Moon in Magha

Moon in Magha – Moon in Leo

The classics say that One born under Magha will be stout-bodied with prominent cheeks and a protruding abdomen. He will be irascible, wealthy, proud,  an orator, wise, modest, very patient in disposition, industrious, will honour gods and preceptors, respect the ancestors and be radiant. He will be lustful, indulgent to his wife, enjoy luxuries and have many people to serve him. (The classics: Hora Sara, Jataka Parijata, Sage Narada, Brihat Samhita, Varahamihira.)

Bepin Behari says that the Moon in Leo “will pine for the understanding and premonitions, urges and messages and when received, it will endeavour to mould itself accordingly: at this level, the psyche under the influence of the Moon will like to be influenced by high forces (the Sun), than by the attractions and influences of the lower place of existence (the ascendant).”

They are the centre of attention merely because that is what god and/or guru put them here to do. With such a mandate they will say or do what they want, when they want, and without worrying about what others will think. They always find a way to stand out, with their style, their mannerisms, what they do, what they say. These are the really unique Leo’s; people will not be as quick to follow their style as the will to follow the style of the Purva Phalgunis. And because they are so unique, they are often misunderstood and solitary. The “Rahu other” that guides them is typically a father figure. It may be their own father, or it may be a guru or mentor or spirit being (someone who is not around, but is nonetheless a guiding figure).

Magha folk have a way of getting into people’s imagination. They kindle that fire that allows people to leave their body and experience the world as spirit, as magic, and miracle. But this is more than imagination at work for Leo challenges the imagination; they often have an unintended side effect of making people think. They are out of the box thinkers and their odd ways make others think as well.

They are emotionally detached  from the effects their actions have on others. This gives them a lot of freedom to do or say anything, which can be at least interesting, but it can also cause problems. In relationships they might make life altering decisions without talking to their partner, and they might not even really care what their partner thinks. Usually they cut and run when they are no longer getting all the attention. They are also prone to making enemies. Usually it’s merely jealousy, but it can come to fatal consequences as was the case of Rossano and the mafia.

Magha’s usually do a lot of different jobs over their lifetime. I would say they just float around, but it might be more like popping up here and there. Always in the centre of things. They might walk in and be the new boss tomorrow, while all the loyal, hard working employees shake their head in disbelief. Their knowledge and studies can also be broad and go into unexpected topics. Fire, light, refraction, illusion and magic.

They tend to feel like there is a divine plan whether good or bad is flowing from their actions; they remain ever proud and arrogant; poised and dignified. Loss of dignity and pride is probably the worst thing that can happen to them, but they also don’t like to be ignored. Drinking can be especially problematic of Magha’s partly because the opportunity to lose our dignity goes up when we drink, but also because Magha people are already prone to leaving their body so blacking out may be more common for them. Besides, they can already be prone to the all or nothing philosophy that is often inspired by drink. Many Magha folks are involved with gambling and casinos and I suspect they like daredevils who risk everything. And they don’t even mind so much if they lose, after all, it’s God’s plan either way.

At some point in their life they will feel the call to do the honourable thing.  They may go back and seek out their lineage if it was lost to them. They do best on a clean and sober spiritual path that allows them to heed the call. Their vision is without limits, anything is possible. This can also make them seem a little wandery and detached. They certainly won’t be doing what everyone else is doing. They are happy to do their own thing. And since others will usually not understand what it is that makes these Magha folks tick, they will invent their own stories about them. Maghas can be a little bit of a blank screen for others to project their ideas upon. They problem is that they are usually blamed for those projections later. This can be another hurdle in durable romantic relationships. Very often a Magha native will choose celibacy over the drama of relationships.

Moon in Regulus: Occult interests, powerful friends, danger from enemies and false friends, gain by speculation, public prominence, great power, honour, wealth, benefits seldom last, violence, trouble and sickness. It makes women high-spirited and independent. If at the same time, the Sun is with the Dragon’s Head in Gemini, or Jupiter is in the 10th house in trine to Mars and the Sun is with the Dragon’s Head, great preferment even from the lowest sphere to high rank. A splendid and illustrious life; great, distinguished and opulent nature. —

Moon in Magha Pada 1, Aries NavamshaAs a result of even bad publicity their ego gets bigger. They will likely get some mysterious favour from authority and be treated like the good son and their behaviours may be excused as boys being boys. They are usually cruel, selfish, warlike people, good at deception but often ill with fever or some other attack of heat. 

Moon in Magha Pada 2, Taurus NavamshaThe moon gets extra power here since he becomes exalted in the navamsha. They are known to be long lived and very wealthy. They are typically quite strong, like a bull and have many children, possibly illegitimate, due to their strong fertility, They can also be especially fixed and stubborn in doing what they want. They might be some kind of family head or kubra figure taking care of the family wealth. 

Moon in Magha Pada 3, Gemini Navamsha: They are chatty and flirty and can become the darlings of the media. They make friends quickly, they are usually very intelligent and have good communication. Gemini will influence their pride so they will like to maintain dignity with the media. Trump loved the media attention since it allowed him to get his message out. Now that he is being ignored by them his motivation seems to be waning. They are typically truthful though they might come to believe the stories about themselves. They often become experts in their field meeting with small groups of inventors or others with speculative potential. These small groups are a way for them to “hold court.”

Moon in Magha Pada 4, Cancer Navamsha: They become parental in their rule. Expressing the hard masculine exterior while remaining ultimately carrying and sensitive at heart. They usually support the local and family gods, Brahmins, and mystics. They are ultimately sheltering and protective and will likely be land owners or homeowners with many “children” who are not their own. 

Celebrities with Moon in Magha

Edward Smyth-Osbourn (1), Rudy Giuliani (1), William French Anderson (1), Tom Selleck (1),  Baghdad (1), Don McLean (1), Sylvia D. (1), Anne Frank (1),  Leon Trotsky (1), Eric Douglas (1), 

Paramahansa Yogananda (2), Margaret Thatcher (stroke (2)), William Howard Taft (2), Nikita Khrushchev (heart attack (2), Henry Gustav Molaison (2), Alexei Navalny (2), Andrew Loyd Webber (2), Tommy Blake (2),

Eddie Vedder (3), Rossano (3), Samuel Colt (3), Erich Kastner (3), Paul Gauguin (3), 

Winston Churchill (4), Richard Burton (4), Wilber Cohen (4), Sydney Watson (4), Albert Speer (4), Julia Roberts (4), David Lynch (4), Thomas Sowell (4),  USA Peacetime Draft (4), Franklin Pierce (2), Mary-Kate Olsen (), WWI (4),  

Moon in Magha 1st house

Rules the 12th house for Leo ascendant.

Phala Deepika: “Waxing moon in 1st house provides and strong body and long life, power, wealth and freedom from fear.” Waning moon in 1st house is “just the opposite.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in the 1st house “with malefic influence causes the native to lack restraint and do base and evil deeds, they may be deaf or dumb, disabled.” Malefic influences will have a powerful effect on both moon and ascendant when the moon is here as there is no secondary ascendant to defuse some of the affliction, so even minor afflictions may be acutely felt.” 

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 1st house: “The native becomes fanciful and romantic, a moderate eater. Considerable restlessness is usually tempered by an easy-going disposition. The fortune is generally changing. It makes one an idealist, a great traveller and explore. If conjunct Saturn, the mind will always be worried. If with Mars, women will suffer mensural disorders. Sociability tends to be a strong feature. He will be successful in professions that bring him in contact with the masses. Conjunct Rahu can give hysterical tendencies. Conjunct Jupiter elevates the mind.”

BPHS: 12th lord in the 1st house: “The native will be spendthrift, weak constitution, will suffer phlegmatic conditions and be devoid of wealth and learning. Native is not disposed to greed or avarice.”

B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 1st house: “The native will have a weak constitution and will be feeble-minded. He will, however, be handsome and sweet tongued. If it’s a common sign the native will generally be wandering about. If conjunct the 6th lord, the native will have a long life unless the 8th house is also afflicted. This can also indicate imprisonment or living abroad. If 12th & 1st lords exchange signs the native will be miser, hated by all and devoid of intelligence.”

Commentary: Moon in ascendant gives people. familiar face, and, baring harsh aspects, makes them emotionally sensitive, caring, and kind. They will be personal identified with a foreign culture through dress, look, speech, and mannerisms. They might be like figures from another world, associated with sanctuary and retreat from the world. The combined influence of 12th houses and Ketu’s rulership of Magha can make them seem almost unreal, like figments of the imagination, like angels who come to us in dreams.

    • Andrew Loyd Webber (2), Don McLean (1),  Wilber Cohen (4), Paul Gauguin (3), Nikita Khrushchev (2), Paramahansa Yogananda (2),

Moon in Magha 2nd house

Rules the 1st house for Cancer ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in the 2nd will make one “rich, very learned, soft spoken, blessed with all worldly pleasures, but occasionally stammering.”

Jataka Bharnam: “Full moon in 2nd house brings prosperity, happiness, humility, progeny, good looks and wealth. Slim moon in 2nd causes the native to be a liar, penurious, has little intelligence, lacks foresight and has a narrow outlook on life. He cannot estimate his means, resources, or the situation in order to do anything or turn a profit.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 2nd house: “Will have a large family and enjoy much happiness. Money will be obtained through females. The financial position will be somewhat variable, will have a fair complexion. Dhundiraja says the native will be reserved and not much sociable, squint eyes and much admired.”

BPHS: 1st lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be gainful, learned, happy, good natures, religious minded, honourable with good qualities  and many wives. The native will be economic minded with profit giving commercial projects. He has marvellous foresight with great power of examination and observation. His inferences are capable of giving a far reaching result and his plans are successful.”

B.V. Raman: 1st lord in the 2nd house: “There will be more gains, teased or worried by enemies, good character, respectable and generous hearted. Well aspected will allow him to gladly discharge his duties to kith and kin; and he will be ambition. He will possess prominent eyes and be blessed with forethought.”

    • Eric Douglas (1), Anne Frank (1), Baghdad (1), Leon Trotsky (1),  Henry Gustav Molaison (2), Mary-Kate Olsen, Edward Smyth-Osbourn (1), 

Moon in Magha 3rd house

Rules the 2nd house for Gemini ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in 3rd supports “lascivious brothers, gives one strength but makes very miserly.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 3rd house “tends to make a person violent, given to pride, miserly, lacking intelligence, dependent on relatives, devoid of kindness but without fear. If Moon is full they will have vitality and vigour, an invisible desire to live, and strength to fight against disease. If a slim moon has malefic influence here, the native is stupid, insolent, impolite, making decisions without thinking.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 3rd house “Changes in occupation are common, fond of traveling and active minded. Wife will be fair. The native possesses good knowledge, but is rather indifferent to spiritual values of life. Subordinate to wife and attached to children. If moon is waning one will be cruel, miserable, impious and unscrupulous. An unfavourable position for peace of mind if afflicted.”

BPHS: 2nd lord in the 3rd house: “The native will be a man of valour, wise, virtuous, lustful and miserly if there are benefic influences. If influenced by malefic circumstance, the native will be heterodox. If conjunct the 3rd lord and with a malefic planet the native will have no fear of god. A malefic planet in the 3rd house depends more on ones own valour than on fate or god. Due to his courage he does not amass money but reinvests it in trade for expansion and development. For Aries ascendant the native maybe a multi-trader due to the multiplicity symbolised by Gemini.”

B.V. Raman: 2nd lord in the 3rd house: “Brave, intelligent, good-natured but deprived character. Atheistic tendencies will be rampant and they will becomes addicted to luxuries. Later in life he turns out to be a miser. If well-fortified he will be benefited by his sisters, by learning fine arts, music, dance. He will indulge in prorating Kshudra Devatas or evil spirits.”

Commentary: They might be involved with tribal politics, the face of a political party.

Albert Speer is infamously known as “The Good Nazi.”

Moon Mahadasha: Sept 1932 – Sept 1942: Hitler gained power in 1933 and immediately made Speer the chief architect. The Nazi Propaganda event known as the Nuremberg Rally of 1934 (Moon – Rahu) was mostly his invention. He was continuously promoted by Hitler and in 1942 he was put in charge of armaments and munitions.

    • Sydney Watson (4), Albert Speer (4),

Moon in Magha 4th house

Rules the 3rd house for Taurus ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in 4th house makes a person “happy, enjoying sensual pleasures, liberal in gifted, having dependable friends, vehicles and fame.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 4th house “allows the native to gain from products of the water: fish, pearls, corals, conches, etc. they get happiness of agricultural land, wife, conveyance, son, etc. They are devoted to gods and brahmins.” “The native may inherit or succeed a kingdom, they will be happy when the people of their home are happy, but they will not be happy in childhood. They are popular in their home place but change residence, they have good health and the mother is long lived. They get the affection and cooperation of their mother, conveyance, cattle, mental peace and good health.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 4th house “Possesses house, deprives happiness from relatives; will be cheerful and contented; becomes important as a leader or a ruler; proud and somewhat quarrelsome. If the moon is also afflicted, there will be early separation from mother. Unless aspected by Jupiter, he will have a fondness for sensual pleasures.”

BPHS: 3rd lord in the 4th house: “The native will be happy wealthy and intelligent but will acquire a vicious wife. Debilitated Jupiter here can bring about the death of the native brother, cause trouble for the mother, disturb the marital life of the father, and bring about mental troubles for oneself. Mercury or Jupiter debilitated here can bring course cases involving immovable property; many cases for debilitated Mercury. For Cancer or Capricorn ascendant the native will be involved with the purchase and sale of properties in other cities than his own. Virgo and Pisces ascendants may suffer addiction due to the natives effort to study occult science.”

B.V. Raman: 3rd lord in the 4th house: “Life will be happy on the whole. He becomes rich and learned, but the wife will be cruel hearted and mean. When well-fortified while the lord of 9th and lagna are weak, his brother will survive him. He will have step brothers if the 9th lord is strong. When Mars is weak he will lose his lands and will have to live in others houses. Evil results will be minimised if the 3rd lord in beneficially disposed.”

Moon in Magha 5th house

Rules the 4th house for Aries ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in the 5th house has “good sons, wisdom, a gentle gate and is a minister to the ruler.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 5th house “allows one to subdue their passions and senses, they may be an aesthetic, they are truthful, cheerful, full of wealth, progeny, comforts and happiness; they are of noble disposition.” “Strong Moon here gives a clear and pure mind, exceptional memory, ability to make clear and successful plans and investment. But if the Moon is weak here the effects may be reversed. If Moon is in a female sign they may worship Goddess Durga and be devoted to wife and children.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 5th house “Clarity of mind, happiness from children, acquisition of lands, gems, precious stones; opportunity to serve the state. The person will be straightforward, truthful, learned, gentlemanly, god-fearing, and devoid of enemies. Strong tendency for speculation. One of their children becomes famous.”

BPHS: 4th lord in the 5th house: “The native will be happy, a favourite of all, a devotee to lord Vishnu, virtuous, honourable and will possess self-earned wealth.”

B.V. Raman: 4th lord in the 5th house: “Loved and respected by others. A devotee of Vishnu. Becomes rich by self effort. Mother comes from a respectable family. The native will acquire vehicles.”

    • Tommy Blake (2), Julia Roberts (4),

Moon in Magha 6th house

Rules the 5th house for Pisces ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in 6th house “shortens ones life span. One is ignorant, suffers stomach ailments and has to face humiliation.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 6th house “makes the person suffer indigestion and gives them a tendency to be cruel, exceptionally lazy, severe, evil, given to anger and having many enemies.” “The native does not bear discipline put in him by anyone else and will not sleep until he subdues the opponent. This native will have poor relations with their mother and many enemies. They lack appetite and tend towards professions which demand less enterprise, have a fondness for litigation, a smaller family, and a weak body. They can be fierce and practical.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 6th house “Indicates balarishta: much ill-health in childhood. Affliction by Mars or Saturn bring curious or incurable disease and vengeful enemies. The moon strong denotes ability and success in subordinate positions. If 6th house is a fixed sign the person will suffer from stone in the bladder; he will be submissive to women; weak sexual connection and stomach troubles. Afflicted in common signs bring lung problems. He will have success as a caterer.”

BPHS: 5th lord in the 6th house: “The natives sons will be equal to his enemies, or [he] will die, or the native will acquire a son by adoption or purchase. Obstacles to producing a son may be the result of some disease. If there is additional malefic influence here the native will have no issues, and if a child is born it will not live for long. For Leo ascendant this effect is felt in a particularly cruel way.”

B.V. Raman: 5th lord in the 6th house: “If favourably disposed, one’s maternal uncle will be a famous man. The native will have enmity with his own sons. If afflicted no children will be born and he may have to adopt from is uncles line.”

    • William Howard Taft (2), USA Peacetime Draft (4),

Moon in Magha 7th house

Rules the 6th house for Aquarius ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in the 7th give “attractive personality and good looks. One marries a young and charming damsel and there is much love between the two.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 7th house “native gets extremely proud, love-sick or lustful. They have a lean body, are devoid of wealth, politeness or humility.” “The native is exceptionally influenced by his wife.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 7th house: “The native will be passionate and easily roused to jealousy. Mother may die when the anti is young. Wife may be good-looking but the native will seek other women. Narrow-minded but sociable, he will be energetic and successful in life. He hails from a good family if the moon is waxing and otherwise strong. He will suffer pain in the groin. He will be stingy. If Moon is waning he will always be quarrelling with enemies.”

BPHS: 6th lord in the 7th house: “The native will be devoid of happiness through wedlock, but will be famous, virtuous, honourable, adventurous and wealthy. Three will be constant tension, quarrelling and fighting with partners and married life can be hell. For Aries and Libra ascendant it is errors of the native himself that cause disharmony as he may deliberately stir up trouble due to the effort of 3rd lord.”

B.V. Raman: 6th lord in the 7th house: “Generally marries mothers brother or father’s sisters daughter. The maternal uncle lives in a far-off place or foreign country. Wife’s character will be doubtful. If afflicted they will either divorce early or the wife will die. If involved with hermaphrodite Rashi here or in navamsha he will have a sickly or barren wife. When lagandhipati conjoins in a hermaphrodite sign the native will be a eunuch unable to perform the sexual act. There will also be trouble with disrespectful women.”

    • William French Anderson (1), 

Moon in Magha 8th house

Rules the 7th house for Capricorn ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in the 8th makes one “suffer from disease and shortens the life span.” “Death may come from cholera, water disease like giardia, ascites of pulmonary disease in general.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 8th house “has a decayed body due to having many diseases, is extremely penurious and poor. He gets trouble from enemies and the king and remains restless in mind and heart.” “If the Moon is weak they will be short lived suffering from many diseases. The native fears accidents. This moon rouses their curiosity for mystery sciences like astrology, tantra, tarot. A weak moon here will cause the native to be involved in disputes over the mothers will. They will change residence often; moving from city to city. The will be disappointment, nervous disorder, worries, mental conflict, psychological problems, eye trouble, water born disease and fainting spells.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 8th house: “The native is subject to mental aberration. He is apprehensive and suffered from mental complexes. He will be capricious and unhealthy. The native may loose his mother in infancy or boyhood. He will be slender and eyesight will be weak. He acquires possessions easily through legacies and inheritance. He will be fond of fighting and amusement and be large hearted. The native suffers from excess perspiration. If Mars and Saturn conjoin this Moon the natives eye-sight will be afflicted.”

BPHS: 7th lord in the 8th house: “The native will be bereft of marital happiness, his wife will be afflicted with disease, bad natured and will not remain obedient to the native. Gemini ascendant will certainly fell these negative effects.”

B.V. Raman: 7th lord in the 8th house: “When well-placed marriage may take place with relatives of the native may marry a rich partner. Affliction will cause the early death of partner while the native may die in distant lands. It gives a sickly and ill-tempered partner leading to estrangement and separation.”

Commentary: Steady rhythm of secret sexual relationships. The

    • Richard Burton (4), Tom Selleck (1),

Moon in Magha 9th house

Rules the 8th house for Sagittarius ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in 9th house makes one “affluent, virtuous, blessed with children; he is victorious and all his enterprise is crowned with success from the outset.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 9th house “endows the native with wife and sone, a fondness for Puranic literature and stories, and a desire to do auspicious deeds and go on pilgrimage.” “People, especially women will have a feeling of respect and reverence around such a person. If the 7th lord is involved they will become lovers and might marry into such a relationship. They become popular of their good deeds and philanthropic works. The native gains lands, conveyances, harmonious atmosphere in domestic life, physical pleasures and comforts. There are many rises and falls in their life.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 9th house: “The native will be fortunate and prosperous. He will have many sons, friends and kinsmen. He will be principled and generous minded. If Saturn, Mars, and Mercury aspect he will become a ruler. If Moon combines with Mars there could be a fatal injury to mother. If Venus conjoins Moon he may live an immoral life. He will act in league with his step-mother. Saturn with this Moon causes on e to suffer much. The native may build charitable institutions. He will acquire good immovable property and visit foreign countries.”

BPHS: 8th lord in the 9th house: “The native will be a betrayer of his religion and a heterodox. He will be the husband of a wicked wife and will steal the wealth of others. AS belief in his own religion is destroyed he comes to believe in gods of a lower order: ghosts, pishacha, jinx, etc. Once morality is lost is can be easy to steal from others. If Jupiter is debilitated the affliction against religion will be especial strong: atheist, heterodox despite being born from a brahmin or religious family. He will eat prohibited substances.” (The 5M’s are traditionally prohibited: 1. Meat, 2. Fish, 3. Wine, 4. Parched grain 5. Sexual intercourse)

B.V. Raman: 8th lord in the 9th house: “If conjunct the 9th lord with malefic the native may lose the paternal property and misunderstanding with father will arise. If the Sun is also afflicted the father may die in periods of the 9th lord. If conjoined by benefics the native acquires fathers property and relations with him will be harmonious. If the 9th lord is weak, the native suffers all kinds of hardships, misery and unhappiness. His friends and kinsmen will desert him while his superiors will find fault with him. If the 8th lord falls in the 6th, 8th or 12th navamsha the evil results will be greatly reduced.”

    • Eddie Vedder (3), Winston Churchill (4), 

Moon in Magha 10th house

Rules the 9th house for Scorpio ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in the 10th house: One “performs good acts and is helpful to the virtuous.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 10th house “native does not remain a person for good conduct and character. He has no friends, suffers eye disease, is of angry disposition, and has many enemies.” “Many rises and falls in profession and finances. They will be fond of festivities, earn livelihood from their fertile imagination, by trade of household articles, luxury items, or entertainment. Everything conceived and started by him is fulfilled.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 10th house: “The native will be religious, wealthy, intelligent, bold. He will succeed in all endeavours. He will obtain corn, ornaments, women and be skilful in the arts. He will be helpful and virtuous. Conjunct Jupiter the native will be learned in ancient subjects and skilled in astrology. If Saturn aspects the Moon, the native will be a dispassionate thinker but earring through printing and selling books.”

BPHS: 9th lord in the 10th house: “The native will be a king or equal to a king; a minister or an army chief; virtuous and worshiped by all.”

B.V. Raman: 9th lord in the 10th house: “The native will become very famous and powerful. He will be generous and occupy posts of authority. He will earn much wealth and acquire every comfort and luxury. His means of livelihood will be righteous and he will be a law abiding citizen.”

Moon in Magha 11th house

Rules the 10th house for Libra ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in the 11th: “The native is high minded, long-lived, endowed with riches, children and servants.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 11th house “native gets exceptional honour, happiness of several kind of conveyance, is rich in righteous fame, sensual enjoyments and virtues.” “Ambitions are fulfilled, popular, attains glory, and has many daughters. A weak and heavily afflicted moon here will cut one off from society.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 11th house: “One will be noble, generous and blessed with riches, wife and children. Introspective by nature and quiet going, he will be famous and make profit through business. He will acquire vast lands and be helped in his endeavours by the fairer sex.”

BPHS: 10th lord in the 11th house: “The native will be blessed with wealth and sons. He will enjoy happiness, be truthful, be always delighted and virtuous.”

B.V. Raman: 10th lord in the 11th house: “The person earns riches. Fortunate in every respect he will engage himself in merits deeds. He will give employment to hundreds of people and will be endowed with a sense of honour and have many friends. If afflicted, his friends turn to enemies and cause him every sort of hardship and worry.”

Commentary: Good for election politics, fame, peoples choice.

    • Bagdad, David Lynch (4), Margaret Thatcher (stroke (2)), 

Moon in Magha 12th house

Rules the 11th house for Virgo ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in 12th “native is odious to others, miserable, humiliated and indolent.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 12th house “person does not show good conduct or character, has no friends, suffers from eye disease, is of angry deposition, and has many enemies.” “This native is emotional, sentimental, very imaginative and seeks imaginary happiness. He leaves his native area to live somewhere else.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 12th house: “The native may suffer some deformity. He will be narrow-minded, heard-hearted and mischievous. He prefers to lead an obscure life in solitude. Eye-sight will be weak. If the moon is waning and combines with Saturn sloth and lethargy will result.”

BPHS: 11th lord in the 12th house: “Native always expends on good deeds, is sensual, will have many wives and friendships with barbarians and foreigners in general.”

B.V. Raman: 11th lord in the 12th house: “he will suffer losses in business. His elder brother will be ailing and there will be much expenditure on his account; and elder brother might also die early. The native will have to pay fines and penalties frequently and will be burdened by many domestic responsibilities.”

    • Samuel Colt (3), Rudy Giuliani (1), Alexei Navalny (2), Rossano (3),  Thomas Sowell (4),


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