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Pisces Transits 2016


Saturn conjunct Mars 9th house Scorpio

Saturn and Mars will bring some special Masala to your beliefs. Saturn’s dryness is combining with Mars’ more subtle but steamy heat in water sign Scorpio. Saturn is likely to cause some frustrating delay, but Mars will none-the-less give you both the courage and conviction of your beliefs to follow and proclaim your beliefs. Whether you will be justified in doing so is another question. Thru luck, Saturn may bring small but steady gains thru luck (11th owner in 9th house) and since Saturn also owns the 12th house there’s some chance of losses occurring thru a kind of hard luck. If Saturn is well placed in your chart, instead of losses, this could rather bring you gains from foreign sources but it could be a frustration procedure none-the-less. Saturn & Mars are both looking at the third house. Planets in the 9th house of belief generally reflect themselves to the 3rd house of efforts. With the influence of two powerful malefics on the 3rd house, some hard reactive effort is possible. Since third house is owned by Venus, this effort will be directed toward the house transited by Venus: February she will be in 11th house gains and friendships, and by March this effort will go to the 12th house of foreign or isolated places which usually suggests that effort will in a way be lost. This follows that self help maxim that we have to start with ourselves if we want change. If we try to change others to think as we think or do as we do, our efforts will be wasted. In yoga and meditation effort towards inner (or self) awareness is what will bring fruit. I will deal with Mars’ 4th & 8th aspects and Saturn’s 10th aspect below.

Jupiter conjunct Rahu in 6th house Leo

Lagnesha and 10th house owner Jupiter is transiting the 6th house of obstacles, illness and service. This could be a difficult time for the health of Jupiter natives. There could also be disputes regarding ones occupation, or perhaps you will be occupied with disputes. It’s possible ones reputation could be tarnished in this period. Leo is ruled by the Sun who will be in the 12th house suggesting some enmity will be directed towards foreign people and places. Jupiter is retrograde motion suggests that plans will be difficult to follow due to various obstacles, and in close conjunction with Rahu (which forms Guru Chandal Yoga) Jupiter looses his natural beneficence to his own pride. And since Jupiter also represents beliefs, it’s quite likely there will be a clash between Pisces’ beliefs and what the enemies of Pisces believe. Jupiters look at the 10th house should be supportive for career and occupation, perhaps things wont go as planned in this regard, but it should continue and perhaps your role in the workplace will be expanded to include additional duties. The mutual aspect between the Sun and Jupiter (with Jupiter transiting the house/sign ruled by the Sun) should also allow one to overcome most obstacles, though perhaps thru the cruel nature of the Sun. Jupiter will also be casting a beneficial glance at the 2nd house of durable prosperity.

Rahu is likely to increase ones ego in the area of obstacles. In 6th house Leo Rahu has an urge to be known as one who crushes his enemies like a powerful king. The problem is that Rahu is not a king, but merely a shadowy planet who can never find satisfaction as a proper king does following his accomplishments. Rahu may not know when to stop. His look at 10th house can cause some disruption to career and occupation, but just disruption, this is common. Rahu’s look at the 2nd house can bring a kind of ego regarding ones financial position. Rahu may want to be perceived as someone with financial security where he has any or not. It’s in this way that Rahu adds a negative influence to the 2nd house: by spending money so as to make the appearance of having money; therefore, savings could decline.

Saturn’s look at the combination will influence one towards working against their enemies to advance one’s beliefs. This will of course lead to greater difficulties and obstacles since ones predefined path may not be accessible.

Ketu in 12th house Aquarius (conjunct Sun mid-February to mid-March)

*Note: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, & Ketu will all be conjunct here for the new moon March 9th

Ketu give the ability to Negate things. In this case, Ketu is likely to have little concern for loss or foreigners. He will be offering his cutting influence to the 4th house of home happiness along with Mars thru his 8th look. There are likely to be fights in the home, perhaps seemingly coming out of nowhere as Ketu exerts his influence here as well as on the 8th house of sudden events. Very old Karma (perhaps seemingly from past lives) are likely to bring unexpected difficulties.

Mars’ look at Sun and Ketu in 12th house is sure to bring some heat into foreign and seemingly isolated places. Mars’ intense belief is likely to be felt in foreign places. When all the planets congregate here for the new Moon, there’s some suggestion that there could be a kind of planetary war in some far away Aquarius place.

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Aquarius Transits 2016

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Ketu in 1st house Aquarius

Ketu in the first house makes a very good spokesperson. Ketu in this position can create a kind of self negating attitude making it easy for him to play whatever role is assigned to him by his more determined Rahu partners. Ketu in 1st does not have to believe or even accept something in order to promote or represent it. During February and March when the Sun transits Aquarius, this could create conditions of being dominated by ones partnerships (be they romantic or business) since the 7th owner will be in 1st house. Since it’s the Sun conjunct Ketu with Mars aspecting, this dominance is likely to feel cruel, aggressive and perhaps arising as a sudden burst of energy (Sun Mars Ketu).

Ketu and Mars will both be looking at the 5th house which, by their combined heat, can cause difficulties in productive capability even though things may get off to a good start. Mercuries Transit thru Capricorn in February can also signify some lose of production or productive capability. This could also signify some political tensions.

Rahu in 7th house Leo

Rahu will bring his strong appetite into 7th house matters of durable relationship, partnership and trade after January when he moves into Leo. On one hand this position can have material benefits associated with this house which can be summed up as dealing with others, but on the other hand Rahu can disturb our most important relationships. Rahu drishti on 11th and 3rd houses will also give a boost to gainful friendships and networking circles. Jupiter conjunct Rahu in Leo should offer expansive trade networks, gain and durable prosperity since he rules the two main houses of wealth (the 2nd and 11th) and will be transiting the house of trade. Since he is, however, six houses away from his second house Sagittarius, durable prosperity might not come without fight. (Generally speaking, this sort of arrangement is likely to have something to do with why couples so often fight over their savings: 7th house is 6th from the 2nd.) By his drishti on the 11th and 3rd houses, Jupiter will promote a hopeful attitude as well as a sense of nobility in his efforts to get things started. Although some long term trade agreement is possible, you can be sure that the devil (Rahu, the greatest malefic and Raksha) will have some hand in the details. Saturn is looking at the 7th house reinforcing the idea that Capricorns could be making unsavoury trade deals, alliances, or partnership agreements.

Saturn in 10th house Scorpio (conjunct Mars)

For Capricorn’s, Saturn in 10th house signifies some occupation in foreign or isolated lands since the 1st house (your self) and 12th house (foreign places) owner is transiting the 10th house of occupation. Delays are possible in this regard since saturn rules delays, and the Mars conjunction (which will be off and on until September) suggests some frustration. However, since Mars will be in his own house occupation should continue. This is a positive placement for Capricorns who work in the oil industry, with machines, and other destructive labour related jobs. As 3rd house owner, Mars will also be bringing your effort into the 10th house.

Saturn and Mars are both looking at the 4th house, which will bring fighting and frustration into the home, and in February, Venus, the ruler of 4th house will be transiting the 12th house. It’s fair to say that home happiness will be lost in this period. In many ways, this merely reinforces the idea of going away for work, but it also suggests difficulties in the home and with parents though from this perspective things might not be so bad since Venus, the ruler of 4th house Taurus will be Transiting the 9th house from the 4th house which is the lucky house for parents and the home.