Astrology Readings, Coaching, Counselling,  Private Lessons & Support

I offer a full range of astrology services: general readings, relationship matching, event predictions,  synastry,  birth time rectification, astrological counselling,  one-to-one lessons. 

Standard Astrology Reading

2 hour session allows time to do a house by house analysis to cover all the major themes of life, gives clients an overview of  individual life cycles, answer any questions and offer requested prediction, and offer remedial measures. – $180.00

Astrological Overview

1 hour session allows for a quick overview of the main themes of life, a couple general predictions, and advice for remedial measures. This is often used as an annual reading for repeat clients, they already know their chart more or less, we’ve been over the broad strokes before, just need an update or an overview.  – $120.00

Quick Questions

This 30 minute reading is for those who have specific questions relating to a specific topic. When will I get married? When will I get a job? When is this hell going to end? Will I go abroad? These kinds of things. The question in direct and the answer is direct. – $80.00 for first time clients.

Counselling with Astrology, Tantra & Vedic Wisdom

Vedic Astrology can be a powerful tool for psychoanalytic style counselling, shadow work, trauma therapy. or grief counselling. Jyotish translates as the science of light and was known as the eyes of the Vedas; it shines a light on all aspects of life. If you are ready to take another step in resolving issues from the past, to look back and face the fears, frustrations and resentments that are holding you back this is unique mystical, philosophical, spiritual and analytical approach to becoming free from the suffering of the past. This is the first kind of freedom we can all realise. 
First session is 2 hours followed by one hour each week for four weeks.  6 hours total. – $480  (For more information contact me directly.)

Tantric & Astrological Life Coaching

Counselling helps us to get free from suffering, free from our past and free from so much of the karma holding us back. Tantric Coaching reminds us that we are also free to do what we want, to direct our life where we want it to go, to achieve our hopes and dreams, discover our limits and to go past them. This is not only empowerment, leadership, and inspiration coaching, this is also planning  and a strategising to get you where you want to be. This is for people who have realised their purpose for the most part, but are perhaps overwhelmed by the enormity of it. But we can also work together to get you past obstacles in life, face unexpected setback, make difficult choices in personal or professional life.  Accurate birth time help, but is not necessary for this program. 
First session is 2 hours followed by four 30 minute sessions. 4 hours total. – $320

Remedial Measure Coaching

Astrologers recommend all kinds of things that many people know little about: ritual, mantra, gemstones, meditation practices, breathing practices and god only knows what else might come up in the chart, The best remedy is always the one that someone is willing and capable of following. What you have for will is between you and yourself, but I’m here to help make sure you’re capable and have the skills and knowledge you need to work with the subtlest energetic remedies.  Price and session length varies widely, contact for more information. 


Astrology Reading for Students

This is essentially a private astrology lesson that uses the natives personal charts (their own, their loved ones or charts for people they admire) as the foundation for teaching. We will cover all the basic principles of astrology while focusing on the cycles of each chart so that students are capable of the most basic prediction. And yes, even if you’re not a student of astrology you can use this as a family pack or group  pricing. Four 2 hour sessions. 8 hours total. –  $520.00

Chart Reading Tutorials

This is for students of astrology who already have knowledge of the basic principles, they just need more practice reading charts, and the benefits of reading charts with an experienced teacher.  This can also be used as a support program for professional astrologers looking for a second opinion on a chart or could use a hand with a particularly difficult chart rectification. Lets say five 1 hour sessions for $420 

Collaboration and Group Projects

This is for yoga teachers who have a group of five or more students who would like to dive deeper into Yoga Philosophy, Tantric Vidya or Vedic Astrology. 10 – 20 hour courses in Vedic Astrology or Classical, Scriptural Tantra can have a powerful impact on the spiritual path and philosophical thinking of a new or experienced Yogi. Perfect accompaniment to a Teacher training retreat, either online or in person; and a good way for a teacher to get a free course.  You can also ask my about free Philosophy Satsang for groups. For collaborative possibilities, please contact me directly

In-Person Services

Some things can only be done in person. Well maybe it’s that they are best done in person. Private yoga classes, a full course or a focus on any of the parts: Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Aarti, Chanting. I also offer several therapeutic services: Traditional diagnostics using Ayurveda and TCM, Acupuncture, Yoga Therapy, touch and non-touch healing, 

A great way to connect with me while I am travelling is to arrange a group in your home, yoga studio or in a park where I can give a talk about yoga, philosophy, mysticism, or modern pilgrimage and answer any questions. I offer this as a free service in my travels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to get an astrology reading? We need an accurate date, time & place of birth.

What if I don’t know my time of birth? It’s really best that we have an accurate time of birth. You can ask a parent or someone who was close to your family when you were born. You can contact the hospital you were born in for your birth record (this is best). If your mother kept a “Baby book” your birth time may be recorded there.  If all else fails it’s possible to do a partial reading with a birth time which is “close,” at least to the day, but this method is only good for a general analysis and not for prediction. Birth time rectification can be done, but this takes time (at least 6 hours together) and works best for people who already have good self knowledge. 

As a Spiritual Person, why do you charge so much? Actually I consider my prices to be a little bit on the low end. I offer a considerable amount of public service to some of the most disadvantaged members of society as I travel through the world meeting with various people in person. 

Why are your online prices more than you quoted me when we met (wherever it is we met)?  My online prices are fairly standard international pricing for these kinds of services. I typically work out pricing to fit fit wherever I am, so, in an old school ashram I might be doing free readings, in an Indian village I might ask 100rupee (about 2 bucks), in Varanasi I have a different price, in Goa or Thailand or Canada it changes again.  I try to find a balance between making myself available for others while making sure I can continue to feed myself. 

How long will it take for me to become an Astrologer or Yogi like you? People used to ask my how long it would take to become a yoga teacher. There are certificates available that will call you a Yoga Teacher or an Astrologer, but you will know the truth within. These are lifetime projects that are never finished. If you want to teach spiritual topics you have to give your whole life to spirituality.  Of course you will start to see results almost immediately, but practically speaking you would have to give about to 5 or 6 years of your life to dedicated study and practice before you are truly a teacher. You can think of your spiritual education in the same way you think of university education. After about 10 years of intense dedication, and blessing of Lord Shiva, you become a Master of sorts of your craft. After 15 or 20 years of commitment you might become a big baba. On the spiritual path it’s always better to progress slowly so that you don’t fall on your ass too many times.  Oh, and please do not try to follow my path or become like me: discover your own true nature and become a more expansive and lovely version of that. 

Do I need to have to have my astrology chart for coaching or counselling? No, we don’t have to go over your chart for this, if fact even when I do have your astrology chart handy the coaching and counselling session progress as fairly normal sessions with you, the client doing most of the work, the talking and sharing, the introspection. I merely try to guide the conversation and offer insight  from the prospective of Yoga, Tantra, Vedic wisdom and of course from my own experience and contemplation. 

Can we meet? I am always happy to meet with people, clients and students and the like who have found me online. Much of my travel is supported by common people who invite me to stay in their house, speak which a small group of their friends as I am passing through. Over the next 2 years I expect to travel most of the western world, if you would like to meet me, make it easy for me to come to your city and I will certainly try to fit it into my schedule. 

How do I know when you will be in my area? My current plan has me travelling through western Canada November – December 2022. In 2023 I will be making a quick stop in Cancun, Mexico before heading down to Laguna Atitlan in Guatemala.  I will be offering a variety of free and paid courses, classes, clinical and therapeutic services from Laguna Atitlan until about mid April. Late April and May I have stops in Texas & Washington DC with some gaps in my schedule. And then I will spend the Summer traveling across Canada from East to West. Winter 2023/24 I hope to again be in Central and South America: Brazil, Argentina & Bolivia seem like likely stops down there. Summer 2024 I will be aiming for a tour across and around Europe followed by South East Asia in the winter of 2024/25. if you think I might be travelling though your area and would like to meet please do contact me. my schedule is being fairly quickly filled up to six months in advance, so if you would like me to stop in your town, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

When will you be offering an astrology course online again? I always have a plan in the back of my mind to offer an online course again, but my travel schedule, in-person work, ono-to-one readings and student keep me quite busy along with a heavy dose of research and writing. I imagine that if I get enough people asking me this question, I will reach a threshold where I will offer another online course. I could be getting close to that threshold now. Let me know what you think? Another really good way top get me to do an online course is to arrange the group and then we can arrange a class schedule. Tell me what you r dream class looks like?

Bio., Contact, Payment & Donation

Mike has been reading charts for people all around the world for over 10 years. He has spent close to half of the past 15 years living with his Brahmin teacher in Varanasi, India. Mike has himself been teaching yoga, philosophy and astrology from one of great centres in this world for traditional Tantric & Vedic studies. I kind of secret guru of the gurus.  He has given lectures, workshops and service in over 300 ashrams and universities around the world. He is the author of MikesSleepingDog & the Nakshatra Project,  

For information about astrology readings, coaching, counselling, or higher studies contact me here.

To coordinate payments or donations to support astrological and spiritual research follow this link. Those with a Canadian bank account can deposit directly through my contact email:


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