Moon in Pushya

Moon in Pushya – Moon in Cancer

Rhythms of parenting duties, protecting and nourishing the laws of the land, father figures, experienced parental figures, pragmatic caretakers, economics, civil service. They can be stiff and unbending in their idea about the way things should be. They like to have a very predictable rhythm, soothed by lawful costumes, protectors of ethno-social structures, needs dignified orderly habits, lawful ascendance.

The classics say that one born with moon in Pushya will have amiable features, control their passions and complete many charitable deeds. The native will be well liked, rich, intelligent, knowledgeable in local stories and myths and many branches of knowledge; he will love Gods and Brahmins. They can be very angrily disposed, bold but patient, talkative, learned in many branches, be helpful to his relatives, and have a large circle of relations, will be a thief, wealthy, and independent. They are happy with little but can be fast walkers.(The Classics: Brihat Samhita, Sage Narada, Jataka Parijata, Varahamihira.)

Moon in Cancer: Bepin Behari say that when the Moon is in Cancer “the psychic bridge of the individual is orientated towards the impulses coming from the higher sources. Many a time  the individual may not understand what messages are flowing through his mind but he will be receptive to those messages and will like to express them at physical levels of existence.”

Pierre Paul Broca: The Broca’s Area of the brain is the centre of speech articulation; responsible for controlling the movement of the muscles of the speaking apparatus: the movements of lips, tongue, larynx, and pharynx. It plays the primary role in the  creation of programs of spoken production as well as phonetic-phonological, syntactic and semantic aspects of language. It enables us to use and understand grammatical rules. Broca’s zone or area is involved in the process of understanding the language, as well as in the exercise of other language functions. Broca’s aphasia is characterised by non-fluent speech, rare literary paraphrases, poor repetition, good understanding, and poor naming ability. There seems to be two parts to this region of the brain. One that controls the motor reflexes of our speaking apparatus which relates to Pushya. And another part of Broca’s area that relates with learning ability, grammar and language that has some relation with Punarvasu (taking note that Broca has Jupiter in Punarvasu).

  “Was it an hour, or a week before the light of the moon rose in the interior of my body? A bird with luminous wings flew in front of that full moon, and its head was as radiant as a point of light. That bird must be the Khu–this sweet bird of the night–a creature of divine intelligence loaned to us just so much as the Ren or the Sekhem. Yes, the Khu was a light in your mind while you lived, but in death, it must return to heaven. For the Khu was also eternal.”

Norman Mailer—

Moon in Pushya Pada 1, Leo Navamsha: They are natural authority figures playing a central administrative role in politics, theatre, fashion, music, banking or the arts. They are devoted to their work and typically have good mentors and repay society through their own mentorships. They often have many children of students. They are usually well respected and may gain fame in a foreign country. Early success can plague them with scandal later on.

Moon in Pushya Pada 2, Virgo Navamsha: Pushkara Navamsha Pada – Bhagya 7°. They are hard workers, service orientated, and often find ways to regulate unbalanced situations or people somehow. They do well in criminal justice and health care fields as they seek out rhythms of regulated logical argumentation. This also makes them good at business administration and any field where they find themselves repeating  the same argument over and over again: planning, scheduling, media and these kinds of things. They might uses criminal means to get ahead.

Moon in Pushya Pada 3, Libra Navamsha: Their main duty is to facilitate a peaceful balanced atmosphere. They will like beauty and luxury in the home, living near water and gardens, any kind of work connected with water: farming, fishing, caretaking, security. They are often charged with the responsibility to regulate peace and facilitate agreement. They might have contractual duties.

Moon in Pushya Pada 4, Scorpio navamsha: They have a nasty obligation of keeping secrets. They can be fighters or traitors since Scorpio is the sign that crosses over to the other side. They often have unspeakable duties. Dealing with sex or death can fall into this category. This can relate to the unpleasantness of life and those really dirty jobs that someone has to do. This typically allows them to gain the respect of outcast people while getting scorned by most others. They can also get involved in the occult on some level.

Celebrities with Moon in Pushya

India (1), Peter the Great of Russia (1), Herbert Hoover (1), Joseph Campbell (1), Pierre Paul Broca (brain anatomy (1)), Woo-Suk Hwang (stem cell researcher (1)), Harvey Cushing (1), Norman Mailer (1), Jeff Conaway (1), Barry White (1), Robert Duvall (1), Jimi Hendrix (1), Jesse James (1), Moon Unit Zappa (1), Mary Tyler Moore (1), 

James Norman Mattis (2), George Soros (2), Jan Baptist van Helmont (2), Halle Berry (2), Robert H. Goddard (2), Joseph Lister (2), Clint Eastwood (2), 

Israel Independence (3), Pope Urban VIII  (military ruler, opponent of Copernicus & Galileo (3)), Ulysses S. Grant (3), James Clerk Maxwell (3), Albert Bandura (3), Claud Monet (3), Ansel Adams (3), James Joyce (3), Carl H. Brans (3), Patrick Swayze (3), Drew Carey (3), Chris Martin (3), Tulsi Gabbard (3),

Copernicus (4), Ralph Klein (4), Bennett Cerf (4), Tom Hanks (4), George Lopez (4), Daniel Bellard (4),  Phineas P. Gage? (survived metal spike thru his head (4)), Paris Hilton (4), Gloria Steinem (4), Chelsea Clinton (4), Lupe Valez (4), 

Moon in Pushya 1st house

Rules the 1st house for Cancer ascendant.

Phala Deepika: “Waxing moon in 1st house provides and strong body and long life, power, wealth and freedom from fear.” Waning moon in 1st house is “just the opposite.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in Cancer ascendant “makes a person generous, handsome, wealthy, intelligent, endowed with sensual pleasures and excellent among all the virtuous people.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 1st house: “The native becomes fanciful and romantic, a moderate eater. Considerable restlessness is usually tempered by an easy-going disposition. The fortune is generally changing. It makes one an idealist, a great traveller and explorer. If conjunct Saturn, the mind will always be worried. If with Mars, women will suffer mensural disorders. Sociability tends to be a strong feature. He will be successful in professions that bring him in contact with the masses. Conjunct Rahu can give hysterical tendencies. Conjunct Jupiter elevates the mind.”

BPHS: 1st lord in the 1st house: “The natives will get physical comforts and physical prowess. He will be thoughtful, intelligent, fickle-minded, will have two wives, and will have sexual relations with women other than their own wife. A grand personality, healthy body and great resistance to disease. But malefic will have their effect felt by both the ascendant and ascendant lord.”

B.V. Raman: 1st lord in the 1st house: “The native lives by his own exertion, will have an independent spirit and will have two wives, or one married and another illegal. If well disposed, the person becomes famous in his own community or country.”

    • Herbert Hoover (1), Ralph Klein, 

Moon in Pushya 2nd house

Rules the 2nd house for Gemini ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in 2nd will make one “rich, very learned, soft spoken, blessed with all worldly pleasures, but occasionally stammering.”

Jataka Bharnam: “Full moon in 2nd house brings prosperity, happiness, humility, progeny, good looks and wealth. Slim moon in 2nd causes the native to be a liar, penurious, has little intelligence, lacks foresight and has a narrow outlook on life. He cannot estimate his means, resources, or the situation in order to do anything or turn a profit.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 2nd house: “Will have a large family and enjoy much happiness. Money will be obtained through females. The financial position will be somewhat variable, will have a fair complexion. Dhundiraja says the native will be reserved and not much sociable, squint eyes and much admired.”

BPHS: 2nd lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be wealthy, proud, will have two or more wives but no son. No son is usually only seen in the case of Aquarius ascendant when Jupiter has some added affliction.”

B.V. Raman: 2nd lord in the 2nd house: “Becomes proud. The native may marry twice or trice depending upon the strength of the 7th house. He may become childless. The position of the 2nd lord in a constellation which does not happen to be in the 3rd, 5th or 7th from Janma nakshatra is highly desirable, especially if he is otherwise fortified. The exaltation of the 2nd lord of his disposition in lagna, the 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, will fortify him to the extent of making him a yoga karaka. The native will be enabled to make considerable fortune through business of occupation consistent with the nature of the 2nd lord & 2nd house. Malefics aspects can bring loses. Affliction to the 2nd house can also cause the native to not get nutritious & delicious food, his family and children might suffer disease or disfunction, and relations with life-partner may not be cordial.”

    • James Clerk Maxwell (3), Claud Monet (3),

Moon in Pushya 3rd house

Rules the 3rd house for Taurus ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in 3rd supports “lascivious brothers, gives one strength but makes very miserly.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 3rd house “tends to make a person violent, given to pride, miserly, lacking intelligence, dependent on relatives, devoid of kindness but without fear. If Moon is full they will have vitality and vigour, an invisible desire to live, and strength to fight against disease. If a slim moon has malefic influence here, the native is stupid, insolent, impolite, making decisions without thinking.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 3rd house “Changes in occupation are common, fond of traveling and active minded. Wife will be fair. The native possesses good knowledge, but is rather indifferent to spiritual values of life. Subordinate to wife and attached to children. If moon is waning one will be cruel, miserable, impious and unscrupulous. An unfavourable position for peace of mind if afflicted.”

BPHS: 3rd lord in the 3rd house: “The native will be endowed with happiness through brothers, will be wealthy, have sons and be cheerful and extremely happy.”

B.V. Raman: 3rd lord in the 3rd house: “Brave, surrounded by friends and relatives and blessed with good children, wealthy, happy and contented. The 3rd lord well disposed int he 3rd 6th or 11th indicated a number of younger brothers. When the 3rd lord happens to be Mars and occupies the 3rd the native generally will loose all his younger brothers. Saturn will give similar effects. The Sun in a similar position will kill elder brothers.”

    • India (1),  Lupe Valez (4),

Moon in Pushya 4th house

Rules the 4th house for Aries ascendant. Lawful costumes and orderly habits in the home, nurturing, providing security,

Phala Deepika: Moon in 4th house makes a person “happy, enjoying sensual pleasures, liberal in gifted, having dependable friends, vehicles and fame.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 4th house “allows the native to gain from products of the water: fish, pearls, corals, conches, etc. they get happiness of agricultural land, wife, conveyance, son, etc. They are devoted to gods and brahmins.” “The native may inherit or succeed a kingdom, they will be happy when the people of their home are happy, but they will not be happy in childhood. They are popular in their home place but change residence, they have good health and the mother is long lived. They get the affection and cooperation of their mother, conveyance, cattle, mental peace and good health.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 4th house “Possesses house, deprives happiness from relatives; will be cheerful and contented; becomes important as a leader or a ruler; proud and somewhat quarrelsome. If the moon is also afflicted, there will be early separation from mother. Unless aspected by Jupiter, he will have a fondness for sensual pleasures.”

BPHS: 4th lord in the 4th house: “The native will rise to ministership, will possess all kinds of wealth, will be skilful, virtuous, honourable, learned, happy and well disposed to his wife.”

B.V. Raman: 4th lord in the 4th house: “Religiously inclined. Will have respect for traditions. Will be rich, respected, happy and sensual.”

    • Carl H. Brans (3), Halle Berry (2), Albert Bandura (3), Jan Baptist van Helmont? (2), Joseph Campbell (1), Harvey Cushing (1), Woo-Suk Hwang (stem cell researcher (1)),

Moon in Pushya 5th house

Rules the 5th house for Pisces ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in the 5th house has “good sons, wisdom, a gentle gate and is a minister to the ruler.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 5th house “allows one to subdue their passions and senses, they may be an aesthetic, they are truthful, cheerful, full of wealth, progeny, comforts and happiness; they are of noble disposition.” “Strong Moon here gives a clear and pure mind, exceptional memory, ability to make clear and successful plans and investment. But if the Moon is weak here the effects may be reversed. If Moon is in a female sign they may worship Goddess Durga and be devoted to wife and children.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 5th house “Clarity of mind, happiness from children, acquisition of lands, gems, precious stones; opportunity to serve the state. The person will be straightforward, truthful, learned, gentlemanly, god-fearing, and devoid of enemies. Strong tendency for speculation. One of their children becomes famous.”

BPHS: 5th lord in the 5th house: “If this lord is in conjunction with a benefic the native is blessed with sons, but if it’s conjunct a malefic they will have no children. Either way they are likely to be virtuous and dear to friends.”

B.V. Raman: 5th lord in the 5th house: “Favourably disposed it indicates a number of sons, the native becomes great in his own line of activity, otherwise becomes and expert in mantra shastra and befriends persons of power. He may also become an expert in mathematics or head of a religious institution. If afflicted, contrary results should be predicted: children will die, he will not keep his word and he will have a cruel, wavering mentality.”

Commentary: Comfortable with a steady rhythm of local celebrations. Santosh P. Is from what we could call the boatman caste.

    • Norman Mailer (1), George Lopez (4),

Moon in Pushya 6th house

Rules the 6th house for Aquarius ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in 6th house “shortens ones life span. One is ignorant, suffers stomach ailments and has to face humiliation.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 6th house “makes the person suffer indigestion and gives them a tendency to be cruel, exceptionally lazy, severe, evil, given to anger and having many enemies.” “The native does not bear discipline put in him by anyone else and will not sleep until he subdues the opponent. This native will have poor relations with their mother and many enemies. They lack appetite and tend towards professions which demand less enterprise, have a fondness for litigation, a smaller family, and a weak body. They can be fierce and practical.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 6th house “Indicates balarishta: much ill-health in childhood. Affliction by Mars or Saturn bring curious or incurable disease and vengeful enemies. The moon strong denotes ability and success in subordinate positions. If 6th house is a fixed sign the person will suffer from stone in the bladder; he will be submissive to women; weak sexual connection and stomach troubles. Afflicted in common signs bring lung problems. He will have success as a caterer.”

BPHS: 6th lord in the 6th house: “The native will have enmity with his own kinsmen while making friendship with others. They will have only mediocre happiness in matters like wealth. He will possess sound health, he will like to take exercise and will be hard working and valorous.”

B.V. Raman: 6th lord in the 6th house: “Increase of cousins. Natives maternal uncle becomes famed. If in conjunction with a weak lagna lord he will suffer from incurable disease and increase of enmity with kith and kin.”

    • Mary Tyler Moore (1), Peter the Great of Russia (1), Moon Unit Zappa (1),

Moon in Pushya 7th house

Rules the 7th house for Capricorn ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in 7th give “attractive personality and good looks. One marries a young and charming damsel and there is much love between the two.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 7th house “native gets extremely proud, love-sick or lustful. They have a lean body, are devoid of wealth, politeness or humility.” “The native is exceptionally influenced by his wife.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 7th house: “The native will be passionate and easily roused to jealousy. Mother may die when the anti is young. Wife may be good-looking but the native will seek other women. Narrow-minded but sociable, he will be energetic and successful in life. He hails from a good family if the moon is waxing and otherwise strong. He will suffer pain in the groin. He will be stingy. If Moon is waning he will always be quarrelling with enemies.”

BPHS: 7th lord in the 7th house: “The native will be endowed with happiness through wife, have courage, will be skilful and intelligent, but afflicted by windy disease.”

B.V. Raman: 7th lord in the 7th house: “If well placed the native will have a charming and magnetic personality. Women will flock to him and seek him out for alliance. Ones partner will be just and honourable having come from a good family or reputation and social standing. If weak and afflicted is give a lonely life devoid of marriage and friends as well as loss through marriage negotiations.”

    • Pierre Paul Broca (brain anatomy (1)), Bennett Cerf (4), Barry White (1),

Moon in Pushya 8th house

Rules the 8th house for Sagittarius ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in 8th makes one “suffer from disease and shortens the life span.” “Death may come from cholera, water disease like giardia, ascites of pulmonary disease in general.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 8th house “has a decayed body due to having many diseases, is extremely penurious and poor. He gets trouble from enemies and the king and remains restless in mind and heart.” “If the Moon is weak they will be short lived suffering from many diseases. The native fears accidents. This moon rouses their curiosity for mystery sciences like astrology, tantra, tarot. A weak moon here will cause the native to be involved in disputes over the mothers will. They will change residence often; moving from city to city. The will be disappointment, nervous disorder, worries, mental conflict, psychological problems, eye trouble, water born disease and fainting spells.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 8th house: “The native is subject to mental aberration. He is apprehensive and suffered from mental complexes. He will be capricious and unhealthy. The native may loose his mother in infancy or boyhood. He will be slender and eyesight will be weak. He acquires possessions easily through legacies and inheritance. He will be fond of fighting and amusement and be large hearted. The native suffers from excess perspiration. If Mars and Saturn conjoin this Moon the natives eye-sight will be afflicted.”

BPHS: 8th lord in the 8th house: “The native will be long lived, unless the lord is weak (by shadbala), then the lifespan will be medium and the native will be a thief, blameworthy himself while blaming others.”

B.V. Raman: 8th lord in the 8th house: “If endowed with strength the native will live a long life enjoying happiness. He will acquire lands, conveyance, power and position due to the merit of past lives. If the 8th lord is weak one may not have any serious trouble, but may not enjoy and luck or good fortune of any significance. The father may die or pass through some crisis. If afflicted the native will fail in his undertakings as he will be prompted to do the wrong thing and suffer loss thereby.”

Commentary: Gabbard and Harris are both highly trained in Emergency medical treatments.

    • Jimi Hendrix (1), Ansel Adams (3), James Joyce (3), Tulsi Gabbard (3),  

Moon in Pushya 9th house

Rules the 9th house for Scorpio ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in 9th house “make one effluent, virtuous, blessed with children; he is victorious and all his enterprise is crowned with success from the outset.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 9th house “endows the native with wife and sone, a fondness for Puranic literature and stories, and a desire to do auspicious deeds and go on pilgrimage.” “People, especially women will have a feeling of respect and reverence around such a person. If the 7th lord is involved they will become lovers and might marry into such a relationship. They become popular of their good deeds and philanthropic works. The native gains lands, conveyances, harmonious atmosphere in domestic life, physical pleasures and comforts. There are many rises and falls in their life.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 9th house: “The native will be fortunate and prosperous. He will have many sons, friends and kinsmen. He will be principled and generous minded. If Saturn, Mars, and Mercury aspect he will become a ruler. If Moon combines with Mars there could be a fatal injury to mother. If Venus conjoins Moon he may live an immoral life. He will act in league with his step-mother. Saturn with this Moon causes on e to suffer much. The native may build charitable institutions. He will acquire good immovable property and visit foreign countries.”

BPHS: 9th lord in the 9th house: “The native will be endowed with abundant fortunes, will be virtuous, handsome and enjoy happiness from brothers.”

B.V. Raman: 9th lord in the 9th house: “Gives a long life and a prosperous father. The native will be religiously inclined and charitable. He will travel abroad and earn money and distinction. If afflicted by malefic, or if the 9th lord falls in the 6th, 8th or 12th navamsa the natives father dies early.”

    • Joseph Lister (2), George Soros (2),  Robert Duvall (1), Ulysses S. Grant (3), Paris Hilton (4),  Jeff Conaway (1),

Moon in Pushya 10th house

Rules the 10th house for Libra ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in 10th house: One “performs good acts and is helpful to the virtuous.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 10th house “native does not remain a person for good conduct and character. He has no friends, suffers eye disease, is of angry disposition, and has many enemies.” “Many rises and falls in profession and finances. They will be fond of festivities, earn livelihood from their fertile imagination, by trade of household articles, luxury items, or entertainment. Everything conceived and started by him is fulfilled.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 10th house: “The native will be religious, wealthy, intelligent, bold. He will succeed in all endeavours. He will obtain corn, ornaments, women and be skilful in the arts. He will be helpful and virtuous. Conjunct Jupiter the native will be learned in ancient subjects and skilled in astrology. If Saturn aspects the Moon, the native will be a dispassionate thinker but earring through printing and selling books.”

BPHS: 10th lord in the 10th house: “The native will be skilful in all jobs, will be valorous, truthful, and devoted to teachers and elders.”

B.V. Raman: 10th lord in the 10th house: “If powerfully disposed, the native can be very successful in his profession and command respect and honour. If the lord is weak, he will have no self respect, [cringing] for favours, and be dependent his whole life and fickle minded. If the 10th lord is in the 6th, 8th or 12th navamsha, the career will be routine and ordinary. If three other planets conjoin the 10th lord, the native will become an aesthetic.”

Commentary: Land owners, land developers, patriots, agriculturists,

    • Drew Carey (3), Robert H. Goddard (2),  Clint Eastwood (2), Israel Independence (3), Gloria Steinem (4), Chelsea Clinton (4),

Moon in Pushya 11th house

Rules the 11th house for Virgo ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in 11th: “The native is high minded, long-lived, endowed with riches, children and servants.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 11th house “native gets exceptional honour, happiness of several kind of conveyance, is rich in righteous fame, sensual enjoyments and virtues.” “Ambitions are fulfilled, popular, attains glory, and has many daughters. A weak and heavily afflicted moon here will cut one off from society.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 11th house: “One will be noble, generous and blessed with riches, wife and children. Introspective by nature and quiet going, he will be famous and make profit through business. He will acquire vast lands and be helped in his endeavours by the fairer sex.”

BPHS: 11th lord in the 11th house: “The native will have gains in all his undertakings. His learning and happiness will increase day by day.”

B.V. Raman: 11th lord in the 11th house: “The native will have many friends and brother who help him throughout life. He will have a happy life with the blessing of wife, children, home and comforts.”

Commentary: This doesn’t seem to be a very beneficial placement for long life as all Jesse James & Phineas P. Gage? both died relatively early in life due to occupational hazards. Jesse James was shot in the head; Phineas P. Gage? had a steel rod shot through his head working the railroad, he survived but was never the same.

    • Phineas P. Gage? (survived metal spike thru his head (4)), Jesse James (1), James Norman Mattis (2),

Moon in Pushya 12th house

Rules the 12th house for Leo ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Moon in 12th house “native is odious to others, miserable, humiliated and indolent.”

Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 12th house “person does not show good conduct or character, has no friends, suffers from eye disease, is of angry deposition, ands has many enemies.” “This native is emotional, sentimental, very imaginative and seeks imaginary happiness. He leaves his native area to live somewhere else.”

B.V. Raman: Moon in the 12th house: “The native may suffer some deformity. He will be narrow-minded, heard-hearted and mischievous. He prefers to lead an obscure life in solitude. Eye-sight will be weak. If the moon is waning and combines with Saturn sloth and lethargy will result.”

BPHS: 12th lord in the 12th house: “The native expends heavily, does not have physical felicity and will be irritable and spiteful.”

B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 12th house: “The native spends much on religious and righteous purpose. He will have good eyesight and enjoy pleasures of the couch. He will be engaged in agriculture. If afflicted by malefic the native will be restless and always roaming about.”

    • Chris Martin (3), Daniel Bellard (4), Copernicus (4), Tom Hanks (4), Patrick Swayze (3), Pope Urban VIII  (military ruler, opponent of Copernicus & Galileo (3)), 

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