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4. Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatra

Ruled by the Moon. (10° 00’ – 23° 20’ Taurus.) Alderbaran (Alpha-Tauri).

Star of ascent. Power to grow. 

Meaning: Reddish One or Growing One

Main Deity: Brahma Main Symbols: The Ox Cart Pulled by Two Oxen, or a Fish 

Secondary Symbols: Banyan Tree, Temples, a Girl Approaching Sexual Maturity

Secondary deities: The Prajapati’s; the great fathers or lineage creators of this universe. Daksha and the other great sages. Krishna has Moon & Ascendant in Rohini. 

The favourite wife of Chandra, the good daughter and perfect wife. 

Tree – incense: Jambula – Black Plumb

Body parts: Shins, Calves, Ankles, Forehead

Sexual – creative animal: Male Cobra

Trimurti: Brahma/Creation

Gotra/Clan: Sage Atri

Gana/Race: Manushya/Human

Varna/Caste: Shudra

Motivation/Goal: Moksha

Nature: Fixed

Activity: Balanced


Guna: Rajasic

Element: Earth

Tridosha: Kapha

Sex/Gender: Female

Upward Facing

Direction: East


Animal: Male Serpent

Classical References

Rulership: Rules over anyone observing some vow, merchandisers, kings, wealthy persons, Yogis, cartman (drivers), cows, bulls, aquatic animals, husbandmen, mountains and men in authority.

Hora Sara: One will have plenty of hair on the upper portion of the body, will lead a flock, have marks on their back, face, and sides, They will cheat others and bring bad luck to their mother. They will be wealthy and learned.

Jataka Parijata: They will know the weak points of others, be lean and enlightened, but addicted to women not their own.

Sage Narada: They will be charming in appearance, firm in disposition, honourable,  affable in speech, skilful and brilliant. They will enjoy pleasures and be fond of liquor,.

Brihat Samhita: They will have a lovely appearance and be truthful, sweet-tongued with a pure & steady mind.

Varahamihira: honest, pure, and beautiful with a steady mind and pleasant speech.

Brihat Samhita: When Saturn transits Rohini and countries of Kosala, Madra, Kasi and Pancala as well as cartmen are troubled.

Auspicious Activities: 

This is the most auspicious star for weddings and ceremonies that signify big changes in our life, new beginnings: self improvement, spiritual practice or installing religious icons or objects. Even wearing new clothes can impart them with auspiciousness. Creative and procreative ventures can be begun here. It’s good for the beginning of any incubation period.. It’s a great day for sex if you want a baby or a relationship (especially if Jupiter happens to be aspecting this moon). Projects started or undertaken when the moon is in Rohini will remain, decisions will be final and there will be no backing out. This makes it a good day to take any kind of serious vow. Construction projects will flourish and all activities will be seen through until completion. 

Special Considerations

  • Moon is moolatrikona for the last 27ºs of Taurus.
  • Pushkara amsha 14º Taurus. Nourishing point. Moons transit brings auspicious and nourishing results. Good time to plan auspicious events. 
  • Pushkara Navamsha: 13º 20’ – 16º 40’ (Taurus Navamsha).

Qualities of Rohini

Creative Energy: A very creative, productive nakshatra that is focused on growth using the materials at hand. The moon’s ownership of this nakshatra provides a boundary or a frame for Taurus’s creative beautifying talents. . 

Sati Anasuya, Wife of Sage Atri, feeding Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh

Sage Atri: He was a Brahma Rishi who wrote many of the hymns and mantras in the Vedas. He was famed for his power for detachment. Author of the Atri Samhita & Atri Smriti. His wife, Anusuya was known as the embodiment of chastity. To test her purity the trinity (Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva) show up at her home as sadhus and demand that she serve them without clothing. She immediately agreed to this and then had the three gods transformed into infants. She then stripped naked and fed each of the babies from her own breast. The great gods were so overwhelmed by this that they took her for their own mother and blessed her family by being born in her womb as: Soma who was an incarnation of Brahma, Dattatreya who was an incarnation of Vishnu and Durvasa, an incarnation of Shiva. In his second life he had two more children: Aryaman (nobility) and Amala (purity). Mercury was one of his notable grandsons.

Dattatreya is notable today for his connection to tantra and devotional practice through the Natha lineage of India. For Nathas, Dattatreya is an incarnation of Shiva and their first guru. He is known as the “Lord of Yoga.” He has numerous temples along the North bank of the Narmada river where pilgrims can get food, shelter and rest. He is often depicted with a dog to show his loyalty and caring nature towards even the lowest dogs of this world. 

Durvasa seemed to gain spiritual power whenever he cursed someone, which he did often, but it didn’t always work out good for him. He once cursed a righteous king with a frightful demon that sprouted from a single strand of hair. The power of the king’s moral standing easily defended him by raising a more powerful beast who chased Durvasa around until he finally went back to the king to ask pardon. Another time he cursed a young maiden to be forgotten by her lover and she was. There is much in Rohini to suggest that they make up a large part of the SJW and “Karens” of this world. 

Drona, leader of the Karava, disciple of Atri.

Drona, the mad leader of the Kaurava family was a disciple of Atri. Right around the time Yudhishthra announced the death of Drona’s son, Atri came to counsel him to give up the bloody war and stop the destruction that had come from his actions which went against dharma. Drona heeds this advice and goes into a completely detached meditation in the middle of the battlefield until he is killed. Atri also crossed paths with the Pandavas during their exile. By Krishna’s blessing Drupati was able to satisfy his hunger with a single grain of rice to avoid the wrath of his curse. 

Human: Human nakshatra’s seek balance between righteousness and sin. They appreciate material pleasures but seek to use them for good. They are not saints or sinners, they are just humans doing the best they can while still occasionally letting themselves and others down. These nakshatra’s generally look out for the welfare of all, but easily succumb to the human condition of chasing after fulfilment thru material comforts. 

Shudra: They are servants to the land, to the seasons, to their families. They are service orientated, they seek to please and fulfills people’s needs. 

Moksha: The goal here is to accept and let go, to release, liberate oneself and others. They are most known for the swelling and growth, but at the end of the incubation period comes the release. They raise their children so they can be free, they grow the crop so that they can harvest, and they learn all the rules so that they can break them. Their attachment to comfort and luxury can bring high expenditure and great loss as well. 

Dhruva – Fixed: Some of the stubbornness of the Taurus bull here, slow and steady wins the race. It can be difficult to change the mind of a Rohini and they like to make things that will last. This is a good nakshatra for beginning anything you want to be durable. Ceremonies, weddings, coronations, starting a new job, opening a business, moving into a new home or any one of the 16 samskaras. Construction projects or laying any kind of literal or figurative foundation can begin on this day. Sundays carry this kind of energy suggesting that it’s also a good position for any kind of spiritual practice that you want to be a fixed routine. Rohini, U. Phalguni, U. Ashadha, U. Bhadra are also fixed. 

Balanced: Here we find the balanced approach. Allows free will and fate to meet in the middle. But sometimes even balance can come at the cost of rigidity. 

Rajasic: Growth and development is pure rajas, but Rohini natives often experience and “off season” when the tamasic inert energy becomes strong. This is common in seasonal jobs where people expend huge amounts of energy only to sleep for a couple weeks when it’s all done.

Earth element: Grounded, stable, heavy, supportive: you can rely on Rohini. 

Kapha: Water + Earth = Cool, oily, heavy, stable, slow, soft, gross, sticky/cloudy, smooth

  • Stable, slow, methodical, greedy
  • Disturbed by sweet (Jupiter), salty (Moon), sour (Venus). 
  • Pacified by pungent (Sun) and astringent (Saturn)

This is a very wet earthy nakshatra. Kapha attributes are: cool, oily, heavy, stable, slow, soft, gross, sticky/cloudy, smooth. The effects of planets in this nakshatra are likely to display these features. Wayne Gretzky has his moon in 5th house Rohini and his stage was the ice rink: cold, stable, cloudy, etc.

Female: This is one of the most feminine of the moon’s wives. Planets here are likely to impart female characteristics to the karakas planets placed here. Both to their natural significations as well as to those they gain by house ownership. Mars (a masculine plant) doesn’t not do well here because one seeks to compete for appreciation like the bodybuilder whose muscles are all for show. Things like steroid use can be found with Mars here and fertility can be burnt out in some way. Rohini is famous for the creative heat produced here, but they have to keep their cool. Mars in Rohini often acts too quickly. 

Urdhva Mukha – Facing Upward: All these things that cause us to look upwards: mountains, church spires, temples, trees, birds, high places, and tall buildings. The intention might also be in building upwards or climbing the corporate ladder, or just looking to the future with hope and optimism. This can also be a good day for climbing ladders, flying in airplanes, launching rockets or missiles or investing, and all other things that will move you up the social ladder. Sun, Moon & Jupiter generally do well in the upward facing nakshatras: Rohini, Ardra, Pusya, U.Phalguni, U.Asadha, Sravana, Dhanista, Satabisha, U.Bhadra.

East: planets here are likely to give their results in the east. When this asterism is placed in the easter quadrant of the chart it gains extra strength to give results.

Male Cobra:

Cobras like to live in uninhabited places near water, like abandoned gardens or garbage heaps. Males are larger than females (which is rare for snakes). Males get up to 18 feet long and weigh 44Lbs, while females have only been seen to get as large as 12 feet long. Females will build a nest for their eggs and lay about 20 – 30 eggs and then spend the next 2 months defending the nest, until the eggs hatch, and then she leaves. Only one or two survive until adulthood. The males will rub up against the female and if she is agreeable they will entwine themselves for up to several hours. Although the male does not stick around afterwards, it’s believed that he comes back to the same female every year. If there is any competition with other males it typically remains non-violent

Male snakes have two penises but only use one at a time. The second penis is only used if they meet another partner shortly after the first one since the sperm from the first one would be used up. The male will occasionally kill a female after having sex, even if they have spent weeks together in a kind of courtship. After killing her he will swallow her and throw her up. (It’s not uncommon for king cobras to eat other snakes). When king cobras feel threatened they will usually raise their bodies and spit venom (up to 6 feet) before attacking. 

If the female has been fertilized by many males, she can store the sperm for up to a year and possibly even choose the sperm she wants.

Stories & Symbols of Rohini

Many of the stories that relate with the father – daughter relationship or the perfect wife relate with Rohini.

Rohini: The favourite wife of Chandra

Chandra & Rohini (Tara) making waves.

Chandra was married to 27 daughters of Daksha, the 27 Nakshatras, and he promised their father that he would treat them all equally. But he had a favourite, Rohini. Then one day out of his infatuation for her he decided to stay in her house and stopped visiting his other wives. This angered Daksha and he cursed Chandra with a wasting disease like tuberculosis. Chandra appealed to Lord Shiva and out of mercy Shiva allowed him wax and wane.


Brahma, the creator and father of all wanted to begin the process of creation and fell in love with his own daughter Usha (or Shatrupa or Saraswati depending on which version we’re following). He was so captivated by his daughter’s beauty that four heads sprouted to allow him to face every direction and track her every movement. When she fled to the heavens a fifth head looked upwards. She changed into a doe deer to escape him but he changed into a buck and chased her down in order to produce earthy beings. Shiva, outraged at the incest, is said to have either chopped off one of Brahma’s heads (or shot him in the thigh with an arrow from his mighty bow). 

“We are what we think.All that we are arises in our thoughts and with our thought we make the world.” Dhammapada

Brahmas children are all born of the mind like ideas we get that just won’t leave us alone. His ten male children who were Prajapatis just like him did not attract his attention, but his 11th child, the daughter who takes on so many forms, captivated him like a muse and stoked his creative fires. This is what happens to an idea in our own minds when we start to get excited about carrying it into reality. This is Maya, so beautiful and so seductive, and it’s so easy to get carried away with her. 

Brahman kept sprouting heads so he could keep watching her. Each head represents one of the five elements. The first four elements (earth, water, fire, air) are terrestrial elements. His fifth head represents space, spirit, heaven. All he could see was the external form and lost sight of the spiritual truth. When he begins to see So-Many-Forms (Shatarupa) in heaven, the gods get angry and their collective anger creates Rudra who severs the idea at its source. Sometimes we get so carried away with an idea that we cannot see the impending doom that’s just around the corner. Now Brahma’s four heads are continually reciting the four Vedas in penance.

Brahma with his daughter Saraswati

There are deeper lessons in this story about attraction and desire. Our senses seek out what is beautiful and pleasant. All Brahma sees is a beautiful creature taking on so many forms. He’s inspired to create and does not see that she is already his own creation. He forgets that she is a part of him, she is but a reflection of his own creative fires, creative potential. For this he must look past the external forms and see her for who she is inside. Rohini people may feel like no one sees them for who they are inside, they just see the external form of things.

The lessons of this story reverberate through Mrigashira which takes the perspective of the young girl who changes herself into a deer. We will then see Rudra’s perspective with Ardra. There are other stories about Brahma’s pride clouding him from truly seeing others.

Brahma’s Pride

Pride can easily devolve into self centered conceit, arrogance, and superiority. Brahma once went to visit Shiva and completely ignored Kartikeya while coming and going so Kartikeya decided to teach him a lesson. Brahma was his teacher at the time so Kartikeya asked him if he knew the Vedas, which he did, and then asked him if he knew the meaning of “Om,” which he did not. Kartikeya asked him how he could know the Vedas if he did not know the meaning of “Om.” Some say that he put Brahma in prison for his pride.

Another time when Brahma was in the ecstatic of meditation the beautiful Apsara, Mohini, came along and wanted to marry him. He was furious with her for taking him out of meditation. He was rude to her and sent her away, but she did not go away without uttering a curse that he would not be worshiped by anyone because of his pride. When he went to Vishnu to complain about the curse he say so many other creators who looked just like him only with more and more heads. He only had four and some of the other Brahmas had hundreds. Vishnu had to explain to his that although he was the creator of his own universe, there were many universes in this world.

“Within each head lies an entire universe, and there are a lot of heads in this universe.” Unknown

Brahma doesn’t care what he creates, he can’t see anyone else but himself. He is blinded by his own desire to create, he doesn’t think of good and evil. But creation is as much of a responsibility as it is a form of power. Once when he lied to Shiva about finding the end to his great jyoti lingam, Shiva chopped off one of his heads and restricted his worship to a single temple in Pushkar. When Shiva chops off heads he takes on his fierce Bhairava and consequently must complete a gruelling penance for the sin of killing a Brahmin. Brahma’s head was attached to Bhairava’s hand and he spent 12 years walking the four corners of India as a naga baba before coming back to Varanasi where his past sins were washed away.

It should be noted that in the Shiva Purana, Lord Bhairava is afflicted with Brahmahatya dosha in his astrology chart. This is typically a curse of Brahmins from your past life that will cause you to suffer in this life. Even lord Rama’s ancestry has to suffer the effects of this curse for killing Ravana who was a brahmin and devotee of Lord Shiva. The most common manifestation in the chart is when Jupiter is in close conjunction or mutual aspect with Jupiter. The remedies are to worship Lord Shiva through a fire ceremony or Abhishek & feed Brahmins; also one must be good to cows.

Vac & Saraswati are the same.

Of interest to my Kashmiri Shaiva friends is the story of Brahma merging with his mind-born daughter Vac in order to create living beings. Vac is sound or word and it connects this nakshatra to Pratyabhijna philosophy, the power of the syllables, the mothers, Matrika, Malini, and Saraswati. From this perspective creation begins when a vowel (a mother) and a consonant (a father) come together. (this is sometimes described the other way). The mass of these syllabic combinations makes up the chaotic shabdarashi (mass of sound). From this are selected the most desirable ones to form words and thoughts and from here all creation begins. From this perspective vibration is the basis of energy. Astrology can be seen from this kind of energetic perspective with each planet in the chart representing a crossing point of all the energies like chakra

There is a distinct sensitivity to sound that is good for music and dance, but also for creating an atmosphere.

Prajapati: Lord & Protector of Creation

Prajapati represents a category of gods that point to the heat or desire of the mind to create something. Prajna means creative and procreative powers. Pati means lord. The “Lord of procreation.” Even Shiva is considered a Prajapati since he is head of his own lineage of ghosts and devils and these sorts of things. Lists of 7, 10, 16 or 21 prajapatis are common. Prajapati is the spiritual teacher that is inside each of us; the wandering eternal soul, our procreative sexual powers, and knower of the individual soul.

The original prajapati was born from a golden egg in the primeval sea. “His sound became the sky, the earth, the seasons. His inhalation created the Devas, fire and light; his exhale created the Asuras and darkness. Then, by combining with the goddess of language (Vac), he made all of space and time. He endows all his children with sexual desire so they will reproduce, and with anger so they cannot challenge the gods. 

Brahma came from a lotus that grew out of Vishnu’s belly button while he was reclining on a five headed snake while they floated upon the depths of Shiva’s abyss. From Brahma came the 10 Great Sages, and one daughter, including Marichi and Daksha. Marichi’s son Kashyap (the father of all living beings) married 13 daughters of Daksha. Kashyap and his wife Aditi had numerous children, but their child Vishvan had two important children: Manu (the first man) & Yama (the first mortal; the first to die). Manu had 10 sons and from them came the human species.


A few characters of mythology carry this name: the 8th Aditya, a Rishi, a Gandharva, and the guardian of the month of Krittika. Parjanya & Prithvi are sometimes called the mother and father of all beings. He is the lord of rain who fertilises the germination of seeds. A rain bull controlled by Indra: thunder is his roar, lightening his strike. Also considered the udder of the rain cow; the rain being compared to mothers milk.

“Lift up the mighty vessel, pour down water and let the liberated streams rush forward. Saturate both the earth and the heavens with fatness and let the drink be abundant for the cows.” (a prayer to Parjanya)

Veerbhadra crushing Daksha


Daksha was born from the thumb of Brahma. His name means “the able one,” “the dexterous one,” “the honest one.” He’s the father of Sati, Shiva’s first wife, and he’s most famous for his disdain for Shiva. This makes him a strong symbol of order in the face of chaos. But his ultimate downfall reminds us that we cannot organise chaos out of the system of life. Which is ultimately why we have to protect the weak by giving them certain rights and privileges. For example, nobody complains about women’s carriages on Indian trains. We have to honour the great unknown. It was during Daksha’s Yagna (worship) that Sati immolated herself and subsequently ended up scattered across India as the 51 Shakti Peeths.

It’s said that Daksha first tried to populate the world with his mind, but that wasn’t effective for increasing the physical numbers. So we started putting masculine and feminine pairs together in his Yagya. This may also relate to the atomic theory of putting positive and negative ions together. but that’s a study for another day. I tend to see the planetary owners Venus and Moon as the sperm and the egg. Which brings us back to the beginning when Brahma was born from the golden egg.


Radha & Krishna

It’s said that Krishna had both his Moon and Ascendant in Rohini. Rohini people often like the song and dance and sensuality of the Hare Krishna path. (Note that there are numerous charts for Krishna but they all have three placements in common: Moon & ascendant in Rohini and the Sun in Leo.) He was known as the ideal lover as well as the ideal diplomat. It’s also been suggested that the Mahabharata war started because of him. This makes me wonder if perhaps Helen of Troy also had some strong Rohini placements.

Banyan Tree

Known as Kalpavriksha, the tree that fulfills one’s wishes and provides material wealth. It is the holiest tree in India, considered immortal. It gives longevity to Lord Brahma himself. It’s a large tree with large leaves and spreading branches to offer protective shade and shelter. It is sometimes called Bahupada, the one with several feet, because of the way the roots extend down from the branches to create a new root base. A Shiva lingam is often found at its base and these trees act as a resting place for wandering Sadhus who will stay under the banyan at the edge of town rather than entering the town itself. Shiva also looks to the North which is the direction of death. He is the one who helps us face death without fear. This also connects the Banyan to Lord Yama and one is often found near cremation grounds. Grass does not grow under a Banyan. 

Since it’s not a tree that allows for renewal or rebirth, it is avoided for purposes of marriage or fertility though the leaves are often used in other rituals. A paste of bark and leaves can be used to stop excessive bleeding. The sap of the tree can be used for piles, pain, and lumbago. Chewing on the ariel root is a good astringent for cleaning the teeth. It’s also used for treatments for leukorrhea, female sterility & diabetes.

Banyan Tree

Pre-pubescent girl: 

I believe this relates to the “daughter” energy of young girls as well as their procreative and incubative potential. Rohini reminds us that the naturally passive and agreeable nature of young girls is why we offer them privileges and protection. Like all children in some form or another, we seek to protect them from their own naivety. The combination of Moon and Venus energy can be very seductive and tempting, and since they are practically defenceless they are easy prey for those who do not have control over their desires. They are not completely defenceless though: beauty and innocence are a form of defence in themselves since people generally don’t like to harm beautiful people or things that pose no threat to anyone. Such no threatening traits also inspire others to stand in their defence.

I have heard from many women over the years that they can sometimes be scared to say no to a man. There seems to be this subconscious fear of violence from men which is really just a reflection of their own defencelessness. How do they deal with this? They become agreeable. They say “yes” even when they want to say “no.” It’s completely irrational and many women are aware of this. This is very much a Rohini trait. And this is also why traditional societies put so much effort into protecting young girls and women. Modern woman call it repression and complain about sexual assault, harassment and date rape. Traditional women complain about their mother in law. Rohini is the most valuable and vulnerable jewel in the community: Take care of it!

It can also be noted that between the ages of 10 – 12 young girls go through a remarkable growth spurt that usually sees them towering over boys. I suspect this might also be one of nature’s defence mechanisms that help keep them safe through some of their tenderest years as they change from little girls to young women. Their height grows very quickly and fat deposits usually begin to form in their hips and breasts a couple years before menstruation begins. (see the stories of Brahma and Prajapati)

09 Jul 2013 — Studio shot of female model and pink blusher brush — Image by © Franck Sauvarie/Corbis

Reddish one: 

Just “reddish” not quite red; the colour of a blushing young girl’s cheeks. Embarrassment or passion are two of the main reasons for this, but we will explore some medical topics in the section on health that may be related with Rohini.

Growing one: 

Swelling, growing relating with fertility, agriculture, pregnancy, water build up, high tide, balloons. Anything that swells like excitement, suspense. Natural disasters like volcanoes and tsunamis have occurred when the moon is passing thru Rohini. All this talk about stock market bubbles and housing bubbles is all related to Rohini.


Christian fish symbol. Jesus fish icon religious sign. God Christ logo illustration.

A Christian symbol. It’s actually a symbol for a Greek Acronym: “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Our Saviour.” When this is written in Greek, the first letter of each word makes up the Greek word for fish, so many temples just put a simple fish symbol. It also acted as a symbol to show those who had been baptised in water and thus re-born into the life of Christ. It’s often a symbol of faith since Christ was able to feed thousands of people with just a few fish.

The shape of a fish in the lines of your hand at the bottom of your life line is auspicious for wealth and spirituality, but it brings fear or water and gives a person the sniffles.

Fertility and abundance due to the number of eggs they lay and their similarities with the sperm. They are also practically defenceless and also silent creatures.

Ox cart pulled by two oxen: 

This was all they had to move large loads. They are still used by farmers in India and many other parts of the world to haul their crops.


Shins, calves, ankles, forehead. 

Rahu in Rohini can bring some kind of disfigurement or unusual mark to the shins, calves, ankles, or forehead. Mars can give scars to those parts of the body and Saturn can bring stiffness. Mercury will leave marks and moles.

Kapha Problems: Rohini people can have a sensitive constitution despite being Kapha. They have a low thresh-hold for pain and typical kapha complaints relating to sinusitis, congestion, water retention, oedema or other watery problems relating with kidney and bladder are all common with Rohini natives. Hormone imbalance, emotion issues, and conditions relating to what we call women’s health are all common. Men with Rohini placement might find that they have to indirectly deal with a lot of women’s problems.

Oily skin and acne is a common occurrence with the moon here, especially in their developmental phase. Saturn or Ketu here can bring paralysis or hearing problems.

Dietary health problems related to comfort eating, overeating and the resulting obesity are common. For obesity, check the fullness of the Moon and the heft of Jupiter.

Swelling: Rohini deals with all kinds of problems related to swelling. Swelling of any part of the body depending on placement. The tropical swelling of the limbs, swelling of the brain, of the blood vessels, of the pregnant belly, of the penis. Also the swelling of the breath.

Breathing problems are also common for Rohini. Congestion of the lungs, wheezing,

Addiction: Many of their health problems may be due to over-indulgence or addiction to comfort and pleasure. Food, drugs, Pharma, sex, alcohol and smoking addictions each come with their own problems, but the addictive tendencies of Rohini is usually the underlaying cause.

Hormonal Issues: Oestrogen is strongly represented in Rohini. In both men and women oestrogen and testosterone work together to create a hormonal balance; if one goes up, the other goes down.

Oestrogen is responsible for the female sexual development between the ages of 8 – 14 and for the continued health of the reproductive organs and the monthly menstrual cycle. The fall in oestrogen levels after menopause is related to osteoporosis. Risk of heart disease increases since oestrogen helps control cholesterol and reduces inflammation. Mood is also affected. When oestrogen levels decrease so does serotonin production which contributes to depression in both sexes and postpartum in women.

Monthly oestrogen levels. Note the temperature rise for the incubation period.

High oestrogen increases the risk of hormonal cancers, auto-immune disease. yeast infection, Hashimoto disease & thyroid dysfunction.

In men, high oestrogen is related to low testosterone, weight gain and type 2 diabetes, man boobs, erectile dysfunction, urinary tract problems, decreased libido, depression and/or exhaustion. Thickening of the arteries and the chance of strokes, blood clots or heart attacks is increased.

Stars of Rohini

Aldebaran is the brightest star in Taurus and is positioned as the red eye of the bull in the ‘V’ shaped face of the bull known as Hyades. A winter star that rises after the pleiades, it was known as one of the stars that marked the seasons (back when Taurus was the sign of the spring equinox). They accounted for the beginning of the rainy season in many parts of the world. The others were Regulus in Leo, Antares in Scorpio, and Fomalhaut in Pisces. It lies along the ecliptic where the Sun and Moon often cover it. 

Hyades were the water nymphs who brought rain, considered to be sisters of the Pleiades who also brought rain. When one of their sisters was killed in a hunting accident, the others wept so sincerely that they were honoured with a place of significance in the night sky.

Tree of Rohini


Jambu Tree: Jambula, Black plum, Syzygium Cumini

An evergreen that grows up to 30m tall and can live for more than 100 years. It grows rapidly and is often considered an invasive species, especially on small islands. The wood can easily be made water resistant which makes it valuable for building homes (door and window frames), making tools for the farm, wheels for the bullock carts and furniture. It’s considered too hard for common use. Villagers like to make durable furniture from it. It’s a beautiful tree with dense foliage which provides good shade. Flowers bloom in March / April and provide a nIce fragrance. Fruit (rather large berries) are ready in May / June and are eaten mostly by small animals, mammals and birds. Most of the fruit goes from green to blood red. But there is a variety which produces white fruit. The fruit is sweet, mildly sour, astringent and eating it leaves the tongue red. Leaves smell like turpentine and provide good nutrition for livestock.

Humans typically eat the fruit raw or make it into jams. Raw fruit is 83% water, 16% carbs, 1% protein, hardly any fat, about 60 calories, some vitamin C and almost no other nutrient source. It’s very good for diabetics. The leaves are used to decorate the marriage tent. Krishna is said to have had a symbol of jambu fruit on his right foot.

Some say the sandal wood tree or indian fig also have some relation with Rohini. 

Key Points

Sensitive and parental nakshatra. She is the muse who stokes our creative fires. From the Rohini perspective Brahma is any new thing that rises from within us after some incubation period. 

Rohini is the good daughter who becomes the perfect wife: fair skinned like Gauri, attractive, beautiful, fertile, passionate, and sexual. (But also like any new development it should serve us.) The Reddish One can often be found in pink collar jobs typically reserved for women: nursing, teaching, social services, personal care and service attendant, entertainment, fashion, beauty, wellness. She is the archetypical beautiful woman who needs attention; she needs to feel appreciated for her gentle caring beautiful nature. And if they are not getting the attention they feel they deserve, they will find it elsewhere. Rohini women are typically beautiful with large breasts and wide hips, but both sexes usually have desirable features, a seductive voice, emotional speech, and beautiful eyes. 

There can be some tension in Rohini between freedom and boundaries just as a young girl seeks greater freedom from the protective boundaries of her father or family. Unless they feel protected they might not go too far from home. Being the favourite of the moon, Rohini natives are often privileged in some way. They are a special breed who are afforded allowances that the rest of us don’t get. This can be the privilege of the rich and famous, it can be diplomatic privilege, a privilege of who you know, Rohini’s typically know who to use any kind of privilege to their advantage. They can also be good at making others feel as though they are privileged as well. And of course they typically have some kind of special privileges to offer.

Rohini is also a very creative nakshatra, but compared to Krittika it’s a more reflective creativity. Instead of creating something new and unique, Rohini is more reflective of the collective consciousness. They reflect what is going on around them. They are the proper conditions needed for growth and development. They can be very grounded people; free to move around, but only within certain boundaries. They typically stay within the box. This can make them come off as a bit rigid when you come up against their boundaries. They may also have to deal with issues of emotional attachment, not only in relationships but to certain comforts and luxuries. They don’t like to leave their comfort zones. This also comes up in a variety of ways where people have their zones they have to cover. This can relate with a variety of look-out jobs, watchmen, travelling salesmen, product reps, or servers who divide up a space with each of them taking care of their zone; their area.

Children are strong themes with this Nakshatra. A mix of legitimate and illegitimate children seems to be normal with people who have this nakshatra. Generally more girls than boys, but many of the charts I’ve seen have at least one male child. The wife of a male who has this position is often a homemaker and women with this are often themselves taking care of home and children. Other caretaking duties are possible as well with this placement: high end houses-sitters, building and landscapers, agriculturists.

Herbal medicines and other food stores are strongly represented here. As agriculturalists, Rohini are not usually the unskilled help, but rather the ones who know how to use, mix and preserve the bounty of the land and forests. They are usually skilled in food preparation or preservation, growing crops and raising animals, bartending, making natural soaps and a variety of such crafts. Martha Stewart’s 3rd and 6th lord Jupiter Rohini’s 8th house transformed the modern kitchen and kept her hands busy on national television.

They may also have an interest in following the natural rhythm of the seasons. They may also have an interest in farmer’s almanac type astrology offered by Tropical astrology to track seasonal changes. This can relate with all kinds of seasonal occupations: fishing season, hunting season, construction season, television seasons, sports season, agriculture… everything that only happens when the season is right.

The herbal medicines aspect of this nakshatra is where they often get into trouble. Comfort and luxury, pleasant feelings are necessary with this placement. This can lead to self medication via numerous feel good drugs or pain killers. Addiction problems are not uncommon. And for some Rohini’s people their insistence on drawing attention to themselves can become cheap and sexually self-deprecating.

Rohini natives can play numerous roles with children, aiding in their growth and development of skills, fostering their natural abilities. Rohini people are not usually agents of change (though other placements in a person’s chart can bring this out), they grow and develop what is at hand whether they are a coach or a land developer. They are like Kamadenu, the wish-fulfilling cow, they can nurture and develop anything to bring prosperity.

The materialistic side of this nakshatra makes people good with handling money and working in banks or commercial fields, making deals, sales, and advertising. Again it’s all about growth of one’s portfolio, storing valuables, seeding the market, investing. 

Pride & vanity are the dangers of growth and development; as we get better, we get cockier and more prone to mistakes. And as much as Bharani talks about responsibilities, here in Rohini we find our rights. Any of the emotions that swell and then burst can be felt with Rohini placements: sadness, excitement, shyness, pride, vanity. And what happens when pride or vanity burst? One goes away with their head hung in shame and they find a quiet place to lick their wounds. But any excuse for a luxury resort near water will usually do. There can also be a lot of jealousy surrounding Rohini people though they can be oblivious to it.

Planetary Rulers of Rohini


Emotional response, protective, follows natural rhythms. Caretaking of land, buildings, homes, people, children, one’s own self. Defence, boundaries walls, mothers, teachers, parents, folk culture, grass roots, habits, routine, the natural tides of the body, the rhythm of the seasons, the growing cycle of plants. The position of the Moon will greatly affect the function of this nakshatra. mind, emotions,


Practical, dependable, stable, creative, sensual beauty, indulgence, the senses, the face, hair, eyes, mouth. Stored values, family values, stored karma, material wealth and storage containers. Diet, food storage, banking and wealth, verbal expression, voice, languages, history, DNA, memory. The house that Taurus is in and position of Venus will also affect Rohini Nakshatra.

Taurus + Moon: 

Practical, dependable, beautiful mother figures and caretakers, Pleasure & comfort, pleasure of being protected. Strong stable family with an abundance (with full moon) of culture: music, dance and the arts. Diet wealth and savings can wax and wane. Dependable rhythms, desirable voice.

Comfort, protection and sensual pleasure all come into play with Rohini. It’s that part of Taurus where the most sensitive and desirable valuables are kept. This is where we strike a balance between over-protection which can smother growth and under-protection will destroy the value. There can also be some friction between the desire for enjoyment and the need for comfort. 

Pada’s of Rohini

Pada 1 (Taurus + Moon + Aries): endowed with red hairs, daring, candid, and cruel.

Sun & Mars like this pada but Saturn does not. Athletic, sexy, flirty, popular, well liked, good for competitive business, executive decision making, police or security. Help to promote direct action being taken for their protection and privilege. They can be most active in indulging their privilege. Aries is also where the head swells. These people can be larger than life. 

Ascendant: ……Sun: Bob Dylan. Moon: Putin, Mussolini, Frank Sinatra, Rossanna Barr. Mars: Joel Cran, Adi Bachan, Denis Hopper, John Wayne Gacy. Mercury: Prince, Karl Marx, Jeffery Dahmer. Jupiter: Trent Reznor. Venus: Artistic license, appreciation for their work and for the value of their work. They are likely to have an appreciation for their privileges and those who protect them. Paul Gauguin, Salman Rushdie, Trent Reznor. Saturn: Gaddafi, John Gottselig, Winona Ryder, The Rock, BV Raman, Winona Ryder. Rahu: Mark Zuckerberg. Ketu: Karl Benz, Drew Barrymore, Jane Fonda

Pada 2 (Taurus + Moon + Taurus): enjoyers, controllers of senses, happy, worship gods and guests, wealthy, and interested in rearing catfie

Pushkara Navamsha Pada. 14° is Pushkara Bhagya. Vargottama. 

Moon likes it here. An auspicious position for involvement with luxury, plants or food: agriculture, hotel, hospitality, music and fine arts, fashion, style, offering a pleasant and desirable image. This pada typically brings wealth, beauty and style but addictive tendencies can be strong and they can be very stuck in their ways. They benefit from being around people who can lead them to fresh pastures and help them recognise that there is more to life than what meets the eyes. Unless they learn to deal with the secrets in their relationships they will be very unstable. They are also prone to secret or guilty pleasures

Ascendant:….. Sun: Rob Ford, John F Kennedy. Moon: Wayne Gretzky, Alejandro Jodorowsky. Mars: Keith Richards, Meryl Streep. Mercury: Marilyn Monroe, Jordan Peterson, Kris Kristofferson, William of Cambridge. Jupiter: Betty Ford, Thomas Edison, Indra Gandhi, Candace Owens. Venus: Alexi Navalny. Saturn: Bobby Fischer, Benito Mussolini. Rahu:Greta Thunberg. Ketu: King Henry VIII, Nietzsche, Virginia Woolf,

Pada 3 (Taurus + Moon + Gemini): pleasant minded, poets, learned, strong in mind, mathematicians, and collectors of many things

This can also be a somewhat superficial personality. Messaging, marketing the right image. They may be known for the comforts of the bedroom, preparing nourishing resort environments or getaways. They are likely to be a member of a small tribe or clique of like-minded friends, but they will appreciate partners who can offer them a broader vision of life. 

Ascendant: Virginian Woolf (birth time unconfirmed), Meryl Streep (birth time unconfirmed). Sun: Clint Eastwood, Marilyn Monroe, Allen Ginsberg, Angelina Jolie. Moon: Rudyard Kipling, William Burroughs, Dostoyevsky, Gwyneth Paltrow, Buddy Holly, Davy Crocket, Russel Brand. Mars:……… Mercury: Allen Ginsberg, George Orwell, Meryl Streep. Jupiter: Muhammed Ali, George Floyd, Stepher Hawking. Venus: Bob Dylan, Johnathan Luckhurst, Rembrandt, Shakespeare. Saturn: William Burroughs, Joe Biden, Amitabh Bachan, Ralph Klein. Rahu: Steven Spielberg, JK Rowling, Mr Fred Rogers. Ketu: Dustin Hoffman, Picasso. Pada 4 (Taurus + Moon + Cancer): lovers of relatives, help others, intelligent, respecting the god Vishnu and their teacher

Moon and Jupiter like it in this moony pada but Mars does not. Strong tidal flows of emotions offer the privilege we give to caretakers, parental figures, and landlords. Gives farming, agriculture, aquatic and watery works, shipping. But despite the gentle nature they show with those close to them they can be deadly competitive to attain top rank. They are likely to follow (and teach) some kind of exercise routine to keep the body physically attractive. Inside they will long to be thought of as innovative or to be breaking some kind of glass ceiling. They do well with a more disciplined responsible partner to keep them from spreading themselves out too thin

Ascendant…… Sun: Gaddafi, Alexei Navalny. Moon: Sgmund Freud, Karl Benz. Mars: Tamara Dawn, Neil Armstrong. Courtney Love, Al Pacino. Mercury: Dennis Hopper. Jupiter: John Wayne Gacy, John Travolta. Venus: ……… Saturn: 9/11, Cheryl, Jeff Holliday, Alyssa Milano, Frank Sinatra. Rahu: Trent Reznor. Ketu: George Carlin, Billy Graham, Jack Nicholson, Johnny Rotten

Planets in Rohini

Ascendant:  Coming soon …..

[Note about ascendant nakshatra and to a lesser extent Moon nakshatras: I still have much rectification work to do with famous charts so this data may change.] 

The Sun 

The Sun can give good results here, he gives elite privilege and a voice of authority but there can be a lack of tact or diplomacy and abuse of power & privilege. Mars is not comfortable here, he offers only the kinds of privileges we offer our competitors and those given to athletes and warriors. Mars will get what he can take or manipulate out of others. Sun and Mars are planets that have to earn their place to give the best result. People with Mars or Sun here might have hard shells, they can be a little soft because their privileged position of authority or command didn’t offer the competition necessary to be deserving.

Emma Bryere (1),  Bennett Cerf (1), Zoe Fleischer (1), Jeremy Corbyn (1), Bhariava Anuttara, Argentina (1), Eddie Gallagher (2), Morgan Freeman (3), Clint Eastwood (3),  Shawn Lethbridge (3), Peter I of Russia (3), Gaddafi (4), Alexei Navalny (4), Mikhail Bakunin, Russel Brand,  MIles Davis, Anne Heche (1), Anupama Dubey, Bob Dylan, Rob Ford (2),  Allen Ginsberg, Chris Griscom, Wild Bill Hickok (2), King Qin Shi Huang, JFK, Angelina Jolie,Lindsay, Marilyn Monroe, Pence, Carl Gustaf XVI king of Sweden, Camillo Wirthe

Moon: Exalted and Vargottama when it’s in the 2nd pada of Rohini

One is truthful and pure, holding no secrets, speaks sweetly and compellingly, of steady mind and heart, and handsome.

If the Sun happens to be in Scorpio then we find one of the most powerful moon’s of Vedic Astrology. Frank Sinatra and Karl Benz have this in their charts. Two men that were swollen with pride and sought the best in everything. It’s a fairly rare combination. Frank Sinatra had three legitimate children but there’s good reason to suspect he had several illegitimate children as well. Married several times to the most beautiful young women. Frank was sometimes called “The Voice” which reminds us of the unique contribution that the Sanskrit word vac has to this nakshatra. (See the section on Brahma for more about vac.

We can easily imagine the kinds of privileges that might be given to the planets placed here. Moon & Venus do best with privilege. Think of the privileges we give to mother figures and young girls. They are the most protected groups of society. Many people feel this is paternalistic and needs to end, but others say that the breakdown of the family unit and the vilification of father figures and the protective instinct puts women and children and the least aggressive people at risk.

Moon & Venus conjunct here makes a very pampered princess. Ghee (Moon) and honey (Venus) are two of the healthiest foods we can eat, but the Vedic tradition teaches us that they can be toxic when mixed together in equal parts. Moon and Venus are lovely when they are apart, but together they can be too much of a good thing.

 Putin (1), Frank Sinatra (1), Buster Keaton (2),Alejandro Jodorowski (2), Dostoyevski (3),  Rudyard Kipling (3), Davy Crocket (3), Sigmund Freud (4),Alicia Machado (4), Bobby Hull (4), Nancy Spunger (4), Karl Benz (4), Dene (4), Peaches Gelbert (4),Jack Anderson, Bridgitte Bardot, Roseanna Barr, William Burroughhs,  Jerome Deschamps, Lisa Edelstein, Juliette France, Bonnie Franklin,  Invasion of Grenada, Wayne Gretzky, Rutherford Hayes, Buddy Holly,  Robert William Johnstone, Ibram X Kendi, Jet Li,  Howie Mandel, Rue McClanahan, Alyssa Milano, Benito Mussolini, Gweneth Paltrow,Sara/Tegan Quin, Hunter Schafer,  Edmond Speyer, 


Mars or sun placed here bring a smouldering heat that can swell and burst. It’s the infamous anger of the bull. It can cause infections that can swell and burst. Injuries that are swollen and inflamed. For men there can be premature ejaculation, impotence, or infertility can be there for both genders. This does not disqualify children in a chart as it may be periodic or fixable. Mars gives roaming results.

It seems reasonable that Mars or Sun may also increase the stress hormones (Cortisol, Glucagon, Prolactin, and the sex hormones oestrogen, testosterone, progesterone). Almost any time we see any relationship between Ketu and Mars we find some part of our body being cut away in surgery.

Dennis Hopper (1), Adi Bachan (1), Lilla Baba Varanasi (1), Emma Bruere (1), Joel Cran (1), Ronnie Gale Dreyer (1), Kuntidevi (2), Jaroslav Halak (3), Argentina (3), Tamara Dawn (4), Neil Armstrong (4), Courtney Love (4), Pattabhi Jois (4), Al Pacino (4), Brittney Dahl (4), Queen Elizabeth of England, Friedrich Bayer, Tony Blair, Hiroshima,  Wyatt Earp, Bonnie Franklin, John Wayne Gacy, Karla Holmolka, Sanjay Mahindru, Benito Mussolini, Elisa Jean Odum, Keith Richards, Roy Rogers, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Meryl Streep, Carl Gustaf XVI King of Sweden, Teresa de Avilia, Catherine Thailand, Uma Thurman, Barron Trump, Richard Wagner, Roger Waters, Clive Wearing, Camillo Wiethe


Mercury gets special privileges in the library and those allowances afforded to students, media, adolescents, and repair men. Venus gives those privileges we offer to beautiful people, artists, lovers, gentle agreeable people.

Karl Marx (1), Anne Heche (2), Rob Ford (2), Eddie Gallagher (2), Tucker Carlson (3), Israel (3),Dennis Hopper (4) Dante Alighieri, William of Cambridge,  Jeffery Dahmer,  Mick Foley,  Allen Ginsberg, King Qin Shi Huang, Shawna Wasmer Jones, Kris Kristofferson, Stanislawa Leszczynska, Lorene, , Marilyn Monroe, George Orwell, Jordan Peterson, Prince, Rebecca, Maximilian Robespierre, Bob Saget (2), Edward Snowden, Meryl Streep, Korean War, Patsy Willard (3), William Butler Yeats, Zameen. 


Jupiter gives mixed results here. Jupiter is afforded the allowances of dreamers, travellers, professors, priests, and the global elite. From a material perspective Jupiter does very well in Rohini. This can be a very productive placement but one’s wisdom may be shallow as one is often preaching to the choir.

Jupiter is a planet we need to pay more attention to in regards to Rohini. Jupiter is integral for growth and development. In the Same way that Saturn is the Natural Karaka for Bharani, Jupiter is clearly the natural Karaka for Rohini. Jupiter can do harm to the sensual Venusian side of this Nakshatra via overabundance. Diabetes and other problems due to excess can occur with Jupiter here. This can also be hormonal, especially when paired with another planet: Moon Jupiter can bring problems of obesity related either to comfort eating or hormonal excess. Jupiter and the Sun here can cause calcification and tumour growth. Jupiter and Mars is where I would expect to see the body builder type

Trent Reznor (1), Carol, Hemingway (1), Daven (2), Henry Ford (2), Stephen Hawking (3), John Wayne Gacy (4), Brittany Dahl (4), John Travolta (4), Muhammed Ali, Dante Alighieri, Bernardine Ayer, Ojous Bhavsar, Daria Sivcode, Thomas Edison, George Floyd, Mick Foley, Betty Ford, Indra Gandhi, Rutherford Hayes, Elizabeth Hemingway, Elizabeth Hurley, Nikita Khrushchev, Candace Owens, Bhumika Patal, Arthur Schiesinger Jr, Howard Schultz, Oonagh Shanley-Toffolo, Martha Stewart, Sam Walton, Joslin West. 

Venus: coming soon 

Trent Reznor (1), Partsy Willard (1), Mike Tyson (1), Wim Hof (1), Wild BIll Hickok (3), Jonathan Luckhurst (3), Hunter S Thompson (3), Conor McGregor (4), Joe Louis (4), Jeremy Corbyn (4), David Carpenter, Joan Collins,  Bill Cosby, Oliver Cromwell, Bob Dylan, Gerald, Ford, Paul Gauguin,  Karla Homolka, Allysa Koch,  Alexei Navalny, Swami Paramananda Saraswati, Mary Pickford, Rembrandt, Salman Rushdie, Howard Schultz, Shakespear,  Henry David Thoreau, Clive Wearing,  Malcolm X, Count Zeppelin. 

Saturn : coming soon 

Barron Trump (1), Judias Welty (2), 9/11 (4), Cheryl (4), Jeff Holliday (4), Alyssa Milano (4), Frank Sinatra (4), Dante Alighieri, Amitabh Bachhan, Friedrich Bayer, Joe Biden, Pierre Paul Broca, Martin Brodeur, William Burroughs, Wilber Cohen, John Gottselig, Jeremy Jai Ditchwitch, Bobby Fischer, Larry Flynt, Gerald Ford, Gaddafi, Philippe Gaumont, Chris Griscom, Jeff Holliday, Andrew Jackson, Ralph Klein, Benito Mussolini, Larry Page, Swami Paramananda Saraswati, Joseph Pilates, Ma Huateng Pony, BV Raman, Pierre Ramond, Josep Rhodes, The Rock, Winona Ryder, Frank Sinatra (4), Morihei Ueshiba, 


Rahu in Rohini can give someone unusual collections. Irregular eating habits increase the likelihood of food poisoning or other problems related to poor diet. Rahu with Jupiter or 5th lord one may have illegitimate or unusual children, or perhaps unfounded or cloudy heritage claims. The body is likely to have difficulty burning fat her a person may be addicted to fat or sugar. Rahu and Venus can give collections of fake art and drug use is likely. Rahu and moon are sure to give some kind of hormone problem, giving a negative effect to the natural tides of the body. Rahu and Sun will give a self-entitled brat. Combinations like Rahu Venus Moon or Rahu Mars Venus will have excessively strong sensuality.

Sachindev (1), Mark Zuckerberg (1), Andy Warhol (2), Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, Amali, Bhimrao Ambedkar (2), Maya Angelou, Srei Aurobindo, Ed Belfour (4), Chris Bruusgaard, Kim Campbell, Deepak Chopra, Frank Costelo, Charles deGaulle, Dawn Doell, Enzo Ferrari, Nick Foley, Juliette France, Invasion of Grenada, Zack Hanson, Eugen Herrigel, Elizabeth Hurley, Billy Idol, Elton John, Salman Khan, Maria Lantseva, Mario Lemieux, Susan MIller, Elisa Jean Odum, Baba Ramdev, Mr Fred Rogers, JK Rowling, Patrick Roy, Patty Smith, Steven Spielberg, Greta Thunberg, Shania Twain, Carly Maa Victoria,  Rodney King (4),  Trent Reznor (4),

  • 5th lord connected with rohini can give many children
  • Brahma’s daughter & Chandra’s favorite wife & Related to Jupiter’s wife Tara. Underlying theme of wanting to protect and preserve what is beautiful, fresh and innocent.


Carl Wolff (1), Bob Saget (2), Tom Hanks (2), Nietzsche (2), Picasso (3), George Carlin (4), B.K.S. Iyengar (4), Billy Graham (4), Jack Nicholson (4), Morgan Freeman (4), Martin Poolsland (4), Johnny Rotten (4), Hunter S Thompson (4), Tasmin (4), King Henry VIII, Ciara Bagley, Drew Barrymore, Daniel Bellard, Karl Benz, Sarah Bernhart, Jean Cabot, Leonardo DiCaprio, Leon Festinger, Jane Fonda, Ford,  Amber Frey,  Dustin Hoffman,     Jackie Robinson, Franklin D Roosevelt,  K Virginia Woolf

Chart Examples

Paul Gauguin (Venus in Rohini)

Two Tahitian Women – Paul Gauguin (1899)

The great artist Paul Gauguin with his Venus in Rohini is an interesting case study since his paintings leave a record of his love for Rohini themed beauty. Much of his later work was burned as pornographic before it ever saw the light of day what’s left was an expression for the publics desire for exotic art and the fascination for indigenous people around the world at that time. He was one of the fathers of primitivism and synthesistism, a post impressionistic style that “aimed to synthesize three features: 1. The outward appearance of natural forms. 2, The artist’s feelings about their subject. 3. The purity of the aesthetic considerations of line, colour and form. It’s not hard to see how this relates with this moony nakshatra.” (wiki)

Paul Gauguin’s Astrology Chart

Gauguin has Venus conjunct with his ascendant lord Sun to form a raja yoga in his 10th house. For historical research we have to pay special attention to the 3rd house because it represents the story of who they were. We see him getting special privileges as famous foreign artist. One short letter he received a few years before his death highlights a number of theme’s. In the letter he is warned not to return to Europe too so as he would rush the incubation period that had been swelling the appreciation for his art. Furthermore, the privilege due to his reputation as a great artist would protect him from his enemies. All the great themes of Rohini are here: incubation, growth, swelling, appreciation and special privilege. He also had numerous children and though he managed to outlive most of his legitimate children, it’s believed he has illegitimate children scattered all over the world.

Gretzky with Moon in Rohini 5th house gives advice on how to plant ones seed.

Wayne Gretzky (Moon in Rohini)

The moons transit thru Rohini is considered favourable unless it happens to be Thursday, which is said to be inauspicious. Of course it’s not uncommon to see famous people with inauspicious placements and difficult lives. William Burroughs was on a Thursday with his moon in Rohini. Wayne Gretzky (see his chart below) also has this placement. He and his father were infamously close, his mother was a house wife who was said to be the hardest one in the family. He was pushed to practice hard from parents coaches teachers in general.

In an exercise to discover what is inauspicious about this moon we will have to consider his chart from a more traditional perspective that does not have such a favourable view of of the sexual revolution or female empowerment and might consider his wife and daughters to be a bit of. a head-ache du to their lifestyle. There’s an old dictum that rings true in many cultures: “If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a beautiful woman your wife.” The same could be said of his daughters. Anyone can see that he is greatly blessed by progeny; but it’s equally clear that he must suffer greatly for this. His first child was a breech baby so they were all born by caesarian, which is considered inauspicious by classical perspective. He was also implicated in a mafia driven illegal gambling ring while he was coach of a Major NHL team. His family has generated no shortage of scandal. Again from a classical perspective Gretzky himself has been known to cause controversy with his drinking and night life, The Championship Oilers team he belonged to was infamous for their coke fuelled parties in the 1980’s. His mother died of pneumonia (a moony illness) at age 64.

Wayne & Janet Gretzky with their 3 children.

On the other hand, this moon was incredibly productive: points, assists, goals, championships… at some point he broke almost every second in hockey. From humble middle class beginnings “The Great One,” lift his family line to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Moon ruling his fifth house gave him perfect wife and children from a modern perspective. Of course the moon is also isolated with only Mars in 6th (the competition) to look forward too.

Moon in Rohini born on Thursday, Vipreet Raj Yoga, Brahmahatya dosha
Wayne Gretzky’s Astrology Chart

One other point about Gretzky’s chart. He was a great player throughout the season, but come play-off time the atmosphere and excitement surrounding Gretzky grew and grew and grew, the stadiums and the excitement in the stand would grow with every goal.