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Part 7: How do we prevail? “Aath pinde, tat brahmade [As the world is inside, so it is outside.]” (Manduka Upanishad) Self knowledge, the equal of universal knowledge in most of India, is one of the most prized areas of knowledge. Various sciences and systems have been created just for Read more
I'm going to start this in a very easy way with a discussion of the various levels of education and how this is related to yoga teachers and teaching. I will make broad reference to the kinds of yoga discussed in the Gita, which in many ways parallels the upayas Read more
For Markji! It seems to be very easy these days to point fingers at what is not yoga, I've also caught myself doing this at times. These attitudes become in vogue for a little while to criticize this or that and for a culture to have a look at itself. Read more
Yoga was once shared among friends. Someone would wander off to India or some ashram, blowing everyone’s minds in the mean time, and then come back and perhaps start teaching a few hesitant friends in someone’s living room. That was before the Yoga Alliance stepped in to “promote and support Read more
“When (the yogi’s consciousness) pervades all things by (his) desire to precieve, then why speak much? He will experience it for himself.” ~Spandakarika~ One of my goals in writing about Indian philosophy is to clear up some of the New Age misunderstandings, which, though they carry some grain truth, are Read more
A friend recently asked me how the stones or whatever remedies work? I partially answered this question in a previous blog post, but I wanted to give a more direct answer to this question. I have been studying astrology for only a few years. I’ve always had a skeptical rational Read more
Traditional culture goes by a lot of names these days. Every region has their own ancient practice. The Americas have their shamans connecting man to nature and the cosmos thru fire and smoke rituals, chanting, and vision questing. China followed the Doa and yin yang with the precise awareness of Read more
Background: I was recently asked, rather last minute, to speak at a conference that was going on at Banaras Hindu University (BHU), in Varanasi India. The topic of the conference was "Recent advances and the role of basic sciences in Ayurvedic Medicine." As India seeks to align it's tradition knowledge Read more
I've met many people during my travels in Canada and abroad who sincerely want to learn yoga. They ask me what kind of yoga they should look for? They ask this question not because there is a lack of yoga classes around, but because even without any experience in yoga, Read more
As many of you know, when it comes time for me to make some money I turn to construction work. Philosophy, holistics and yoga just don't pull in the big bucks like the brochures promised. I'm good at construction. They hire me to lead a couple or a couple dozen Read more
Dear Woman of the Woods, I’ve been wondering about what I could say about yoga to someone who tells me they know nothing about yoga. Yoga is commonly translated as ‘union;’ the yoking of two things. The yoga sutra says that yoga is the cessation of modifications of the mind. Read more
What is acupuncture? Most people know that acupuncture is a practice where very thin needles are inserted into the body to balance or open the channels of Qi (pronounced ‘chee’). Qi is basically life force or energy that brings all things into being; the equivalent of Prana in the East Read more