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New On-Line Course beginning September 24.
Foundations of Vedic Astrology

I am currently offering a live course in Vedic Astrology over zoom. The course will begin on  Sept 24 and go for each Sunday until November 26.  Course includes 10 group sessions, four hours one to one time and the recorded lectures for my course on energy healing.

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Books & Independent Study Opportunities

Foundations of Vedic Astrology.
This is the foundational text book I created to help beginners learn all the basics of Vedic Astrology. Includes research on Career and Health
$25 USD

The Nakshatra Project.
This is a 7000 page PDF of in-depth research in to each nakshatra. This is the most complete reference book for Vedic Astrologers of all levels & it’s the only one that provides an in-depth look at the Nakshatra.  An indespensible reference text book with an easy to navigate table of contents. For a limited time this comes 27 lectures on the nakshatras.

    • $310 USD for the PDF & 70+ hours of recorded lectures.

The Philosophy for Energy Workers : Philosophy of the Planets.” A phycological & philosophical perspective of the planets. A blend of Vedic, Tantric & modern understanding of life and the cosmos.  This is a great resource for energy workers, astrologers, yogis, healers, and anyone else interested in elemental or esoteric philosophy and healing.  Recorded lecture series available separately.

    • $35 USD for the book
      Add $95 for 20 hours of lectures to go with the book.
      $120 Total

Sleeping Dog Song & Mantra Book.”
A booklet of my daily songs and mantra’s. A complete text of astrological mantra, havan and ritual mantras, Devi Puja and more.

    • Available by donation

Astrology & Philosophy:
Yoga, Life Coaching & Astrology Mentorships

Online Yoga

Private One-to One Classes

Aarti & Mantra Chanting, Pranayama, Meditation & body awareness.

Many astrology clients use this as an opportunity to learn mantras and various practices as well as to deepen their spiritual practice.

The foundations of any yoga practice: Bhakti prayer, mantra, breath control, 3 part breathing, Kapalabhati, anulomaviloma, meditation, body awareness.  This is a foundational course to give students basic skill’s and techniques for a complete sitting practice.

Introductory offer of only $40USD per half hour.
Contact me here for more information.

Astrology Mentorships & Life Coaching

A private, one-to-one Astrology Mentorship.
10 class pack for just $465USD.
3 – 6 months.

This Course now comes with my books: “Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology” & “Philosophy of the Planets” as well as 20 hours of recoded lectures on the later.

This is designed to meet people where they are with Vedic Astrology. Beginners will be able to begin reading charts for people close to them; intermediate astrologer will learn to sharpen their prediction and broaden their understanding of astrology. Advanced students can use this time for getting a second opinion or consulting on a difficult chart.

To sign up for the course send me an email.

My Paetron  Account

You can now connect with my work through Paetron for audio lectures that come with extensive PDF. Get the full lessons in philosophy, Vedic astrology, mystical healing, and classical tantric perspective.  Just follow this link and sign up.  


You will find a few lectures on Spotify. Follow this link for my lecture on Saturn from the Philosophy for energy workers series. 

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