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Sagittarius Transits: February/March 2016


 Rahu in 9th house conjunct Jupiter

Rahu’s conjunct with Jupiter forms Guru Chandal Yoga which compromises the virtues of Jupiter. Since this occurs in the 9th house, this corruption of higher law and broad humanistic thinking is complete. Rahu is our strongest desires and uncontrollable urges; those ones that drag us out of complacency and compel us to act. All the great traditions warn of the dangers that desire (Rahu) posses to spiritual religious life (9th house). Rahu cannot be satisfied, while spirituality brings about a kind of satisfaction (esoteric and mystical forms of spirituality are generally seen from 8th house rather than 9th). So Rahu will be corrupting faith, law and wisdom. This will affect 1st house personality (and potentially health) as well as 5th house of creative intelligence. So under Rahu’s influence, morals, personality and mind will all fluctuate.

If we think of desire as being a vibration that comes from the mind, Rahu would act to increase this vibration as the mind continually picks things up and drops them: thoughts, ideas, objects, hopes, desires; When the mind works in a rapid fashion moving from one thought to another, or one object to another, we can say it’s vibrating very quickly; this induces intensity, stress, and of course, ill health. It can make a person unsteady so that you don’t know from which point in the vibration some activity is going to arise; you don’t know what will come out. The strange thing about Rahu (and there are several strange things related to Rahu and his brother Ketu,) is that although he’s never satisfied, he likes to act as though he is satisfied. He’s often represented by smoke and illusion which leads you away from realizing how things really are.

Ketu in 3rd house Aquarius (February-March : Ketu conjunct Sun)

Ketu has effects quite opposite to those of Rahu, but the result can often be the same. Rather than indicating the intense desire of Rahu, Ketu indicates a kind of existential boredom with the houses he affects. It’s often said that Ketu negates things; we just stop caring do to a “been there, done that” kind of attitude. In the case of Sagittarius lagnas, he’ll bring this attitude into 3rd house of effort, hobbies, and courage. Ketu will decrease your will power while you tend to rely on the intense faith inspired by Rahu. But of course this may just be the way things appear. Ketu’s look at 7th house could have a negative effect on relationship as they take a back seat to ones own personal advancement. His look at the 11th house could bring some unusual friendships, while negatively affecting gain; which generally results from a decrease in effort and little desire to make nice contacts for trade or partnership.

On the other hand, the Sun – Ketu conjunct here with Mars looking from the 12th house could create the conditions for some explosive effort in foreign lands, or perhaps against secret enemies (both of which are indicated by 12th house). Likely beginning when the Sun enters Aquarius in mid-February there will be increasing tension between the 3rd house representing small groups, and the 11th house representing the law. With five planets in 3rd house and the other four influencing it by aspect of ownership, there will likely be may small groups fighting against each other as well as possibly going against the law and the old ways.

Scorpio 12th house: Saturn conjunct Mars (Venus & Mercury 2nd house)

Saturn and Mars conjunct will almost always bring some frustration since mars likes action and Saturn like delay. The 12th house signifies things that happen at night, in secret, in places of isolation and/or in foreign lands, as well as signifying such things as freedom, loss, and liberation. The first thing that comes to mind when I see this is wasteful expenditure. Mars is, however, will be in his own house of Scorpio so perhaps the loss will be for such necessities as medicine, but individual charts that are more Tamas could expend on drugs, and from a global perspective this could indicate expenditures of oil or other chemical substances (likely in a foreign land).

Plants in the 12th house shine their light on the 6th house which is the house of service & duty, but also those areas in which we take up the challenge or put up a fight. The 6th house is those things that we must take care of, we can’t just walk away from them. Things like acute illnesses, accidents, injuries, court challenges, divorce and other acts of enmity are see from 6th house as well. Saturn & Mars both aspecting here is sure bring some such struggle into the experience of Sagittarians.

Saturn is looking at his own 2rd house which will hold things together; but 2rd owner in 12th house indicates losses of prosperity. Saturn also owns 3rd house indicating loss of effort; in any case, effort will be going outer (to foreign lands, to some isolated Scorpio place, to wastage, though again, perhaps in the way we waste out time money and energy taking medicine for some illness, when it’s all done, we have our health again, same as before, but we will not have not gained anything in that time. Venus and Mercury’s transits thru 2nd house (durable prosperity) of Capricorn will be beneficial thru most of February.

Saturn’s look at the 9th house will be problematic for luck, but the Sun’s look at his own sign (Leo) in this house will have a powerful stabilizing influence which he transits Aquarius in February-March.

Mars’ 8th look on the 7th house could create some contract or partnership disputes.

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