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Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn brings a return to orthodox and traditional values and well as penance and austerities in Sagittarius. Not exactly bad luck, but hard luck, nothing will move quickly and you might even find yourself quite patient.

For Aries ascendants this could bring some travel for your career or it could be a time of retirement (12th from  10th). Saturn’s third look at his own house (Aquarius/11th) could bring your the discipline your need to achieve your hopes; gain; profit, connections with older people, mentors, even Guru’s as Saturn in the 9th can have you feel inadequate in dharma; such feelings can be a strong motivating force. Saturn’s 7th look at 3rd house Gemini will reinforce the discipline. The quality of the effort will largely be determined by the 3rd house in the natal chart.

Saturn is also the cause of our suffering and sorrow so from the 9th house he can afflict our father or grandchildren (9th), our siblings (3rd & 11th), our friends (3rd & 11th), and thankfully, our enemies (6th); as well as our thighs (9th), our legs (11th), or our arms or lungs (3rd). Especially 9th from natal moon, this Saturn can make one feel the responsibility of fatherhood, public service (11th), of being a big brother (11th), or merely for your network (3rd).

This Saturn can bring discipline and responsibility to you child’s creative mind. There could be disputes in the home and house-hold duties could feel like a responsibility. Enemies of the home may be held responsible at this time.

In regards to love, this Saturn is likely to have some delaying, restrictive effects from 9th as he will be having a similar influence on the efforts and luck of our partners while also making them responsible for their expenditure, loss and bed pleasures. Feeling responsible about something does not necessarily limit a thing but of course it can. This sort of thing depends on the individual chart. Perhaps it’s not a feeling of responsibility towards these things but a fear, a duty, patience, delay or a worry that could bring any number of responses.

In any case, I don’t expect Saturn in the 9th to be particularly good for new love as he’s in a difficult placement from 5th (risk and romance), 7th (partnership, agreements, marriage) , and 12th (bed pleasures) houses. On the other hand, if you are already in a relationship, it could be a good time for sharing responsibilities.

As Saturn transits Sagittarius he will pass through Mula (ruled by Ketu) and Purvashada (ruled by Venus) and into Uttarashada (ruled by Sun). The condition of each of these rulers in the natal chart will have a strong influence on Saturn’s disposition as he makes this transit. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius will also have some influence. Generally Saturn is an enemy of the Sun so the last part of his transit could be most difficult as he has decent relations with Venus and Ketu (Mula has an earth flavour that Saturn can appreciate).

In any case, that’s a topic for another day. If you have questions about your personal chart, or would like a consultation regarding career, health, relationship or personal topic please contact me at holliday.michael@gmail.com