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Capricorn Transits in Spring 2016: Vedic Astrology


 Rahu in 8th house Leo conjunct Jupiter (Moon will be full here of February 24th)

8th house is giving strong indications of involvement with people over seas and foreigners. Rahu and Jupiter both naturally give indications of travel, and for Capricorns, Jupiter’s rulership of the 12th house (foreign travel) and the 3rd house (short trips) gives him added strength as karaka of travel. 8th house, of course, indicated overseas travel. Rahu is also looking at the 12th house house. The full moon here on February 24th will give an additional boost to overseas trade (7th owner in 8th house); though on the other hand, the conjunction with Rahu as well as the aspect of Saturn, such a moon can indicate secret activity by ones partner.

Rahu will be intensifying efforts to uncover secrets or to discover hidden resources. Since 8th house is 2nd from 7th it can also indicate partners wealth towards which one may be projecting their desires. Rahu generally likes being in the Moksha trine (4th, 8th, & 12th houses) since his habits of copious consumption can free you from the past. Working thru the 8th house, Rahu can trigger sudden changes from which one cannot go back. The 8th house, popularly known as the house of death is sometimes described as the house where our emotional deaths and rebirths can be seen (especially when counting from the moon ascendant (Chandra Lagna). Rahu and Jupiter will both be looking at the 12th house which suggests and increase in expenditure, but since Jupiter is looking at his own house in this case, expenses may be of the charitable kind.

Jupiter’s look on the 4th house suggests some positive expansion in the home and well as some gain in wealth, though Rahu will be sure to cause some disturbance.

Saturn in 11th house Scorpio (conjunct Mars)

Mars is ruler of the 4th house of home transiting his own sign in the 11th house (Mars rules Aries and Scorpio). This generally signifies that 11th house gains will come from 4th house home. For Capricorn regions that could signify gains from oil or other chemical substances since this Saturn – Mars conjunction indicates such toxic substances; the sign of Scorpio suggests this gain will come from underground. This could also signify some questionable choices of friends as well as pessimism since friends and hopes are both significations of 11th house. Capricorns generally like to keep this things secret anyways because of the Scorpio nature of this house.

Saturn, Mars’ greatest enemy will be causing problems, stress and frustration, but Saturn is also owner of 1st and 2nd houses which should produce gains from reinvesting liquid assets (2nd house) as well as by dint of hard work, since 1st house rulership suggest that ones whole body and personality will go into making gains. You may be feeling somewhat cut-throat in this regard. Saturn will be providing a stabilizing (and perhaps conservative) influence on your health and personality thru his 3rd look on the 1st house. The difficulties of this placement may be most strongly felt on the 5th house of creative production, children, intelligence, sports and politics since both of these malefic planets will be aspecting here without any benefic influence. These aspects are very likely to disturb the mind making meditation and calm reaction more difficult while also creating difficulties in the political arena. Overall production and creativity could experience a slump and one may experience some stress due to ones children.

Saturn’s look at the 8th house is likely to delay and discovery or perhaps taint 8th house indications with his uncaring ways.

Ketu in 2nd house (conjunct Sun)

I’ve mentioned before that this triple combination of the fiery planets affecting Aquarius is likely to create an explosive atmosphere. In this case the effects will likely be felt by your ancestral family, the banks, investment properties, and in the way these things form the face we show to the world. Get ready to show a new face, the transformation could be quick while the Sun transits this house with Mars looking on. Ketu’s influence might mean that the change of face feels very natural for you while many of your friends could find it quite surprising and perhaps a little unusual or out of character.

Mars and Ketu are both looking at the 6th house which suggests some kind of accident is possible or perhaps a surgery to the throat or arms or for some neurological condition (as suggested by Gemini). Globally, the impact is likely to be felt in communication sectors and other ways that we reach out to the world. Since the 6th house signifies enemies, it’s likely that they too will feel the heat of this combination.

Mercury and Venus, as owners of 5th and 9th houses will be adding extra support for Capricorns thru luck and intelligence in the early part of the year.

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Om Namah Shivaya