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Contemplating, examining life, wondering about the Universe and our connection. Just trying to sort it all out and find some meaning in the mystery.

On shree Ganesha Namaha

Most of my recent writing has been for the Nakshatra Project.

Want to start researching your own Vedic Astrology Chart? Here’s what to look for. 2022

Foundational Philosophy for Vedic Astrologers 2022

Foundational Elements of Indian Philosophy 2021

Tribal Culture 2019

Out of Bounds 2019

I am Shiva, This World is Shakti 2018

Ideology 2018

Healing From Within 2018

Prana: The Most Essential 2018

Grounding in our Yoga Practice: Grounding in the Earth Element 2017

Freedom 2017

Contemplations: What is Tantra? 2017

Mysticism & Science: Radical Reason 2017

Tantric & Astrological Means of Self Realisation 2016

Maya & Our Personal World Measured-Out 2016

36 Elements of Existence 2016

Note to the Yoga Critic 2016

Who’s Doing Yoga: The Joke is on Us 2015

The Self: Tantric Astrology Perspective 2015

The Wavering Mind: Arjuna’s Doubt 2015

Limitation & Identity: Who are we really 2015

Integrity In Yoga 2015

Depends How You Look at it 2015

Materialism vs Tradition Culture: An Optimistic Perspective 2015

India: Holding her Own 2015

Putting the Mind on the Self 2015

Everything is Perfect: The Harm of Passive Acceptance of Karma 2015

Spiritual Side of Yoga 2015

Purity in Tantra 2015

Bruising the Ego to Find the Self 2015

Knowing & Overcoming Karma 2015

Maya of Tantra 2015

Meditation on Maya 2015

Method of Vedic Astrology 2014

Tradition Ways Come to the City 2014

Traditional Life: The Path of Wisdom 2014

Limitations of Man: a Tantric Perspective 2014

Darshan: Seeing 2014

Science & Ayurvedic Research 2014

Why Tantrics Talk About Sex 2014

Behold! Life! 2014

Find a Good Yoga Teacher 2014

The Yoga Critic 2014

Letter on Yoga 2014

Free Will, Fate & Astrology 2014

Varanasi: The City of Light Part 2. Still Very Reasonable 2014

Varanasi: The City of Light: A Reasonable Explaination (Part 1) 2014

Acupuncture: Physical or Metaphysical Treatment 2013

Prayer 🙏 2013

Yoga as Self Study 2013

Rebel Yell 2013

Gratitude 2012

Unattaching to Stuff 2012

How Yoga is a Complete System 2012

Why Yoga? 2012

Yoga for the Back – Yoga for Men 2012

Durga 2011

Yoga for the Cheap & Lazy 2011

The Authentic Self 2010

Letter to those who Wander 2010

What’s Missing from out Lives? 2010

Finding Bhakti 2010

Philosophy is Foolish 2005

Natural Healing, Astrology, Tantra, Mysticism

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