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14. Chitra Nakshatra

“Being and time determine each other reciprocally, but in such a manner that neither can the former – Being – be addressed as something temporal nor can the latter – time – be addressed as a being.” — Martin Heidegger

Ruled by Mars. (23º 20’ Virgo – 6 º40’ Libra.) Spica (Alpha-Virginis).

Star of Opportunity. Power to accumulate merit.

Meaning: Pleasing to look at, Beautiful, Variegated, Illusory, Magical

Main deity: Tvasar – Vishwakarma – Celestial Architect & Craftsman

Western Deities: Hephaestus

Main symbol: Big Bright Shining Jewel

Secondary symbol: A Pearl

Body parts: Neck, Forehead

Tree – Incense: Bilva – Bael

Rulership: Those skilled in making ornaments, jewellery, dyeing, painting, writing, singing and perfumery, mathematicians, weavers, ophthalmic (eye) surgeons and the king’s corn.

Hora Sara: If Chitra should be one’s birth Nakshatra, one will like bad women, be sinful, enthusiastic in several ways, argumentative in nature, will have luxurious robes, live in foreign countries and be happy.

Jataka Parijata: A person born under Chitra will be very wary, good natured, and endowed with a high sense of honour, but they will chase after the wives of other men.

Sage Narada: One born in Chitra will be splendorous, wealthy, scholarly, fond of garlands and robes, learned in the Kama Sutras (the science of sexual love), will enjoy many pleasure in life.

Brihat Samhita: One born in Chitra comes to have colourful garments and flower-garlands as well as beautiful eyes and limbs.

Varahamihira: One born in Chitra will be sexy, have an attractive physical body, beautiful eyes  and will wear bright clothes and accessories. 

Brihat Samhita: When Saturn transits Chitra, trouble befalls women, writers, painters and painted vessels.

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Qualities of Chitra

Trimurti: Vishnu/Maintenance

Gotra/Clan: Sage Kratu

Gana/Tribe: Rakshasa/Demon

Varna/Caste: Shudra

Motivation/Goal: Kama

Nature: Soft/Mild/Gentle

Activity: Very Active

Place: River Bank

Guna: Fully Tamas

Element: Fire

Dosha: Pitta

Sex/Gender: Female

Facing Forward/Level

Direction: West

Colour: Black

Animal: Female Tiger

Shudra – Servants – Labourers – Artisans: They are the skilled labourers, craftsmen, designers, engineers, town planners, civil servants; perhaps the top of the labouring, service class. Even if uneducated the will be skilled garland makers, jewellery, decorating, entertaining and offering alternative services in the markets place like tarot, magic, illusion and astrology. Services or some kind of labour work that takes a special combination of skill and imagination; or some kind of specialised technical knowledge They might like to source their materials through the community, working directly with producers and growers.

Vishnu – Sustaining – Maintaining – Organising principle: Focus is to maintain order in the universe, in society and life. Their focus is to maintain what is here and keep things going. It primarily does this through organisation, management, and skilled use of available resources.

Pitta: Fire + Water = Hot, oily, light, sharp, rough. Vibrant, successful, aggressive. Disturbed by sour (Venus), pungent (Sun). Pacified by bitter (Mars) & sweet (Jupiter)

Kama: They are motivated to fulfil their hopes & desires; to enjoy life and love, making friends and social connections, and to indulge in the pleasures of life. Planets that have some natural social talent will do well here while the others will show their awkwardness for easy enjoyment.

Mridu – Soft / Mild: Gentle like a like a pleasing picture; they like to relax and enjoy themselves without causing any trouble. Chitra can be flirty and fun, they like to have. Good time and get attention. They like to go out and have a good time: romance, ceremonial events, weddings and other things that keeps them active. Of course this goes along with they love for craft making and decorating. In many ways they just want to bring beauty into this world Mrigasirsha, Anuradha, Revati are the other Nakshatras that share this temperament.

Active: Planets here will actively pursue their interests. Active planets like Mars and Sun will have their activity enhanced. If afflicted here it can make a person very aggressive and angry.  More passive planets will struggle in an active field a little bit like. The Moon here can make an active mind, but we need active and alert minds to nourish and protect the weak. Saturn will be like putting an old man jogging; he can still do well, but may follow the “slow-and-steady-wins-the-race” mantra

Tamasic: Activities take part on the gross physical plane: dark, depressed, dull, inert activities that obscure reality and keep us in the dark. Some kind of gross suffering is usually felt here and there’s a lazy sort of laissez-faire sort of laziness of lethargy. The energy here typically pulls a person down as it represents neither change or purity. There is typically some suffering and darkness of mind experienced here. Tamasic has no nutrients and the prana is not moving; it’s stale or dead. This nakshatra is fully tamasic.

Fire: rises up, expands, illuminates, transformers burns, cooks, assimilates. Fire + Air = cooperation / Earth & Water are cooperative / Space cooperates with all. Earth does not cooperate with Fire and impedes Air. Water does not cooperate with Air and impedes Fire

Triyanga Mukha – Facing Straight Ahead (Level): This is a level-headed and forward looking position. It’s good for mundane, everyday tasks that allows us to prepare for the future. This nakshatra promotes an honest, realistic assessment. It marks a good time to level with others or yourself, to ensure that the playfield and the ground are all level. It can be a good time to start surveying, building, laying pipe, or sticking a level on anything. Mercury and Venus share this perspective. Ashwini, Mrigasirsha, Punarvasu, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Anuradha, Jyeshta and Revati are all forward looking.

Rakshasa / Demon: Aggressive tendencies, can be driven by self interest and strong desires. They see the importance of living a beautiful life but might be less inclined to do what’s rights.

Female: The energy of Chitra seems to work better for women since they like to arrange things in a pleasing manner. It’s suggested that feminine planets will do better here. Fire planets certainly bring too much heat.

West: One is likely to move in a westerly direction in periods of planets placed here. The planet may show it’s results in that direction somehow. If it’s Venus or Jupiter one might go looking for their spouse in this direction.

Sage Kratu

“The one who inspires.” A mind born son of Brahma; born of his hand. Married to Kriya, daughter of Kardama in his first life. By blessing of Lord Shiva he had 60 000 children in his first life. The all became hermits called Balakhilyas. They are said to be a species of human no bigger than the joint of the thumb.

In his second life he was born from Sage Bhṛgu and a Deva; he’s said to be seated in Bhuva loka. He became an unmarried Sanyas; adopting only the son of sage Agastya.

Kratu was present at the birth-celebration of Arjuna & Skanda. He went to visit Bhīṣma when he was lying on the bed of arrows awaiting death. It was Sage Kratu who convinced Sage Parashara to cease his the Raksasa Sattra (a sacrificial fire that was killing the Rakshasas like moths to a flame).

Kratu was in the company of Bharata when he recited the Naaṭya Veda “tell us about the character of the god who appears in the Pūrvaraṅga (preliminaries: just before a theatre performance is to begin)? Why is music applied there? What purpose does it serve? What god is pleased with this, and what does he do on being pleased? Why does the Director being himself clean, perform ablution again on the stage? How, O sir, is the drama has been dropped down to the earth from heaven? Why have your descendants come to be known as Shudras?” Natya Shastra is the shastra of performing arts, outlining the rules for composing dramatic plays (nataka) and poetic works (kavya). Naṭya refers generally to theatrics, drama, dance, music. He is also said to be the author of a Dharma Shastras: Parashara Smrti & Shudra Dharma Tattva.

Kratu is the name of a Pratyeka Buddha mentioned as attending the teachings in the 6th century Manjushreemulakalpa: one of the largest Kriya Tantras devoted to Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of wisdom which is concerned with ritualistic elements in Buddhism.

Female Tiger (pairs with Vaishakha):

Strong sexual desires and an aggressive sexual style. Chitra is also a kama nakshatra which is motivated by fulfilling desires. A Mrigashirsha might feel like they are being eaten by them. They do fairly well with the other cats.

Bilva – Bael:

Home of Laxmi. Shiva is fond of bael and its often used in worship and for ceremonial purposes.  One of Shiva’s names is “Bilvadanda, the Staff of Bilva.” The fruit is known as Shiphala, the fruit of Sri, the goddess Laxmi. The twigs are often used for kindling for starting the holy fire. Bilva leaves cool and refresh the heated deity of the lingam. The three leave symbolise creation, preservation and destruction; Satwa, rajas, tamas, as well as the three eyes of lord Shiva.

There are some different stories about the origins of the Bilva tree. As source of solar power:

1) “The Gods thought of making storage for yonder Sun who did not shine; they offered a white cow to Surya, thereby they restored his brilliance. The Bilva tree was born at the very reappearance of yonder Sun.”

Or as an amalgamation of the faces of Devi:

 2) “One day while Parvati was resting some drops of sweat fell from her forehead on the mountain Mandara, from which grew the bel tree, Girija lives on the root of the tree, Maheswari on its shoulder, Dukshayani on its branches, Parvati among its leaves, Katyayani in its fruit, Gaori in its flowers while in thorns the numerous Saktis find a home. It is also believed that Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, also lives in the bel tree.”

Each part of the bilva has a special qualities that can be uses medicinally. The fruit is excellent for both diarrhoea (ripe fruit) or constipation (unripe fruit) and is often used in pickles. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory to release pain but also to cut the heat of a hot summer. Modern researchers are mostly interested in the anti-diabetic properties. Bilva seems to increase the production of insulin to help break down sugars. Numerous skin diseases can be treated with bilva, as can many typical female problems.

Ayurveda classifies bilva as pungent, bitter & astringent; absorbent, unctuous, & sharp. It’s potency is considered sharp and the post digestive effect is pungent.

Special Considerations

      • Venus debilitated 27º Virgo.
      • Saturn exalted in the first 5ºs of Libra.
      • Month of Chaitra in March April when the Sun transits Pisces in late spring.

Auspicious activities

The Moon’s transit here is a good day to keep things soft and find some gentle relaxing peaceful activities. All the typically Chitra activities like craftmaking, decorating, keeping things maintained can be successful. And of course it can be great for a day at the pub, going shopping, taking a walk in the park, or just chilling out somewhere. It can be good for a little TLC, some gentle healing, shanti yoga, an art class, or just watching a movie. Nothing too stressful or dynamic, just a nice peaceful day.

Gods & Symbols of Chitra

Tvatar / Vishwakarma:

“Even in the womb Lord Tvastar, the vivifier, showing all forms, made consorts for us.”

The celestial architect, craftsman and master of magic who made many of the weapons, tools, homes and chariots used by the gods. He’s often associated as being the father of Brihaspati and Indra, though he and Indra are often at odds. As when Indra kills his son steals the cattle which Tvasar is guarding and then later steals the Soma. Tvasar is said to be afraid of Indra. However it was Tvastar who made the Vritra to kill Indra; if not for a small mispronunciation in the reciting the spell he would have been successful.

Vishwakarma (meaning; creator of the universe) considered an alternate name for Tvasar though their myths differ slightly. It’s believed Vishwakarma had five children who represent the five subgroups of skilled craftsmen: carpenters, blacksmiths, bronze smiths, goldsmiths and stonemasons. Some consider them to be a sub-caste of the Brahman caste while others dismiss them as being a part of the unscheduled castes.

Father in Law of the Sun. He cut off pieces of the Sun so he did not shine so harshly to please his daughter. He used those pieces from Surya to make several of the divine weapons.


Three brothers, the divine craftsmen from the Rig Veda. They are earthly counterpart to Tvasar. Tvasar is the architect, the Rbhus carry out the work.

Rbhu was the eldest brother connected with creative ability, transformation and rejuvenation. Renovation and rehabilitation, he could shape and transform objects. A divine artisan. Vaja was the middle brother known for his strength, vitality and power of speech. Through poetic elegance and divine inspiration he was able to pursuade and empower others. Vibhvan was the third brother associated with energy, agility, swiftness; the dynamic aspect of the divine craftsman. He was the driving force behind the work highlighting efficiency.

HYMN CX. Ṛbhus.

1. THE holy work I wrought before is wrought again: my sweetest hymn is Sung to celebrate your praise. Here, O ye Ṛbhus, is this sea for all the Gods: sate you with Soma offered with the hallowing word.
2 When, seeking your enjoyment onward from afar, ye, certain of my kinsmen, wandered on your way, Sons of Sudhanvan, after your long journeying, ye came unto the home of liberal Savitar.
3 Savitar therefore gave you immortality, because ye came proclaiming him whom naught can hide; And this the drinking-chalice of the Asura, which till that time was one, ye made to be fourfold.
4 When they had served with zeal at sacrifice as priests, they, mortal as they were, gained immortality. The Ṛbhus, children of Sudhanvan, bright as Suns, were in a year’s course made associate with prayers.
5 The Ṛbhus, with a rod measured, as ’twere a field, the single sacrificial chalice. wide of mouth, Lauded of all who saw, praying for what is best, desiring glorious fame among Immortal Gods.
6 As oil in ladles, we through knowledge will present unto the Heroes of the firmament our hymn,— The Ṛbhus who came near with this great Father’s speed, and rose to heaven’s high sphere to eat the strengthening food.
7 Ṛbhu to us is Indra freshest in his might, Ṛbhu with powers and wealth is giver of rich gifts. Gods, through your favour may we on the happy day quell the attacks of those who pour no offerings forth.
8 Out of a skin, O Ṛbhus, once ye formed a cow, and brought the mother close unto her calf again. Sons of Sudhanvan, Heroes, with surpassing skill ye made your aged Parents youthful as before.
9 Help us with strength where spoil is won, O Indra: joined with the Ṛbhus give us varied bounty. This prayer of ours may Varuṇa grant, and Mitra, and Aditi and Sindhu, Earth and Heaven.

HYMN CXI. Ṛbhus.

1. WORKING with skill they wrought the lightly rolling car: they wrought the Bays who bear Indra and bring great gifts. The Ṛbhus for their Parents made life young again; and fashioned for the calf a mother by its side.
2 For sacrifice make for us active vital power for skill and wisdom food with noble progeny. Grant to our company this power most excellent, that with a family all-heroic we may dwell.
3 Do ye, O Ṛbhus, make prosperity for us, prosperity for car, ye Heroes, and for steed. Grant us prosperity victorious evermore, conquering foes in battle, strangers or akin.
4 Indra, the Ṛbhus’ Lord, I invocate for aid, the Ṛbhus, Vājas, Maruts to the Soma draught. Varuṇa, Mitra, both, yea, and the Aśvins Twain: let them speed us to wealth, wisdom, and victory. 5 May Ṛbhu send prosperity for battle, may Vāja conquering in the fight protect us.
This prayer of ours may Varuṇa grant, and Mitra, and Aditi and Sindhu, Earth and Heaven.


1 WHY hath the Best, why hath the Youngest come to us? Upon what embassy comes he? What have we said? We have not blamed the chalice of illustrious birth. We, Brother Agni, praised the goodness of the wood.
2 The chalice that is single make ye into four: thus have the Gods commanded; therefore am I come. If, O Sudhanvan’s Children, ye will do this thing ye shall participate in sacrifice with Gods.
3 What to the envoy Agni in reply ye spake, A courser must be made, a chariot fashioned here, A cow must be created, and the Twain made young. When we have done these things, Brother, we turn to you.
4 When thus, O Ṛbhus, ye had done ye questioned thus, Whither went he who came to us a messenger? Then Tvaṣṭar, when he viewed the four wrought chalices, concealed himself among the Consorts of the Gods.
5 As Tvaṣṭar thus had spoken, Let us slay these men who have reviled the chalice, drinking-cup of Gods, They gave themselves new names when Soma juice was shed, and under these new names the Maiden welcomed them.
6 Indra hath yoked his Bays, the Aśvins’ car is horsed, Bṛhaspati hath brought the Cow of every hue. Ye went as Ṛbhus, Vibhvan, Vāja to the Gods, and skilled in war, obtained your share in sacrifice.
7 Ye by your wisdom brought a cow from out a hide; unto that ancient Pair ye gave again their youth. Out of a horse, Sudhanvan’s Sons, ye formed a horse: a chariot ye equipped, and went unto the Gods.
8 Drink ye this water, were the words ye spake to them; or drink ye this, the rinsing of the Muñja-grass. If ye approve not even this, Sudhanvan’s Sons, then at the third libation gladden ye yourselves.
9 Most excellent are waters, thus said one of you; most excellent is Agni, thus another said. Another praised to many a one the lightning cloud. Then did ye shape the cups, speaking the words of truth.
10 One downward to the water drives the crippled cow, another trims the flesh brought on the carving-board. One carries off the refuse at the set of Sun. How did the Parents aid their children in their task!
11 On the high places ye have made the grass for man, and water in the valleys, by your skill, O Men. Ṛbhus, ye iterate not to-day that act of yours, your sleeping in the house of him whom naught can hide.
12 As, compassing them round, ye glided through the worlds, where had the venerable Parents their abode? Ye laid a curse on him who raised his arm at you: to him who spake aloud to you ye spake again.
13 When ye had slept your fill, ye Ṛbhus, thus ye asked, O thou whom naught may hide, who now hath wakened us? The goat declared the hound to be your wakener. That day, in a full year, ye first unclosed our eyes.
14 The Maruts move in heaven, on earth this Agni; through the mid-firmament the Wind approaches. Varuṇa comes in the sea’s gathered waters, O Sons of Strength, desirous of your presence.

Hephaestus or Vulcan

The blacksmith of the Greek and Roman pantheon. Said to the son of Zeus and Hera or Jupiter and Juno. He was famed not only for his craftsmanship in making weapons, but also for his strength and ugliness. Vulcan in particular is associated with volcanic activity, fire and brimstone.

Demeter & Persephone:

Mother and Maiden; Mother and daughter. They are often pictured together. Demeter is the Goddess of the harvest, of fertility. Persephone is her daughter who was takes by Hades, with permission from her father Zeus, and made the Queen of the underworld. The problem is that nobody told the ladies whet was happening so Persephone felt as though she was kidnapped and Demeter spent 9 days looking for her daughter before finding out what had happened. Hades actually agreed to let her go back to the surface as long as she had followed all the rules of hell while she was there, one of which was to refrain from eating. Unfortunately she had eaten some pomegranate seeds which meant she could only leave Hell for half her time. This story actually refers to the storage of crops and corn in jars under the ground. Most of this is eaten, but some is used for planting in the next season so that the daughter once again grows into he mother.

A couple significant events happened while Demeter was looking for her daughter. The first is a controversial story about a devotee exposing her vulva to Demeter to please her, and it was pleasing. The second is that she tried to make a kings son immortal by burning about his mortal self but had to abandon this due to the fright it cause in the humans. She taught him agriculture instead. When Demeter gets mad, there is death and famine.

The Triple Goddesses: Kore, Persephone, Hecate:

Demeter is sometimes considered name for these three phases of female life. Kore is the young plant shoot (Swati?). Persephone is the young Nymph who has been fertilised and is ready for harvest. Hecate is the dry harvested grain.

Trika: Durga

Durga is the power goddess

Bright Jewel:

Sparkling, eye catching, valuable. Vipasana and some other eastern traditions refer to their practice as the three jewels. I have noticed, especially when there is a spacial combination involving Chitra that these people can go deep into these kinds of meditation. The three jewels, the triple gems are the Buddha, the dharma (one’s spiritual path), and the sangha (the spiritual community).

Key Themes

Make up is emphasised in all its forms, they are well versed in the not only the arts, but in embellishment, accessorising. They take interest is the little details, they know that all those little things matter, like where the ingredient for food comes from, or the materials they use to craft things. They like to make things shine, but they know true value comes from what is inside. Chitra natives are always pleasing to look at like a pretty picture, beautiful, bright, brilliant. Skill and imagination come together in Chitra making them good at all kinds of design, dance, choreography, music, languages, magic, illusion. They are versatile geniuses, good with their hands, capable of using most tools, making beautiful arrangemets that catch the eye. This might include industrial design, drafting, construction, stone carving, jewellery making, 

They often have a serpentine, well-proportioned body, beautiful eyes and are sexy and mystical. They can develop a passionate persona: charismatic and charming. Although they typify have some kind of unique skill, they need inspiration in equal measure, but these flashes of inspiration can sometimes cause them to speak without thinking. Behari suggest they will “wake up at the 11th hour and try to rectify one’s utterances when it’s too late.” Sexual urges can also come on very suddenly and very strongly for Chitra natives. 

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Health: Neck & forehead

  • Stomach ulcers, kidney problems, sunstroke, insect bites, skin problems
  • Look for genetic problems when Saturn is in 2nd house virgo. ?
  • Part of pituitary adrenal axis?
  • Thyroid??

Stars of Chitra

Spica Virginis

The Virgins ear of corn (or bundle of wheat). It’s a massive source of ex-rays. It can be seen in the night sky from about April to October in the Northern Hemisphere.

Ruled by Demeter (Ceres), the goddess of the harvest. Or Astraea who lived with humans in the golden age but fled to the sky when crime became rampant. She sits there to remind us of more innocent times.

The wine god Dionysus taught a mortal, Icarius, to make wine, which he unwisely shared with some shepherds. Experiencing the first hangover of their lives made them think Icarius had poisoned them, and they killed him and buried his body.

Spica is the star in the Brazilian flag. Since it’s a considerable distance from and bright neighbouring stars, they call it “The Lonely One.” They sometimes say Spica mean refinement.

Spica gives success, renown, riches, a sweet disposition, love of art and science, unscrupulousness, unfruitfulness and injustice to innocence.

According to Ptolemy, it is of the nature of Venus and Mars: shameless, vain, self-indulgent, abandoned, violent passions, the danger of seduction, riotous living but often self-respecting and decent. As the star of the grain harvest, it is the provider of our material needs. But we will only reap what we have sown.

Spica also brings spiritual and religious qualities, these native can do quite well in these fields. They typically have tightened psychic awareness, especially if the more sensitive planets, Moon, Venus, Neptune or Lilith are with Spica. It brings good fortune to scientists, writers, artist, painters, sculptors and musicians. Saturn or Mars in Spica are not good and could give downfall after initial rise ending in tragedy.

Planets & Pada of Chitra

Mars: Challenging, aggressive, penetrating, sharp, hot, invasive, competitive, dominating, technical, force, masculine energy, brothers, strength, fire, cooking, hunting, combustion, strength of arms, force, fight to win, courage, pioneer (first to arrive), innovation, anger, passion, sex, dynamic, kinetic energy, iron, copper, blood, marrow, bile, pitta, redness, 

Virgo: Virginal, innocent, young unmarried, easily exploited, victims class, no contract, no equity, disenfranchised, marginalised, loss of trust, loss of balance, war, enemies, toxic, pollution, accidents, exploitation, debt, accusation, litigation, logic, problem solving, criminals, prostitutes, addictions, animosity, enmity, complaints, obstacles, clinical, wellness, analysis, diagnostics, health care service, servants, pets. 

For Vedic Astrology Readings, follow this link. 

To learn more about Vedic Astrology & the Nakshatras, follow this link. 

Ascendant in Chitra

Behari General Indications: “a lean body. In some cases there is an indication of a stout and tall body. You can be recognised or identified in a crowd of hundreds of people through your magnificent dealings and expressions. There is a hidden inherent gift of having wonderful ideas that may initially appear silly but are later viewed as excellent. There is also an inherent gift of intuition. You are the type of person who is very much fit for the astrological profession where intuition is very much needed. In some cases it is also noticed that you may experience dreams that come true. This indirectly indicates that a divine power may be installed in the psyche of Chitra born. You are the type of person who is not bothered about the sentiments of others, nor are you selfish to others. Your dealings with the poor will be very cordial and full of kindness. You may be mistaken by others as rude and stingy. Guard your tendency to speak before you think. You may have to confront your enemies at every step but are capable of escaping any conspiracy. You have a soft spot for those in need and spend your energy in their upliftment. Obstacles in life are no problem for you. You can overtake all hurdles with courage and hard work. You may not lead a comfortable life up to the age of 32 years. The period between 33 years and 54 years of age will be your golden period. One of the redeeming features of Chitra born is that you receive help from unexpected places without much effort. While you love and respect your siblings and parents, you may experience some doubts concerning them. You may not enjoy the benefit, love and affection of your father. You may even live separate from him, even while he may be famous or successful. You are more attached to your mother and enjoy benefit from the maternal side. There is a saying that the Chitra born cannot stay in the house where you are born; this may manifest in many ways, you may travel and live far from your home town, or your childhood home may be destroyed. In any case you will settle far from home. Married life may be considerably strained. While the marriage will be stable, the relationship between the couples may not be cordial, at times leading to frequent friction on small matters. There may be some difficulty with internal organs.”

Shil-Ponde Male with Chitra Ascendant: “Chitra natives are quiet, thoughtful, and profound. Very slow in movement and of great dignity in bearing and manner. They like to read books on serious and philosophical subjects. They make good students in their youth. They are also extremely clever with their hands, which are strong, supple, and dexterous. They like to do things or fashion things with their hands and could be sculptors or artists or surgeons.”

Shil-Ponde Female with Chitra Ascendant: “An expensive and luxurious person. One who is fond of clothes and beautiful surroundings and revels in them. She spends much money on jewels, perfumes, cosmetics and her taste in these matters is expensive. She likes to change costumes several times a day and always look like an animated fashion plate. Variety is the spice of life to this woman and she will be inconstant and fickle in love affairs, having many during her life and marrying often. Many actresses, musicians, artists and opera singers have Chitra rising. If she is born on the day before the New Moon, with this asterism rising, she will have a husband who will die four years after her marriage to him and she will never have any children. If she is born with Chitra on the Rising Point on the day before the Full Moon she will be immoral and promiscuous in her love affairs and will support some of her lovers or spend money on them and she will die in poverty.”

AstrologyKing: Spica Ascendant: “Unbounded good fortune, happiness, ecclesiastical preferment, unexpected honor or advancement beyond native’s hopes or capacity.

Well-known, famous, resourceful, very learned, fond of philosophical dissertations, eloquent, creative, insightful, ingenious, fond of music and the arts, kind-hearted, agreeable and with a delicate life, happy, sensible and thoughtful, skilful and fortunate. Self-taught, esteemed for reasoning ability, a propensity for what is virtuous, well-spoken and pleasant to talk to, amiable and well-tempered manners, solicitous, possesses the art of judgment, and generous. 

A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions, prosperity from youth and in own city.

Spica rising or culminating makes the interpreters of sacred things, the high and honored priests or philosophers, the inspired interpreters of some mystery or initiatory rites, or those who refuse some foods and are greatly assisted by the gods.”

B.V. Raman Virgo Rising: “Impulsive, emotional, fond of learning. They love music and fine arts. They lack self-confidence. Methodical and ingenious, they have active minds. They will be middle sized. Their chest will be prominent, and when afflicted, weak also. They have a straight nose, cheeks are massive and forehead is good. They exhibit their intelligence when quite young. They are discriminating and emotional and get carried away easily by impulse. They are cautious regarding their own interests, prudent, economical, diplomatic and shrewd. As autors they make process in physical and chemical sciences. They acquire much power and influence over others. They are liable to suffer from nervous breakdowns and paralysis when this sign is afflicted. They are of a speculative nature.”

B.V. Raman Libra Rising: “idealistic, quick-witted, vindictive, forceful and positive. They generally have a fair complexion, middle-sized stature, phlegmatic constitution, handsome appearance, broad face, fine eyes, broad chest and regular features. Youthful appearance. They generally have a sensuous disposition. They are keen observers of human nature. They have keen foresight and reason things out from the standpoint of their own views. They love justice, peace, and order and are agreeable persons. They are ambitious, more idealistic than realistic or practical; they often contemplate schemes that are like building castles in the air. They are not sensitive to what others say of them. As political leaders or religious reformers they exert tremendous influence over the masses and sometimes their zeal and enthusiasm can go to such a pitch that they can force their views on unwilling minds. They are not easily amenable to reason. They are great lovers of music. Truth and honesty have a special appeal for them.”

Queen Bloody Mary: conducted a brutal campaign to wipe out the protestant opposition. She burned over 280 people at the stake as she sought to reverse the course of the reformation. “With laws against heresy once more in place, trials of leading Protestants began. On 4 February 1555, John Rogers became the first priest to be burned to death under the revived laws, but he was followed by hundreds of others, including several bishops. The most notable was Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury and a noted theologian.”― Charles River Editors


Ascendant in Chitra Pada 1, Leo Navamsha:: “You may have bent shoulders and hands. You will be a sweet speaker, and passionate. There is an indication of two daughters. You will be expert in various arts. There may be frequent quarrels among siblings.” — Behari “Considered handsome by most standards. Very grave, but witty in a quiet way. Would make a good surgeon. Very fond of music.” — Shil-Ponde

Ascendant in Chitra Pada 2, Virgo Navamsha:: “You are truthful and charitable. You may live in foreign places, have two daughters and suffer from upper respiratory disorders.” — Behari “Considered handsome by most standards. Very grave, but witty in a quiet way. Would make a good surgeon. Very fond of music.” — Shil-Ponde

Ascendant in Chitra Pada 3, Libra Navamsha:: “You will be learned in scriptures and are intelligent, and calm in speech. You will be satisfied with small profits. You may have a strong temper but still enjoy a good reputation. This position of the Moon (or lagna) may cause problems with your parents. You may suffer from diseases that cause burning sensations. You may also suffer from upper respiratory disorders.” — Behari “Inclined to the study of occult subjects, religious but quite unorthodox. Would be good at designing patterns and weaving in textiles. Likes artistic work with the hands. Usually a widower at the close of life. Career is a changing one.” — Shil-Ponde

Ascendant in Chitra Pada 4, Scorpio Navamsha:: “You are charitable. You may travel frequently for your earning. You serve your parents and teachers with full devotion. However, you may have to undergo several sorrows of life before attaining results.” — Behari “Inclined to the study of occult subjects, religious but quite unorthodox. Would be good at designing patterns and weaving in textiles. Likes artistic work with the hands. Usually a widower at the close of life. Career is a changing one.” — Shil-Ponde

Celebrities with Chitra Ascendant

John F. Kennedy (1), James Garfield (1), Lev Simkhovich Vygodsky (1), Jerry Garcia (1), Peter Frost (sick priest (1)), John Henry Schwarz (1), Werner von Braun (Rocketry; Operation Paperclip (1)), Leo Strauss (1), Roman Polanski (1), Jon Bon Jovi (rock musician (1)), Imhotep (1), Rossano (1), Neil Diamond (pop musician (1)), The Rock (wrestler (1)), Jeffery Dahmer (serial killer (1)), Curt Siodmak (science fiction (1)), Anne Heche Degeneres (1), WW I (1), Japan Meiji Constitution (1), 

Sri Ramana Maharishi (2), Sam Walton (2), Stephen Jay Gould (2), Antoine Lavoisier (Father of modern Chemistry (2)), Oonagh Shanley-Toffolo (2?), James Boswell (2), Nicole Kidman (2), Sarah Jessica Parker (2), Ernest Hemingway (2), Voltaire (Satire, social criticism, “Candide”(2)), Eminem? (3), Keanu Reeves (2), Samuel Colt (2), Thomas Beatie (2), Gazi Yasargil (2), Gerald Ford (2), Molly Ivins (journalism (2)), Banks Fail (2), 

John Calvin (3), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (3), Felix von Luckner (3), Frank Lloyd Wright (3), Jimmy Carter (3), Jose Feliciano (blind guitare vocals (3)), Courtney Love (3), Jennifer Aniston (3), Peaches Geldof (3), 

Empress Wu Zetian (4), Pope Innocent IX (4), Mohandas Gandhi (4), Antonin Scalia (4), Isaac Newton (4), Stephen Hawking (4), Linus Pauling (chemical engineer, biochemist (4)), Louis Pasteur (chemist, microbiologist (4)), Feodor Ingvar Kamprad (founder of Ikea (3)), Chevy Chase (actor (4)), Walt Disney (4), Cary Grant (4), Wild Bill Hickok (4), Queen Bloody Mary (4), Diane Hegarty (Satanist (4)), Emily Carr (artist (4)), 

[Many charts have not been confirmed so ascendant and even Moon nakshatras may not be correct. There may be inconsistencies regarding the house placement of the planets as well. Use your own judgement. A healthy dose of scepticism should be applied to astrological data generally.]

Sun in Chitra 

Architecture design, technology, arts, crafts, they want to polish to perfection. The Sun seeks a kind of perfection, light radiating in all directions, they want illuminate all the imperfections. They can express themselves in a very gracious way, but the purity might only be seen on the outside. Inside they can still be a mess. They make good critics, editors, cleaners, detail orientated doting all the ‘i’s and crossing all the ’t’s. This makes them good students capable of pleasing their teachers. The Virgo side will be more interested in fixing things while the Libra side is more interested in symmetry, balance, beauty, peace and agreement. Their independence can be a point of contention in relationships and also with authority figures, but your own authority might keep you out of trouble.

Sun conjunct Spica: Great and lasting preferment, eminent dignity, immense wealth, great happiness to native’s parents and children, help from friends among clergy, favorable for public and legal affairs. If culminating, Church and State preferment. If with Venus and Mars also the native is a potent king obeyed by many people, but subject to many infirmities.

Bepin Behari Sun in Virgo: “synchronises with the ascendant, the individual will be capable of getting mysterious knowledge of the universal spirit pervading every event of life. It will demand that the individual gives up his personal attachments.”

Bepin Behari Sun in Libra: “will send a very disturbing message. The individual will be surrounded by undesirable situations and will feel that he is missing something precious in life which he is unable to comprehend. A kind of veil of ignorance, a shadow of illusion will intensify around him and his soul will weep from the core of his being and he will not know from where that sorrowful voice is coming.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Sun in Libra: “Rude mean, wicked, much travelling, loss of honour and wealth, living by metals, jealous, service, debauchee, disrespect from superiors. Early marriage. Sincere, impartial and intuitive. If Moon aspects the native will be a prostitute suffering from venereal diseases; gain through shipping, fishery and such. With Mars aspecting the native is hasty, has capacity for games and sports, martial spirit and courage. Mercury aspecting the native is fond of music, painting, writing, composing poems and literary works. With Jupiter aspecting the native is a governor, charming personality, in advisory capacity with friends and foes alike. With Venus aspecting the native I wise but times, affluent with women and pleasure, gain through refinement. If Saturn is aspecting the native is sick, feeble, poor, cruel, mean and suffers loss in business.”

Celebrities with Sun in Chitra

Sun in Virgo: Thich Nhat Hanh (1), Amitabh Bachhan (1), K.N. Rao (1), Jack Anderson (founder of modern investigative journalism (1)), Kate Walsh (1), Darryl Anka (1), AOC (1), Lina Franziska Fehrmann (child model, poverty, book binding (1)), 

Saint Francis Assisi?? (2), Dwight Eisenhower (2), Arthur Schlesinger Jr (Liberal intellectual (2)), Aleister Crowley (2), Tim Robbins (2), George Floyd (street crime, drugs, killed by cop (2)), Hannah Arendt (2), Margaret Thatcher (2), Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York (2), Bankers Panic Stock Crash 1907 (2), 

Sun in Libra: Rumi (3), Nietzsche (3), Pierre Trudeau (3), Bhagat Singh (freedom fighter, cop killer, bomb (3)), Lee Harvey Oswald (3), Johnny Stompanato (3), Evander Holyfield (3), Jean Claude Van Damme (3), Eminem (3), Oscar Wilde (3), Lydia Shire (Chef (3)), Isabel Myers-Briggs (3), Black Monday Stock Crash 1987 (3), 

Deepak Chopra (4), John Krasinski (4), James Boswell (4), John Dewey (4), Auguste Lumiere (4), Kamala Harris (4), Barbara Walters (4), Ursula Le Guin (4), Kim Kardashian (4), 

Eleanor Roosevelt (), Sylvia Brown (3), Roshni Baxani (), Bianca Beauchamp (), Lina Franziska Fehrmann (child model, poverty, book binding ()), Kartik (), Nataliya Kastsianok (), Evel Knievel (), Penny Marchall (), Bobby Joe Morrow (),  Susan Somers (), Ian Thorpe (

Moon in Chitra

The classics say they will have beautiful “eyes and limbs,” sexy body, they will chase after bad women and other peoples wives, they will be knowledgeable about the sexual pleasures and enjoyments of life. They will generally have high sense of honour and a good nature. They will be very sinful, enthusiastic in several ways, argumentative in nature, will have garlands, accessories, luxurious robes, wealth, live in foreign countries and be happy. Chitra is essentially the garland maker caste: they can make anything look beautiful with the ornaments they make, arts and crafts that blend a knowledge of mathematics, good eye for design, and knowledge of aesthetics. There is most often some sparkle and shine about them; they know how to work the crowd and typically do well in the marketplace making or working with jewellery, costumes, the street hustle or the “song and dance.” They might do a little art, a little writing, sing, dance or play music. Many of them are into tarot, astrology, magic, illusion. They are multi-talented and they can be good with their bodies. The 2nd Pada is Vargottama in Virgo making these people powerful warriors with strong body and an extra shot of courage.

Rulership: those skilled in making ornaments, jewellery, dyeing, painting, writing, singing and perfumery, mathematicians, craftsmen, weavers, stone carvers, ophthalmic (eye) surgeons and the king’s corn.

They also have a strong logical, critical, numerical side to them that brings success in book-keeping, accounting, architecture, design, town planning, making business plans. The founders of Whole Foods, Twitter, & Ikea all have this Moon. And we should no forget the Noam Chomsky wrote the book on manufacturing consent, they know the art of war in the ring, in the field, in the markets and in business. They are good at both planning strategising as well as carrying out those plans. They many be seekers of equitable agreement and balanced design. They are very good at drawing people in. There is an interesting connection with the eye in Chitra since it not only makes one pleasant to look at, but it can also relate to the ophthalmic surgeons who corrects the eyesight so that is may also view a more pleasing reality.

We might also note that those born in Mars nakshatra’s and therefore Mars Mahadasha, are unlikely to live long enough to see their Moon Mahadasha.

AstrologyKing: Moon conjunct Spica: Gain through inventions, success, wealth and honour from Mercury, Venus or Jupiter people. A splendid and illustrious life; great, distinguished and opulent nature.

Bepin Behari Moon in Virgo: “makes the psyche susceptible to influences of earthly life and involved in pleasures derived from sensual gratifications. It will be almost shut against admonitions coming from the higher plane.”

Bepin Behari Moon in Libra: “induces greater movement towards the pleasures of life: at this stage, the psyche will struggle to have increasingly more and more intense experience of worldly pleasures. It becomes incapable of of learning spiritualising lessons from the earthly experiences. The tamasic proclivities will be greatly accentuated.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Moon in Libra: “Much movable property, gain and success through partnership, morose and irritated for nothing, soft-spoken, courteous and warm hearted, success in love and marriage, balanced and artistic if Mercury is in good aspect. Much travelling. If aspected by the Sun the native lives through misfortunes and great struggle, disrespected, travelling and issueless. Aspect from Mars makes him aggressive, a prig, mean, debauchee, foolish and having visual defects. Aspect from Mercury grants him art, wealth, learning, name and fame. Jupiter aspect can make him a famous jeweller. Aspect from Venus allows the native to enjoy good health and wealth. He will be a great scholar with an attractive personality. Asperity from Saturn give him conveyance and devotion to mother, but misfortune.”


Moon in Chitra (Virgo) Pada 1, Leo Navamsha: They are leaders, respected for their deceptive nature and their eagerness to destroy their enemies. Their friends circle grows day by day and they will have many children or students who gather around them, They are bright, happy, handsome, sexy, and like to roam.

Moon in Chitra (Virgo) Pada 2, Virgo Navamsha: Vargottama pada. Highly intelligent with sharp, critical, logical minds that catches on quick and figure out almost anything. Excellent military tactician and many are trained fighters. devoted to learning, sweet-speakers, womanisers, experts in all jobs, happy, and respected by the learned.

Moon in Chitra (Libra) Pada 3, Libra Navamsha: Vargottama pada. Those born in the third pada are brave, daring, successful in any job, famous, having control over their senses, peaceful, always enjoyers, interested in varied type of sex, endowed with family and good children and earn respect and fame in the world.

Moon in Chitra (Libra) Pada 4, Scorpio Navamsha: Moon is in debilitated Navamsha. Secretive, sensual, sexy. They are full of courage but often come to sadness when they express it. The women very often associate themselves with magic, witchcraft, spell casting and that kind of thing; witchy women who may undergo big fluctuations in their hormone cycle. They can be vey emotionally sensitive; it can be very hard to keep secrets from them. Many astrologers have their Moon in this pada suggesting they have a critical investigative mind. Good communicators, good at mathematics. They often make trouble for those around them despite their efforts to help. They affected by some kind of mental trouble, having increase in the circle of enemies.

Celebrities with Moon in Chitra

Moon in Virgo: George Bush Jr (1), Stonewall Jackson (1), Caravaggio (1), Aung San Suu Kyi (1), Kate Winslet (1), Marie Antoinette (1), Leila Arcieri (model, actress, natural sweetener (1)), Calamity Jane (1), Jane Austen (1), Prostitute #3 (1), 

Pope Benedict XIII (2), Martin Heidegger (2), Togo Heihachiro (Great naval commander (2)), Buzz Aldrin (2), Shivaji (2), David Carradine (2), Steven Seagal (2), Sylvester Stallone (2), D.H. Lawrence (2), Sidney Poitier (2), Fred Vargas (2), Wilibald Gurlitt (music & autobiography (2)), Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (2), Anne Hathaway (2), 

Moon in Libra: Louis XVII (3), Sri Rammya (3), Noam Chomsky (3), Jack Dorsey (Founder of Twitter. (3)), Feodor Ingvar Kamprad (founder of Ikea (3)), Ray Dolby (3), Nicolas Cage (3), John Krasinski (3), Allan Pinkerton (Detective (3)), Rob Ford (3), K.N. Rao (3), Michael Arth (Child sexual abuse and black magic (3)), Knut Hamsun (3), Carl Wernicke (3), Richard Klemm (played cello (3)), Sinead O’Connor (3), 

Dwight Eisenhower (4), John MacKey (Whole Foods (4)), Mikhail Bakunin (4), Ferdinand Porsche (4), Edward Norton (4), Ted Turner (4), James Watson (zoology, genetic biology (4)), Molly Ringwald (4), Madame Helena Blavatsky (4), Komilla Sutton (4), Robert Hand (4), Iraq War 2003 (4), Korean War (4), 

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Mars in Chitra

Technical minded people, craftsmen, builders, workman, service techs. They can be physically strong and verbally aggressive. They are very active trying to remove impurity and while working with corrective measures. They could work with prison systems, criminals, with drug and alcohol rehab or detoxification. They might also have many tools and weapons for battle, to defeat the competition. They can be gem cutters, stone carvers. The Virgo side can be especially critical and cutting.

Many pope and heads of religious institutions have Mars in Virgo-Chitra. Leaders of large institutions. They have to fight to get anything done or do anything

AstrologyKing: Mars conjunct Spica: “Popular, social success, may have good judgment and quick decision or be violent in dispute, rigid, and nearly or quite a fool. Sometimes promiscuous and easily aroused by the pleasures of Venus. And if Mars is angular, involved in some trouble due to documents or driven by passion, especially if also with Mercury.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Mars in Libra: “The native has the eye of a scientist. Cultured growth of the native. Much opposition and rivalry. Deaths, losses but gain through opposite sex. Reverses through business and love affairs; develops sanity later in life. Blessed with noble offspring. If afflicted, trouble through relatives, friends and partner. With Sun aspecting the native will be practical in his approach to life and business, a successful executive, income, expenditure and pleasure are rife. When excited, trouble though partner and much opposition from friends and foes. Moon’s aspect makes him quick in action and indifferent to the consequences. More than one union, averse to mother, much sickness and fear from water. Aspect from Mercury famous gain through literary and scientific pursuits. Fond of art and music, untrustworthy, Progeny denied. Aspect from Jupiter brings good fortune, time for new ventures, philanthropic and noble. Aspect from venus gives energy, the spirit of adventure and a passion for women folk. Government recognition. Aspect from Saturn boosts his leadership, brings great name in the native place; a friend of the community. Prosperous.”

Celebrities with Mars in Chitra

Mars in Virgo: Genghis Khan (1), Winston Churchill (1), Dalai Lama XIV (1), Pope Francis (1), Alex Grey (1), Curtis Joseph? (1), Jean Beliveau (1), Freddy Mercury (1), Michael Douglas (1), Aaron Kosinski (Jack the Ripper (1)), Candy Barr (1), Mylene Farmer (singer (1)), Anais Nin (1), Jessica Biel (1), J.K. Rowling (1), Nicole Kidman (1), Hunter Schafer (model, actress, LGBTQ activist (1)), Banks Fail (1), 

Pope John Paul II (“The Warrior Pope” (2), Reverend Jerry Falwell (2), Nikola Tesla (2), Edgar Allan Poe (2), William Faulkner (2), Alan Shepard (astronaut aviation (2)), Peter Kropotkin (2), Pamala Anderson (2), Priyanka Chopra (Actress, tech investments, a haircare brand, a restaurant, and a homeware line (2)), Barbara Walters (2), /25 Feb2023

Mars in Libra: Pope Alexander VI (nepotism in 1492 (3)), Ron DeSantis (3), Oliver Stone (3), Roman Polanski (3), Donald Sutherland (3), Karl Benz (3), David Gilbert (communist, armed robbery (3)), George Docking (3), Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York (3), Mary Tyler Moore (3), Sexual Abuse #7 (3), Ukraine Revolution (3), 

Abraham Lincoln (4), Charles Darwin (4), Bill Nye (4), John Locke (Father of Liberalism (4)), Samuel Johnson (4), Ralph Klein (4), Wade Davis (3), William French Anderson (physician, father of gene therapy (4)), Vin Diesel (4), Sydney Biddle Barrow (professional madam, escorts (4)), Richard Burton (4), Bunny Andrews (4), Will Smith (4), Antoine Lavoisier (4), Sexual Abuse #4 (3), 

Mercury in Chitra

Chain of command. Media design, communication architecture. They have a powerful logical intelligence. They are good media editors,

AstrologyKing: Mercury conjunct Spica: Neat, tidy, clever, ingenious, favor of clergy and people in authority, gain through investment, responsible position. Mercury conjunct Spica trine Uranus (No orb): Mercury must be directly on this degree. This can be used either in a negative or positive way. It affects the outlook of the individual with respect to situations that occur n the person’s life. The aspect of Uranus here is important. A trine of Mercury to Uranus at this point would make the natives rather superficial and insensitive to the situations of other people. They would only utilise their thought patterns for their own pleasures and happiness, and would not see the needs of other persons around them. They have their own little group, whether it be it be those they work with or those in their own neighbourhood. They stay within a small group and do not let others infiltrate their little communication network. This is not necessarily a status symbol, but just a lifestyle they have chosen. They simply do not wish to reach out or search for other things in life. There is a laziness in mental pursuits for they are basically happy in this type of situation. Mercury conjunct Spica opposite Uranus (No orb): Mercury must be on the degree. These persons develop communications far beyond the normal. They extend out to many different levels of communication by listening and learning from others. They have the ability to relate to people on many different levels, and they feel quite comfortable will all of them. They learn to understand the many different intellectual levels of human beings.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Mercury in Libra: “Gain through better business management, large hearted, witty, rational, respect for God and Guru. Best suited for any kind of intellectual exercise. If Sun aspects the native will be poor, easily provoked, head strong, mental powers, debauchee. Moon indicates trust, god fearing, firm, popular and full of advisory capacity. Aspect from Mars causes physical affliction, trouble though enemies and state; much travelling. Aspect from Jupiter makes him a trusted leader of the community. Cheerful and jovial. Aspect from Venus will make him close to women folk, trusted by them, fond of decent attire, charming personality. Aspect from Saturn causes nothing but adversity: friendless and unfortunate.”


Mercury in Chitra (Virgo) Pada 2, Virgo Navamsha: Vargottama. This powerful Mercury will likely be channelled towards celebrity politics or war. The have a very practical decisive technical mind. Excellent “war room” strategist.

Mercury Chitra (Libra) Pada 3, Libra Navamsha: Vargottama. Mercury is more comfortable in situations where there are problems to solve. When it’s time to make agreement in Libra, Mercury can be hesitant, immature and somewhat untrusting. Their adolescent side comes out in relationships and they do better when negotiations are kept fairly casual. They might find themselves in cycles of talking about the same thing over and over again.

Celebrities with Mercury in Chitra

Mercury in Virgo: Charles Koch (1), William Howard Taft (1), Amitabh Bachhan (1), Buster Keaton (1), Ip Man (1), Mario Lemieux? (1), Patrick Roy (1), Clive Barker (1), Art Tatum (1), Leonard Cohen (1), Karl Theodor Komer (poet, philosopher, nationalist, soldier (1)), Darryl Anka (1), Margaret Lockwood (British child actress, born in Pakistan (1)), Ivanka Trump? (1), Sarah Bernhardt (1), Tasmin (1), Margareth del V.B.C. (1), New Zealand (1), Banks Fail (1),

Confucius (2), Putin (2), Queen Elizabeth I of England (2), Genghis Khan (2), Horatio Nelson (2), Ralph Klein (2), Sri Rammya (2), Ken Kesay (2), Michael Faraday (2), Caravaggio (2), Squire Whipple (2), Larry Flynt (2), Kate Winslet (2), K.D. Lang (2), Tegan/Sara/ Quin (2), Tanya Tucker (2), Caitlyn Jenner (2), Evelyn Waugh (2), Rita Wilson (2), 

Mercury in Libra: Turkey (3), William the Conqueror (3), Margaret Thatcher (3), Saint Francis Assisi?? (3), Johannes Vermeer (3), F. Scott Fitzgerald (3), James Boswell (3), Robert Curry (3), Chad Smith (Drummer (3)), Susan Sarandon (3), 

Dr Howard Eugene Wasdin (4), Christiaan Barnard (heart surgeon (4)), Miguel de Cervantes (4), Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek (4), Ivan Pavlov (4), Martin Heidegger (4), Michael Landon (4), Jack Anderson (founder of modern investigative journalism (4)), Jim Caviezel (actor who played Jesus (4)), Leonardo DiCaprio (4), Bridgitte Bardot (4), Serena Williams (4), Olivia-Newton John (4), Emma Stone (4), Lydia Shire (Chef (4)), Moon Unit Zappa (4), Invasion of Grenada (4), 

Jupiter in Chitra: 

Spiritual or ideological architecture. Lots of partners and expensive dynamic agreements. Broad negotiations; open-ended deals. They tend to put their faith in security architecture and design; military tools. Chitra’s typically take an aggressive course to making peace, establishing balance, or coming to an agreement. But Jupiter rules over our beliefs which are often irreconcilable with the beliefs of another. Their advisors may be weapons dealers, designers, architects, makers of magic.

Celebrities with Jupiter in Chitra

Jupiter in Virgo: Donald Trump (1), George Bush Jr (1), William Godwin (Utilitarianism, anarchism, journalist (1)), Michael Green (Quantum Physics: String Theory (1)), Gottfried Herder (1), Andre the Giant (1), Sylvester Stallone (1), Cheech Marin (1), Henry Ford I (2), Bon Scott (1), Neil Young (1), Jack Kerouac (1), Pier Paolo Pasolini (1), Serena Williams (1), Goldie Hawn (1), Shirley MacLaine (1), Cher (1),

Pope Innocent IX (2), Carl Gustav XVI of Sweden (2), Jean Chretien (2), Jean Charest (2), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (2), Johann Sebastian Bach (2), Prince (2), Paul Cezanne (2), Drew Carey (2), Matthew McConaughey (2), Doc Holliday (2), Eric Douglas (2), Yuri Gagarin (2),Jeanne d’Arc (2), Rue McClanahan (2), Gloria Steinem (2),  , Rene Levesque (), Prostitute (), Bill Russell (), Jim Thorpe (),  //21jul2023///

Jupiter in Libra: Bill Clinton (3), Pope Pius IX (3), Oxford (3), Winston Churchill (3), Leonard Cohen (3), Carl Jung (psychoanalyst (3)), George Fredrich Handel (3), Freddy Mercury (3), Hank Aron (3), Terry Fox (3), Rossano (3), Madonna (3), Ivanka Trump? (3), Sophia Loren (3), Michelle Pfeiffer (3), Diane Keaton (3), 

Alexander the Great? (4), Akbar the Great (4), Swami Vivekananda (4), Cicero (4), David Gilmour (Pink Floyd singer, songwriter, guitar (4)), Syed Modasser (nose, throat, eye surgeon (4)), Oliver Stone (4), David Lynch (4), Jack Anderson (founder of modern investigative journalism (4)), Nathaniel Hawthorne (4), Michael Jackson (pop star, dancer (4)), Ruth Benedict (4), Karla Homolka (4), Naomi Campbell (4), Bridgitte Bardot (4), Uma Thurman (4), Calgary City (4), Manhattan (4), 

Venus in Chitra

“Peace is the only battle worth waging.”

Albert Camus

“There are crimes of passion and crimes of logic. The boundary between them is not clearly defined.”

—Albert Camus

“Beauty is unbearable, drives us to despair, offering us for a minute the glimpse of an eternity that we should like to stretch out over the whole of time.”

—Albert Camus

“Problems are like toilet paper. You pull one and ten more come.”

— Woody Allen

Venus goes from being debilitated in pada 2 of Chitra (27 degrees), to being in its own sign and navamsha in pada 3, before falling to the sway of Mars in the 4th pada.

Women in your life will be beautiful and sexy; active and passionate.  There can be a fine line in hasta between sexy and beautiful on one hand, and cheap objectification of sex and beauty on the other hand. in the pursuit of balanced design; balanced architecture. Men with this placement often have a love for guns and weapons (especially on the virgo side).. These people typically find that society and partners can be quite agreeable and they are typically able to get what they want through negotiation. The sense of agreeability typically works both ways in a partnership. If I say yes to the things you want to do; you also have to say yes to the things I want to do. They are typically very good diplomats seeking a fair deal.

Celebrities with Venus in Chitra

Venus in Virgo: Pompey (1), Harry Prince of Wales (1), Sadhguru (1), Max Stirner (1), Jerome Deschamps (1), Jesse James (1), Sean Connery (1), Charlie Sheen (1), Henry Ford II (1), Claudia Schiffer (1), K.D. Lang (1), Saint Bartholomew Day Massacre (1), 

Desmond Tutu (2), Warren Buffett (2), Antoine Lavoisier (2), Berni Sanders (2), Albert Camus (2), Samuel Johnson (2), Peter Sellers (2), Woody Allen (2), Matthew McConaughey (2), Franklin Pierce (2), Rose McGowan (2), Banks Fail (2),

Venus in Libra: Stephen Jay Gould (3), Karl Benz (3), D.H. Lawrence (3), Aleister Crowley (3), F. Scott Fitzgerald (3), Forrest Ackerman (science fiction writer, editor, agent (3)), Margareth del V.B.C. (3), 

Suleiman the Magnificent (4), King Henry V of England (4), Dr Howard Eugene Wasdin (4), Bashar Hafez Al-Assad (4), General Custer (4), K.N. Rao (4), Christopher Reeve (4), Freddy Mercury (4), Michael Douglas (4), Jim Caviezel (actor who played Jesus (4)), Henrietta Maria of France (4), 

Fredrich Engels (4), Kathryn Bigelow (), Rudolf Harbig (), Claire Paphitis (), Friedrich Christian Elector of Saxony (), ///25July2023/

Saturn in Chitra 

This is often a rags to riches story where a person works very hard in order to gain respect from society. Occasionally it may be a more wealthy trust fund manager who lives as if poor. In the chart of the USA, Saturn rules the 2nd and 3rd house and represents that common American narrative that with hard work a person can go from having nothing to having everything. Putin’s chart (strangely enough) embodies this more than anyone having grown up on the streets and is now one of the most powerful men in the world.

The classics say that they will “make magic with charcoal, sticks and stones” and this seems to be correct. They will likely have a thing for gemstones, candle magic, fire, stone patterns, making designs and plans. This can be Columbus and the “magic” of gunpowder, Khrushchev witnessing the magic of washing machines in the 1950s. Norman Mailer’s books were filled with magic. Britney Spears excels at stagecraft which is mostly done by hired hands, lighting people, make-up artists and other servants or service personnel. She also came from nothing.

The main career themes of this placement in Engineering, Finance, Military science, gun powder, and I’m sure there would have been many black smiths with this placement as we.

AstrologyKing:Saturn conjunct Spica: Apt to be suspicious, sharp or rugged, but does much good, occult interests, good speaker, popular, many friends, gain through legacies but extravagant, good health, favorable for domestic matters. Expert in medicine or prediction, versed in occult books and initiations into mysteries.”


Saturn in Chitra (Libra) Pada 3, Libra Navamsha: Vargottama pada. Stem Cell something. One researcher for stem cells has this and one client of stem cell therapy.

Saturn in Chitra (Libra) Pada 4, Scorpio Navamsha: Science, military engineers, financial managers, trust fund managers. Dancers, poets, musicians).

Celebrities with Saturn in Chitra

Saturn in Virgo: Putin (1), Christopher Columbus (1), Hermann Oberth (rocketry (1)), Ibram X Kendi (1), Stan Lee (super-villain stories (1)), Rocky Marciano (boxer (1)), Clive Barker (1), Ava Gardner (1), Brittney Spears (1), USA (1), 

Tony Blair (2), Jean Paul Palomeros (2), Nikita Khrushchev (2), Howard Schultz (Starbucks (2)), John MacKey (Whole Foods (2)), Leonardo Da Vinci (2), Aldous Huxley (2), Norman Mailer (2), Hulk Hogan (2), Hank Williams (singer songwriter (2)), Ronnie Gale Dreyer (2), Komilla Sutton (Vedic Astrology (2)), Jessica Biel (2), Jane Austen (2), Kate Duchess of Cambridge (2), Rosanna Barr (2), 

Saturn in Libra: Mao (communist leader (3)), Jefferey Epstein (finance (4)), George Bush Sr. (3), Friedrich Christian Margrave of Meissen (3), Christiaan Huygens (mathematics,, lens grinding, invention (3)), Friedrich August III King of Saxony (3), Ranjan Bose (electrical engineer (3)), Guy Fawkes (military engineer (3)), William Butler Yeats (poetry (3)), John Stuart Mill (philosophy & economics (3)), Gert-Heinrich Wollheim (expressionist painter (3)), Turkey (3), Afghanistan (3),

Woo-Suk Hwang (stem cell researcher (4)), Isambard Kingdom Brunel (civil engineer (4)), Edward Snowden (Intelligence contractor, whistleblower (4)), Robert B. Neller (General of Marines (4)), Alan Shepard (astronaut aviation (4)), Henry Every Pirate (4), Michael Bolton (4), Anne Hathaway (4), Nat Albright (), Carol Ortega Choung (),  Ian Thorpe (), /// 25 July2023/

Rahu in Chitra 

Unique, strange, foreign architecture, patch jobs, handyman dream. Asymmetric warfare. Ability to create something really unique, technical design, hardware or software. Very well-placed on the Libra side, but on the Virgo side where the craft get more attention than the craftsman. The Virgo side can be a little provocative, breaking things so they can put them back together. The Libra side will be more focused on connection and relationships at any cost to themselves. They can end up with a partner who doesn’t seem to match.

Celebrities with Rahu in Chitra

Rahu in VirgoPope Leo XIII (1), Rudyard Kipling (1), Leo Tolstoy (1), Anais Nin (1), 

William the Conqueror (2), Pope Urban VIII (military ruler, opponent of Copernicus & Galileo (2)), Nancy Pelosi (2), David Koch (2), Thomas Edison (Inventor (2)), Neil deGrasse Tyson (astrophysics, pop. Science (2)), Alexander Graham Bell (2), Michelangelo (2), Michael Jackson (2), Al Pacino (2), Chuck Norris (martial arts actor (2)), Tim Robbins (2), Peter Frost (sick priest (2)), Aaron Kosinski (Jack the Ripper (2)), Tanya Tucker (2), Liv Tyler (2), Jaime Lee Curtis (2), Andrea Bocelli (2), 

Rahu in Libra: Cicero (Bateman, Orator (3)), Ray Kroc (McDonalds (3)) Chris Martin (3),, Eugene Herrigel (Zen & Archery (3)), Floyd Mayweather Jr. (boxer (3)), Terry Fox (ampute runner (3)), Clifford Olsen (serial killer (3)), Jamie Sale (figure skating (3)), Madonna (The Material Girl (3)), 

Jean Charest (4), William Butler Yeats (4), Harry Babasin (experimental jazz (4)), Henrik Ibsen (4), Lee Harvey Oswald (Kennedy killer (4)), Eric Douglas (4), Curt Siodmak (science fiction (4)), Cleopatra (4), Shakira (4), Tina Turner (4), Ukraine Revolution (4), 

Ketu in Chitra 

They might work with futuristic technology. They can be very spiritual, mystical,

Celebrities with Ketu in Chitra

Ketu in Virgo: Mao (1), Descartes (1), Friedrich Christian Margrave of Meissen (1), Louis Sullivan (1), Robert Duvall (1), Richard Gere (1), Caitlyn Jenner (1), Timothy McVeigh (1), Woody Guthrie (1), Molly Ringwald (1), Sigourney Weaver (1), Lucy Lawless (1), Celine Dion (1),

Werner von Braun (Rocketry; Operation Paperclip (3)), Nikola Tesla (2), Usain Bolt (sprinter (2)), Ip Man (2), Lisa Marie Presley (2), Sarah McLachlan (2), Titanic Sinking (2), Alfred Elton van Vogt (2), Pope Sixtus V (anti-corruption & heavy taxation (1)), //

Ketu in Libra: Genghis Khan (3), Warren Buffett (3), Jeremy Corbyn (3), Jacques Parizeau (economist, Quebec separatist (3)), Sigmund Freud (3), Jackson Pollock (3), Rick Levine (3), Ray Charles (3), Donovan Bailey (3), Sean Connery (3), Lilly Wachowski (3), Gottfried Herder (3), Meryl Streep (3), 

Winston Churchill (4), Gavin Newsom (4), Neil Armstrong (4), Stephanie Charbonnier (4), Niki Lauda (race car driver & aviation (4)), Layne Staley (4), Ken Wilber (transpersonal psychology & his own integral theory (4)), Cynthia Breazeal (robotics (4)), Lady Gaga (4), Mary-Kate Olsen (4), Moon Unit Zappa (4), Julia Roberts (4), Kate Walsh (4). Kristen Gilbert (nurse who killed her patients (4)),  Tsunami 2004 (4),

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