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Aquarius Transits 2016

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Ketu in 1st house Aquarius

Ketu in the first house makes a very good spokesperson. Ketu in this position can create a kind of self negating attitude making it easy for him to play whatever role is assigned to him by his more determined Rahu partners. Ketu in 1st does not have to believe or even accept something in order to promote or represent it. During February and March when the Sun transits Aquarius, this could create conditions of being dominated by ones partnerships (be they romantic or business) since the 7th owner will be in 1st house. Since it’s the Sun conjunct Ketu with Mars aspecting, this dominance is likely to feel cruel, aggressive and perhaps arising as a sudden burst of energy (Sun Mars Ketu).

Ketu and Mars will both be looking at the 5th house which, by their combined heat, can cause difficulties in productive capability even though things may get off to a good start. Mercuries Transit thru Capricorn in February can also signify some lose of production or productive capability. This could also signify some political tensions.

Rahu in 7th house Leo

Rahu will bring his strong appetite into 7th house matters of durable relationship, partnership and trade after January when he moves into Leo. On one hand this position can have material benefits associated with this house which can be summed up as dealing with others, but on the other hand Rahu can disturb our most important relationships. Rahu drishti on 11th and 3rd houses will also give a boost to gainful friendships and networking circles. Jupiter conjunct Rahu in Leo should offer expansive trade networks, gain and durable prosperity since he rules the two main houses of wealth (the 2nd and 11th) and will be transiting the house of trade. Since he is, however, six houses away from his second house Sagittarius, durable prosperity might not come without fight. (Generally speaking, this sort of arrangement is likely to have something to do with why couples so often fight over their savings: 7th house is 6th from the 2nd.) By his drishti on the 11th and 3rd houses, Jupiter will promote a hopeful attitude as well as a sense of nobility in his efforts to get things started. Although some long term trade agreement is possible, you can be sure that the devil (Rahu, the greatest malefic and Raksha) will have some hand in the details. Saturn is looking at the 7th house reinforcing the idea that Capricorns could be making unsavoury trade deals, alliances, or partnership agreements.

Saturn in 10th house Scorpio (conjunct Mars)

For Capricorn’s, Saturn in 10th house signifies some occupation in foreign or isolated lands since the 1st house (your self) and 12th house (foreign places) owner is transiting the 10th house of occupation. Delays are possible in this regard since saturn rules delays, and the Mars conjunction (which will be off and on until September) suggests some frustration. However, since Mars will be in his own house occupation should continue. This is a positive placement for Capricorns who work in the oil industry, with machines, and other destructive labour related jobs. As 3rd house owner, Mars will also be bringing your effort into the 10th house.

Saturn and Mars are both looking at the 4th house, which will bring fighting and frustration into the home, and in February, Venus, the ruler of 4th house will be transiting the 12th house. It’s fair to say that home happiness will be lost in this period. In many ways, this merely reinforces the idea of going away for work, but it also suggests difficulties in the home and with parents though from this perspective things might not be so bad since Venus, the ruler of 4th house Taurus will be Transiting the 9th house from the 4th house which is the lucky house for parents and the home.

Capricorn Transits in Spring 2016: Vedic Astrology


 Rahu in 8th house Leo conjunct Jupiter (Moon will be full here of February 24th)

8th house is giving strong indications of involvement with people over seas and foreigners. Rahu and Jupiter both naturally give indications of travel, and for Capricorns, Jupiter’s rulership of the 12th house (foreign travel) and the 3rd house (short trips) gives him added strength as karaka of travel. 8th house, of course, indicated overseas travel. Rahu is also looking at the 12th house house. The full moon here on February 24th will give an additional boost to overseas trade (7th owner in 8th house); though on the other hand, the conjunction with Rahu as well as the aspect of Saturn, such a moon can indicate secret activity by ones partner.

Rahu will be intensifying efforts to uncover secrets or to discover hidden resources. Since 8th house is 2nd from 7th it can also indicate partners wealth towards which one may be projecting their desires. Rahu generally likes being in the Moksha trine (4th, 8th, & 12th houses) since his habits of copious consumption can free you from the past. Working thru the 8th house, Rahu can trigger sudden changes from which one cannot go back. The 8th house, popularly known as the house of death is sometimes described as the house where our emotional deaths and rebirths can be seen (especially when counting from the moon ascendant (Chandra Lagna). Rahu and Jupiter will both be looking at the 12th house which suggests and increase in expenditure, but since Jupiter is looking at his own house in this case, expenses may be of the charitable kind.

Jupiter’s look on the 4th house suggests some positive expansion in the home and well as some gain in wealth, though Rahu will be sure to cause some disturbance.

Saturn in 11th house Scorpio (conjunct Mars)

Mars is ruler of the 4th house of home transiting his own sign in the 11th house (Mars rules Aries and Scorpio). This generally signifies that 11th house gains will come from 4th house home. For Capricorn regions that could signify gains from oil or other chemical substances since this Saturn – Mars conjunction indicates such toxic substances; the sign of Scorpio suggests this gain will come from underground. This could also signify some questionable choices of friends as well as pessimism since friends and hopes are both significations of 11th house. Capricorns generally like to keep this things secret anyways because of the Scorpio nature of this house.

Saturn, Mars’ greatest enemy will be causing problems, stress and frustration, but Saturn is also owner of 1st and 2nd houses which should produce gains from reinvesting liquid assets (2nd house) as well as by dint of hard work, since 1st house rulership suggest that ones whole body and personality will go into making gains. You may be feeling somewhat cut-throat in this regard. Saturn will be providing a stabilizing (and perhaps conservative) influence on your health and personality thru his 3rd look on the 1st house. The difficulties of this placement may be most strongly felt on the 5th house of creative production, children, intelligence, sports and politics since both of these malefic planets will be aspecting here without any benefic influence. These aspects are very likely to disturb the mind making meditation and calm reaction more difficult while also creating difficulties in the political arena. Overall production and creativity could experience a slump and one may experience some stress due to ones children.

Saturn’s look at the 8th house is likely to delay and discovery or perhaps taint 8th house indications with his uncaring ways.

Ketu in 2nd house (conjunct Sun)

I’ve mentioned before that this triple combination of the fiery planets affecting Aquarius is likely to create an explosive atmosphere. In this case the effects will likely be felt by your ancestral family, the banks, investment properties, and in the way these things form the face we show to the world. Get ready to show a new face, the transformation could be quick while the Sun transits this house with Mars looking on. Ketu’s influence might mean that the change of face feels very natural for you while many of your friends could find it quite surprising and perhaps a little unusual or out of character.

Mars and Ketu are both looking at the 6th house which suggests some kind of accident is possible or perhaps a surgery to the throat or arms or for some neurological condition (as suggested by Gemini). Globally, the impact is likely to be felt in communication sectors and other ways that we reach out to the world. Since the 6th house signifies enemies, it’s likely that they too will feel the heat of this combination.

Mercury and Venus, as owners of 5th and 9th houses will be adding extra support for Capricorns thru luck and intelligence in the early part of the year.

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Libra transits for early 2016 – February -March

For other signs and 2015 horoscope follow this link.


11th house: Rahu & Jupiter in Leo (Full moon February 24th, 2016)

Rahu, the shadowy planet signifying some of our strongest desires and urges goes into the 11th house signifying hopes, gains, and friendships. The triple conjunction with the full Moon (on February 24th), Jupiter and Rahu is likely to set the stage for large political gatherings that might not be completely peaceful since the peace loving moon will be afflicted by Rahu as well as Saturn. The popular support afforded by moon will be there non-the-less. The Guru Chandal Yoga formed by Rahu’s conjunction with Jupiter is likely to decrease Jupiter’s ability to offer a broad humanistic perspective. Rahu will not, however, compromise ones ability for gain. Rahu, a head without a body, has an insatiable desire for gain and will likely continue his pursuit despite the obstacles of nobility and righteousness presented by Jupiter. Look also for some shadowy friends to enter the scene during Rahu’s year and a half transit of this house. Wandering with many different kinds of people is also likely by this configuration. Rahu will be giving a look to the 3rd house and the 7th house which will also fan the flames of desire, especially in in 7th house matters like love, relationships, partnerships and trade. As owner of 3rd house looking at 3rd house, Jupiter will be providing good support for 3rd house matters which should maintain some sense of humanity in regards to ones efforts. And with this 3rd house owner living in the 11th house, efforts will certainly go into making gains and making friends. However, as 6th house owner, Jupiter is sure to bring some dispute with friends as well.

Saturn 2nd house Scorpio (conjunct Mars)

As owner of 4th and 5th houses, Saturn acts as Raja Yoga Karaka for Libra Ascendants. Saturn’s role is, however to delay things and make us work hard for the things we want in life. 2nd house things like savings, land holdings, and collections, will likely be delayed. A reasonable placement in your chart should allow him to come thru for you in the end, but in the mean time you might find yourself surveying and organizing what you already have. It’s a period of taking stock. When Mars comes into this house, he will bring a lot of energy into collecting and saving, but as an enemy of Saturn, frustration is likely to result. From a global perspective, it’s likely that there could be some disputes over the trading and collection of oil. There could also be a kind of taking stock of ones homeland 4th lord Saturn in 2nd) and perhaps aggressively seeking expansion (mars in 2nd) thru trade and partnerships (7th house). Saturn casts a sorrowful look to 4th house (making emotion dry and bureaucratic), 8th house (hidden things or sudden events) along with mars which could cause some life changing event, and 11th house (gains, friends, and hopes) signifying a restriction of ones hopes.

Ketu in 5th house Aquarius (March 9th)

The Sun – Ketu conjunction with Mars and Jupiter looking on is likely to be provoking strong reaction by mind rather than any kind of well thought out plan. The full moon aspecting this conjunction from the 11th house on feb 24th could have a cooling effect on the mind, the ego, the political arena; but the next couple of weeks will see all the planets aligning for big fight between the 5th and the 11th. On a personal level this could feel like a fight between your ego (sun has a kind of natural rulership of the fifth house and will be situated in the fifth house), and your more idealistic hopes (11th house). On a larger scale, it could become a fight between people and governments of Libra places. In this condition, I can say that the Sun is in trouble by March 9th, I still need to look at later in the year to see how it all works out, and of course everything will be felt in a very individual way. Ketu looks at the 1st and 9th houses, which can bring our some changes to ones belief system, which will of course have it’s effect on the personality as well.

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2015 Vedic Astrology Transit Horoscopes for all 12 signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio

Vedic Astrology transit horoscopes 2015 for the 12 signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Yearly horoscope based on Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. On July 14, 2015 Jupiter will move into Leo. The other three planets will remain in the same sign for the duration of the year. (Monthly horoscopes using the faster moving planets will be coming soon.)

Horoscopes are based on the rising signs, but similar results can be predicted using Moon sign as well. Transit timings and locations are based on Vedic sidereal calculations. If you don’t know your rising sign according to Vedic Astrology you can get find it in various locations on line or you can contact me directly for a more complete chart reading.

For a sneak peak of 2016 spring horoscope, click this link.

Note: After ever sentence below I could write: “depending on the condition of the planets in your chart, and the current dashas (periods) working in your life.” Many things can change and influence the transit indications I write about. Every horoscope I offer is also subject to arbitrary limits. In my yearly horoscope I completely ignore the movement of the faster moving planets as well as their nakshartra position, retrograde and other important factors. The amount of information that can be gathered through astrology is potentially limitless. Faced with human limitations of time and knowledge, I cannot discover every potential. Also, on account of these all too human limitations, I am prone to error on occasion, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes that are my own. I welcome correction and astrological insight as well as general feedback. You may also contact me if you would like to work with astrology on a deeper level to support your goals. Vedic astrology can offer some unique guidance on your path through both subtle and active means in you are willing to do the work.


Jupiter’s exaltation in your 4th house of home is creating some expansion of your home environment. This could be anything from home renovation to bringing a child into the home, or perhaps even a new roommate. Ketu’s look at the 4th house could support some uncommon occurrences in the home; some of which could keep the home expansion in check and restrict your expenditures. Jupiter will also be adding certain kind of respectability to your expenses; but your ego could also be heavily influencing where you are putting your time, money and energy.

It could be a difficult year for health with Saturn in your 8th house and Rahu in the 6th. Rahu could bring some acute illnesses, but he could also drive you to learn about and improve your health. Saturn may provide some incentive by giving you some fear that the relatively minor illnesses of gifted by Rahu cold turn into something more chronic. And we’re human, so this is always a possibility. Take care of your health, especially after Jupiter takes his benevolent look away from Saturn and your 8th and 12th houses in July.

2015 Transit indications for finance are not great for Aries and you could be facing some unexpected tasks at work that could mean working longer hours. Although these extra hours might not translate into extra pay, you might enjoy the work and receive some other kind of recognition. After Jupiter moves to Leo in July, you could experience some gain in wealth and/or knowledge.

Emotionally, the first half of 2015 should be accompanied by a happy feeling of contentment and satisfaction. You might even get on peoples nerves with your emotional self-satisfaction, especially since this feeling will be accompanied by some mental tension concerning your health and long-term security. After July it’s likely you’ll see yourself come back down to earth emotionally from some kind of learning or knowledge you will collect.

Despite the difficulties and tensions you will be facing, all of 2015 should be a lucky year for you. Your luck will be served by your emotions in the first half of the year while your mind will be lucky for you in the second half.


Your efforts will bear uncommon fruit. Look for some kind of spiritual metaphysical gain rather than hard currency, though with exalted Jupiter looking at his own 11th house it’s a good time for wealth too; especially the period before Jupiter makes his move in July. In the first half of the year, Jupiter will be expanding your efforts in unique and noble areas, but excessive pride from these efforts is also likely.

Saturn in your 7th house could be centering your fears around your relationships these days. This could cause you to question your path and yourself. Some friction in the home is also possibility. When Jupiter moves to Leo in July, some illness to your partner is a possibility. However with Jupiter moving into your 4th house, your home could be seeing some expansion, which could indicate children, but it could just as easily indicate some new ritual that is brought into the home.

Rahu will influence indulgent risk taking (gambling and love affairs and such), but it’s not a good time for gain from such things. Your mind will be feeling sharp and you’ll grasp things quickly and move on to the next. It’s up to you where you direct your mind. This could function as mental acumen or stress which cold have either positive or negative effect on your luck and personality.

Rahu and Saturn combined aspect on your ascendant in 2015 could cause some ailments which will arise with the movement of Venus as she makes her way to Scorpio by year’s end. If you have children, they could also be causing you some grief by their efforts.


Jupiter is in an excellent position for long term prosperity, saving, land investment and such. Ketu is giving his unusual touch to this and his influence could mean you pick some new routine that ensures long health of body and mind. But some kind of long-term financial prosperity is likely until Jupiter moves to Leo in July; at which point you may begin to use this new prosperity to fun your efforts for even greater gain.

You might feel like you’re wasting your money on your home right now. Perhaps rent is too high or tedious repairs are adding up. It’s likely everyone in the home is busy these days returning only for pragmatic purposes. On the other hand, Rahu’s look at 8th and 12th house opens the possibility for foreign travel.

Saturn in your 6th house means you have to watch out for small illnesses, which could hamper your health, especially after July when Jupiter takes his look away from Saturn. Some wasteful spending is also indicated this year by Saturn’s look at your 12th house.

Jupiter’s exaltation might cause you to idealize your partner and all of 2015 should be a good year for love and business partnerships if they can measure up to your ideal.


With Jupiter exalted in your sign the only thing you have to watch out for is your own inflated ego. Jupiter is an excellent position to show off your personality. Ketu’s look at your first house could add a touch of uniqueness to your personality, or he could restrict the natural expression of your personality. Your luck and your mind will also be experiencing the benefits of Jupiter’s location in your chart for the first half of the year.

After Jupiter moves into Leo, he’ll begin to give some positive influence to your savings and long-term investments. Your career should also see a boost, along with your health. All of 2015 is a good period to focus on eating healthier.

Ketu in your 9th house with Jupiter’s look in the first half of the year could set you on an uncommon path in life. Some unusual spirituality could also come up in this period.

Saturn could be interfering with your long term prosperity for now, but when Jupiter moves into your 2nd house these issues will mostly fade away in the broader perspective, though Saturn will continue to disturb your gains. Rahu could act as a counter balance in this regard, but gains and acquaintances will likely come from the wrong side of the tracks. It could be a difficult period for your mother, your children, and your younger brother.

Rahu will be making it hard to focus your efforts this month. You could be starting things without finishing them, or merely spreading your effort so thin that nothing gets accomplished. If Rahu is positive for your chart or you’re in a positive dasha period Rahu could help you complete the multitude of effort and bring very nice gain.


With Jupiter exalted in your 12th house until July, you may be feeling rather generous in gifting your time and/or money to charities or some cause you believe in. Ketu’s look on Jupiter is likely to add a touch of the unusual to whichever cause you choose to support. This same unusual effect of Ketu will be affecting your secret hobbies; your guilty pleasure will likely turn a little strange this year, but I wont tell anyone if you don’t. By Jupiter it’s likely that you will become involved with what is foreign to you (this could happen in your own country, or you could go somewhere for the experience) The second half of the year indicates some kind of pilgrimage travel.

Saturn will be having a negative effect on your home and home-happiness, which will be noticeable in your personality to those who know you. Jupiter will hold things together with his watchful eye until he moves in July, but be prepared for a bit of a bumpy ride in your home life for the second half of the year. If Saturn, Mars or the moon is negatively affected but strong in your chart this year, you could experience some fear and sadness.

The good news is that Jupiter’s entrance into Leo in July will open the doors for better luck, broader thinking, and a more congenial personality. Life will certainly feel better. As karaka for wealth he will be causing some disturbance to your own bottom-line during his stay in your 12th house. After July, expenditure should go down allowing you to better accumulate wealth. Saturn and Rahu will both be influencing long hours and hard work. Some chance of a career change is also possible this year.


Jupiter in your 11th house for the first part of the year should bring in some nice gain in fame, or knowledge, or even money depending on your own ideals. This gain is likely to come by way of your home and from pursuing your own deeper happiness. Some unusual relationship will also be influencing this gain. After Jupiter moves to your 12th house on July 22, you will experience an increase in your expenditure. It could be just the tax-man knocking for his share or you could be feeling charitable. In any case, your spending could be increasing your ego. Saturn could be providing the discipline to reign in your expenditures, but try to save something for a rainy day.

You could be a little lazy and contrary in your physical efforts while perhaps finding the dedication to continue with your longer term creative efforts in a stoic sort of way. It could a good year for meditation, but depending on your chart (on your own personality) you could feel some mental stagnancy.

You could face some problems with your father in 2015 and with your younger brother in the second half of the year. Your partner could be picking up some strange habits, and if you’re just starting out in a new relationship people could be laughing a little at your choice; by the end of July you may start understanding why.

You could find yourself becoming quite indulgent in the second half of the year; some criminal tendencies could arise. You need to be careful as your luck is also not so good. It should generally be a good year for your mother and older brother.


The first half of the year will be difficult financially gains will be less and even saving could go down while expenses are high. The good news is that it’s unlikely you will go into debt and some and your biggest expense could be the paying off of your debt. When Jupiter moves to Leo in the second half of the year, your gains are likely to improve, but you have to be careful that you are not increasing your income by increasing you debt again. Jupiter’s position in your 10th house in the first part of the year could get you a promotion or some other agreeable position of influence. The expanded duties could come with some benefits for long term security but it’s unlikely to be accompanied by a raise.

Be careful of colds and flus that are going around as you may be susceptible this year; especially for illnesses affecting the nasal and the stomach. In the second half of the year, there’s also some chance of an accident to your foot depending on the situation of Ketu and Jupiter in your chart; it might also be a good time to visit the dentist as Saturn could affect your teeth.

It could be a good year to make contact with older people of influence. And amongst your peers, you may take some classes for to improve your health (Ketu’s influence in your 6th house will attract you to holistic and alternative methods) or to rise in your occupation. And if you already have high position in your occupation, it’s a good year for teaching what you know.


Saturn could be afflicting your health, especially your knees, but you should take care of all the joints of your body these days. Some stomach problems are also likely to come up. Saturn’s influence in your first house could cause you to restrict your personality somehow. Perhaps you’ll go out a little less, or merely keep silent if you are out. Scorpios need to be aware of their partners (romantic liaisons, marriage and business partners) as all the houses in this regard are afflicted. The 7th house has Rahu and Saturn looking at it which could cause some illness to your partners. These same two planets have your 12th house hemmed in giving a negative effect to your night-time pleasures which includes everything from sex to sleep and other secrets of the night. Jupiter could however be giving you an indulgent sense of romance which could either be offset by Ketu’s constrictive nature or heightened by his strangeness.

Jupiter is in a very good place for pilgrimage travel until July. He will also be adding a bit of a golden touch to your effort which is being sustained by Jupiter. The whole year will be a good for making effort to do the things you want to do, and until July you can expect a bit of mind-expanding influence as well. After July Jupiter will move into Scorpio’s 10th house creating a big expansion of your occupation. Perhaps some training duties or some other noble task will come your way. In any case, you should see a rise in your ling term wealth and prosperity in 2015.

Ketu could be giving your some strange ideas this year; others will find it especially strange that you don’t even recognize the strangeness. This will reflect on your personality. Rahu should be happy in the 11th house of gains since he’s happy with almost everything.


Jupiter is in an excellent position for overseas travel, but it could relate poorly to your personality. Some unexpected money could also come your way in the first part of the year. Jupiter will still be in a very good position when he moves to Leo in July. Travel is still highlighted by this Jupiter, and though you could remain far from home, you may not be going overseas.

Saturn in your 12th house could be a wasteful time. Your actions (and even purchases) will likely cost much more than you expect. Although you can enjoy your time and travels by Jupiter, Saturn is warning against travelling to anywhere too foreign.

You may find your time well occupied with several different jobs going on at the same time. It could be a good time to take a service job to provide a little extra security. Ketu on the other hand could be restricting your enjoyment of all this activity. In any case, it will leave you question the result.


Jupiter is in an excellent position for you partner, wife/husband, business partner and other such people; but since Jupiter is looking at your 11th house, he could provide some gain for you as well. After Jupiter moves to Leo in July, it could become more the case that these people fund your expenditures than directly afford you gain. Jupiter will also be expanding your desires while Ketu adds his unusual touch to your efforts. Since Jupiter in also looking at your 1st house, he could also cause some friction between you and your partner since Jupiter and Saturn are not friends. On the other hand, this look could help you see a general rise in status.

Saturn in your 11th house cold have you trying to achieve wickedly materialistic hopes this year, and though you could make some progress in the first half of the year, once Jupiter takes his eye off this house you could find yourself facing disappointment. With Rahu and Saturn both looking at your 5th house you could find your creative productivity in a slump. Lack of inspiration could result.

Rahu will be adding some mystery to your personality as well as your mind. Even friends may question if they have you figured out as they thought. Some bad luck could come about in a way that forces you to believe in the occult and perhaps even seek remedies from this field.


Rahu will be influencing a strong interest in astrology and the occult, overseas travel and pretty much anything foreign. With Saturn in your 10th house disturbing your occupation as well as your reputation, and the two of them (Rahu and Saturn) looking at your 4th house, it’s a very good time to travel. Changing jobs is also a possibility; especially in the second half of the year. The good news is that there is a very good chance of gain as well as long-term prosperity from a partnership of group activities in the second part of the year.

Saturn’s disruption of your public profile could reflect in your home and partnership as well as your expenditure. Saturn often forces us to consider the strength of our commitments. Often times it’s a question of following our duty or following our heart, and although the virtues of the heart path are widely extoled, neither path is really any better than the other.

Jupiter in your sixth house could be giving you an interest in learning about your health or otherwise using knowledge to defeat your enemies. Long term gain from this action is to be expected. You could be following unusual eating habits this year as well; perhaps trying out different diets as you seek better health.


Jupiter is in an excellent position for student of anyone trying to expand his or her mind. Ketu look on Jupiter in the 5th house could stimulate some very unique thinking, but there’s some chance in this new way of thinking becoming a little too unique in the second half of the year. Some health problems in the first part of the year could cause you to seek a solution in the second half of the year. You could also start feeling forced to do service which is below you after July.

And don’t be surprised if people find your personality a little strange after July, chance could bing some strange circumstances for you to deal with, and along with the broad mind you will be sporting the first half of the year, the second half of the year could prove interesting for Pisces. Ketu could bring in some new age touch to your personality, but you have to be careful of the excesses desire being provided by Rahu.

Saturn can bring you some expenditure by bad luck, but also provide some gain through hard luck. You have to watch out for making some dirty effort for material gain; you could find yourself tempted (perhaps by a co-conspirator). You could face issues with your father of coworkers.

End note: Once again I would like to highlight the inaccuracies of these general horoscopes. I have not taken retrograde motion, degree, nakshatra or many other things that affect the transits into account in these horoscopes. Even in regards to sign placement, conjunction, and aspect, which I have begun accounting for in these horoscopes, my descriptions are far from exhaustive in regards to the possibilities. When we further consider that I have not taken your personal chart into consideration at all, we can consider these horoscopes to be little more than good fun; perhaps just an introduction. In any case, if you’re interested in getting more serious about astrology, please let me know. And of course if you have any questions or comments feel free to post them or address me thru e-mail.