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17. Anuradha Nakshatra

“Man is a mystery. It needs to be unravelled, and if you spend your whole life unravelling it, don’t say that you’ve wasted time. I am studying that mystery because I want to be a human being.” Fyodor Dostoevsky 

(3º 20’ Scorpio – 16º 40’ Scorpio.) Scorpionis: Beta (Acrab), Delta (Isidis) & Pi.

Ruled by Saturn. The star of success & the power to worship.

Meaning: Another Radha, After Radha, Subsequent success, a Spark

Main deity: Mitra – Friend

Western Deities: Urania or Xenia

Main symbols: a Staff, Lotus Flower, Archway, 

Tree – incense: Bakula Tree – Spanish Cherry – Maulsari

Body parts: Breast, stomach, womb, bowels

Sexual – creative animal: Female Deer (hare) 

Rulership: “Men of prowess, heads of corporations, friends of the virtuous, lovers of assemblies, tourists (or lovers of carriages), all honest persons of the world, and all things that grow in autumn.”

Brihat  Samhita: “When Saturn transits Anuradha the people of Kuluta, the Tanganas, the Khasas, the Kashmirians, ministers, those that work with wheels such as potters, oil-makers etc., and those that beat gongs or bell-makers are afflicted; and friends get estranged.”

Qualities of Anuradha

Trimurti: Vishnu/Maintenance

Gotra/Clan: Sage Angiras

Gana/Tribe: Deva

Varna/Caste: Shudra

Motivation/Goal: Dharma

Nature: Soft/Mild/Gentle

Activity: Passive

Place: Grassy Place

Guna: Tamasic

Element: Fire

Dosha: Pitta

Sex/Gender: Male

Facing Forward/Level

Direction: South

Colour: Reddish Brown

Animal: Female Deer

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Vishnu – Sustaining – Maintaining – Organising principle: Focus is to maintain order in the universe, in society and life. Their focus is to maintain what is here and keep things going; to keep everyone safe and alive; to regulate danger and provide a path through the abyss. Anuradha primarily does this through organisation of the available resources. Anuradha is very good at making due with whatever is at hand.

Deva: Anuradha folks tend to be somewhat refined and righteous actions as well as through sacrifice; but may struggle with pride and entitlement. They are capable of understanding the subtitles of life. This is also used in chart matching. They say it’s best if both parties belong to the same tribe (8 points). However, they say that a deva and a rakshasa will get one point for the attraction of opposites. Human’s should probably stick with other humans This is a very important classification suggesting that the way these three tribes (devas, humans & rakshasa) live is so different as to have a major effect on marriage compatibility and living together.

Dharma: Anuradha natives are motivated by dharma, finding meaning and purpose in the shocks, traumas and hardships of life. At some point they will be a friends in need, but they will return the favour. Dharmic or righteous planets will support their life path while afflictions will bring difficulties into their life when ever they break dharma so that eventually they learn. Placements in Anuradha are more likely to deal with ones broader life path and purpose in life. Ones whole mission in life may relate with Anuradha and the dedication to a cause.

Mridu – Soft/Mild: Gentle and devoted, seeking friendship, peace, safety, security. They are the stranger who comes in peace as well as the one hosting strangers. Life may seem like a dangerous thing so actually the want peace, quiet, slow movements, nothing unexpected because the unexpected means death or transformation and Anuradha want to slow the rate of change; regulate it. Excellent for service or working for others as they can easily fulfil unspoken expectations and complete social customs.

Shudra (known for filial duty) Labour, farmers, artisans, craftsmen, servants, service personnel. They are often called to sacrifice for the greater goods, stand by their people, and take on heavy responsibilities.

Pitta: Fire & Water makes placements here hot, oily, light, sharp, rough. Vibrant, successful, aggressive. Disturbed by sour (Venus), pungent (Sun). Pacified by bitter (Mars) & sweet (Jupiter).

Fire: Rises up, expands, illuminates, transformers burns, cooks, assimilates. Fire & Air = cooperate. Space cooperates with all. Earth does not cooperate with Fire. Water impedes Fire.

Triyanga Mukha – Facing Straight Ahead (Level): This is a level-headed and forward looking position. It’s good for mundane, everyday tasks that allows us to prepare for the future. This nakshatra promotes an honest, realistic assessment. It marks a good time to level with others or yourself, to ensure that the playfield and the ground are all level. It can be a good time to start surveying, building, laying pipe, or sticking a level on anything. Mercury and Venus share this perspective. Ashwini, Mrigasirsha, Punarvasu, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Anuradha, Jyeshta and Revati are all forward looking.

Tamasic: Activities take part on the gross physical plane: dark, depressed, dull, inert activities that obscure reality and keep us in the dark. Some kind of gross suffering is usually felt here and there’s a lazy sort of laissez-faire sort of laziness of lethargy. The energy here typically pulls a person down as it represents neither change or purity. There is typically some suffering and darkness of mind experienced here. Tamasic has no nutrients and the prana is not moving; it’s stale or dead.

Passive: Planets here will be more passive about achieving its goals: allowing things to happen rather than “forcing” things. The Moon is said to persuade thru temptation so she does well here. Venus draws us in by her promises of beauty so she also does well. Saturn is the master of patience so he also does well. The active planets can cause a bit of trouble in trying to force things that we should just allow to happen naturally.

South: The events related to this nakshatra often happen in the southern direction, or one may have some duties south from the home in this period. One can also face the south when worshipping this nakshatra or the deities related to it. When this asterism is placed in the southern quadrant of the chart it gains extra strength to give results.

Deva: Anuradha natives can be a little proud and holier than thou due to their super-human dedication to a cause or person. The planets relating with the Devas will promote more refined and righteous behaviour; but may struggle with pride and entitlement. They are more capable of understanding the subtitles of life. This is also used in chart matching. They say it’s best if both parties belong to the same tribe (8 points). However, they say that a deva and a rakshasa will get one point for the attraction of opposites). This is a very important classification suggesting that the way these three tribes (devas, humans & rakshasa) live is so different as to have a major effect on marriage compatibility and living together.

Sage Angiras

The Sage for Anuradha natives is Angiras. His name means, he who has “sprung from the coals,” “shines like fire,” or “the radiant one.” He is associated with many beautiful hymns, especially in the Artha Veda and Rig Veda. He was a teacher of yagya (fire worship) and soma practices which he acquired from Bhrigu. He’s closely connected with concepts of oblation and memory. His intense contemplation on Para-Brahma produced great tejas. His followers seek vast open natural spaces for contemplation. Hymns and mantras are mostly pleasant but he also has mantras for harming others relating him to black magic. Brihaspati and Prana are his most famous children. Dirghatamas was Anghiras’ blind grandson and father of Gautama Maharishi. Anuradha folks are often expected to master the lessons of Sage Angiras. Practical use of fire, radiant heat, which can have them doing anything from cooking to welding to hairstyling. But there is also his anger and his use of black magic in the form of manipulation. Brihaspati will teach them how things would be as well as giving some scriptural knowledge while Prana will teach them how to move their breath and channel their life force. Dirghatamas may relate with their deep connection to the unknown and the possibility of sudden, unexpected death or transformation. Gautama Maharishi is an interesting one since he is best known for his wife who had an affair with Indra and the curses he issued against them both.

Female deer (or hare)

Pairs with the male deer Jyeshta. Does (female deer) typically play “hard to get” for several days. The buck has to give chase for a couple of days to prove himself worthy before she will give in. After copulating several times over a period of a few days, the buck will stay with her for a few day and then goes on to find another mate. If she doesn’t get pregnant during that cycle, she will go into another one within three to four weeks.

Their period of fertility is fairly short, usually in the fall between Oct – Dec. She is usually only able to conceive for a few days each year. And once they get pregnant you usually cannot tell from just looking until past three months. Typical pregnancy last for about 200 – 205 days, but some species of deer this can be as high as 286 days. She may have 1 – 3 fawns in a season and as many as 8 in her lifetime. Babies are born with fur and usually within 20 minutes momma will encourage the baby fawn to stand. The birth will take place in a safe, secluded place, the mother will mostly leave it alone there for the first week; except coming back to feed it of course.

See Jyeshta for more information on the mating habits of deer.

Bakula Tree – Maulsari – Mimusops Elengi – Bullet Wood – Spanish Cherry

It’s prized tree to have in a garden since its timber is valuable, the fruit is edible, it gives good shade, and the flowers have a lovely fragrance. Most parts of the tree can be used in traditional medicines. It’s an evergreen tree that reaches about 16 m. It flowers in April, give fruit from June – October. The leaves are glossy green, oval shaped, the fruit is about the size of a grape; orange-red when ripe an there is a large seed. The flowers are cream colours, hairy and fragrant. The fragrance remains even after drying. They say the flowers fragrance is intoxication like alcohol.

Powder from the flowers is used with nasya for headaches, Tender leaves or unripe fruit can be chewed for bleeding gums or gingivitis. The bark can be made into a solution for gargling for mouth and tooth problems; other preparations of the bark are good for stomach problems, worms, menstrual problems, fever. A special paste from this tree can help revive poisonous bites and stings, another cold tea can be used as a general tonic which can be beneficial for detoxification. It’s said to be anti-bacterial, anti-anxiety, anti-diabetic, anti-oxydent, anti-urolithiatic.

Pungent, astringent, heavy, pungent after digestion, cold, reduces vitiated pitta and kapha dosha.

Special Considerations
  • Pushkara amsha 7º Scorpio. Nourishing point. Moons transit brings auspicious and nourishing results. Good time to plan auspicious events.
  • Pushkara Navamsha: 6º 40′ to 10º Scorpio (Virgo Navamsha).
Planing the Transit: Auspicious Activities
Muhurtha – Electional Astrology

Anuradha is a soft, gentle nakshatra; good for anything that needs to be handled with great care. Planning, organising, administration, making sure that nothing goes wrong, expecting the unexpected. When the Moon passed through Anuradha it can be a good day for marriage, sacred ceremony, travel, construction of temples of other spiritual buildings. Practicing fang Sui of Vastu sastra. Planning for safety, security, private or public affairs. Foundation stones in general can be laid or piles drilled and poured; especially when the foundation must be stabilised deed in the ground. It’s a good day to take a day to prepare and consider any potential dangers, to schedule safety meetings, instal safety mechanisms, devices or protocols. Its a good day to do things with others, with friends; or to meet new friends, or to just experience a a friendly kind of day like Mr Rogers Neighbourhood. Mrigasirsa, Chitra, Revati are the other Nakshatras that share this temperament. Friday’s are also meant to be a little relaxed.

Key Themes

“The proper office of a friend is to side with you when you are in the wrong. Nearly anybody will side with you when you are in the right.”

Mark Twain (Sun in Anuradha)

Anuradha natives are masters of the unwritten and unspoken rules that govern society, friendships, hospitality, the subtleties between give & take. They are sensitive to all the little signals, gestures and feelings that are exchanged among friends and with strangers at the wayside. In some ways, Anuradha is that place inside of us keeping score. Who did what; who helps us and who hinders us on our path. Anuradha knows that secret that first you have to give in order to receive. The smallest act of kindness can pay huge dividends when the time comes for it to be played forward. Of course, this works the other way when we are rude and ignorant to others for no reason. The karma that comes back around is the lesson if one is wise enough to recognise it. Well placed planets here will bring the magic; opening doors and portals that will transport you to another world of sun shines and rainbows; poorly placed planets will call you in and then slam the door in your face. Much of depends on how well we learn the early lessons. Betrayal is a common theme here from which we can either deepen our resolve to maintain a certain level of trust in those around us, or we can become bitter. 

There is a very strong polarity in Anuradha making it somewhat difficult to learn the lessons. Anuradha is all about how we treat the enemy, the polar opposite, how the rich man treats the poor man and how the poor man treats the rich man. It’s in the relationship between the boss & the peon, the master & the slave, the inn keeper & the wanderer. The exchange is not equal in Anuradha; equity is not he goal here, but still a kind balance is made through agreement, respect, or in its higher form: devotion. 

The energy of Anuradha is like putting the warrior Mars in a room with the crippled elder, Saturn. Saturn can’t compete with Mars on his terms; but Mars also cannot complete with Saturn on his. The warrior respects the experience and the elder respects the warrior.  In its highest form, Mars becomes the servant to Saturn which Saturn commands Mars in what to do. A funny kind of role reversal can come with this placement; the same thing done in reverse. 

Afflicted or poorly placed planets in Anuradha can lead to very uncomfortable sadist/masochist relationships; awful master-slave dynamics; or odd domination-submission roles. Devotion can be expressed in many ways. For many it is just taking shelter in what is familiar; resisting change; being held in place by fear. For others it’s a celebration, a support, a service, karma yoga, an offering to god in the spirit of Laxman to Ram or Robin to Batman (or Batman and the Butler in latter versions). As long as we are giving one person the credit or the blame, them we are missing the point. As different as the two poles are, they each need the other to exist. The sadist needs the masochist and the masochist needs the sadist; it’s a mutual relationship. Where would the rich man be with out someone to shine his shoes or keep his calendar in order; but where would that shoe-shine boy be with out the rich man,  

Anuradha is generally a peaceful nakshatra, but it can still be a very dangerous place to be. The atmosphere of Anuradha is just after the destructive fire and lightening of Vishakha. Sure one might have a kind of unspoken agreement that we can gather our wounded and bury the dead, but to actually climb out of the trenches and into enemy sight to do so can be daunting. A lot of people with dangerous jobs have placements here, they might be the ones regulating or inspecting for safety. They often have a steady hand, slow, careful movements. Many scientist, technicians, labourers, and military people have placements here. Anuradha people like this kind of thing; they are survivalists in the areas represented by planets in Anuradha. 

Anuradha provides a place of refuge: a place safe from pursuit, danger, trouble or war. Once everything has been destroyed the old order and natural laws are imposed: unspoken, unseen, unacknowledged. They have a solid grounding in reality and they know all about the cycles of life and death. They know them only too well; this is why it so often falls to them to regulate this cycles. Doctors, therapists, healers, mystics, ideologues, dogmatists. 

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.”

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

They can be serious people willing to die for their cause. This is true devotion. When you say that you love god, or love your yoga practice, of love your partner or even that you love ice cream; ask yourself: “What have I sacrificed for for god, or my partner, or my love of ice cream. It’s easy to say what god does for you, or all the benefits you get from yoga, or how tasty the ice cream is; but where is your love if you have not given anything of yourself. 

But giving our life for something doesn’t always mean marching into the bayonets, maybe we just sacrifice a few years learning how to make the best ice cream (well, if you love it so much, it’s not much to ask). It could just be the feeling that everything will come to and end if, for example, a secret were to get out. Anuradha can sacrifice much of their life in order to keep a secret. Ram Das kept his sex life a secret for years fearing  a secret for years that likely felt like a life or death thing, but in the end it was nothing; nobody cared. Moon is just the feeling after all; it’s the ascendant that actually puts their body in danger. 

Saturn can bring lots of workplace danger and fear of vulnerability, Mars increases the risk taking behaviour and with Rahu can be very extreme in challenging not just themselves; but death itself. Jupiter opens the mind of a lot of scientists and yogis who are teaching their students to regulate the transformation by regulating the breath. Many spiritual aspirants seek out god and temple and even university and ideas as a place of refuge. The Buddhists “take refuge under Buddha.” But many of these folks are very attached to their belief, ideology or dogma; and it’s often the case that the people around them don’t follow the same faith.  They might see religion itself as a danger, without seeing their own ideology as being the contentious one. They might be agents who regulate massive ideological shifts; a kind of proselytiser.

Stanzas on Vibration (p.218) puts it nicely: “The relation we see between things in not seen in the object, but is experienced within consciousness through its capacity to synthesis perceptions. If cause and effect are felt to be connected, as they must be, the dependence of one on the other cannot be other than the same sort of need as is felt by a conscious being. There is, in other words, an underlaying intentionality on the part of the cause to give rise to its effect.”

This is the place in the body-mind where fears are remembered. Fire? Hot! It’s a very instinctive reaction, that, when working well, keeps us alive. Occasionally this system malfunctions and triggers the fear response to things that we actually don’t have to fear. This is trauma. The triumphal archway symbolised here is actually a gate in time, a kind of portal that can bring us back in time to experience the original trauma over and over again. This isn’t so bad when you’re in a war and facing opponents who want to kill you over and over again. But it’s also very easy to develop some false programming and triggers that can go off at inappropriate times; which, of course, is part of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Allergies are a lot like post-traumatic stress. My body freaks out and almost kills me in order to protect me from Melon. 

So Anuradha people have to consider karma very carefully since even the small things that do will come back to them for better of worse. Just some small, seemingly insignificant interaction with a seemingly insignificant person can bring great dividends later on. Anuradha is the commitment we show in the tough times. Rahu & Ketu will find the loopholes in the the agreement between friends or ignore these codes altogether. On the other hand they can really get help from friends in the lowest of places and in the most random of circumstances. Miraculous karmic meetings that we do not forget, Very often these friendships are forged through unique circumstances; catastrophes, disasters, wars, sometimes just the most unpredictable meetings along the ways side, shared secrets and so many things that make everyone equal in a way. Perhaps put in a better way for Anuradha is that every force has and equal and opposite force. (This is the Mars – Saturn balance of opposing forces. For every power that gives, there must be and energy which recieves; whenever there is a winner there is a looser; for every sadist is a masochist. Negative placements can make a person feel like they are in enemy territory; constantly on guard.

“We sometimes encounter people, even perfect strangers, who begin to interest us at first sight, somehow suddenly, all at once, before a word has been spoken.”

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Mrigashirsa sit’s across from Anuradha allowing them to mirror each other in some way. The are both cautious. Mrigrashirsha is, of course, the more curious of the duo. This curiosity can often get them in a tight spot but they will try to get away. The Anuradha native will try to avoid the tight spot because once there they will dedicate themselves to regulating that energy. They can easily sacrifice themselves for the greater good; or at least their version of this. We all know what they say about good intentions: and these folks are often full of them; dedicated to a cause, or a person or and ideology. Mrigashirsa are just the opposite; fickle, non-committal, not capable of domestication. Anuradha is much more domesticated. They can balance each other it in some ways. Parts of Ardra also sit across form Anuradha so we can way that the wild ones will keep the Anuradha person under some kind of stress and will test their dedication. The wild ones (the deer and the wolf) of course get the chase, someone who wants to fence them in and try to save them from themselves. The wild ones look out and see a world of Anuradha that they must run and hide from. Anuradha sees the world like some wild dangerous place that must be tamed, ordered and regulated. 

For Hegel, absolute knowledge (Spirit) cannot come to be without first a self-consciousness recognising another self-consciousness. He maintained that the entire reality is immediately present to self-consciousness. It undergoes three stages of development: 1) Desire, where self-consciousness is directed at things other than itself; 2) Master-slave, where the self-consciousness is directed at another that is unequal to itself; and 3) Universal self-conscious, where the self-conscious recognises itself in another.

It is here that the sadist and the masochist meet in co-dependence. The worker who wants to please and have their work appreciated. And the controlling sadist who feels like they are not good enough to do anything so they get the other to do it for them. The other cannot achieve enough so they go on doing the work. One is not to blame for the other; an eager for achievement worker will take work away from others so they never get a chance to achieve and do things on their own; and life gets the illusion of being easier because the master doesn’t have to do anything. Likewise, a master can manipulate someone into feeling like they don’t do enough and soon enough the co-dependent relationship comes into being. Of course once this kind of thing gets started it can be very difficult to get out of without the full participation and awareness of both parties, And this can be difficult because both might think of their position as one of power where they are able to control the other. The slave thinks, look at everything I do, they can’t live without me. And the master thinks, look at everything I do, they can’t live without me. When they both realise and are ready to confront the fact that they have both participated in a dynamic in which they cannot live without each other than they are ready to face reality, And do something about it. They are released from this bondage either through the death of one of them or, as Hegel suggests, when they each see themselves in the other.

Gods & Symbols of Anuradha

Mitra – Mithra:

As one of the Adityas, Mitra is associated with a morning sun after it has risen. offers compassion, devotion, mediation, love. friendship, and amicable meetings. He promoted cooperation thru treaties, covenants, agreements, promises, bonds, alliances. Even where great inequality exists, Mitra is able to find a way. He regulates some of the subtler energy exchanges like the power of intention. There are other connotations of being bound, or walled off. He is particularly good at marshalling the people. 

Mitra is often invoked with Varuna. Mitra is not violent, even when scared or pushed he can retain this aversion to violence and blood-shed. This is why he needs his friend Varuna’s destructive tendencies. But this also tends to make Mitra into a kind of side-kick or extension of his power. It may be of interest here they in those early days; Mitra had almost no characteristics which were not derived for Varuna. Some compare these two the the right and left hands of power: Mitra representing the priesthood and the dharma of the day, while Varuna represents royal power and the darkness of night. Mitra is that force by which the course of the Sun is regulated; Vishnu’s infamous “three-steps” is also regulated by Mitra’s power. It’s said Agni is kindled before dawn to produce Mitra. 

Mitra-Varuna are conceived as young, they wear glistening garments, are monarchs and guardians of the whole world and their palace is golden, with a thousand pillars and a thousand doors. They support (and are frequently invoked next to) heaven and earth, and the air between heaven and earth. They are lords of rivers and seas, and they send rain and refreshment from the sky.

“They wet the pastures with dew of the and rain abounding in heavenly water comes from them. Their domain has streams that flow with honey, and their pastures have cattle that yield refreshment. They afflict those that disregard them with disease. They are asuras and (like all asuras) wield their power through secret knowledge (māyā́), which empowers them to make the sun traverse the sky, and to obscure it with clouds. Their eye is the sun, and they mount their chariot in the highest heavens, which they drive with the rays of the sun as with arms. They have spies that are wise and undeceivable. They are maintainers of truth & order (‘rta’), they are barriers against falsehood, which they punish. They are part of the 12 Adityas (the celestial sons of Aditi) with Indra as their leader.” — Mitra – Hindu God – Wiki

Mitra of India can easily be related to ‘Mithra’ is sometimes called the Pagan Christ since they are both described as “the4 way,” the truth,”  ‘the light,” “the word,” “the good Shepard.” Here we find a deity of vegetation, a mediator between god and man. This is the pre-Christ god which was born on the winter solstice, December 25 fro a virgin mother. He was often pictured with a lamb on his shoulders and had 12 disciples. He is known to have travelled far and wide. He might further relate with that aspect of Jesus which gets resurrected just as the Sun does each morning. 

The western god Mitra is also associated with secret mens groups, brotherhood societies that exalted celibacy. Much like the Tantric cults they were based on self-respect, empowerment, renunciation of desire, and spiritual ascension. One of the main stories has Mitra defeating the bull of Taurus to over come sensual desires. They had a seven step program for ascension that seems to match with the Kundalini chakra system. The Seven Grades of Mithraic Initiation: 1.Corax (Raven); 2. Nymphus (Male Bride); 3. Miles (Soldier); 4. Leo (Lion); 5. Peres (Persian); 6. Heliodromus (Sun-Runner); 7. Pater (Father).

HYMN CXXXVI. Mitra-Varuṇa.

1. BRING adoration ample and most excellent, hymn, offerings, to the watchful Twain, the bountiful, your sweetest to the bounteous Ones. Sovrans adored with streams of oil and praised at every sacrifice. Their high imperial might may nowhere be assailed, ne’er may their Godhead be assailed.
2 For the broad Sun was seen a path more widely laid, the path of holy law hath been maintained with rays, the eye with Bhaga’s rays of light. Firm-set in heaven is Mitra’s home, and Aryaman’s and Varuṇa’s. Thence they give forth great vital strength which merits praise, high power of life that men shall praise.
3 With Aditi the luminous, the celestial, upholder of the people, come ye day by day, ye who watch sleepless, day by day. Resplendent might have ye obtained, Ādityas, Lords of liberal gifts. Movers of men, mild both, are Mitra, Varuṇa, mover of men is Aryaman.
4 This Soma be most sweet to Mitra, Varuṇa: he in the drinking-feasts, shall have a share thereof, sharing, a God, among the Gods. May all the Gods of one accord accept it joyfully to-day. Therefore do ye, O Kings, accomplish what we ask, ye Righteous Ones, whate’er we ask.
5 Whoso, with worship serves Mitra and Varuṇa, him guard ye carefully, uninjured, from distress, guard from distress the liberal man. Aryaman guards him well who acts uprightly following his law, Who beautifies their service with his lauds, who makes it beautiful with songs of praise.
6 Worship will I profess to lofty Dyaus, to Heaven and Earth, to Mitra and to bounteous Varuṇa, the Bounteous, the Compassionate. Praise Indra, praise thou Agni, praise Bhaga and heavenly Aryaman. Long may we live and have attendant progeny, have progeny with Soma’s help.
7 With the Gods’ help, with Indra still beside us, may we be held self-splendid with the Maruts. May Agni, Mitra, Varuṇa give us shelter this may we gain, we and our wealthy princes.

HYMN CXXXVII. Mitra-Varuṇa.

1. WITH stones have we pressed out: O come; these gladdening drops are blent with milk, these Soma-drops which gladden you. Come to us, Kings who reach to heaven, approach us, coming hitherward. These milky drops are yours, Mitra and Varuṇa, bright Soma juices blent with milk.
2 Here are the droppings; come ye nigh the Soma-droppings blent with curd, juices expressed and blent with curd. Now for the wakening of your Dawn together with the Sun-God’s rays, juice waits for Mitra and for Varuṇa to drink, fair juice for drink, for sacrifice.
3 As ’twere a radiant-coloured cow, they milk with stones the stalk for you, with stones they milk the Soma-plant. May ye come nigh us, may ye turn hither to drink the Soma juice. The men pressed out this juice, Mitra and Varuṇa, pressed out this Soma for your drink.

HYMN CLI. Mitra and Varuṇa

1. HEAVEN and earth trembled at the might and voice of him, whom, loved and Holy One, helper of all mankind, The wise who longed for spoil in fight for kine brought forth with power, a Friend, mid waters, at the sacrifice.
2 As these, like friends, have done this work for you, these prompt servants of Purumīlha Soma-offerer, Give mental power to him who sings the sacred song, and hearken, Strong Ones, to the master of the house.
3 The folk have glorified your birth from Earth and Heaven, to be extolled, ye Strong Ones, for your mighty power. Ye, when ye bring to singer and the rite, enjoy the sacrifice performed with holy praise and strength.
4 The people prospers, Asuras! whom ye dearly love: ye, Righteous Ones, proclaim aloud the Holy Law. That efficacious power that comes from lofty heaven, ye bind unto the work, as to the pole an ox.
5 On this great earth ye send your treasure down with might: unstained by dust, the crowding kine are in the stalls. Here in the neighbourhood they cry unto the Sun at morning and at evening, like swift birds of prey.
6 The flames with curling tresses serve your sacrifice, whereto ye sing the song, Mitra and Varuṇa. Send down of your free will, prosper our holy songs: ye are sole Masters of the singer’s hymn of praise.
7 Whoso with sacrifices toiling brings you gifts, and worships, sage and priest, fulfilling your desire,— To him do ye draw nigh and taste his sacrifice. Come well-inclined to us unto our songs and prayer.
8 With sacrifices and with milk they deck you first, ye Righteous Ones, as if through stirrings of the mind. To you they bring their hymns with their collected thought, while ye with earnest soul come to us gloriously.
9 Rich strength of life is yours: ye, Heroes, have obtained through your surpassing powers rich far-extending might. Not the past days conjoined with nights, not rivers, not the Paṇis have attained your Godhead and your wealth.

HYMN CLII. Mitra-Varuṇa.

1. THE robes which ye put on abound with fatness: uninterrupted courses are your counsels. All falsehood, Mitra-Varuṇa! ye conquer, and closely cleave unto the Law Eternal.
2 This might of theirs hath no one comprehended. True is the crushing word the sage hath uttered, The fearful four-edged bolt smites down the three-edged, and those who hate the Gods first fall and perish.
3 The Footless Maid precedeth footed creatures. Who marketh, Mitra-Varuṇa, this your doing? The Babe Unborn supporteth this world’s burthen, fulfilleth Law and overcometh falsehood.
4 We look on him the darling of the Maidens, always advancing, never falling downward, Wearing inseparable, wide-spread raiment, Mitra’s and Varuṇa’s delightful glory.
5 Unbridled Courser, born but not of horses, neighing he flieth on with back uplifted. The youthful love mystery thought-surpassing, praising in Mitra-Varuṇa, its glory.
6 May the milch-kine who favour Māmateya prosper in this world him who loves devotion. May he, well skilled in rites, be food, and calling Aditi with his lips give us assistance.
7 Gods, Mitra-Varuṇa, with love and worship, let me make you delight in this oblation. May our prayer be victorious in battles, may we have rain from heaven to make us prosper.

HYMN CLIII. Mitra-Varuṇa.

1. We worship with our reverence and oblations you, Mitra Varuṇa, accordant, mighty, So that with us, ye Twain whose backs are sprinkled with oil, the priests with oil and hymns support you.
2 Your praise is like a mighty power, an impulse: to you, Twain Gods, a well-formed hymn is offered, As the priest decks yon, Strong Ones, in assemblies, and the prince fain to worship you for blessings.
3 O Mitra-Varuṇa, Aditi the Milch-cow streams for the rite, for folk who bring oblation, When in the assembly he who worships moves you, like to a human priest, with gifts presented.
4 So may the kine and heavenly Waters pour you sweet drink in families that make you joyful. Of this may he, the ancient House-Lord, give us. Enjoy, drink of the milk the cow provideth.

The Arch of Triumph: 

Anuradha represents a door to another world. At some point in the natives life they someone will come along and offer them a new life.  The planet placed here is likely representative of the kind of person who comes along.  It’s a door to another life, another time, some of the collective unconscious is stored here to keep us alive, respond to danger, and secure ourselves from the unknown. In Acupuncture they called the liver the great general, the one who studies all the past attacks on the body to determine how to react in the future. When this gate is functioning well our reactions are matched to the circumstance and the threat. When it’s not functioning well our timing is off and our reactions do not match the threat. This can cause allergies in the body, racist or xenophobic thoughts in the mind, over (or under) reactions to stress; trauma responses. All ov these things are survival mechanisms that do not fit with the actual reality. In another time and place you might freak out when someone grabs you from behind; but not when you’re having a quiet evening with your wife. But sometime things trigger completely disproportionate responses and we have to take the time to once again ground ourselves in reality with practice and dedication. 

This Arch of Triumph also acts as a gate way to different worlds. The poor man might have access to a rich mans investment manager; insider trading is also possible here; its always handy to have a friend on the inside, to a very different kind of life. They could get a new job from the recommendation of a friend that open the door to a new life. 

To understand these doors and realms better Anuradha natives might find special interest in books like Dante’s Inferno, Manthana-bhairava-tantra which is all about Kubjika Mata, a fierce Kali-like goddess. On a more mundane level we would recommend books about safety, security, privacy, which are also gateway or middle-man positions: between life & death; public & private, the darkness in the mud at the bottom of the pond & the sunlight above. 

This is the place where our inner life meets our outer life, where the winner meet the looser. Sometime there just are no words

Lotus Flower:

The ability to rise up from the mud at the bottom of the pond and blossom in the sunshine below. It symbolised the life path of Anuradha people who face a lot of difficulties but through the power of devotion are able to begin a new life at some point.   

Radha, Laxman & Hanuman

These site all sidekick figures whose service and devotion to their ideal allowed them to rise high and ultimately gain the benefits from the path and power of another. There is also  power, trust, and friendship. A kind of pact to be of service no matter what. 


The god of hospitality towards strangers or guest-friendship. Xenia is an institutionalised relationship rooted in generosity, gift exchange, and reciprocity. It’s an acknowledgement that what goes around, comes around. In classical Greek, and traditional societies like India, hospitality towards foreigners and guests is understood as a moral obligation. They often pinned the word Xenia to the name of Zeus or Athena to recognise them as patron saints to strangers. Xenia is a derivative of the ancient greek word for stranger. Of course there are rules, courtesies and rituals that must be attended by both parties: the guest and the host. 

The rituals of hospitality created and expressed a reciprocal relationship between guest and host expressed in both material benefits (e.g. gifts, protection, shelter) as well as non-material ones (e.g. favours, certain normative rights).

Health: Breast, stomach, womb & bowels

  • Stomach, bowels, constipation, piles, irregular menses, sore throat, breast problems, and problems with temperature regulation in the body. 

Traumas, Allergies & Autism: Possible connection with the Amygdala which acts as an alarm signal to keep us from danger. Tramatic events and PTSD can cause increased activity in the Amygdala so that it begins to trigger danger where there is now. Of course increased stress and anxiety. Can make a person jumpy. The Hippocampus helps with learning and memory, especially that memory with distinguishes a safe activity from a dangerous one. The Hypocampus sends signals which calm the Amygdala when it’s over reacting, but PTSD can case srickage of the Hippocampus so that it’s not able to send proper calming signals. The Prefrontal cortex manages thoughts, behaviour, and our emotional response to life. PTSD can confuse these signals. Of course there can be many psychological effects for trauma including shame, guilt, self blame. As long as one is capable of taking action, there is usually less trauma even in the most horrific situation. It’s when we freeze that the fearful stimulus makes a deep impact; which elicits a hypersensitive response to adverse stimulus. 

There is some evidence that our immune system may be related to which friends we let into our life and those we reject. This suggests that the connections to protect us on several levels:

In some ways, Anuradha represents the spirit of the law. Medicinally this may relate with the placebo effect; the spirit or intention behind the act.

All the sphincters that regulate movement and flows of the fluids of the body. : Anal sphincter, glandular sphincters. This might may relate Anuradha with the Anti-Hero Vritra who was created as an enemy for Indra. Vritra blocked the flow of the rivers, Associated with Apa’s who is the personification of the great sacred water. The glands, the flow of blood, nutrients, the natural tides of the body as well as the movement of waste products. 

Stars of Anuradha

Head of the Scorpion: 3 stars said to be in line to give oblations: beta Scorpii (Akrab), delta Scorpii (Dschubka or Al-Jabhah or Iklil al Akrab), pi scorpii. They are depicted as being lined up in a row, a line up, or perhaps even a staff (a dhandi)

Planets of Anuradha

Saturn: Hard, cold, tough, dark, stiff, tight, rigid, resistant, slow, old, karmic law. Commitment, responsibility, obligation, duty, law & order, hard work, suffering, fear, waiting, patience, perseverance, resistance, systems, structures, organisation, administration, governance, legislation, labour, servants, conformity, survivalist, safety first, scarcity, conservation, elders, reality. Nervous system, skeletal structure, teeth, vata.

Scorpio: Secretive, confidential, indirect penetration, psychologically penetrating, mysterious, sex, death, surgical, transformation, occult, tantra, research, discovery, exploration, shock, dive, plunge, dig, mining, recycle, renovate, rebirth, cross the bridge, unexpected, unearned, unspoken or unspeakable, intuited but unseen,

Scorpio + Saturn: Resists, slows, delays, hardens and regulates change, sudden movement, rebirth, regrowth, recycling, unexpected events, sex, taboos, catastrophe. Reduces vulnerability, seeks to control damage, contain harmful substances, and regulate the flow. Security systems, secret duties, slow death. It gives a persona a hard shell. Where the ribs of Cancer protect the organs in the chart, Scorpio is the hard shell protecting the organs of sex and elimination. One might see a legislative purge, a shocking reality. They might have an obligation to keep secrets or to act secretly. 

Ascendant in Anuradha

Behari General Indications: “A beautiful face, with bright eyes, liable to face several obstacles in life but with a special aptitude to handle the most difficult situation in a systematic way. However, a peculiar frustrated face can be noticed, this may be due to numerous obstacles. There may be limited peace of mind in your life. Effort is needed to curb your tendency towards revenge. You will be very hardworking and ever ready to complete the task before you. Your motto of life will be to march on despite obstacles. After several reversals you will ultimately achieve the desired result, and remain optimistic throughout. You are a firm believer in God. Although you wish to spend your life with someone, you may find yourself leading an independent life. You can be successful in the business field. You will get along well with your superiors. You will begin working at about 17 or 18 years of age. Life between the period of 17 years to 48 years of age may have trials. Occasional benefits and favourable results will be definitely noticed. Life after age 48 will be extremely good. It is in this period you can settle down in your life to the desired way and become free from most of the miseries of the life. There may be strained relations with your siblings and parents. Normally, you settle down away from the place of your birth. You will enjoy a good married life and have a good spouse. You may find yourself trying to give your children a better life than you had, this results in proper care of your children and at any cost you like to provide all necessities of life as far as possible with love and affection. As a result your children will be very successful. Your health will generally be good. You will be prone to normal diseases of the human body, coughs, colds etc.

Shil-Ponda Female with Anuradha Ascendant: “A gay and fun-loving type, clever and witty. She will always be surrounded by an admiring circle of friends and her popularity will cause envy and malice among those who are not included in this circle. Her married and domestic life will be very happy. She will be devoted to her family and faithful to her husband, unless the seventh house is badly afflicted, in which case, although she loves her husband, some miSunderstanding will result in a divorce.

Shil-Ponda Male with Anuradha Ascendant: “Usually robust and healthy, yet, the native of Anuradha gets very little enjoyment out of life. Probably because he consciously strives after happiness but with continual discontent and bitterness in his heart. He has a deep secretive nature and because of his attitude and outlook on life, he is somewhat unscrupulous.” “A sweet tongue but poison in the heart.


Ascendant in Anuradha Pada 1, Leo Navamsha: These are the Anuradha folk who tend to attract a lot of attention, it seems to be.

Ascendant in Anuradha Pada 2, Virgo Navamsha: Imbalance of power in relationships is most pronounced here. This may be one of the most difficult selfless service positions or it could be one of the most manipulative, exploitive parts of Anuradha.

Ascendant in Anuradha Pada 3, Libra Navamsha: Secret relationships, agreements and negotiations come to the forefront of their lives. They can be very diplomatic and quite capable of compromise in order to maintain security and safety.

Ascendant in Anuradha Pada 4, Scorpio Navamsha: The Vargottama Scorpio Pada. The double Scorpio. Heightens all things Scorpio in their lives: secrets, taboos, death, recycling. Very mysterious people, always in the shadows, close to death and destruction all the time. Of course this can be criminal, but it can also be very dangerous underground work, deep sea diving, dangerous oil drilling work, safety and emergency preparedness and prevention.

Celebrities with Anuradha Ascendant

Vladamire Lenin (1), Ranjan Bose (electrical engineer, Vedic astrologer (1)), Jacques Parizeau (economist, Quebec separatist (1)), Robert William Johnstone (1), Edward Norton (1), Jeff Conaway (acting, guitar, singing dabbler (1)), Charles Lindbergh (1), Gary Gilmore (1), Johnny Rotten (1), Forrest Ackerman (science fiction writer, editor, agent (1)), Evelyn Mary Booth (Botanist (1)), Hunter Schafer (1), Sexual Abuse #1 (1), 

Qasem Soleimani (2), Brian Mulroney (2), Al Gore (2), Frank Evers Beddard (Zoologist: worms (2)), Morihei Ueshiba? (founder of Aikido (2)), Robert Curry (2), Barbara Bush (2), Scarlett Johansson (2), Lana Wachowski (transgender, sci-fi, gaming (2)), 

Joe Biden (3), Martin Heidegger (3), Frank Sinatra (3?), John Milton (3), David Gilbert (communist, armed robbery (3)), Bruce Lee (3), Kyle Rittenhouse (3), Art Tatum (3), Sinead O’Connor (3), Alison Brie (3), Elsie Inglis (surgeon, hospice, women’s health (3)), 

Emperor Wu of Han (4), Osama Bin Laden (4), Charles Darwin (Evolutionary biology, explorer (4)), John Dewey (4), Davy Crocket (4), Eddie Gallagher?? (disgraced Navy SEAL (4)), Sugar Ray Leonard (4), Erich Kastner (4), Michael Arth (Child sexual abuse and black magic (4)), Stanislawa Leszczynska (midwife (4)), Rita Wilson (4), Simone de Beauvoir (4), Isabella Rosselini (4), Sexual Abuse (4), Albert Fish (serial killer (4)), 

[Many charts have not been confirmed so ascendant and even Moon nakshatras may not be correct. There may be inconsistencies regarding the house placement of the planets as well. Use your own judgement. A healthy dose of scepticism should be applied to astrological data generally.]

Sun in Anuradha

“Nothing builds authority up like silence, splendour of the strong and shelter of the weak.” “There can be no prestige without mystery, for familiarity breeds contempt.” ― Charles de Gaulle

They have a powerful friend who help them in some way while they in turn help this more powerful friend. Their whole life may revolve around certain powerful friendships. They might come to know many secrets and all of the insider knowledge; but they typically remain loyal. Their intelligence shines when working with controlled systems, mathematics, physics, engineering as they seek to regulate and predict the unpredictable and shine a light on security or insurgency activity. This is a gate to the other world and simple friendliness will get you a ticket; otherwise you’re out. They typically have a good mind for numbers, logic, critical thinking, maybe some kind of special intellectual power, secret intelligence. They express themselves in a somewhat restrained way, as if being careful not to allow secrets to slip. And since they often seem to be loners, they develop an aura of mystery, with some kind of hidden power. They might appear somewhat shy around people who have not been fully vetted. They my be a solitary figure who shows up late, stands in the back, in the shadows a little bit and then leaves early. The rest will eventually begin asking: “who is that?”

They can be strong independent leaders who are not afraid to blaze their own trail, but if this is afflicted they may do this through betrayal. And this is why they are so careful and loyal to those who have been vetted: because they also come to know the pain of disloyalty at some point.

They will find that many times that have knowledge, know the answer everyone is looking for, but they are not themselves revealing it. They might be charged with regulation power, which was once thought to be the role of media people like Larry King? & Ted Turner

Sun in Scorpio: Bepin Behari says that the Sun in Scorpio “will send the message of universal truths which it will vaguely let the individual know, impelling him to search for these but his physical and psychic bridge (Moon and ascendant charts) may determine whether he could understand and follow it.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Sun in Scorpio: “Ugly, disrespectful, danger from arms, fire, poison, mean, greedy, short-tempered, quarrelsome, a liar, marriage denied or with a wicked woman, irreligious, gain from narcotics. Liable to accidents. Moon’s aspect will make the native popular, generous, high status, lots of attendants. Gain & success though common people and women. Frail. If Mars is aspecting the native is strong, energetic, aggressive, and possessing the ability to command and control. If Mercury aspects, the native is the underdog, living in servility, poor, weak, miserable and shabby. If Jupiter aspects, the native is a judge, minister or man of status with all the noble qualities of a protector. If Venus aspects, the native is amorous, and has misfortune in dealing with their partner, friends and relatives. Physical debilities. If Saturn aspects, the native suffers from derangements of health, has ability to concentrate, unsympathetic and careless with the feelings of others.”

“Loyalty to a petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul.”  Mark Twain

Sun in Anuradha Pada 1, Leo Navamsha: Sun is in it’s own navamsha. Many leaders, kings, presidents and prime-ministers have this. It’s and excellent position for political theatre. They often have a wealthy and powerful person backing them to become wealthy and powerful themselves. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Grifters and influence peddler. They regulate access to power.

Sun in Anuradha Pada 2, Virgo Navamsha: Therapeutic relationships or partners in crime. The power source for private wars, private healthcare.

Sun in Anuradha Pada 3, Libra Navamsha: Sun is in debilitated navamsha. They need a partner in order to shine. Bruce Lee needed and opponent in order to show off his skills. They may give credit to others for their own original ideas.

Sun in Anuradha Pada 4, Scorpio Navamsha: Sun is Vargottama. Mysterious people with a mysterious aura, and a mysterious source of power. They like their privacy, they don’t want any one to see their power.

Celebrities with Sun in Anuradha

Joe Biden (1), Indira Gandhi (1), James Garfield (1), Otto von Habsburg (1), Suleiman the Magnificent (1), Krishnamacharya (1), Jack Welch, (1), Jack Dorsey (1), Ted Turner (1), John Henry Schwarz (one of the founders of string theory (1)), William Wakefield Baum (Cardinal, ‘The ministry of reconciliation” (1)), Lev Simkhovich Vygodsky (1), Jaime Lee Curtis (1), Larry King? (1), Goldie Hawn (1), Meg Ryan (1), Billie Jean King (tennis, gender equality, social justice (1)), Robert F. Kennedy (1), 

Pope Benedict XV (2), Charles de Gaulle (2), Augusto Pinochet (3), Voltaire (Satire, social criticism, “Candide”(2)), Sai Baba (2), Ted Bundy (2), Forrest Ackerman (science fiction writer, editor, agent (2)), Christina Applegate (2), Scarlett Johansson (2), 

Pope John XXIII (3), Martin Luther (3), Ranjan Bose (electrical engineer, Vedic astrologer (3)), Karl Benz (3), Bill Nye (3), Julius Mayer (thermodynamics (3)), Lucky Luciano (3), Steven Franklin Beard (Fox News Executive (3)), Franklin Pierce (3), Bruce Lee (3), Jimi Hendrix (3), Matt Cameron (3), Tina Turner (3), 

Winston Churchill (4), Jacques Chirac (4), Fredrich Engels (4), Woody Allen (4), Gianni Versace (4), Bill Ash (4), Mark Twain (4), Baruch Spinoza (4), Alex Grey (4), Howie Mandel (4), Billy Idol (4), Richard Pryor (4), Henrietta Maria of France (4), Louisa May Alcott (4), USA Peacetime Draft (4), 

Moon in Anuradha

“Virtue is more to be feared than vice because its excesses are not subject to the regulation of conscience.” — Adam Smith

The classics tell us that Anuradha rules over men of prowess, heads of corporations, friends of the virtuous, lovers of assemblies, tourists (or lovers of carriages), all honest persons of the world, and all things that grow in autumn. The native will be troubled by hunger and thirst, grievous, wandering in foreign places. He will be affable in speech, opulent, ease-loving, kind, honourable, virtuous, famous, wealthy and powerful. One born in Anuradha will be in the king’s service, heroic, charming, loved by women and will live in foreign lands. He will perform secretive acts and be tawny in complexion. When Saturn afflicts Anuradha the people of Kuluta (followers of Shakti with association with Kubjika Mata), the Tanganas (east country hill tribe; also, Borax), the Khasas (barbarous tribe who helped Sage Vashishta defend Kamdhenu from King Vishwamitra), the Kashmirians, ministers, those that work with wheels such as potters, oil-makers etc., and those that beat gongs or bell-makers are afflicted. Friends also get estranged in this transit.

They are often wealthy, living in a foreign country, traveling or wandering to quell their hunger. They are said to be ungrateful in defeat, jealous, and need to be in control of everything and every one. They have a low tolerance for frustration, and are quick to anger. They use occult for personal gain. They have original minds that are melting innumerable pieces of knowledge, understanding and experience. An irritable mother who is intelligent, honest, compassionate, charismatic, hardworking, brave, wealthy, handling difficult situations, and moving forward.

There is actually a lot of Mercurial qualities to this nakshatra as it moves from one world to the next, oftentimes living a double life in some way, possibly holding deep secrets, or living on the edge, close to death somehow. They have a need for secrecy and mystery, but even they might not understand the depth of their devotion or why they do what they do, so what’s to be said?

Bepin Behari Moon is in Scorpio: “The desire to move in the realm of psychic experiences, delving into psychic phenomena, and the craving for such forbidden pleasures will destroy the susceptibilities of the individual to higher realm impulses will be heightened.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Moon in Scorpio: “The native is most active and successful in life and business, travelling since childhood, debauchee, has artistic taste, independent, firm, determined, devoted to mother, interested in occultism, in female charts it indicates difficult childbirth. If Sun aspects, the native is always voyaging; great gain but unhappy. With Mars aspiring the native is energetic, ardent, firm and resourceful. Mercury’s aspect will make him foolish and a cheat. Jupiters aspect increases vitality and fertility; grants wealth and charm. With Venus’ aspect the native wastes his strength on women; he is wealthy but indulgent. Saturn’s aspect give trouble from sons, poverty, misery, illness and lying.”


Moon in Anuradha Pada 1, Leo Navamsha: They are mostly celebrities or at least self-centred, emotionally theatrical, stylish in a simple way. They easily strike up a conversation with anyone. Many of them top musicians, singers, vocalists with no shortage of eccentricity. They are endowed with few children, lovers of peace, givers of food, famous and respected by kings. Celebrated, visual artists, image, fashion, experts of getting peoples attention so that they can secrecy thief under the spotlight.

It said they can also be too prideful, untruthful, short-tempered and quick acting, often missing their mark because of poor timing. They tend to be a little ahead of the times and the forget help rendered by others. They are often separated from their family; maybe the one kicked out of the band. One may see nothing wrong with their own behaviour while blaming everyone else. They are bold and eager to lear, they continually upgrade their skills and learn new things. They have the capacity for great discipline, a form of devotion.

Das/Behari says those born in the 1st pada will be “an expert in speech, patient, honourable, famous and powerful.

Shil-Ponde states that these people are “very passionate; fond of family life a with great love for their partner. They usually enjoy music and singing, and like to go to parties. They often identify as a member of a group, a club, trade organisation, etc. They have a large appetite and eat heavily; [which is another way of saying they have little control over their desires] and they will have the habit of doing and saying the wrong thing. They should avoid speculation, and gambling because they will not find luck there. They tend to have few, if any, children. While not a mathematician himself, he has great respect for mathematics. Likes string and reed instruments.”

Moon in Anuradha Pada 2, Virgo Navamsha: These folks are the fixers, the great helpers, the ones who just keep giving. They are the innocent souls who allow themselves to be exploited so that others might achieve their ends. They can never do enough and tend to deprive others of their work and their ability to achievement. They tend to use imbalanced situation to gain power or control over others. It might seem like they are being exploited until they say: “after everything I’ve done for you”; They will find a way to use their victimhood to their advantage. They can find themselves in deeply unsettling and unbalanced relationships; they they are masters of using peace for war or war for peace.

They do well as service providers, side-kicks, helpers, possibly sacrificing themselves for the greater good, or for the group, agriculturists, administrators; constantly learning new things. Their body is typically well proportioned, they are intelligent, ambitions, calculative, logical, great enjoyers, learned and carry on religious or advisory duties. Rahu and Mercury are exceptionally strong here.

Same as Anuradha Nakshatra pada-1: Shil Shil-Ponde tells us that are similar to those with Moon in the first pada: ”very passionate; fond of family life and deeply in love with their partner. They enjoy music and singing, and like to go to parties. Identified with social clubs, groups, bands etc. They are particularly fond of the opposite sex and are known for a strong appetite and somewhat gluttonous eater [enjoyer]. They tend to do or say the wrong thing and should never speculate as they will have no luck in gambling. Few children, if any. While not a mathematician himself, he has great respect for mathematics. They tend to like string and reed instruments.”

Moon in Anuradha Pada 3, Libra Navamsha: They use marriage, promises, trusts and negotiation as a means to maintain wealth and comfort. They will take a lot of care with everything and usually make and preserve a lot of wealth. The women might marry into wealth: some might say they married for wealth, but who really knows; Oprah did pretty good for herself. It’s almost a whose who list of some of the wealthiest people on the planet, or spouses of such massive wealth. I suspect we will find much of Adam Smiths philosophy of the social contract and property rights matching with Anuradha.  This is a fortunate pada that give an agreeable wife and children, a kind heart, helpful nature and pleasure of friendships. They are charitable, respectful, and peaceful. Despite all of this they tend to be unstable in some way. Sociable with a large friend circle, Good astrologers, research minded, They sometimes loose track of life and fail miserably in family life, and reach nowhere in their research, They are generally tall, dark complexion, with thick hair on their shoulders, They can be rebellious. The focus my turn to arts, music, or “exotic science.” Saturn of Venus here will give a friendly nature.

Das/Behari says they “will be learned in scripture, intelligent, calm in speech and satisfied with small profits. The native may have a strong temper but still enjoy a good reputation. They may, however, have trouble with their parents, suffer from diseases that cause burning sensations and problems with the upper respiratory tract.”

“It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.” Adam Smith

Moon in Anuradha Pada 4, Scorpio Navamsha: Moon is Vargottama here which increases the focus and intensity of all things Scorpio in their lives. This is a tough placement, a double debilitation. Their need to regulate the flow of their emotions will be that much stronger with this Moon. They will likely come together with their closest friends to share in research, secret activity, digging, diving, drilling and other dangerous activity that demands a lot of emotional control. They can be expected to indulge in taboo’s which must remain secret at any cost. This could bring a life time of closet homosexuality or other sensitive and secret sexual activity that could explode if people knew about it. By the time Ram Das came out about his sexuality nobody really cared, but there must have been a lot of tense experiences trying to keep a lid on things. They run the risk of very quickly spiralling into the abyss of secrets and lies. Dostum is essentially warlords; I can ’t quite image the kinds of secrets this guys would have; and their involvement with death is also most likely profound.

There is one kind of terrorism we see on the news, but there is a more subtle way people can be terrorised on an individual level, lured in to forbidden activity and them essentially black-mailed. Very emotionally unstable with manipulations occurring in all forms around them; this can be a highly toxic environment, full of domination & submission. It’s likely these people will know both sides of this relationship at different point in time. They often have many enemies, even among their close “friends.” They don’t really know who they can trust. They will take many precautions, and may even have their own private security force. Occultism is almost certain, but they run the risk of getting into some more dangerous and toxic black magic to control and manipulate people and events. Sun, Jupiter & Ketu are said to do well here.

Das/Behari tell us these folks will “travel extensively, however, as a result of this they may have an unhappy married life or remain independent.” Shil Shil-Ponde writes that they “will be learned in scriptures, intelligent, and calm in speech; and though they have a temper that commands respect from others. They might suffer from diseases that cause burning sensations, as well as upper respiratory disorders. Some problems with the parents may be there as well.

Celebrities with Moon in Anuradha

Herbert Reeves (astrophysics (1), Frederich Hegel (1), Antoine Lavoisier (1), Bob Marley (1), Ravi Shankar (1), Gordon Downie (1), Bon Scott (1), Professional Madam (1), Amanda Nunes (1), Lisa Kudrow (1), 

Narendra Modi (2), Benjamin de Rothschild (banking, sailing, racing, vineyards (2)), King George VI of England (2), Reinhard Heydrich (SS Secret police (2)), Barron Trump (2), Claude Riviere (thief (2)), Woody Harrelson (2), Orhan Pamuk (2), Dave Grohl (2), Jim Caviezel (actor who played Jesus (2)), Melissa Ethridge (2), Bernardine Dohrn Ayer (2), Sharon Stone (2), Henrietta Maria of France (2), Georgia O’Keeffe (2), 

Warren Buffett (3), Lucky Luciano (3), General Custer (3), Claude Allegre (3), Adam Smith (3), Thich That Hanh (3), Kevin Costner (3), Oprah Winfrey (3), Ivanka Trump? (3), Melinda Gates (3), Ruth Benedict (3), 

Picasso (4), Pierre Ramond (string theory (4)), Jan Baptist van Helmont (physician, chemist (4)), Ram Das (4), Hunter S. Thompson (2), Rod Stewart (4?), Jennifer Lopez (4), 

Mars in Anuradha 

In the early part of life they might be incapable of doing what they want to do. They will have to work very hard in secret to attain their goal. These are the people who never tell you what they are going until it’s done. Much of their activity is to restrict the flow, offering kind of isometric pressure to build strength. They can also be very disciplined in their activity and there might be something dangerous about what they are doing that demands a lot of caution. They can easily become slaves to their own passions. They will like to have an up hill battle or go against the steam, but again all odds they will prevail.

Chamatkar Chintamani Mars in Scorpio: “The native is industrious, practical, scientific in approach, firm and positive, indifferent to others. Diplomatic. Successful chemist, result orientated, sudden or violent accidents. If afflicted the native is unfriendly, unsociable and selfish. Trouble through service. With Sun aspecting the native enjoys health, wealth and happy family life. High status: a judge, an army officer, a surgeon, or an engineer of repute showing enterprise and confidence. Moon’s aspect makes him more sportive and electric. Success in every business involving outdoor activity. Motherless. More daughters than sons. Aspect from Mercury grants dexterity and precision in work. Jupiter gives eloquence and strengthens chances of legacy; big business magnate. Devoted to parents. Aspect from Venus makes him amorous, gives him capacity to earn more, but he is not acquisitive. Saturn makes him unfriendly and drives him towards debauchery.”


Mars in Anuradha Pada 1, Leo Navamsha: It’s hard to miss the two dictators topping the list: Mao & Stalin.Mao had his march across China and Stalin had Stalingrad. Dorsey had to win the 2020 election for Biden. Weinstein made his fame going against the mainstream narrative. One could say that the first pada gets fame going against the mainstream. Frawley went against Hindu tradition to become a famous western brahmin, but he also remains a conservative yogi when all the yogis seems to be mainstream liberal.

Mars in Anuradha Pada 2, Virgo Navamsha: Warriors, athletes, competitors whose enemies and opponents are trying to stop them and check their movement; but they are also doing the same against the enemy. They will likely be involved in physical therapy and healing, which is due to all the fighting and struggling. They may suffer many injuries, but against all odds they will be successful. Afflictions will make this a game of cops and robbers, or military strategy.

Mars in Anuradha Pada 3, Libra Navamsha: This brings out the more sensual side of Mars, it might be the spouse who feels like they have to check on you; and you may also check on the wife. There can be mistrust and jealousy in relationships; too much secret activity for any relationship to bear. They are peaceful people on the surface, dancers, charming, sexy, mysterious. They move with grace and harmony and they may like to move with a partner: dance, partner yoga, these situations where, when you move I move; when I move you move. This kind of game can also be played on the battle field.

Mars in Anuradha Pada 4, Scorpio Navamsha: Mars is Vargottama here; this brings extra power to their secret activities and undertaking. Eric Prince is the head of one of the biggest mercenary armies in the world. Some of the others might just be working undertake table.

Celebrities with Mars in Anuradha

Mao (1), Josef Stalin (1), Hans Huttig (Nazi Officer, photographer (1)), Jack Dorsey (1), David Frawley (Vedic Priest (1)), Bret Weinstein (podcast & evolutionary biology (1)), Carlos Castaneda (stories of Shamanism (1)), Nick Cannon (1), Virgin Mary (1), Tsunami 2004 (1), 

King George VI of England (2), Friedrich Christian Margrave of Meissen (2), Lucky Luciano (mod boss (2)), Rembrandt (fine artist (2)), Johnny Michael Spann (CIA Paramilitary (2)), Mario Lemieux? (Hockey (2)), Patrick Roy (hockey goaltender (2)), Max Planck (physics (2)), Ken Kesay (beatnik writer (2)), Dustin Hoffman (actor (2)), Lydia Shire (Chef (2)), Simone de Beauvoir (2), Jennifer Lopez (2), Marie Curie (2), 

Jack Nicholson (3), Saddam Hussein (3), Claude Allegre (Geo-chemistry (3)), Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek (3), George Fredric Handel (Opera music (3)), John Travolta (actor, dancer (3)), Oscar Wilde (writer socialite (3)), Warren Beatty (3), Meg Ryan (3), Kim Kardashian (3), Margaux Hemingway (3), 

Erdogan (4), Prince Joachim of Denmark (Economics, Military Officer (4)), Erik Prince (mercenary commander (4)), Daniel Bellard (highway rapist (4)), Pier Paolo Pasolini (4), Jeff Conaway (acting, guitar, singing dabbler (4)),

Mercury in Anuradha

Reason is the slave of passion.” Fyodor Dostoyevski

“Nothing is easier than to denounce the evildoer; nothing is more difficult than to understand him.” Fyodor Dostoevsky

“In the end they will lay their freedom at our feet and say to us, Make us your slaves, but feed us.”   Fyodor Dostoevsky

“Man only likes to count his troubles; he doesn’t calculate his happiness.” Fyodor Dostoevsky

“The awful thing is that beauty is mysterious as well as terrible. God and the devil are fighting there and the battlefield is the heart of man.” Fyodor Dostoevsky

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.” Fyodor Dostoyevsky

“Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most.” Fyodor Dostoevsky

“You’re going to have to see through my perspective/I need to make mistakes just to learn who I am/And I don’t want to be so damn protected”  Brittney Spears

They have to regulate their communication in some way: their words, their voice, the flow 

Linguists, language, scientific writing, technical writing, calculation, and accounting for the the regulations. They might have a little bit of a funny voice. 

Pada 1, Leo Navamsha: Secret writing might see the light of day bringing big shock. They might share their private thoughts. 

Pada 2, Virgo Navamsha: Mercury is in his own sign in the navamsha. Writes about misfortune, crime, illness, poverty. Accounts for the troubles of humanity. They could be a doctor writing about illness, 

Pada 3, Libra Navamsha: Jack Dorsey used Twitter to regulate the flow of free speech. 

Celebrities with Mercury in Anuradha

Pompey (1), Sir Christopher Wren (Architect, mathematics, physics (1)), Cecil Edward Bingham (WW I High Command (1)), Werner Heisenberg (Quantum Mechanics (1)), Reverend Billy Graham (1), Walt Disney (1), Alan Shepard (Astronaut (1)), Georgia O’Keeffe (1), Kim Basinger (1),

James Garfield (Lawyer President (2)), Franklin Pierce (President (2)), Bill Nye (The Science Guy (2)), Edmund Speyer (Chemistry Professor, Oxycodone (2)), Gordon Ramsay (Celebrity Chef (2)), Jigoro Kano (2), Forrest Ackerman (science fiction writer, editor, agent (2)), Jimi Hendrix (2), 

Charles De Gaulle (3), Indira Gandhi (3), Leopold Brezhnev (Soviet Leader, technical education (3)), Carvello Creighton (famed memory (3)), Wade Davis (ethnobotanist, author (3)), Jack Dorsey (Twitter (3)), Leon Trotsky (3), Phillip Drinker (iron lung inventor (3)), J.B.S. Haldane (evolutionary biology & mathematics (3)), Ozzy Osbourne (metal singer (3)), Bryan Adams (singer, photographer (3)), Adam Brody (actor (3)), Howie Mandel (3), Woody Allen (3), Marie Antoinette (3), Duchess Marie Elisabeth of Holstein-Gottorp (Patron of Culture (3)), Rachel Entwistle (teacher, murdered by husband (3)), Katie Holms (3), Amy Purdy (3), Rosanna Barr (3), Britney Spears (3), 

Dostoyevsky (4), Albert Camus (4), Sai Baba (4), Noam Chomsky (4), William Wakefield Baum (Cardinal, ‘The ministry of reconciliation” (4)), Steven SpielbergAA (4), Richard Burton (4), Peter Kropotkin (Anarchy (4)), Captain James Cook (navel explorer (4)), Mikhail Kalashnikov (4), Matt Cameron (drummer (4)), Margaret Mitchell (Wrote: Gone with the Wind (4)), Jane Austen (4), Marie Curie (4), Billie Jean King (tennis, gender equality, social justice (4)), Tina Turner (4), Florence Griffith Joyner (Olympic sprinter (4)), Alyssa Milano (4), 

Jupiter in Anuradha

If journalism is good, it is controversial, by its nature.” Assange 

Jupiter in Anuradha brings friends from different religions, their faith is deep and strong, they have faith in the unknown, in the mystery. They might serve as one who regulates the expansive and religious tendencies; or regulates global movements. They often have excellent breath control, and powerful use of pranayama.

Assange and Snowden both have this Jupiter. They also have abundant access to secret information, secret knowledge, tantric delights. They might be involved with publishing secrets, sexual, taboo, or censored material. They might also have to keep their beliefs a secret

Many lawyers with access to secret information also have Jupiter her

Chamatkar Chintamani Jupiter in Scorpio: “Strong willed, ambitious and preserving, over-bearing, enjoying status and reputation with government or social organisations. Gain through investment, partner, litigation, minerals. Trouble through children, ill-health, and water. If the Sun aspects the native is philanthropic, honest, noble sons, fortunate, hairy body, fortitude, inclination to religion as in intellectual exercise for spiritual growth. Aspect from moon brings interest in women, gems and Jewells, history and literature. Awakening of psychic interest. Aspect from Mars makes him hot tempered, gives energy, activity, restlessness and negative approach. Rich and characterless partner. Aspect from Mercury developed the low instincts of the native making him wicked, over-critical, courteous bu ta prattler. Venus make’s him fond of art, literature, music and all that is beautiful. Prosperity and cowardice. Aspect from Saturn grant possession of worldly wealth, boldness, greed, ugliness, name, progeny.”


Jupiter in Anuradha Pada 1, Leo Navamsha: Their knowledge of privileged informations becomes a central theme in their live; they might have particular knowledge of the private lives of celebrities.

Jupiter in Anuradha Pada 2, Virgo Navamsha: Financial lawyers. Regulating secret wars. Bringing an expansive influence to disputes.

Jupiter in Anuradha Pada 4, Scorpio Navamsha: Vargotama pada. Hans Christian Anderson put the fear in to the bedtime story.

Celebrities with Jupiter in Anuradha

Lorenzo de Medici (Statesman, banker, renaissance patron (1)), Charles Koch (1), Elon Musk (1), Julian Assange (1), Alan Shepard (astronaut aviation (1)), Alan Thicke (1), Elton John (1), Claud Monet (1), Kim Campbell (1), Susan Miller (1), 

Jesus (2), Jack Welch (2), Wim Hof (2), Edward Snowden (Intelligence contractor, whistleblower (2)), Princess Maxima of Netherlands (2), Paula Modersohn-Becker (2), Hillary Clinton (2), Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York (2), Paula Yates (2), Alison Brie (2), China Earthquake 1983 (2), 

King Qin Shi Huang (3), Pompey (3), Ionannis Pallikaris (founder of LASIK (3)), Woody Allen (3), Darren Brown (3), BV Raman (3), Bryan Adams (3), Henry David Thoreau (3), Shannen Doherty (3), 

Karl Wolff (4), Carl H. Brans (mathematical physics (4)), Ma Huateng Pony (4), Phil Donahue (writer, tabloid talk show host (4)), Woody Guthrie (4), Hans Christian Anderson (4), Richard E. Byrd (4), Winona Ryder (4), Lina Franziska Fehrmann (4), 

Venus in Anuradha

They might swear to change their ways with women. Men with this placement will often have trouble with women; they might be womanisers themselves. One the other hand it can suggest friends with benefits type relationships; secretive, potentially catastrophic. They love sex, taboo, but they also value safety and security and will seek a balanced approach between safety and freedom. In some ways this Venus will try to balance the agendas of Mars & Saturn. They often appreciate the contrasting power dynamics that underpin relationships; however this can also lead some women towards abusive relationships if afflicted. Their devotion is just too much: for better or worse; through sickness and in health. They take vows very seriously.

Chamatkar Chintamani Venus in Scorpio: “The native is unfortunate, poor, mean, debtor, violent, venery, hostile to relatives, a cheat, unsocial and unfriendly; linked with wicked women, sorrow, trouble through them; very sexy, occultism, patrimony and legacy. If Sun aspects there is trouble and discord in married life, early marriage. Affable, sympathetic, sociable and fortunate. Gain through legacy. Peaceful end. Separation and grief. Aspect from Moon links the native with a wicked partner. In a female chart there will be menstrual problems, A large number of children but many fail to survive. Aspect from Mars indicates service, penniless, disrespected, delayed and unfortunate marriage if in a female chart. Danger by fire or accident. Mercury causes much discord with brothers, mean, obstinate, impolite, cruel and a prig. Aspect from Jupiter gives lonely looks, blessed with comely wife and promising children, prosperous. Aspect from Saturn bring financial difficulties after marriage, travelling, inert and chronic ailments.”


Venus in Anuradha Pada 1, Leo Navamsha: Secret alliances might be ideological, spiritual, global or attached to university of temple. Biden had a few twining or friendship energies in his nakshatras and this is another one which may relate with his wife, his daughter, and also sisterly figures like Kamala and Clinton.

Venus in Anuradha Pada 2, Virgo Navamsha: Secret alliances and friendships might be part of the job, or part of their public reputation. Sai Baba always has secret “friends” in the crowd gathering information he can wow you with later. Rumi had his relationship with Shems which is still a mystery today.

Venus in Anuradha Pada 3, Libra Navamsha: Social networks, dating networks, they make money from their secret alliances, friends with benefits. They are earning wealth from secret alliances. They will have some very close female friends.

Venus in Anuradha Pada 4, Scorpio Navamsha: Venus is exalted in this navamsha. Alliances can really be behind the scenes. I think about the novel “Fifth Business:” Almost all the friendship are behind the scenes, very private and not a part of their regular life.

Celebrities with Venus in Anuradha

Swami Satchidanandan Saraswati (1), Pope Sixtus V (anti-corruption & heavy taxation (1)), Joe Biden (1), Ted Turner (1), Robert H. Goddard (1), William Wakefield Baum (Cardinal, ‘The ministry of reconciliation” (1)), Evander Holyfield (1), Bobby Hull (1), Tiger Woods (1), Stan Lee (1), Val Kilmer (1), John Denver (1), Gordon Lightfoot (1), Steve Austin (1), Sonny Barger (1), Charles Guthrie (Military Officer (1)), John Patterson (Physics professor, meteorologist (1)), Yusef Estes (1), Marie Curie (1), Sigourney Weaver (1), Ava Gardner (1), ,

Sai Baba (2), Rumi (2), Deepak Chopra (ayurveda physician (2)), Rand Paul (physician, senator (2)), Leopold Brezhnev (Soviet Leader, technical education (2)), Robert Duvall (2), Eddie Rickenbacker (2), Richard E. Byrd (2), Jack Anderson (founder of modern investigative journalism (2)), Margaret Thatcher (2), Jaime Lee Curtis (2), Alyssa Milano (2), Jeanne Weber (Child killer (2)), ,

Confucius (3), Dwight Eisenhower (3), Arthur Schlesinger Jr (Liberal Intellectual (3)), Alan Watts (Eastern Philosophy (3)), Eddie Vedder (musician (3)), Matt Molloy (flute master (3)), George Floyd (street crime, drugs, killed by cop (3)), Bonnie Franklin (3), Hannah Arendt (3), AOC (3), Kim Basinger (3), Amy Purdy (3), Erin Sullivan (3), Carla Van Raay (God’s Callgirl (3)), Prostitute (3), 

Jimi Hendrix (4), Captain James Cook (navel explorer (4)), Dale Evans (4), Dorothy Dandridge (4),Sexual Abuse (4), Fifth Business (4), Tsunami 2004 (4),

Saturn in Anuradha

Scientific minded. Might see things as very black and white or as a series of “zeros” and “ones.” They may be resistant and unable to see or even understand the many unspoken rules that guide social interactions. They might even be on the autistic spectrum to some degree. This suggests they can be cruel and lack a certain level of deeper intuition or emotional sensitivity. While enforcing the “letter of the law” they might completely miss the spirit of the law. They might be a special friend to black people (especially when Saturn and Moon are conjunct), old people, labourers, servants, working class, poor, cripples; there will be many. They often want to transform the whole system either by regulating it or so they can regulate it. They might even be some kind of special friendship with they system; get inside so you can change it or regulate it. They might do the same with people, using their secrets and vulnerabilities to control and manipulate.

It seems reasonable that they may have some valve in their body that’s stuck; perhaps affecting glandular secretions, digestion, elimination. They might be the party pooper, the one who seems to have a stick up their ass. They are usually afraid for death and of being vulnerable themselves since they know the danger first-hand. For this they take every kind of safety precaution and being sure not to open themselves up. They are usually repressed sexually which can manifest as not having any sex or what is more common, closing oneself off after intimacy and ultimately pushing away whatever good thing does come into their lives. Fear, shame and guilt often times keeps them from experiencing any kind of meaningful change until much later in life.

At some point they may experience very harsh consequences for not respecting their elders or any of these other Saturn figures. They will, from then on, offer their most sincere devotion.

They are so scared that something might come out about their work, their gains, their friends that their reputation typically becomes tarnished. Many of them would be at least borderline narcissistic personality disorder, autism spectrum. They will not have much fun, just working all the time. Possibly stuck in post traumatic stress, for which work becomes a distraction. If they don’t have work this Saturn will be quite difficult.

Chamatkar Chintamani Saturn in Scorpio: “Hasty, stubborn, acquisitive, influential, vain, greedy, success in cheating others, danger from poison or arms, many losses and ill health, interest in geology, chemistry. Gain through hard work. If Sun aspects the native is an agriculturalist, a miner, a landlord, gain through superiors or own effort; alertness and perseverance bring him financial gain. Fortunate. Laying for future. In a female chart marriage id denied or it brings misfortune. Aspect from the Moon takes away a persons wealth and involved them with ugly, characterless women. Misery and unhappiness are in store. If in good aspect it brings success in elections and political status. Aspect from Mars brings all vices like women and wine, a gambler, a thief, murderous tendencies. Fevers, wounds and accidents. If favourable the native is self reliant, bold and a mining engineer. Aspect from Mercury makes successful teaches, medical man or commissions agent; If afflicted it will bring much delay and cause hinderances. Slander, criminal and unfriendly, unhappiness and poverty. If Jupiter aspects he will have advisory capacity, prosperity, fortune and affluence. Aspect from Venus takes him to women and debauchery; brings unhappy marital alliance.”

Celebrities with Saturn in Anuradha

Pope Paul VI (1), Sai Baba (1), John Locke (Father of Liberalism (1)), William Faulkner (1), William Wakefield Baum (Cardinal, ‘The ministry of reconciliation” (1)), Subhas Chandra Bose (1), Peter Smith (AI, Comp. Science, Mathematics (1)), Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer (1)), Mel Gibson (1), Bob Saget (1), Sugar Ray Leonard (1), GG Allin (1), Claude Riviere (thief (1)), Robin Di Angelo (White Fragility (1)), Isabel Myers-Briggs (1), Jamie Brewer (1), Priscilla Chan-Zuckerberg (1), Barbara Lama (1), 

Cicero (2), Fidel Castro (2), Joseph Goebbels (2), Andrew Johnson (2), Johnny Rotten (2), Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek (2), Johannes Vermeer (2), Daniel Bellard (highway rapist (2)), Louis Braille (blind (2), Usain Bolt (sprinter (2)), Homer Simpson (2), Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (2), Evelyn Mary Booth (Botanist (2)), 

Abraham Lincoln (3), Baruch Spinoza (3), Edgar Allan Poe (3), Charles Darwin (3), Lucky Luciano (3), Mary-Kate Olsen (3), 

Sadhguru (4), Pope Benedict XVI (4), Federico Garcia Lorca (surrealist poet, playwright, theatre director (4)), Paul Cezanne (4), Sidney Poitier (4), Jessica Gallagher (Blind Olympian: skiing, cycling, track & field (4)), Amber Heard (4), Lady Gaga (4), 

Rahu in Anuradha:  

“Tomorrow is another day.” — Margarett Mitchell (Last line in Gone with the Wind)

Fascinated by master-slave dynamics: known as sadist-masochist in physiology, and mother-child relationship in Traditional Chinese Medicine. There can be issues around codependency. They will have some shadowy outcaste friends. The idea of fl


Rahu in Anuradha Pada 1, Leo Navamsha: Some kind of special friends ship becomes a central theme in their life. Like Don Quixote & Pancho. They illumine some special thing that cannot normally be seen or heard, possibly with the use of technology

Rahu in Anuradha Pada 2, Virgo Navamsha: Secret of taboo healing methodologies. They usually believe alternative health and it’s like they will conduct some kind of therapy that is not regulated, and likely consider taboo. Due to some confusion they are likely to make problems bigger when they go to fix something. There almost seems to be a secret war going on, a clandestine civil war perhaps. These folks

Rahu in Anuradha Pada 3, Libra Navamsha: With three auto-maker/industrialists I get the sense that Rahu in Anuradha is trying to regulate emissions but they might have friends in the unions and inspectors to endure there are adequate loop-holes in any agreement. These people might appear to be the devoted spouse when there promise isn’t worth anything, But some couples are capable of making an agreement of this kind of extra-marital union. These may also be the mistresses, dominatrixes with secret and shadowy double life.

Rahu in Anuradha Pada 4, Scorpio Navamsha: Vargottama pada: Revolutionaries. Nothing can be the same after these folks have passes through. Taboo sexual relationships; irregular ways of showing devotion.

Celebrities with Rahu in Anuradha

Glenn M. Walters (1), T.K.V. Desikachar (1), Harvey Cushing (1), Linus Pauling (chemical engineer, biochemist (1)), Wilhelm Rontgen (Invented X-ray machine (1)), Miguel de Cervantes (1), Ludwig von Beethoven (1), Clive Wearing (early classical music specialist; amnesia (1)), Clark Gable (1), Rita Wilson (1), Susan Strasberg (1), 

Copernicus (2), Peter Smith (AI, Comp. Science, Mathematics (2)), Satoshi Nakamoto (2), Russel Brand (2), Haralabos Voulgaris (Gambler (2)), Waldemar Rosler (illustrator, painter, lithographer (2)), Martin Flack (2), David Beckham (2), Robin Di Angelo (2), Angelina Jolie (2), Margaret Mitchell (2), Russia (2),,

Ratan Tata (3), Karl Benz (3), Henry Ford I (3), Leon Festinger (Psychologist (3)), Frederich Hegel (sublation, master slave (3)), Jean Cabut (Gun shot victim; terrorism 3)), Edoardo Mangiarotti (Fencing (3)), Anthony Hopkins (3), Jane Fonda (3), Drew Barrymore (3), Lina Franziska Fehrmann (3), Barbara Lama (3), ,

King Henry VIII of England (4), Franklin D. Roosevelt (4), Louis Riel (4), Nietzsche (4), James Joyce (Avant guard novelist, literary critic (4)), Bob Saget (4), Tom Hanks (4), Sugar Ray Leonard (4), Homer Simpson (4), Virginia Woolf (4), Amber Frey (killer (4)), Sarah Bernhardt (had sex in a coffin (4)), 

Ketu in Anuradha: 

Celebrities with Ketu in Anuradha

Harry Prince of Wales (1), Immanuel Kant (1), Martin Luther King (baptist minister & civil rights leader (1)), John Smeaton (Father of cilvil engineering (1)), Henry David Thoreau (1?), Rudolf Kempe (Opera Conductor (1)), Jacques Cousteau (1), Ken Dryden (1), F Jacques Plante (1), rank Abbandando (1), Scarlett Johansson (1), Cindy Crawford (1), Avril Lavigne (1), Prostitute (1), India (1),,

Steve Forbes (2), Salman Rushdie (novelist (2)), Mark Twain (2), Noam Chomsky (linguist, political analyst (2)), Robin Di Angelo (White Fragility (2)), Arnold Schwarzenegger (2), O.J. Simpson (football, abusive, criminal (2)), Danielle Steel (2), Iraq War (2), 

Pope Innocent IX (3), King Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia (3), Baba Ramdev (3), Mark Zuckerberg (3)Billy Idol (3), Elton John (3), Salman Khan (3), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (3), Patrick Roy (3) Mario Lemieux? (3), Susan Miller (3),, Kim Campbell (3), 

Pope Pius VII (4), Bhimrao Ambedkar  (jurist, economist, social reformer (4)), Bashar Al-Assad (4), Hans Huttig (Nazi Officer, photographer (4)), Kyle Rittenhouse (4), Nolan Ryan (baseball pitcher (4)), Charlie Sheen (4), Chris Bruusgaard (mid-wife (4)), Andy Warhol (4), Alan Thicke (4), Shania Twain (4), Greta Thunberg (4), Chine Earthquake 1556 (4),