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Transits for Cancer Ascendant (Moon in Cancer) early 2016

Rahu & Ketu move into Leo (2nd house) & Aquarius (8th house)

Jupiter in Leo (Guru Chandal Yoga)

Saturn in Scorpio (Mars conjunct)

Note: As always, this is a very general forecast which ignores many important transits. How these transits will affect you personally can only be seen through your individual birth chart. If you are interested in a personalized reading, please contact Mike at holliday.michael@gmail.com


Rahu – Jupiter conjunct 2nd house Leo (Guru Chandal Yoga)

Full Moon (ruler of 1st house) on 24 February 2016 will create a Raja yoga for prosperity due to being conjunct 9th house ruler Jupiter. Rahu is, of course, creating a Guru Chandal yoga thru his conjunction with Jupiter, this will likely have it’s negative effect on the face you show to the world more so than on the prosperity of 2nd house. Rahu in the 2nd house could cause some liquidation of wealth as he likes to be seen as wealthy regardless of what might be in the bank. For Rahu, money in the bank is worthless unless people know about it. Again, this is the face you may be tempted to show to the world while Rahu transits your 2nd house Leo. Rahu is also lending his intensity to your competition and obstacles so you may find some disruption from these areas. Jupiter is, however, providing a favourable look at 6th house Sagittarius so you will likely gain some valuable knowledge about dealing with obstacles and perhaps ways to gain prosperity from challenging situations. Jupiter is also offering his benefic look on the 10th house of occupation which could expand your role in the workplace.

Saturn in 5th house Scorpio (Mars conjunction) & (8th house Aquarius)

Saturn, though not a particularly good planet for Cancer ascendant, could provide some research or discovery of some hidden or secret thing as ruler of 8th house staying in 5th house. Since Saturn also owns the 7th house for Cancer ascendants, this could involve some relationship/partnership/contractual matter. The 5th house also signifies romance which is a short term passionate relationship. Whatever the situation, whatever discoveries are made by Saturn in this condition, it’s sure to cause a great deal of mental tension whether you’re in a committed relationship or not. Saturn’s look at his own 7th house should, however, provide a commitment to 7th house matters regardless of the frustration or coldness that arises from Saturn. Mars’ conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio should also bring about positive employment opportunities (perhaps arising out of Saturn’s new discoveries from 8th house. For Cancer countries this could be a discovery of new oil reserves or some other double edged mineral. Upsets in career or occupation could mean that it’s time to discover your inner warrior as office politics could be very intense while Mars and Saturn share the 5th house. Saturn’s look at the 11th house could restrict gains. His look at the 2nd house will be felt to a greater degree after the Sun takes his look away from his own house in mid-March. Though you can be sure of something special arising from the unpredictable 8th house in early March as a full solar eclipse will be followed a few days later by a new moon in Aquarius. All nine planets will have some involvement in the 8th house at this time. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Ketu will be occupying Saturn’s moolatrikon sign Aquarius while Mars, Jupiter and Rahu will all be looking on. This creates the conditions for a very powerful planetary war in the 8th house. Unexpected or sudden events are sure to take place around this time.

Ketu in 8th house Aquarius

Ketu will be restricting foreign travel by 8th house (representing over seas) residency as well as by his drishti (aspect) on the 12th house (foreign place). There is likely to be some unusual activity overseas that could limit your movement. Ketu’s involvement suggests you might not be very concerned about these limits as you will be more focused on Rahu’s activity in the 2nd house of savings. It’s likely your attention will also be focused more on your occupation than on your home life while Rahu and Ketu complete their 18 month transit of Leo & Aquarius. The Sun’s conjunction with Ketu from mid-February to mid March with Mars looking on will create a very explosive situation in the 8th house, especially, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, when all the planets align here and the sun becomes eclipsed in early March.

This is a brief summary of the effect of the transiting planet around the time Rahu and Ketu move from Virgo & Pisces to Leo & Aquarius. If you have any questions about the transits or would like a personalized chart reading, please contact Mike at holliday.michael@gmail.com.

Om Namah Shivaya