of livelihood. If there is benefic aspect, these evils will not mature. The native may deal in scraps or dead things. Raja yoga can give work in life insurance or archeology, as well as work relates to coal, metal, minerals mined from beneath the earth.”

Ann Coulter’s Astrology chart – Quick rectification needs confirmation

B.V. Raman: 8th lord in the 10th house: “Penury and heavy debt will befall the native, misfortune will follow him at every step. If the 8th lord is weak or falls in the 6th, 8th or 12th navamsha the intensity of misfortune is reduced. If the 8th lord is severely afflicted, the native may suffer physical debility, disease, disfiguration, weak constitution and no bodily comfort. He will be the target of displeasure of superiors and trouble from government will cause worry.”

    • Salman Khan (2), King George VI of England (3), 10th from Moon:  Billy Idol (2), Swami Satchidanandan Saraswati (4), Frank Sinatra (3), Neil Young (1),

Mercury in Jyeshta 11th house:

Rules the 6th & 9th houses for Capricorn ascendant.

“Only a warrior can survive the path of knowledge because the art of being a warrior is to balance the terror of being a man with the wonder of being a man.” — Carlos Castaneda

Phala Deepika: Mercury in 11th house “grants longevity, truth, riches, happiness and several attendants.”

Moa – Communist Leader

Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 11th house “native is sensual and pleasure loving, extremely wealthy, courteous, cheerful, good natured, strong and studies many branches of learning. This native is capable of achieving all objectives by his own skill while taking on many things at once, Multi-dimensional thinking, skill as a public relations officer, children may become successful traders, and the person will fulfil every promise.” 

B.V. Raman: Mercury in the 11th house: “One becomes learned in many sciences. He will possess a keen and sharp intellect, will be wealthy , truthful and happy, have many faithful servants and will prosper in engineering ventures.”

BPHS: 6th lord in the 11th house: “The native will gain from his enemies, be virtuous, adventurous, honourable, but bereft of progeny happiness. Earns through medicines, sometimes confronts difficulties in fulfilling his ambition, get enmity from older brother, and progeny after medical treatment.”

B.V. Raman: 6th lord in the 11th house: “If benefic, eldest brother will be a judge. If ordinary, an elder brother becomes a judge for some time but loses his job. If malefic: poor wretched life; suffering on account of convictions.”

BPHS: 9th lord in the 11th house: “The native will have financial gains day by day, he will be devoted to teachers, virtuous and doer of charitable deeds.”

Carlos Castaneda’s Astrology chart

B.V. Raman: 9th lord in the 11th house: “the native will be exceedingly rich and have powerful, influential friends. His father will be a well known and well placed man. If afflicted, selfish friends will destroy ones wealth through scheming and fraud.”

Commentary: Services for the intellectual marketplace. May earn from administrative service with the university.

    • Lucky Luciano (1), Tsunami 2004 (1), USA Peacetime Draft (3), Mao (3), Jacques Chirac (3),  Carlos Castaneda (1), 11th from Moon:  Salman Khan (2), Baba Ramdev (1), Robert F. Kennedy (4),

Mercury in Jyeshta 12th house:

Rules the 7th & 10th houses for Sagittarius ascendant.

“There’s no value in digging shallow wells in a hundred places. Decide on one place and dig deep. Even if you encounter a rock, use dynamite and keep going down. If you leave that to dig another well, all the first effort is wasted and there is no proof you won’t hit rock again.” — Swami Satchidananda Saraswati

Phala Deepika: Mercury in 12th house “makes life miserable, devoid of learning and full of humiliation. One is cruel and indolent in temperament.”

Swami Satchidananda Saraswati’s Astrology Chart

Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 12th house “causes the native to be deserted by his own men, devoid of mercy, dexterous, clever, cunning, deceitful and has a dirty impure heart. The person wastes their mental powers and time, and they go to extremes in everything. The native is learned, but cannot make use of it since he cannot decide his aim.”

B.V. Raman: Mercury in the 12th house: “Capricious and wayward the native will indulge in extra marital relations and suffer penury. His perverted thinking will make him unhappy. He will have few children.”

BPHS: 7th lord in the 12th house: “The native will be penurious and miserly and his wife will be a spendthrift. He will earn a livelihood by trading in clothes, textiles, garments, etc.”

B.V. Raman: 7th lord in the 12th house: “The native may be married more than once and may marry clandestinely while the first wife is still alive, or if afflicted the second wife may come after the death or divorce of the first spouse. If the affliction is severe, loss of spouse may occur soon after marriage and there may be no second marriage. Death may occur while travelling abroad. If both karaka and 7th lord are weak the native may only dream of marriage but never marry. The natives wife may hail from a servant family. He will be close fisted and generally poor.”

BPHS: 10th lord in the 12th house: “The native will spend in royal courts, or for the government, will have fear from enemies and be worried despite being skilful. Trouble from authority. This is especially the case for Scorpio ascendant.”

Eddie Vedder’s Astrology Chart – tentative rectification

B.V. Raman: 10th lord in the 12th house: “The native will have to work in far off places. He will lack comforts and face many difficulties in life. If beneficially disposed the native becomes a spiritual seeker. If afflicted by malefic he will be separated from his family and wander about without success. He may indulge in smuggling and other nefarious activities. Rahu afflicting the 10th lord will make his a cheat and a criminal. He causes sorrow to his family and relatives.”

    • Eddie Vedder (4), Swami Satchidanandan Saraswati (4),12th from Moon: Lucien Bouchard (2), Jacques Chirac (3),

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