Sun in Jyeshta – Sun in Scorpio

Sun in Jyeshta

Face your fear, empty yourself, trust your own voice, let go of control, have faith in outcomes, connect with a larger purpose, derive meaning from the struggle.

Kano Jigoro

Paradoxically, the man who has failed and one who is at the peak of success are in exactly the same position. Each must decide what he will do next, choose the course that will lead him to the future.

Kano Jigoro

They express themselves with a lot of confidence. They are usually very intelligent psychologically penetrating, inspiring, deep and full of secrets with a mysterious source of power. Early life is difficult, they might have to travel a lot, life will have a way of making  them face their demons, slay their dragons to purify their senses and master themselves. They can be bossy, won’t easily listen to others and are often misunderstood. They may not be kings, but they will be treated as such since they express themselves like the boss and no one tells him what to do, well they might try, but Sun in Jyeshta natives will always follow their own way. They are usually ambitious, hard working, and attain a high social status. They will have a strong sense of purpose; may be on a kind of hero’s quest. They are very tactical and are quite capable of being spies or carrying out secret, sensitive and tactical diplomatic missions. They always know best.

They get these traits from their own father, or more precisely, from the one who raised them. In the case of Jyeshta this is often and elder sibling; and the same is often true for the father who is raised by an elder sibling. This is often a competitive relationship and they are often being pushed down; the the magic of Jyeshta is that they are able to rise up in the face of adversity. They learn to express themselves in the same way as the one who raised them. who is dominating, authoritative, like a king. They have very strong confidence for leadership are are not always willing to lead. They tend to rise through adversity. They typically gain power from underground means: this could be literally from working under the ground, or figuratively working in secret or with secrets. They have a mysterious source of power and they shine as one who knows what others do not know.  Malefic aspects or placements on this sun can turn them more manipulative.  

Sun in Scorpio “will send the message of universal truths which it will vaguely let the individual know, impelling him to search for these but his physical and psychic bridge (moon and ascendant charts) may determine whether he could understand and follow it.” — Bepin Behari

“They say I have no hits and that I’m difficult to work with as if that’s a bad thing.” 

Tom Waits 

Like Ann Coulter, they like to wade into controversy, say the things no one else will say, or even rush to be the first person to say what everyone sees but is not talking about. She point out that: “I am the illegal alien of commentary. I will do the jokes that no one else will do.” And: “A word to those of you out there who have yet to be offended by something I have said: Please be patient. I’m working as fast as I can.” And of course they like to win the argument even if it means fighting a weaker opponent. Jyeshta often has to watch that they don’t become bullies; in the case of Mercury in Jyeshta they can bully people with their words, ideas, logic, media. Ann Coulter puts it right out there when she admits: “I love to engage in repartee with people who are stupider than I am.”

Sun in Jyeshta Pada 1, Sagittarius Navamsha: Bold, expressive, sexy and attractive to the opposite sex. They express themselves in a fairly deep philosophical and psychologically penetrating way, even if some do happen to be airheads. They are usually well liked, or at least respected.  They typically work very hard for whatever they have. 

Sun in Jyeshta Pada 2, Capricorn Navamsha: They are at the top of their field, whatever it is they do. They work very hard to get there by merit, and experience and just getting up every day and doing it. They take responsibility for everything, take it all on themselves, and do everything without relying on anyone else.  They can often be relied on to do forbidden jobs, or the work that nobody else wants to do. It’s can be a dirty job, but someone has to do it. On the other hand they can also be lazy, sick, idle, cruel, fickle, stingy, and hated by people for the trouble they can create.

Sun in Jyeshta Pada 3, Aquarius Navamsha: They tend to find a unique niche in the marketplace and make a lot of money due to powerful connections. This position can make your gaols and dreams almost snowball in to great success. They might have many followers, but remain outside of society, these are the folks who will take responsibility or say the things that no one else is taking. They typically attain an high post despite not having any they typical prerequisites for the position. They have a special way of finding alternate routes to success. 

Sun in Jyeshta Pada 4, Pisces Navamsha: They will sacrifice everything for success. Often times moving to a foreign country to find it. They tend to shine in the backrooms while facing a lot of criticism from the society (or the public). 

Joseph Conrad (1), Semi Joseph Begun?? (electrical engineer (1)), Gary Gilmore (1), Jeff Bridges (1), Murray Rands (1), Albert Bandura (1), Ozzy Osbourne (1), Brittney Spears (1), Julianne Moore (1), Francis H. (1), Katyanna (1), Margaux G. (1), Kira M. (1),

Akbar the Great (2), Franco (2), General Custer (2), Tom Waits (2), Mike H. (2), David Carradine (3), Martina Klein (2), Alicia Machado (2), Ann Coulter (2), Sinead O’Connor (2), Kim Basinger (2), Seaborn Buckalew Jr (2), Jim Morrison (2), Dominic Monaghan (2), Werner Heisenberg (2), Noam Chomsky (2), Walt Disney (2), Mark Duplass (2), Evan MacKay (2), Axelle C. (3), Huaysil (2), Treya Code (2), Yvette L. (2),

Osho (3), Joseph Pilates (3), Kano Jigoro (founder of Judo (3)), Cecil Edward Bingham (3), Tins Ken (3), Peter Kropotkin (3), Kirk Douglas (3), Claude Riviere (thief (3)), Christina Onassis (3), Frank Sinatra (3),

King George VI of England (4), B.K.S. Iyengar (founder of Ashtanga (4)), Morihei Ueshiba (founder of Aikido (4)), Wade Davis (4), Robert Koch (4), Carl H. Brans (4), Anu Shah (4), John Milton (4), Terry MacKinnell (4), Dick Van Dyke (4), Phillip Drinker (iron lung inventor (4)), Adam Brody (4), Rachel Entwistle (4), Emily Carr (4), Jaya Mertens (4),Adrianna T. (4), Ian Scriven (4), Joseph K. Nepal (4), Kristina H. (4),

Sun in Jyeshta 1st house:

Rules the 10th house for Scorpio ascendant.

“All is not lost, the unconquerable will, and study of revenge, immortal hate, and the courage to never submit or yield.” “What is dark within me, illumine.” 

— John Milton

“Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.” 

— John Milton

Karako Bhavo Nashto: When the karaka (or signifying agent) of a house is placed the house of his significations it destroys the results of that house. This brings too much attention to the individual; as if the whole world revolves around them. They will have a strong personality, but they will be inflexible and it will be difficult for them to consider others. (Sun is the Karaka for the 1st, 9th & 10th houses.) When Sun is in this position it can be especial hard for them to work with others. They are extremely individualistic; life is said to be between themselves and god which makes it hard for them to conduct the necessary compromise to include someone else into their life. 

Phala Deepika: Sun in 1st leaves the person with “very little hair on their head, makes him inactive, short tempered, impetuous, tall haughty, has soiled eyes and a lean body. He is valiant, impatient and cruel hearted.”

Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 1st house native “has thin hair, shows laziness in doing things, tends to be angry, has a very extreme temperament, is sensual or amorous, has diseases eyes, bodily dryness, is brave, lacks spirit of forgiveness and is cruel.” “They will suffer from bilious disorders: fever, chicken pox, croup, TB, irregular bowel movements (diarrhoea or constipation). He does not adjust well to those around him because he does not wish to conspire against anyone, and because he his frank and clear in his speech. They are prone to sudden anger but it’s short lived. He leads a life of freedom and independence as he does not like to lose his sense of originality which is lost when he works under others. They generally have righteous and moral conduct.”

B.V. Raman: Sun in the 1st house: “Strong moral nature, righteous minded, ambitious, love for power and tends to be well supported by good health and vitality. Cheerfulness and optimistic temperament help to ensure popularity. It adds respect to the personality and. Gives lofty motives. If with Saturn or Mars, it indicates scars and a hot constitution. The blood becomes impure and will be itches all over the body: fevers, inflammations and eye afflictions should also be anticipated.”

Chamatkar Chintamani: Sun in the 1st house: “The native is tall, distressed with wife, children and brethren. He suffers from biliousness; and who in foreign land, from financial ups and downs. The native with Sun in Lagna is issueless, happy, cruel, has poor appetite and defective sight. He is bold, modest, actor, studious, diligent, and is well placed in society. He makes progress and gets good luck. If in Pisces, the native develops connection with many women. If in Leo, he suffers night-blindness. The native is strong. If Sun is in masculine signs he will have few children and be discontented. If in female signs he will have a large family and be contented and happy. If in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius (fire signs) he is bold, unhappy and courteous; he may get measles or small pox in childhood. If in Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces he may be an actor. If in Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Pisces the native is a scholar and a virtuous man. If in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn the native will work as an underdog. Sun in Cancer attracts him to his family. Sun in scorpio makes him a good doctor. If in fire signs the native is ambitious, short-tempered, dominating and sober. If in earthy signs the native is vain, impertinent, moody. Airy signs makes the native just, large-hearted, and has artistic and literary taste. Water signs draw him to women forgetting personal good. The sun during summer solstice bring disputes and makes him ego-centric and selfish. In winter solstice promotes divinity in the native. If exalted, well aspected or associated gives faith, confidence, natural ambition, positions of trust and influence and supports moral growth.”

BPHS: 10th lord in the 1st house: “The native will be learned, famous, a poet. Will incur disease in childhood but be happy later. Wealth will increase day by day.”

B.V. Raman: 10th lord in the 1st house: “The native rises by sheer dint of perseverance. He will seek a profession of independence, they become famous, a pioneer in his field of work, and he may found an institution or engage himself in social projects.”

Commentary: Charismatic mysterious leader. May be a revolutionary force for change. Highly individualistic people who develop their own style with oneself at the centre of the universe. They are typically quiet spiritual in their endeavours and known for their intelligence and the confidence they radiate. They are always at the centre of every thing and people easy rally around them to protect them. It’s often as if they have some protective spirits taking care of them. At some point in their life they will master the kundalini and capable of accessing a hidden source of power. What else can we say about this star studded lineup? They do their own thing and they don’t give a damn what anyone says. They are masters of the Art of Not Giving a Fuck.

Afflictions could make them a bit dangerous. Sun – Moon conjunction add some extra cruelty and the debilitated moon can really set them off in a very physical and emotionally cruel way.

John Milton: It’s notable that Sun in ascendant makes him like a king of the underground; but Mars, the ruler of his ascendant is also in Purva Bhadrapada in the 4th house which could be said to be the place where we reign supreme. The fourth house is our castle, our home. Purva Bhadrapada is often depicted as the devil himself; it’s said to be the most diabolical nakshatra.

    • Noam Chomsky (2), John Milton (4), Morihei Ueshiba? (founder of Aikido (4)), Kano Jigoro (founder of Judo (3)), Peter Kropotkin (Founder of a school of Anarchism (3)), Mike H. (2), Tom Waits (2), Frank Sinatra (“I did it my way” (3)), Sinead O’Connor (2), Kira M. (1), Dick Van Dyke (4), Gary Gilmore (1), Sun conjunct Moon: General Custer (2), King George VI of England (4),  Claude Riviere (thief (3)), Anu Shah (4),

Sun in Jyeshta 2nd house:

Rules the 11th house for Libra ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Sun in 2nd house will “deprive the native of learning, modesty and riches; and it will cause him to stammer.”

Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 2nd houses “causes the native to remain without wealth, progeny and conveyance. They are intelligent, jealous of virtuous people, and living in another mans house.” “They are endowed jewels, gold, and silver; gifted in rhetoric, witty, and capable of winning one his enemy through courteous conduct.” “If there is even little malefic influence on this sun then the native will suffer diseases to the mouth and disorders to the eyes. Their fat will be copper coloured. They pay close attention to the cleanliness of the house and the orderly maintenance of things. They will clash often with their own people, speech is commanding, family is large, and eyes are red. There occurs enmity between brothers when the division of paternal property is made.” “Sun conjunct Moon in 2nd house can give alcohol addiction.”

B.V. Raman: Sun in the 2nd house “is not a favourable position. Losses will occur from offending authorities. He will have a diseased face. He will obtain money by industrious effort. The nature of the income depends on the nature of the sign. He will be stubborn and peevish.”

BPHS: 11th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be endowed with all kinds of wealth and accomplishments, will be charitable, religious and always happy.”

B.V. Raman: 11th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will live with his elder brother. Benefics will give harmonious relations. Malefic cause domestic bickering, but common dwelling. The native will earn through commercial concerns and banking ventures. Business with friends can bring big profits, but if excessive malefic influence, these friends can bring big losses.”

Commentary: Excellent for the wealth of a powerful family.

    • B.K.S. Iyengar (4), Ozzy Osbourne (1), Walt Disney (2), Noam Chomsky (2), Emily Carr (4), 2nd from Moon: Adam Brody (4), Dick Van Dyke (4), Sinead O’Connor (2), Kano Jigoro (founder of Judo (3)), Seaborn Buckalew Jr (2),

Sun in Jyeshta 3rd house:

Rules the 12th house for Virgo ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Sun in 3rd house will make a person “strong, brave, wealthy and generous, but unfriendly towards relatives.”

Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 3rd house “gives sweet speech and makes a person very rich. One has conveyances and the joy of doing virtuous deeds. They have servants, a few brothers and are strong and healthy.” “It makes a person valiant and vigorous, quick in taking decisions which are often correct. They are rich in religious mentality, sattvic, they do hard penance and is and ascetic without malice, a benefactor to others. They are exceptionally enthusiastic in doing things and they achieve fame due to their virtues. They follow their plan with steadfast mind and firm determination; they do not change plans very often. This is not auspicious for younger brothers and may be the cause of death to elder brothers.” 

B.V. Raman: Sun in the 3rd house “Makes the person courageous. The mind becomes resourceful and restive; successful. Bad for brothers if afflicted. Discredit through letters. Sun in 3rd house is one of the strong points of the horoscope.”

BPHS: 12th lord in the 3rd house: “The native is devoid of fraternal bliss, will have hatred for other people, will promote self-nourishment and be self-centred.”

B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 3rd house: “He will be timid and quiet, Loss of brother is shown. He will be shabbily dressed. If afflicted by malefic he may develop ear ailments. He may have to spend much money on younger brothers. As a writer he may be unsuccessful. He may work in some common-place job and earn very little. If conjunct the 2nd lord and aspected by Jupiter they may have more than one wife.”

    • Wade Davis (2), Akbar the Great (2), Franco (2), Joseph Pilates (3), General Custer (2), 3rd from Moon: Werner Heisenberg (2), Walt Disney (2), David Carradine (3),  Ann Coulter (2),

Sun in Jyeshta 4th house:

Rules the 1st house for Leo ascendant.

Uttamadi (Dhana) Yoga: Moon is in a Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th) from Sun. “The persons wealth, learning, efficiency, and ??? will be ordinary.”

Phala Deepika: Sun in the 4th house person will be “born without happiness, relatives, lands, friends or a house to live in. He will serve the ruler and waste away the ancestral property.”

Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 4th “causes one to be devoid of happiness, conveyance, wealth. Paternal property is squandered and they will change residence many times.” “This position can also bring fame and praise in society, of higher status and a position of rank in comparison with other people of the community.”

B.V. Raman: Sun in the 4th house “Makes one generally unhappy and mentally worried. He will be roaming about. Promises some inheritance. He will have interest in occult or philosophical studies. In the political field, success is difficult. There will be obstacles in life if Saturn or Mars influence this Sun.”

BPHS: 1st lord in the 4th house: “Blessed with maternal and paternal happiness, many brothers, lascivious, lusty, virtuous and charming. They will take care of their body, adorn it and always seek to improve their personality. They tend to be emotionally sensitive.” Vahana Yoga: 1st lord in the 4th, 9th, or 11th house. “The person comes to own vehicles or other material comforts.”

B.V. Raman: 1st lord in the 4th house: “There will be happiness from parents, many brothers, materialistic, well built, fair looking and well behaved. With benefice aspects he will acquire considerable landed properties, especially through maternal sources. He will be rich, happy, famous and commands a number of conveyances.”

    •  Robert Koch (4), Jeff Bridges (1), 4th from Moon

Sun in Jyeshta 5th house:

Rules the 2nd house for Cancer ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Sun in 5th house person will be “bereft of happiness, riches and children and will be short lived. They will be intelligent and tour the forest regions.”

Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 5th house person is “a devotee of Shiva & Parvati. They have a few issues and get happiness, but are devoid of wealth, doers of inauspicious deeds and have and erroring mind; mistaken intelligence.” “There can be great fear of abortion or miscarriage. Any slight malefic influence on this Sun can give disease of the heart or liver. Their power of intelligence is typically strong, but they can be careless with the exhilaration of an holy man.”

B.V. Raman: Sun in the 5th house “Deprives the person of children, riches and happiness. His life will be short. He will suffer from heart disease, will roam about in forests regions; a mountaineer. Denotes difficult child birth.”

BPHS: 2nd lord in the 5th house: “The native will be wealthy and his sons will be intent on earning wealth.”

B.V. Raman: 2nd lord in the 5th house: “Hating family, sensual, not spending money even on children, lacks manners or etiquette. If well-fortified there will be unexpected acquisition of wealth through lotteries, crosswords or the favour of rulers.”

Commentary: They are very confident performing in front of others and gathering a group around themselves; possible a group of students of children. They are very bright and theatrical. They might be somewhat anti-government doing performances that make the king look like a fool. Of course this also implies that one is oneself more intelligent than the king.   

    • Cecil Edward Bingham (3), 5th from Moon: Albert Bandura (1), Robert Koch (4), Carl H. Brans (4),

Sun in Jyeshta 6th house:

Rules the 3rd house for Gemini ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Sun in 6th can make a person into “a famous king of good qualities; wealthy and victorious against enemies.” “Fear of fever.”

Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 6th house native “remains happy, destroys their enemies, are strong and have expensive nice conveyance. They are valiant a valorous and are a minister to the king.” “Brings evil to the uncles (mother’s brothers) and cattle. As strong sun gives strong resistance to disease, but one will have to experience that themselves. They will have a strong digestion. If the Sun is strongly afflicted here he can bring serious disease of the heart, cancer, bones, back-ache, urinary diseases. These are typically the diseases we have to learn to live with rather than those that kill us as represented in the 8th house.”

B.V. Raman: Sun in the 6th house “The person becomes a good politician, famous and successful. Not very good for health. If afflicted, there will be a long troublesome illness. If well fortified, good administrative ability, few enemies, wealthy, and generally successful in all endeavours. Affliction by Saturn indicates heart trouble or chest pain unless the affliction is relieved by Jupiter.”

BPHS: 3rd lord in the 6th house: “Inimical to brother, very wealthy, enmity with maternal uncle but love for maternal aunt.” 

B.V. Raman: 3rd lord in the 6th house: “Hates brothers and relatives and has difficulty through them. Becomes rich, Maternal relatives will suffer. Accepts illegal gratifications. If well disposed, the younger brother joins the army. One of the brothers becomes a successful physician. If the 6th lord also conjoins, the native becomes either a sportsman, physical cultures, or an athlete. If the 6th and 3rd are both afflicted he will suffer from diseases and be tormented by enemies and he will himself be deceitful.”

Commentary: Narrative of controversy. Very confident in argumentation, they are very good psychologists capable of analysing and laying out the problem; and using their personal charisma to get out of problems and providing intelligent solutions. They might show signs of being ill, they can be difficult to work with. They might have knowledge of emergency medicine and well as the importance of providing very individualised remedial measures. 

    • Semi Joseph Begun?? (electrical engineer (1)), Brittney Spears (1), Julianne Moore (1), Dominic Monaghan (2), 6th from Moon: Mark Duplass (2), Mike H. (2), Terry MacKinnell (4), Dominic Monaghan (2), Tom Waits (2), Martina Klein (2), Joseph Conrad (1), Murray Rands (1), Evan MacKay (2),

Sun in Jyeshta 7th house:

Rules the 4th house for Taurus ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Sun in the 7th will cause one “to suffer the displeasure of rulers and be disabled. He will wander without wife and suffer humiliation.”

Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 7th house person “remains without property, his body seems lacklustre; he is fearful and diseased, bad natured, remains distressed due to fear of royal punishment and has a weak body.” “Exceptional wealth can occasionally be found by establishing an industry in partnership with someone else.” 

B.V. Raman: Sun in the 7th house: “The native will be fair and have thinking hair. He will have few friends and finds difficulty getting along with other people. Marriage is delayed and troubled. He will be fond of traveling and have lose morals. He likes foreign things and unique things. His wife character will be of questionable and the native runs the risk of disgrace through women. He will incur the displease of government and suffer humiliation. He will be deformed.”

Chamatkar Chintamani: Sun in the 7th house: “The native has strained relations with his wife, he’s is diseased, mentally tense, little profit in business and rivalry with the people; insomnia. The native is sick and his wife suffers. Despite efforts in business he fails to earn enough. The wife is everything to this native and he losses his own individuality to her. He is afraid of the king, suffers sickness and has many enemies. Jealous of the women folk and therefore he slights them. He is short tempered and wicked. Always quarrels with the wife making the whole family unhappy. Scorned by the women folk always. The wife of such a native is not faithful and devoted to him; he himself is wicked and suffered from syphilis and diabetes and does not get children’s happiness. Sun in 7th delays marriage and there is no happiness in married life. He has two wives. Travels abroad in the 25th year, takes uneatable food and suffers; he is jolly and criticises women-folk; he is foolish and destructive. If the Sun is in own sign or is strong he is loyal to his wife; if poorly placed he is a polygamist. According to western thought Sun in 7th stands for an ambitious partner with a beneficial influence in life, promising personal and financial gain. If well aspected the partner will feel independent, be of sound moral integrity, harmony seeking and will have happiness in married life. Afflicted sun will bring trouble through pride subject to the nature of aspects or other influences. 7th house stands for love, marriage, husband, wife, public enemies, law suits, partnership in trade, travel, happiness, children for the second wife, son-in-law, relatives, ways and means of merchandise. Sun in Aries, Leo, Capricorn in the 7th house is not favourable. If in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius the native gets the highest education, is an expert in administration and law, promotes music, art and literature, has few or no children. Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius brings two marriages. May get a late marriage with difficulty. They love their independence too much. Feminine signs like Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn brings gain in business; they fight elections. Sun in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces makes the native a doctor or an engineer. As a rule the wife of the native will be impressive, good at public dealings, a good hostess, kind to servants and helpful to her partner. She is good looking but high fisted. The sun in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, brings dishonour to husband. If this Sun in a water or earth sign gives success in life and in service only up to age 50. This Sun in masculine signs gives many ups and down; may loose their wife in their early 50s and denies a second marriage. Few children if in masculine signs; many if in feminine signs.”

BPHS: 4th lord in the 7th house: “The native will be highly learned in various branches of knowledge, will be apt to leave paternal property, and will be akin to the dumb in an assembly. The native lacks the capacity of expressing his ideas and does. Not have greed for paternal property. He finds some other person, a brother perhaps, who can bear the responsibility.”

B.V. Raman: 4th lord in the 7th house: “Generally happy: will command houses and lands. Will heck out a livelihood in distant lands or close to birthplace depending on wether the 7th house has a fixed or a movable sign.”

    • Christina Onassis (3), Claude Riviere (thief (3)),  Osho (3), Werner Heisenberg (2), 7th from Moon: Kirk Douglas (3), Franco (2), Jeff Bridges (1), Phillip Drinker (iron lung inventor, railroad doctor (4)), Rachel Entwistle (4), Alicia Machado (actress, singer, model (2)), Morihei Ueshiba (founder of Aikido (4)), Julianne Moore (1), Akbar the Great (2),

Sun in Jyeshta 8th house: Rule the 5th house for Aries ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Sun in the 8th will cause “loss of wealth and friends, and one will be short lived. Eyesight will be defective or lost.” “Death from fire, high fever, bile or weapon.”

Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 8th house “gives small eyes, eye disease is possible. The native has many enemies, is wrathful, dull witted, has scarce wealth and a weak body.” “Dim eye-sight, loss of paternal wealth, mental anguish and suffering, deprivation of good conduct and decay of vitality. They lack enthusiasm and liveliness and they may suffer broken bones. Gives distress and adversity in old age.” 

B.V. Raman: Sun in the 8th house: “If in exaltation he lives long, he’s charming and an eloquent speaker. If this Sun is afflicted he will be troubled by sores on the face and head and be disgruntled with life. His eyes will be weak. He will suffer penury and an uneventful life. If associated with the 8th or the 11th he may gain monetary benefits suddenly or through speculation. He will have limited progeny; mostly males.”

BPHS: 5th lord in the 8th house: “The native will have less porgenic happiness, will be troubled by cough and pulmonary or respiratory disease, will be give to anger and devoid of happiness.”

B.V. Raman: 5th lord in the 8th house: “Paternal property will be lost due to debts. There will be extinction of the family. The native will suffer from lung trouble. He will be peevish and unhappy, but not poor.”

    • Carl H. Brans (4), Joseph Conrad (1), Anu Shah (4), Albert Bandura (1), 8th from Moon: B.K.S. Iyengar (4), Jim Morrison (2),

Sun in Jyeshta 9th house:

Rules the 6th house for Pisces ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Sun in the 9th house causes one to “lose their father, but the one will have children and relatives and revere the gods and brahmins.”

Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 9th house “keeps the person engaged in doing the rites of his religion and endowed with noble and excellent intellect. Happiness from son and friends, but enmity towards mothers family.” “A strong Sun gives a religious attitude, patriotism, ascetic with reverence for elders and teachers. Their sons make good progress, their partner is virtuous, and their fathers heath is sound, and he himself is long-lived. Reputed for good and virtuous deeds, and gets distinctions from the king, and collects great wealth.”

B.V. Raman: Sun in the 9th house: “The native may change his faith if the Sun is afflicted or poorly placed. He will show hostel feelings towards his father and lack respect for elders and preceptors. If Sun is not afflicted he will be a dutiful son with regard for spiritual pursuits. If conjunct Moon: eye troubles. With Venus: sickness and ailments. Health will be ordinary and the native gets little patrimony. He will be ambitious and enterprising.”

BPHS: 6th lord in the 9th house: “The native will trade in wood and stones and confront many fluctuations in trade. Whenever the 6th and 9th houses are related in all way, rises and falls in fortune will be a frequent part of this natives destiny.”

B.V. Raman: 6th lord in the 9th house: “If well fortified, father becomes a judge. The maternal uncle becomes highly fortunate. The will be misunderstandings with one’s father. There will be benefits from cousins. If afflicted: poverty, sinful acts, misfortune through relatives, ungrateful towards preceptor and engagement in unrighteous deeds. If moderate affliction the native becomes a mason, timber merchant or stone cutter.”

    • Ann Coulter (2), Mark Duplass? (2), Martina Klein (2) 9th from Moon: Joseph Pilates (3), Wade Davis (4),

Sun in Jyeshta 10th house:

Rules the 7th house for Aquarius ascendant. Digbala

Phala Deepika: Sun in the 10th “will bless the native with sons, vehicles, tributes, wisdom, wealth, strength and fame. They will rise to kingship.”

Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 10th house “endows the native with right intellect and wisdom, wealth, conveyance, royal favour, and the happiness of a son. They give reverence to saints and are endowed with gems and jewels.” “If there is no malefic influence they get fame, benefits and profits from government. Favourable for father. They like to celebrate festivals and marriages with great pomp and show.”

B.V. Raman: Sun in the 10th “The native get success in all his undertakings, will have sons, vehicles, fame, intelligence, money and power. He will be strong and happy and employed in government service. He will get ancestral wealth, be fond of music and have person magnetism.”

BPHS: 7th lord in the 10th house: “The natives wife will not remain under his control. The native himself will be religious and gifted with wealth and sons etc.”

B.V. Raman: 7th lord in the 10th house: “The native will flourish in a profession abroad or his career might involve constant travelling. One will have a devoted and faithful partner who is also likely to be employed and contributing the family income, or be helpful to the natives career. If afflicted, the native partner may be over-ambitious, but without sufficient capacity. Consequently, the natives career may suffer and deteriorate.”

Commentary: Entitled to lead. Frank Sinatra: “I did it my way.” It can be a little my way of the highway about things.

    • Seaborn Buckalew Jr (2), King George VI of England? (4), Phillip Drinker (iron lung inventor, railroad doctor (4)), David Carradine (3), 10th from Moon: Cecil Edward Bingham (3), Frank Sinatra (3), Peter Kropotkin (3), Semi Joseph Begun?? (electrical engineer (1)),

Sun in Jyeshta 11th house:

Rules the 8th house for Capricorn ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Sun in the 11th “will grant the native longevity and wealth. He will be the ruler and know no sorrows.”

Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 11th house “native has a love for music and singing. He has a great interest in completing virtuous deeds. They are rich and receive glory, honour and profit from the king.” “This person makes big plans and achieves success. They can be ambitious, make huge profits, get favours from powerful friends, and attain a place of distinction in society.”

B.V. Raman: Sun in the 11th house: “The person lives fora long time and becomes wealthy. He will have wife, children and servants. He gets royal and governmental favour and achieves success without much effort. He will be sagacious and principled.”

BPHS: 8th lord in the 11th house: “Devoid of wealth, miserable in boyhood, but happy later in life. If the 8th lord is conjunct a benefic they will be long lived.” 

B.V. Raman: 8th lord in the 11th house: “Elder brother may pass through a difficult time; relationship with him will be strained and troubled. Or the elder brother may cause anguish to the native and his family though his unscrupulous behaviour and conduct. Business may suffer losses and run into debts. If benefics have influence there will be trouble, but the native gets help from friends and older brother to overcome. Afflictions will aggravate the malefic results.”

Commentary: Gain from occult, research, hidden friends in high places. My be the central figure of a large group of mysterious people.

Auto-immmune problems. Lupus??

    • Adam Brody (4), Terry MacKinnell (4), Alicia Machado (actress, singer, model (2)), Kirk Douglas (3), Rachel Entwistle (4), Kim Basinger (2), Jim Morrison (2),  11th from Moon: Gary Gilmore (1), Brittney Spears (1), Christina Onassis (3),

Sun in Jyeshta 12th house:

Rules the 9th house for Sagittarius ascendant.

Dasi-Prabhava Yoga: “Sun & Moon are both debilitated, or both in opposition to Saturn. “The person might be the child of a female slave or house-hold maid.”

Phala Deepika: Sun in the 12th house “will cause discord between the native and his father, defect his vision, leaving him without wealth or children.”

Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 12th house “causes the eyesight of the native to be weak, his ideas clash with the father and the mind bends towards improper conduct and thinking is opposed to every accepted assumption and common sense.” “This is an inauspicious place for the Sun: eye trouble, bodily pain, trouble to the uncle, losses and troubles in travel. They may be educated in a foreign country, have trouble with the government, and think about thing opposed to morality and religion. These natives are selfless, have the spirit of renunciation, are of wrathful disposition and remain as if intoxicated. If this sun has malefic influences they may suffer kidney stones, failure in politics and have to visit a prison.” Sun conjunct Moon in the 12th house can give alcohol addiction. Additional malefic influence will certainly give problems to the eyes and heart.”

B.V. Raman: Sun in the 12th house: “The native may take to an immoral life and engage himself in vile occupations. He will not be quite successful in life and may feel neglected by all. He may suffer the loss of some time and have poor eyesight. He will however, be energetic and have sons.”

BPHS: 9th lord in the 12th house: “Will incur loss of fortunes, will always spend his money on auspicious acts and will become poor spending money to entertain guests. When Jupiter is here they will be very generous and spend much money with the desire to increase their fame. They spend lavishly on entertaining guests without care for finances.”

B.V. Raman: 9th lord in the 12th house: “Gives a poor back-ground. The native will suffer much and have to work very hard in life; even then success will not come to him. He will be religious and noble but always in want. Father may die early leaving the native penniless.”

    • Evan MacKay (2), 12th from Moon: Kim Basinger (2), Emily Carr (4), John Milton (4), Ozzy Osbourne (1), Osho (3), 

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