Payment & Services

Astrology and Counseling

Astrology readings specializing in prediction, personality, health, career, travel & spirituality. Modern and classical remedial measures to suit the client.

Also providing spiritual/philosophical counseling on an ongoing basis for many clients.

Students of Vedic astrology are also welcome to contact me. I appreciate sincerity for the topic and commitment to continued learning and self growth.

To make a proper Vedic Astrology chart I need birth date, time & place. Using my details for example: 07 December 1976. 09:10am. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Pilgrimage & Adventure Service

I spent most of my life deeply committed to philosophy to gain a humanistic understanding of the world. In 2007 I began what has become a continuous pilgrimage. About half of that time has been in India studying the knowledge of antiquity and then dropping all of that to take arduous and minimalist travel to tribal areas (to understand my own ancestry), to holy places in order to face that unfaceable and inexplicable other that is also myself.

I believe that we can live a deeply spiritual life while still enjoying the beauty and variety that life has to offer. These trips are my way of sharing this vision.

Payment Options

1. Canadian clients can pay by e-mail interact transfer to

2. International clients can pay by PayPal. 

3. Indian clients can contact me for India bank transfer information.

4. International Bank Transfer is also an option

Bank Address:    Scotia Bank #232 Westmount Centre. 111 Ave – Grout Rd Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. T5M 3L7

Account Number: 002 02659 0116688

Swift Code: nosccatt


I also teach Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Panayama some limited Mantra, of course these are not online activities unless you are merely looking for advice, but generally wherever I am I have space to teach and students usually know where find me.