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Philosophy of Tantric Astrology

(Group Class)

This is a philosophy course for energy workers, astrologers, yogis, healers, and anyone else interested in elemental or esoteric philosophy and healing.

This course combines Ayurveda, Classical Tantric philosophy and practice with Jyotish astrology and Yoga.  We will become familiar with Kashmiri Shaivism through the lens of Vedic Astrology (no prior study is necessary). We will discuss the philosophy, diagnostics, energetic treatments. We will gain a good understanding of the energy bodies. the chekras, the sheaths and how they are superimposed on every level of our being. We will study the connections and inter connections between all things: through philosophy, psychology, the physical and spiritual  bodies. There may be some rather blunt talk about  death, sex and taboos in this class.

        • 10 classes
        • 20 hour course in Vedic Astrology
        • 10 hour of one-to-one instruction.
        • PDF Notes for each class.
        • PDF Song & Mantra Book

See the tentative course outline here. 

Live course every Wednesday
Now Starting April 12  (moon in Purva Ashadha suggesting the first class will not be a walk in the park)
@ 09:00 am
 (Guatemala time)
Recordings will be available, but live attendance is appreciated.

Full course is only $745
Add a 2 hour astrology reading for 30% off: Only $120.
Take only the group classes $325

To sign up for the course send me an email.
Payments can be made through Paypal.

The Nakshatra Project

(Group Class)

We will dive deep into my nakshatra research one nakshatra at a time. I have basically complete the first draft of my nakshatra series. This course will help me complete a second draft. Student’s of this course will get an introductory offer on this 7000 page quick reference for astrological study at the end of the course.

          • We look deeply at every nakshatra as a group.
          • 27 Classes (classes will be 2 -3 hours in length)
          • 54 – 81 hours of Instruction for just $590

Starting in April 20 (New Moon Pratipada in Ashwini)
Course will be every Thursday @ 09:00am (Guatemala time)
Recordings will be available but attendance is appreciated.

To sign up for the course send me an email.
Payments can be made through PayPal

Online Yoga

(Group Class)

Aarti & Mantra Chanting, Pranayama, Meditation & body awareness.

These are the foundations of any yoga practice: Bhakti prayer, mantra, breath control, 3 part breathing, Kapalabhati, anulomaviloma, meditation, body awareness.  This is a foundational course to give students basic skill’s and techniques for a complete sitting practice.

        • Twice per week for one month.
        • April 20 tentative starting date.
        • Contact for more information.

Introductory offer of only $80USD for the month.

Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology

(Individual class)

An introductory course in Vedic Astrology designed top allow students to begin reading charts. This course is offered as a opportunity for ono-to-one learning.

        • Learn the fundamentals of Vedic Astrology
        • 10 classes (2 hours each)
        • 20 – 25  hour course in Vedic Astrology
        • PDF Instructional Manual
        • Group rates available
        • Recordings will be available.

This is a one to one course in Vedic astrology designed to cover all the basic rules of astrology and begin reading charts for yourself.  Since we will work one-to-one we can start from wherever you are in your astrology studies.

This is an excellent program for western astrologers who want to learn the Vedic System, as well as Yogis or philosophers working with the Vedic Sciences.

We usually meet 2-3 times per week for 3 -5 weeks. Schedule is variable to meet your needs.

Full course is only $465USD

To sign up for the course send me an email.

Private Tutoring for Astrology & Spiritual Practice

(Individual class)

This will really boost your ability to read charts and make predictions. Or if you’re interested in private classes for spiritual practice, It’s an excellent opportunity to look at charts of friends.

I offer private tutoring for $120/hour, $180/2hrs,  $395/5hrs & only $595/10hrs. Classes may be 1 – 2 hours long.,

Astrology Readings

(For individuals)

Astrology Readings are  available online for $180/2hrs
I typically discount this price to $120 for students.


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