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8. Pushya Nakshatra

Trophonious, The Nurturer.

Ruled by Saturn. (3° 20’ – 16° 40’ Cancer.) The Donkeys in the Manger: Theta, Gamma & Eta Cancri. Star cluster Beehive M-44.

Star of nourishment. Ability to create spiritual energy.
Main deity: Brihaspati
Meaning: Nourisher, Nurturer, Yielding. Most Auspicious & Prosperous.
Main symbols: Milk Yielding Udder of a Cow
Secondary deities: Kamadhenu, Hanuman, Sarawati

Wester Deities: Jupiter, Jove, Jesus, Zeus
Secondary symbols: a Wheel; a Flower, a Circle, an Arrow Head
Tree – incense: Pipal – Ficus Religios Vomica
Body parts: Mouth, Upper Lip, Facial Expression
Sexual-creative animal: Male Sheep

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Trimurti: Vishnu/Maintenance

Gotra/Clan: Sage Marichi

Gana/Race: Deva/Godly


Motivation/Goal: Dharma

Nature: Light/Swift

Activity: Passive


Guna: Tamasic

Element: Water

Tridosha: Pitta

Sex/Gender: Male

Upward Facing

Direction: East

Colour: Blackish Red

Animal: Male Goat/Sheep

Classical References

Varahamihira: Moon here helps people to control their passions. They are generally well liked, knowledgeable in local stories and myths, rich, and fond of doing charitable acts.

Hora Sara: The native of Pushya Nakshatra will be very angrily disposed, be intelligent, bold, talkative, learned in many branches, be helpful to his relatives, a thief, wealthy, and independent.

Jataka Parijata: If the Moon is in Pushya he will love Gods and Brahmins, possess wealth and intelligence, enjoy royal favor, and have a large circle of relations.

Sage Narada: One born in Pushya will be fortunate, famous, adventurous, patient in disposition, be happy with the least and will walk fast.

Brihat Samhita: One born under Pushya will possess a tranquil mind, amiable features, learning, affluence and attachment to meritorious deeds.

Varahamihira: lucky, learned, wealthy, ethical, and peaceful.

Brihat Samhita: When Saturn transits Pushya, persons engaged in ringing bells, those who make loud announcements (or those who live in hamlets), Yavanas, Kiratas (traders), gamblers and flowers are destroyed.


Auspicious Activities

Pushya is the best & most auspicious nakshatra for any auspicious endeavour except marriage. The moon transiting Pushya on a Thursday or a Sunday provides preeminent auspiciousness; especially if the event can begin while the moon is in the 2nd pada (a pushkara amsha).
Almost anything can be accomplished quickly and easily under Pushya nakshatra. It’s a good day for maintaining your health, your relationships, or your social structures. The energy of the day is light and swift, so you can just pop in and say hello to an old friend, connect with members of the municipal government. The Ksetriya energy makes it a good day to fight for justice or shine a light on what’s really important and meaningful for you. It’s a great day to start any kind of self-help, wellness, healing; especially if it involves the community. Spiritual gatherings can have a very strong effect; especially in honour of our guru’s of preceptors. Women might honour their husbands on this transit. Laying a foundation stone, having a grand opening ceremony, making your first sale or purchase, or marking the beginning of any new project under Pushya promises growth, expansion and continued success. This is the best nakshatra for gold purchases as well. Only marriage is to be avoided when the moon is in Pushya.

Special Considerations

    • Jupiter exalted 5Âşs Cancer.
    • Pushkara amsha 7Âş Cancer. Nourishing point. Moons transit brings auspicious and nourishing results. Good time to plan auspicious events.
    • Pushkara Navamsha: 6Âş40′ to 10Âş Cancer (Virgo Navamsha).

Qualities of Pushya

Vishnu – Sustaining, Maintaining, Organising principle: Focus is to maintain order in the universe, in society and life. Their focus is to maintain what is here and keep things going. It primarily does this through organization of the available resources.

Sage Marichi

Sage Marichi: “Ray of Light” Instructs his students on dharma, especially the laws of the Brahmin caste: ceremony around food, cooking, eating, etiquette (bhojana vidhi), marriage ritual, offering of the the bride (kanyadana phalam), offering water to the ancestral lineage (tarpanam), rules of cleanliness and purity (shouchavidhi), casual acts of piety (naimittika sanani), pujas for the gods (devarchana), rules for homa, fire ritual (homa vidhi). Denounced renunciation in favour of completing worldly duties. Very harsh punishments for not following the proper rules of caste. He is the eldest of the rishis. Marichi is that ray of light which appears in the mind and it’s said that he has six sons: Kama (lust), Krodha (anger), Lobha (greed), Moha (illusion), Mada (madness), and Matsarya (envy). In some ways this represents all the crap that fertilizes the growth of pushya natives. It’s the mud from which the flower blossoms.
One day, Marichi went to the forest to gather wood and flowers and returned to his home exhausted. As he relaxed, his wife, Dharmavrata (meaning the vow of dharma), was washing his feet. Just as she got started, Lord Brahma (the father of the Sages) arrived. Dharmavrata did not know what she should do: keep washing her husband’s feet, or welcome his father to the home. She chose to serve her husband and suffered his wrath. Marichi cursed her to stone for her dereliction of duty. She felt she was punished too harshly and began intense austerities (tapasya) in order to get a boon from lord Vishnu. When she had finally succeeded in getting his favour, he was helpless to reverse the curse. What he could do for her was to transform her into a holy stone. She would continue to be regarded as a stone but would be known as Devashila and become an object of worship in the homes of those who follow Dharma. All the devas/gods would live in the stone named Devashila.

Deva: The planets relating with the Devas will promote more refined and righteous behaviour; but may struggle with pride and entitlement. They are more capable of understanding the subtitles of life. This is also used in chart matching. They say it’s best if both parties belong to the same tribe (8 points). However, they say that a deva and a rakshasa will get one point for the attraction of opposites). This is a very important classification suggesting that the way these three tribes (devas, humans & rakshasa) live is so different as to have a major effect on marriage compatibility and living together.

Kshetriya: Warrior caste likes battle, leadership, politics, war and sports. Competitive challenging activities that build heat.

Dharma: focused on following dharma; reaching for one’s own highest spiritual potential. Planets which support dharma will support a person on their soul path to the highest order. Planets belonging to the other castes will result in a mix of the castes. The energy of the planet in a dharma position will also help one find their purpose in life.

Laghu / Kshipra – Swift / Light: Supports any kind of quick, light activity like short travel, quick easy interactions with people, sports, games, arts & crafts, educational pursuits, decorating, dressing up, dating, hanging out with friends. It’s a good day to appreciate the simple things in life, treat yourself to a little tender-love n care, a spa treatment, yoga, as well as most holistic remedies. It’s also good for most of the “moveable” activities, like travel, and making changes as long and they’re fairly quick and easy. Making money move in various ways, especially light, swift transactions: buying, selling, borrowing, conducting trade, or the personal side of business getting to know clients, having a business lunch. This is similar energy we see on Thursday. Ashwini, Pushya, Hasta, Abhijit are all swift & light.

Passive: Planets here will be more passive about achieving their goals: allowing things to happen rather than “forcing” things. The moon is said to persuade through temptation so she does well here. Venus draws us in by her promises of beauty so she also does well. Saturn is the master of patience so he also does well. The active planets can cause a bit of trouble in trying to force things that we should just allow to happen naturally.

Tamasic: Activities take part on the gross physical plane: dark, depressed, dull, inert activities that obscure reality and keep us in the dark. Some kind of gross suffering is usually felt here and there’s a lazy sort of laissez-faire sort of laziness of lethargy. The energy here typically pulls a person down as it represents neither change or purity. There is typically some suffering and darkness of mind experienced here. Tamasic has no nutrients and the prana is not moving; it’’s stale or dead. In Pushya they get their spiritual energy from this muck. The three part classification is Raja – Sattva – Tamas

Water: heavy, cold, movable, fluid, moist, liquid, soft & hard, clear

    • Earth + Water = Cooperation
    • Water does not cooperate with Air and impedes Fire
    • Fire does not cooperate with Earth and impedes Water
    • Air does not cooperate with Water and impedes Earth

Pitta: Fire + Water = Hot, oily, light, sharp, rough

    • Vibrant, successful, aggressive
    • Disturbed by sour (Venus), pungent (Sun)
    • Pacified by bitter (Mars) & sweet (Jupiter)

Male: Brings more masculine traits to planets placed here.

Urdhva Mukha – Facing Upward: All these things that cause us to look upwards: mountains, church spires, temples, trees, birds, high places, and tall buildings. The intention might also be in building upwards or climbing the corporate ladder, or just looking to the future with hope and optimism. This can also be a good day for climbing ladders, flying in airplanes, launching rockets or missiles or investing, and all other things that will move you up the social ladder. Sun, Moon & Jupiter generally do well in the upward-facing nakshatras: Rohini, Ardra, Pusya, U.Phalguni, U.Asadha, Sravana, Dhanista, Satabisha, U.Bhadra.
East: The activity of this nakshatra often happens in an eastern direction.

Female Sheep (pairs with male goat in Krittika)

Independent, goes in head first, competes to be first. Rutting season is also fighting season as the males bang heads to compete for dominance. Social dominance is related to the size of the horns, height of the withers and hocks, and body mass. It’s common for a single male to remain with a whole flock (as many as 50) of females. Otherwise males will come together short term with small groups of other bachelors. Members of the flock are usually connected through casual affiliation rather than social hierarchies like cows. They have a strong affiliation with the flock and may become stressed, aggressive and panicky when separated from the others..
Flock mentality, with ewes maintaining their maternal group for a lifetime. The flock typically includes multiple females with one or two rams. As many as 40 – 50 ewes may be managed by a single adult ram. Members of the flock are usually connected through casual affiliation rather than social hierarchies like cows. They have a strong affiliation with the flock and may become stressed, aggressive and panicky when separated from the rest of the flock. They reach sexual maturity by 6 to 8 months of age and will go into heat for about 30 hours every 17 days when in season. Mating behaviour includes nudging, kicking, pawing, low stretches, and pushing. She will give off a scent and make physical displays to show the males she is ovulating. They will occasionally be born lacking functional ovaries and displaying more masculine behaviour. In pregnancy their udders and vulva will swell up and vaginal, uterine or anal prolapse is not uncommon. Although some ewes have had as many as nine lambs in a litter, it’s much more common for them to produce only one or two. They have a uniquely curved cervix unlike most mammals. Mineral and vitamin deficiencies can cause infertility. Selenium, copper vitamins A & D are key.

Gods & Symbols of Pushya



The guru of the devas. The lord of sacred speech, master of scripture and of military science. He has knowledge of law, doctrine, religion, politics, jyotish, and astronomy. He attained his position as chief priest from hard practice down by the river. Shiva made him both the preceptor of the Gods and gave him his position as one of the planets (the planet Jupiter).
His father was the great brahma rishi Angira and his mother was Shraddha. His mother had been unfaithful to her husband during pregnancy which resulted in a still-birth. She repented profusely for her mistake and regained her husband’s trust who gave new life to the infant Brihaspati.
Brihaspati had two wives: Shubh and Tara. With his first wish he had seven daughters. With his second wife he had seven sons and one daughter. He had two more sons with his brother’s wife. The first time he tried to impregnate her she was already pregnant. It’s said that when this foetus protested he was cursed to be born blind. This caused the next son to not be taken care of and he was abandoned by the river to be eventually adopted by King Dushyant.
It’s was his wife Tara (Rohini) who maintained the affair with the Moon causing him to break his vow with her father adn thus suffer the curse of contracting a wasting disease that was modified to express the waxing and waning of the moon.
Jupiter’s special day is Thursday. In some parts of India they tell the story of the king with seven married sons whose wives do not offer alms to the brahmins who come. Brihaspati’s anger over this causes the kingdom to go broke. The youngest wife, understanding what has happened repents and begins to feed the Brahmins and take their advice to assuage her worries about her husband who had gone away with his brothers. She was told that any wife whose husband has gone to a foreign country should put two human figurines behind the door to ensure his safe return. Meanwhile the king of the land her husband was visiting died without any sons to pass it along too. The local pundits hung a garland on a female elephant and declared that whoever’s neck she should pass the garland onto would become the next king. Of course the garland soon ended up around the neck of the youngest brother who soon became king. It wasn’t until he began to hire labourers to build a huge water tank for his people that his brothers turned up. He called them all to the palace and they lived happily ever after. But now all the wifes happily followed Brihaspati’s vrat of fasting and austerities on Thursday. They also began offering food to Brahmins who came to them.
Brihaspati always taught Lord Indra and the other gods to speak softly and tactfully, and that anger and enmity should be rejected. Only when our emotions are under control can we attain peace.

Tara: – Brihaspati’s wife as one of the Mahavidyas

Brihaspati’s most beautiful wife Tara (representative of the stars) was abducted from him by Chandra but he was so busy with his official duties (and philandering) that he didn’t even notice right away. When he did finally realise what had happened, he asked Chadra to return her, but Chandra refused. All the gods took Brihaspati’s side against Chandra, but Chandra had appealed to Lord Shiva so there was little they could do. The three worlds were on the brink of destruction by the time Lord Brahma convinced Chandra to return Tara to her husband, but she was already pregnant with Chanrda’s child, Buddh (Mercury), who Brihaspati raised as his own. But in his initial anger at finding out, he cursed the child to be a neuter.

Kacha receiving blessing from his Guru, Shukrachaya

Brihaspati’s son, Kacha, was sent to Shukracharya to learn from him and eventually learn the Sanjeevani mantra to bring life back to the dead. In those days, no Brahmin could deny a worthy student, and when they were clearly as gifted as Kacha, Shukrachaya was sure he would be made proud. Kacha excelled in his studies and was soon given more responsibilities around the ashram. It wasn’t long until he met Shurka’s daughter, Devayani, and the two of them began to spend much time together singing, playing music and enjoying nature. The Asuras were not happy with this arrangement as they looked upon Kacha as a spy. They soon ambushed him and killed him when he took the cows out grazing. After his death was discovered, Devayani was very distraught and begged her father to use the sanjeevani mantra to bring him back to life. He hesitated, but would do anything for his little angel. When Kacha returned he had no memory of what had happened.
The Asuras killed him again and fed him to wolves thinking he would not be revived in that condition but the sanjeevani proved to be a very powerful mantra when Kacha’s piece tore the wolves apart in order to reconstitute themselves. The third time the Asura’s killed Kacha, they burned the body to ash and mixed it with Shukra’s evening glass of honey wine. As soon as he started chanting the Sanjeevani mantra he could feel in his stomach what was about to happen and stopped immediately; the asura’s had planned well this time. When Shukra explained to his daughter what had happened and that Kacha could not be brought back, to her deep sadness, he cursed his wine drinking habit and uttered a spontaneous ban on all alcoholic beverages for brahmins.
But Shukra could not get over his daughter’s sadness at losing her beloved. He decided that the only way for both him and Kacha to live was for him to teach Kacha the Sanjeevani mantra before reviving him so that after Shukra’s body was torn to pieces by the emergence of Kacha, Shukra too could be brought back to life. In this way the very thing the Asura’s were hoping to avoid came to pass and Kacha learned the Sanjeevani mantra allowing him to resurrect the dead. Of course with this highest teaching under his belt it soon came time for him to complete his studies with Shukra and return home. Devayani begged him to return and marry her but he insisted it would not be right since after all that had happened Shukra was like his own father, which made her his sister, which would clearly go against dharma. She was very angry and felt like she was used and cheated just so Kacha could learn the mantra from her father. She cursed him up one side and down the other before declaring that Kacha’s recitation of the sanjeevani mantra would never raise a single person from death. He accepted her curse, but left one for her too: that for her unrighteous anger she would never marry a brahmin.When he went to bid adieu to Shurkr and tell him what had happened with his daughter, the story was met by approval from his guru. He then returned to life with the devas and taught the Sanjeevani mantra to all.
The Brihaspati Smriti has been somewhat reconstructed to show that it was mostly a text on the judicial process and jurisprudence. The Brihaspati sutras (also called the Barhaspatya sutras) have also been reconstructed to offer a discussion on theories of materialism and anti-theism and were followed by the Charvaka hedonists (non-orthodox Hindus). There is argument over whether this text should be attributed to Brihaspati since it mostly argues against classical dharma. But perhaps as astrologers we can take this as a textbook for those with Jupiter debilitated in Capricorn which can make a person excessively materialistic.

To learn more about Vedic Astrology & the Nakshatras, follow this link. 

Jupiter – Zeus

Zeus and Hara

Father of the gods and of the sky and the atmosphere. His symbols include a thunderbolt, an eagle, a bull and an oak tree. His parents were Cronus (Saturn) and Rhea. Zeus was the last to be born but he facilitated the release of his siblings who had been eaten by their father so in a way they were born a second time by Zeus’s grace; thus they respect him as the father of the gods. His siblings are Hestia, Hades, Here, Poseidon, Demeter, Chiron. It’s said that Cronus (or Saturn) ate his children because of a prophecy that one of them would overthrow him as he has done to his father, Uranus. Cronus’ wife Rhea couldn’t stand the children being eaten in that way so she wrapped a rock as a baby and offered it to him while secretly allowing Zeus/Jupiter to escape. When Zeus grew of age he confronted his father and then tricked him into eating some special herbs to make him vomit. Once Zeus’ siblings were free, they proceeded to attack Cronus and overthrow the kingdom. This is how Jupiter became the Father and king of the gods. Zeus of course followed the same path of his father in killing his offspring so that there would be nobody to challenge his rule.

Udder of a Cow:

Krishna being nourished by mother and the cows

The udder of a cow represents the four aims of life: artha, dharma, kama, moksha. The cow is associated with wealth and the joyous bounty of life, as well as with the natural nurturing qualities and bounty of mother earth. They are nourishers; ever giving and undemanding providers. Mother earth is often depicted as the wish fulfilling cow Kamadhenu. She is the mother of the 11 rudras. She arose from the churning of the ocean of milk to become the mother of all cows. Krishna is also closely associated with cows, his name, BalaGopala means, “the child who protects the cows.” The docile nature of cows relates to the virtue of non-violence. Each part of the cow is said to represent a significant ideal of the Hindu culture. The pure ghee that comes from cow milk is considered synonymous with life itself. Ghee is used extensively in ritual and worship as is milk. Even the dung from cows is used as a fuel for burning. Every aspect of the cow provides for all human necessity, and it does so peacefully and graciously.

Flower blossom:

The uppermost part of anything, rises upwards, reaches for the sun, brings beauty, peace, sensual delight and fine fragrance. Almost every puja in India uses flowers as offerings or as decorations.

The Wheel, The Inner Circle, A Ball

Circular and continuous movement of time and space which is governed by karma. The battle between modern progress and the old ways takes place here and there are examples among both camps below. But as always, the child eventually becomes the father. Nietzsche has a popular saying that we are destined to become the monsters we do battle with. This seems to be the case in Pushya; everything comes full circle. In the French Revolution, most of those who were taking heads in the beginning, lost theirs in the end.
I have also noticed every kind of ball represented here. The balls that fly thru the air as well as those people go to for fun and frolic and dance. I was tipped off by all the iron cannon balls that showed up in the literature about those with Saturn in Pushya. But Venus has beautiful balls, and mars has competitive and firefly balls, Mercury uses balls to play games, and the sun uses them to highlight his authority. Of course you can see I’m mixing the definition of “ball,’ but Pushya is also known for its puns.


Mouth, upper lip, facial expression

    • Skin problems, eczema
    • Stomach problems, ulcers, nausea
    • Breast cancer, TB, chest problems
    • Problems induced by air or atmosphere
    • Growth hormone??The valves and sphincters that regulate movement of water in the body can also be affected by placements. This can relate to the movement of blood, of hormones, digestive juices and the movement of food and water that we intake and eventually return to nature as bodily waste.

Facial twitches:

    • Hemifacial spasms and tics: more common with people over 40 and Aisians. Relates with some specific damage to the 7th cranial nerve which affects facial muscles. Surgery can take out this part causing the twitch.
    • Tourette’s Syndrome: greater tics to the motor nerves and the speech. Men are 4x more likely to suffer. Usually symptoms arise in childhood and are believed to be mostly hereditary. Deep brain stimulation treatments are available.
    • Parkinson’s disease causes tremors, stiffness and slow movements. It’s a degenerative disease; getting worse with time. Early symptoms typically include slight tremors of the lower lip, chin, hands, or leg. They don’t know what causes it, but it can be treated with dopamine or marijuana. In extreme cases surgery is available.
    • Lou Gehrig’s disease (or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) is a brain disease that affects the nerves and spinal cord. Early symptoms include twitching, slurred speech, and muscle weakness; it’s degenerative and fatal. They diagnose ALS using a spinal tap and electromyography. There’s no cure but there are two drugs on the market to treat it: riluzole (Rilutek) and edaravone (Radicava).
    • Hypo-Thyroidism slows down many of the body’s processes. Common symptoms are twitching around the mouth, throat, and hands. It can also cause calcium levels to decrease and while increase phosphorus. Treatment typically focuses on increasing calcium intake and Vitamin D supplements; parathyroid hormone injections are also available.
    • DiGeorge Syndrome, sometimes called “22q11.2 deletion syndrome,” can cause underdeveloped facial characteristics, which can lead to twitching around the mouth or cleft palate, bluish skin and difficulty swallowing. It’s usually diagnosed at birth and there’s no way to prevent or cure it, but they can treat each symptom individually.
    • Raynaud Syndrome: Tingling of the lips caused by shock or cold temperatures; Basically just the blood leaving the area.
    • Strokes or mini-strokes can also show symptoms of facial paralysis or tics.
    • Potassium deficiency
    • Alcohol neuropathy
    • Bell’s Palsy causes partial paralysis of the face. Usually affecting one side. There may be some connection with oral herpes.

The Limbic system controls our facial expressions in conjunction with our emotions.

Speech is coordinated in the Following Areas

Wernicke – Geschwind

Cerebrum is divided into various lobes or areas of the brain. It’s primarily the frontal lobes and the temporal lobes that are involved in speech formation and understanding.

Broca’s area is located in the front part of the left hemisphere of your brain. It has an important role in turning your ideas and thoughts into actual spoken words. Broca’s area becomes active right before you speak. Broca’s area also passes information to the motor cortex which controls the movements of your mouth.

Wernicke’s area is mainly involved in the understanding and processing of speech and written language. It’s located in the temporal lobe, just behind your ears. The temporal lobe is also the region where sound is processed.

The arcuate fasciculus is a band of nerves that connects Wernicke’s area and Broca’s area. It helps you form words, speak clearly, and understand concepts in language form.
The cerebellum is located at the back of your brain. The cerebellum is involved in coordinating voluntary muscle movements like opening and closing your mouth, moving your arms and legs, standing upright, and maintaining balance. It also controls language processing.Modern studies suggest the cerebellum has a more important role in processing language than previously thought.

The motor cortex takes information from Broca’s area and tells the muscles of your face, mouth, tongue, lips, and throat how to move to form speech. The Motor cortex gives us volitional control over our facial muscles. It allows us to express an insincere smile where the limbic system offers up the sincere smile.

Facial Nerve

Mouth Related Problems

  • Bad breath, bacteria, halitosis
  • Sense of taste may change, or there may be a taste in the mouth
    • Metallic:
    • Bitter: hernia
    • Acidic: heartburn, indigestion
  • Angular Cheilitis: which is an infection usually caused by malnutrition and a lack of vitamins. Recognised by tender cracks and sores on the corners of the mouth.
  • Virus or bacteria infractions are common. Things like Herpes, Epigloittitis, Impetigo, or other STDs.
  • Dehydration usually shows symptoms in the mouth fairly early after the craving for water is ignored.

Stars of Pushya

The Donkeys & Manger: Birth of Christ

Praesepe: the Beehive, the manger, the crib, classified as Messier 44 (M44). The ancient text of Judges in the Old Testament tells the story of Samson killing a lion on his way to meet the maiden. On his return he encountered the beehive (or the manger). It should be noted that the constellation Cancer was known then as “the carpenter.”
3 faint stars on the back of the crab’s shell: Aselius Borealis, Aselius Australis & Praesaepe (known as M44 star cluster, a cloud made up of about 1000 stars). Known as the mouth of orien.
Aselius Borealis is the Northern (male) Donkey & Aselius Australis is the Southern (female) Donkey. Bacchus and Vulcan are said to have rode these donkeys in the war between the Olympians and the Titans. The donkey braying is said to have frightened the Titans as they approached, causing them to flee before the battle. They were placed in the heavens near the Manger so they would never go without food. This relates to the birth of Jesus.
Praesepe: the Beehive, the manger, the crib, classified as Messier 44 (M44). The ancient text of Judges in the Old Testament tells the story of Samson killing a lion on his way to meet the maiden. On his return he encountered the beehive (or the manger). It should be noted that the constellation Cancer was known then as “the carpenter.”

Tree of Pushya

Pipal Tree: Ficus Religiosa Vomica or Bodhi tree

Buddha found enlightenment under a pipal tree.

Grows up to 30.5 metres tall and may live for over 1000 years. It’s a symbol of the never ending expanse of the universe and is sometimes known as “the tree of life.” Along with neem and tulsi they are one of the largest oxygen providers working 24 hours a day to absorb CO2 and release O2. Seeds must pass thru the digestive system of birds in order to germinate
When the demons defeated the gods, Vishnu is said to have hid inside of a Pipal. And every Saturday goddess Laxmi is said to sit under a pipal, Watering, worshipping and circling a Pipal can bring wealth, farm, happiness and good luck all around.
According to Ayurveda every part of the pipal can be used medicinally, especially for kapha and pitta imbalance since it can be used to eliminate water and phlegm from the body while heating the surface of the skin. Leaves can be made into a paste and mixed with jaggery for stomach problems. Fresh spring leaves may be eaten fresh for skin conditions and itching. It’s essentially an astringent. The bark, high in vitamin K making it useful to reduce inflammation while strengthening the capillaries; it strengthens the skin, helps bruising to go away, and is good for pigmentation issues including wrinkles, eczema, cracked heels, and dark circles under the eyes. Mixing a powder of bark and fruits is helpful for asthma. The fruit, known as the sacred fig, increases appetite, cools burning sensations in the stomach and cures constipation. The seeds mixed with honey acts as a blood purifier which can also be helpful for snake bits. Heart conditions can be aided by drinking and overnight infusion of the leaves; this same infusion can put in the ears for ear infection. The powdered fruit can be effective for impotence.
Some say that a special kind of fig tree may also have some relation to this nakshatra


Pushya is the first place where energy begins to stabilise itself. Imagine we’re going for a ride with the chaotic Ashwini twins, just wild and free; the sky’s the limit. Ashwini’s purpose is to help, but for that they have to go where help is needed. So they go to Hell, to Bharani, which usually starts off full of fruits and pleasant enough, but it doesn’t take long before we realise that nothing in this world is “free.” So in Bharani we gather what souls we can from the underworld and bring them to Krittika to empower them and give them skills to rise up out of hell. But there is nothing easy about getting ourselves out of hell; the pressure is more than any one can handle and we seek the shelter and protection of Rohini. It’s lovely in Rohini, comfortable and cool with rhymes of sensual pleasure befitting a king. It’s easy to understand why Chandra did not want to leave. But we eventually get restless and are blown by the winds of our era in Mrigasira where we look for a challenge; a little competition; or perhaps it finds us. But in competition someone always bleeds and then Punarvasu teaches us that there are two sides to everything, two versions of every story and we seek to understand our connection to a greater humanity, there becomes a feeling of all of us being in this together. This is why Punarvasu can be so charitable and seek to spread good will. This is ultimately what gives someone the position of father within a community: they consider the broader implications through both critical and fiery discrimination and well as the sentiments surrounding a situation. They are capable of engaging their mind beyond the logical as well as beyond the emotional. These are the great fathers of humanity who try to consider the long term impacts of their actions. When Saturn overthrew his father Uranus he set a precedent which was followed by his own son, Jupiter, and which is likely to be followed again by his son. Actually the current intellectual and political landscape seems to be one in which the students now rule over their professors; so we are getting all kinds of half-baked ideas.
Pushya is an orthodox placement focused on maintaining the rules of the community, social manners, caste or class differences. It can be a passive and inert nakshatra accepting these differences for what they are and doing little to change things in the community. They will do their duty to maintain order and may dole out harsh punishments to those who do not toe the line; but only because they care. They can be righteous and spiritually minded. Sun here give a certain level of “self-righteousness” and “spiritual egoism.” But most planetary placements will involve them in regulating the home of the land through sacrifice, penance and renunciation. They do well as church, religious or spiritual functionaries, as well as with charities. Venus here will give them a love for these kinds of civic events and annual holidays. They like following procedures and protocols and do well in most corporate or government jobs that involve these kinds of things: police, military, border guards, lawyers, judges, heads of state. They are the ones who will say: “I was just following orders or carrying out my duties; following orders.”

Early life is often difficult since children do not naturally conform to the rules of caste and class. Life is likely to force them to rise up out of the muck of their past: from rags to riches, from sinner to saint. Like King Henry V they can totally turn their back on their past while hardly judging themselves for their past actions. They are usually admired and respected for the determination, hard work and commitment to a rules-based order that allowed them to rise. They usually like the attention so they are often relaying their virtues to others and can be quite prideful. They are typically very responsive to praise or blame which tends to make them seem a little stiff; which again does not make for an easy childhood. They want to fit in, and they will likely become more social later in life. Their quest for order typically suggests they may have a somewhat bland sense of style; a utilitarian haircut with clean presentable clothing. They try to avoid anything unpredictable which can keep them out of competitive sports (unless Mars is here which will turn everything into a competition. Pushya does not like the aggressive energy of Mars.

As they age, they typically take on some kind of bureaucratic responsibility or some other position where they must impose institutional order. They work too much at a job they don’t like. They are often doing it for a higher cause: for family and society though it’s likely their society will appreciate it more than their wife as their work typically keeps them away from the home. Of course when you factor in the dryness of Saturn it becomes likely their relationships will include infidelity as they seek passion elsewhere. They can take on a lot of duties, become workaholics, exhausting themselves through hard work and long hours. They do well in construction and carpentry or the variety of inspection fields that ensure compliance to local specifications. Jesus was a Carpenter.

They can be involved with ceremonial occasions in several ways, as musicians, or MCs, as artists, organisers, caterers, or any kind of ceremonial or bureaucratic functionary. Women are typically involved with community and social affairs. They are well cultured and well read and they like to entertain in the home; they generally like small games and social gatherings. She usually has her own money, or perhaps the husband will be generous, but either way she will spend much of it on club and church activities. They are usually obedient to their husbands and will be hesitant to share their feelings about certain things.

Cancer relates to water and waterways, while Saturn brings in the system and rules allowing them to work as regulators in ocean or marine environments, biologists, shipping and ship-building. They are good navigators and do well working under the strict procedures and protocols that are usually demanded in these fields. Incidentally, the valves and sphincters that regulate movement of water in the body can also be affected by placements here. This can relate to the movement of blood, of hormones, digestive juices and the movement of food and water that we intake and eventually return to nature as bodily waste. Saturn here can make rigid blue-blooded types. Somewhere amongst all of this I expect we can find type Type-O blood, which can be donated to anyone but they can only receive Type-O blood.

Planetary Rulers of Pushya

Cancer: Parental, motherly, protecting, nurturing, rhythmic, habits, boundaries, roads and pathways, waterways. The home, the mother, the caregiver, the caretaker. Land, any bound space.

Saturn: Materialistic, structuring, status orientated, rule of law, bureaucratic or governing roles, law imposing, safety first, conformist, survivalist. Registration, legislation, maintenance of the social order, justice and the laws of karma.

Cancer + Saturn Parental leadership of the . Emotions need to be ranked in a hierarchy. A bit of emotional coldness (seriousness) allows these people to be good at all kinds of caretaking duties: teachers, child care professionals, duties to the land & the homeland, protection for the vulnerable and especially to bound bodies of water. They are often seen in administrative or governance roles like the police or military. They can also get into labour jobs like dirt workers, road workers or home builders.

Pada of Pushya

Pada 1 (Cancer + Saturn + Leo): They are natural authority figures playing a central administrative role in politics, theater, fashion, music, banking or the arts. They are devoted to their work and typically have good mentors and repay society through their own mentorships. They often have many children of students. They are usually well respected and may gain fame in a foreign country. Early success can plague them with scandal later on.

Asc: Angelina Jolie (1), Dene (1), Francisco de Goya (1), Herbert Hoover (1), Sun: Robin Williams (1), Cheryl Crane (1), Howard Schultz (1), Natalie Wood (1) Danah B (1), Rembrandt (1), Masutatsu Oyama (1). Moon: Herbert Hoover (1), Norman Mailer (1), Pierre Paul Broca (brain anatomy (1)), Peter I of Russia (1), Jesse James (1), India (1), Joseph Campbell (1), Josep Rhodes (1),

Pada 2 (Cancer + Saturn + Virgo): Pushkara Navamsha Pada – Bhagya 7°. They are hard workers, service orientated, and often find ways to regulate unbalanced situations or people somehow.They do well in criminal justice and health care fields as they seek out rhythms of regulated logical argumentation. This also makes them good at business administration and any field where they find themselves repeating the same argument over and over again: planning, scheduling, media and these kinds of things. They might uses criminal means to get ahead.

Asc: Satoshi Nakamoto (2), Gaddafi (2), George Soros (2). Sun: Woody Harrelson (2), Kevin Spacey (2), Sandra Bullock (2), Anthony Kennedy (2), Tom Robbins (2), Pattabhi K Jois (2). Moon: Harvey Cushing (2), Clint Eastwood (2), Robert H. Goddard (2).

Pada 3 (Cancer + Saturn + Libra): Their main duty is to facilitate a peaceful balanced atmosphere. They will like beauty and luxury in the home, living near water and gardens, any kind of work connected with water: farming, fishing, caretaking, security. They are often charged with the responsibility to regulate peace and facilitate agreement. They might have contractual duties.

Asc.: WW I (3), Benito Mussolini (3). Sun: Hugo Chavez (3), WW I (3), Carl Jung (3), Tymm Poolsland (3), Arnold Schwarzenegger (3). Moon: Tulsi Gabbard (3), Brooke (3), Ulysses S. Grant (3), James Norman Mattis (3), Claud Monet (3), Patrick Swayze (3), Andreanne (3), Olivia Harris (3), Ansel Adams (3), Israel Independence (3), Chris Martin (3),

Pada 4 (Cancer + Saturn + Scorpio): They have a nasty obligation of keeping secrets. They can be fighters or traitors since Scorio is the sign that crosses over to the other side. They often have unspeakable duties. Dealing with sex or death can fall into this category.This can relate to the unpleasantness of life and those really dirty jobs that someone has to do. This typically allows them to gain the respect of outcast people while getting scorned by most others. They can also get involved in the occult on some level.

Asc.: George Bush Jr (4), Knut Hamsun (4), AOC (4), Picasso (4), Night of the Long Knives (4), Fraser Roudbowl (4). Sun: Dawn Doell (4), Benito Mussolini (4), Benjamin de Rothschild (4), JK Rowling (4). Moon: Daniel Bellard (4), Copernicus (4), Ralph Klein (4), Phineas P. Gage (survived metal spike thru his head (4)), Tracy Head (4), Hans Asperger (4), Tom Hanks (4), Paris Hilton (4).

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Planets in Pushya


Ascendant in Pushya

Behari General Indications: “There may be a distinguishing mark, scar or a black mole on the face. You may have an indecisive nature. You will act properly in most situations, but be cautious of acting selfishly. You may possess a naturally duplicitous nature. For some reason, due to past lives, or parental influence, you may be very needy and desire more attention than you are able to distribute. You respond quickly to admiration and become quickly deflated by criticism, giving yourself to love and affection with sincerity and appreciation, yet you are ever mindful of slights and hesitate to form strong attachments. As already explained above, the inherent freedom available in all walks of life may lead you to bad company. You must be cautious of friends. You will be fond of good clothes. You will jump upon any work without judging or thinking whether you are capable. Be cautious of this trait, it may have detrimental effects. You may not be a good anticipator. You are very good in certain work and sweet words are a natural expression for you. It would be better if you assessed your capacity and ability for the specific field where you can excel and then start doing the job. If that is done, nobody on earth can stop you in achieving the best result. One of the plus points for you is that you are not vulnerable to defeat and you push your way up through several obstacles. Even if you do not have any basic education, you will show extraordinary intelligence and knowledge on any matter of discussion. Another plus point for you is that you resist any idea or work which is not ethical. You may be of the opinion that all wrong doers must be punished. You will carry out any work entrusted to you with the utmost sincerity and certainty. Be cautious of an independent nature, which may affect the results of your work. Your abilities are many faceted but your success is as probable in the theatre or arts or in commerce. There is an indication of poverty up to the age of 15-16, improvement comes and will go up and down until the age of 32. From the age of 33 years, there will be remarkable all round improvements economically, socially and in health. You may leave your home in order earn a living. You will normally undertake work where maximum traveling is involved. There may be some problems in the family circle and you may have to depend on others for even day-to-day requirements. Due to this dependency during childhood you may become quite independent when you grow up. Circumstances may also warrant that you will be separated from your spouse and children even though you are attached to them. You may expect your spouse to be thoroughly self sufficient, with creditable talents and to be correct and conservative in manner and dress. You will be attached to your parents. Be cautious of health problems in childhood.”

Shil-Ponde Male with Pushya Ascendant: “an earnest, thoughtful character, intelligent and quite religious in his outlook. Quite often a regular attendant at church services and a supporter of church and religious activities. Withal, he is possessed of the qualities which make for success in the material world, and has the ability to rise in position and to command the respect of his associates. He will fill a position of executive requirements and be admired and respected by his immediate family.”

Shil-Ponde Female with Pushya Ascendant: ”Distinctly the club-woman type is found here. She is well-read, cultured and active in all community and social affairs. In her home she entertains and is fond of indoor games, bridge parties and social gatherings at which she is a charming and capable hostess. She will have her own money or her husband will be generous in his allowances to her and she will spend much of it on church and club activities and with charitable organisations. If she cares to adopt some public career, she will become very well known.”

Cancer Rising: “Extremely sensitive, inquisitive, nervous, restless, interested in music and dexterous. They have a middle sized body, full face, slightly snub nose, fair complexion, long arms, long face and wide chest. They are very intelligent, bright and extremely frugal and equally industrious. Their frugality often takes the form of miserliness. The mind in intuitional, perceptive. They like pleasure. They are deeply attached to their family and children. They often meet with disappointment in love affairs. They are very talkative, self-reliant, honest and unbending. They have a reputation for justice and fair play. Their emotions are strong. They have psychic tendencies, are receptive to new ideas and adapt themselves to the environment. They are desirous of possessions and cautious. They can best take up occupations of a fluctuating nature.” — B.V. Raman

Commentary: Maa Yoga practices what would be Vedic fire rituals but with water and flowers. It also tends to be a kind of trendsetter in regards to culture. Culture has, of course, become a hot commodity in modern yoga. Pushya natives are beautiful and stuck up, somewhat elitist, attached to their home culture, caretakers, landowners, protectors of old ways. The Cancer part of this keeps them following a rhythm, the Saturn part of Pushya connects them to reality. They follow the seasonal and local rhythms of nature and culture. Most of these people spend considerable time maintaining their physical and mental health; but what’s the difference between following long established rhythms of a place and people and taking care of our health? The two are intertwined. And other than the 4th pada, these women will hold themselves with a kind of look at my face and not my breasts kind of demeanour. They are usually ladies, not girls.

Ascendant in Pushya Pada 1, Leo Navamsha: Suleiman the Magnificent Navamsha has Magha, the magnificent as his Navamsha Lagna Angelina Jolie as well; though the Venusian influence of Purva Phalguni might also come into play of her personality; she is certainly a knight in shining armour.

Ascendant in Pushya Pada 4, Scorpio Navamsha: This combination of Cancer in Scorpio is bound to be psychologically sensitive to the environment. They can feel everything, they always know what’s going on beneath the surface; they also have have much going on in their psyche. The Saturn of Pushya can, however, leave them unmoved by anything on the surface. Stone cold in the face of catastrophe. Of course this inner disturbance can affect the home life and those who are close of intimate to you.

Celebrities with Pushya Ascendant

Suleiman the Magnificent (1), Bhimrao Ambedkar  (jurist, economist, social reformer (2)), William Butler Yeats (1), Steven Franklin Beard (Fox News Executive (1)), Michael Faraday (1), Angelina Jolie (1), Kent Cochrane? (epileptic seizures & rare memory disorder (1)), Alan Thicke (1), Sexual Abuse #4 (1), 

Genghis Khan (2), Gaddafi (2), Joseph Goebbels (2), T.K.V. Desikachar (son of Krishnamurti (2)), Leo Tolstoy (aristocrat writer who renounced everything (2)), Friedrich Christian Margrave of Meissen (knight, diplomate, art historian (2)), Stephen King (horror writer (2)), Lee Bowers (rail worker, builder (2)), Satoshi Nakamoto (bitcoin (2)), Eric Douglas (actor, comedian (2)), Elvis Stoijko (fdigure skating (2)), Meryl Streep (2), Ava Gardner (soap opera actress (2)), Anne Frank (2), 

Prince Charles of Wales (3), Al Pacino (3), Electress Maria Anna of Bavaria (3), Richard Baldwin (3), Jet Li (3), Clive Barker (3), 

King Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia (4), George Bush Jr (4), Aleister Crowley (4), Wilber Wright (4), Travis Barker (4), John Updike (4), Melania Trump? (2), Reece Witherspoon (4), Selena Gomez (4), Evelyn Waugh (4), Night of the Long Knives (4), Bitcoin (4), 

[Many charts have not been confirmed so ascendant and even Moon nakshatras may not be correct. There may be inconsistencies regarding the house placement of the planets as well. Use your own judgement. A healthy dose of scepticism should be applied to astrological data generally.]

Sun in Pushya

Harsh father figures? Home routines may all revolve around the father figure. Pushya is a little like a pedestal with the Sun standing up there. It’s like the star on top of the Christmas tree. There can be a talking head effect in this nakshatra. We see it in the lighting of Rembrandt’s portraits, the see it with Woody Harrelson making a name for himself working behind the bar on cheers. A few others on the list are administrators or office workers sitting or standing behind a desk all day. All just talking heads in a sense. The Sun in Pushya can concentrate a lot of power into one place. We find that with dictators like Chavez & Mussolini. Jois & Oyama also ruled their space with a kind of iron fist. On a spiritual note, this position has much to do with visualising the radiance of the Sun inside of ourselves; radiating from the centre of our chest.

Rembrandt: masterful handling of light and shadow that often suggest deep human emotion and spiritual transcendence. He came up with the use of a spotlight in painting – a beam of light lightens the head and shoulders of the main figure, while leaving everything else in shadow. Chiaroscuro: technique popularised in film noirs where a single beam of light is used to highlight.

Bepin Behari Sun in Cancer: “will send a message to understand the worldly obligations but not get emerged in it. Destroy your personal affiliations without the world realising that you are neglecting your social obligations.”

“Three of the four elements are shared by all creatures, but fire was a gift to humans alone. Smoking cigarettes is as intimate as we can become with fire without immediate excruciation. Every smoker is an embodiment of Prometheus, stealing fire from the gods and bringing it on back home. We smoke to capture the power of the Sun, to pacify Hell, to identify with the primordial spark, to feed on the arrow of the volcano. It’s not the tobacco we’re after but the fire. When we smoke, we are performing a version of the fire dance, a ritual as ancient as lightning.” — Tom Robbins

“People of every class were bringing the Surya Namaskara described in the yoga shastra into practice. This they did with the feeling that they were performing a righteous action which was a daily duty, for they knew the blessings of the Sun God are essential to good health.” — Pattabhi Jois

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Celebrities with Sun in Pushya

Rembrandt (1), Ernest Hemingway (1), Cat Stevens (1), Robin Williams (1), Samuel Colt (1), Howard Schultz (Starbucks (1)), Wolfgang Stresemann (conductor, composer (1)), Cheryl Crane (1),  Natalie Wood (1), 

King Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia (2), Pope Innocent IX (2), John Calvin (pastor, reformer, humanist lawyer (2)), Anthony Kennedy (2), Pattabhi Jois (2), Tom Robbins (2), Woody Harrelson (2), Kevin Spacey (2), Alexandre Dumas (2), Mick Jagger (2), Daniel Negreanu (poker (2)), Sandra Bullock (2), Jennifer Lopez (2), 

Hugo Chavez (3), Masutatsu Oyama (3), Carl Jung (psychoanalyst (3)), Peter Jennings (3), William T. Vollman (3), Arnold Schwarzenegger (3), Aldous Huxley (3), Terry Fox (3), Mike Bloomfield (guitar, vocals (3)), Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (3), Lisa Kudrow (3), WW I (3), 

Benito Mussolini (4), Benjamin de Rothschild (banking, sailing, racing, vineyards (4)), Jerry Garcia (4), Henry Ford I (4), Robert Hook (4), Yves Saint Laurent (fashion designer (4)), Danielle Steel (romance novels (4)), J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter (4)), China Earthquake (),

Moon in Pushya


(Moon in Pushya. Last updated 4 April 2023.)

The classics say that one born with Moon in Pushya will have amiable features, control their passions and complete many charitable deeds. The native will be well liked, rich, intelligent, knowledgeable in local stories and myths and many branches of knowledge; he will love Gods and Brahmins. They can be very angrily disposed, bold but patient, talkative, learned in many branches, be helpful to his relatives, and have a large circle of relations, will be a thief, wealthy, and independent. They are happy with little but can be fast walkers.(The Classics: Brihat Samhita, Sage Narada, Jataka Parijata, Varahamihira.)

Rhythms of parenting duties, protecting and nourishing the laws of the land, father figures, experienced parental figures, pragmatic caretakers, economics, civil service. They can be stiff and unbending in their idea about the way things should be. They like to have a very predictable rhythm, soothed by lawful costumes, protectors of ethno-social structures, needs dignified orderly habits, lawful ascendance.

Pierre Paul Broca: The Broca’s Area of the brain is the centre of speech articulation; responsible for controlling the movement of the muscles of the speaking apparatus: the movements of lips, tongue, larynx, and pharynx. It plays the primary role in the creation of programs of spoken production as well as phonetic-phonological, syntactic and semantic aspects of language. It enables us to use and understand grammatical rules. Broca’s zone or area is involved in the process of understanding the language, as well as in the exercise of other language functions. Broca’s aphasia is characterised by non-fluent speech, rare literary paraphrases, poor repetition, good understanding, and poor naming ability. There seems to be two parts to this region of the brain. One that controls the motor reflexes of our speaking apparatus which relates to Pushya. And another part of Broca’s area that relates with learning ability, grammar and language that has some relation with Punarvasu (taking note that Broca has Jupiter in Punarvasu).

 “Was it an hour, or a week before the light of the Moon rose in the interior of my body? A bird with luminous wings flew in front of that full Moon, and its head was as radiant as a point of light. That bird must be the Khu–this sweet bird of the night–a creature of divine intelligence loaned to us just so much as the Ren or the Sekhem. Yes, the Khu was a light in your mind while you lived, but in death, it must return to heaven. For the Khu was also eternal.” — Norman Mailer


Bepin Behari Moon in Cancer: “the psychic bridge of the individual is orientated towards the impulses coming from the higher sources. Many a time the individual may not understand what messages are flowing through his mind but he will be receptive to those messages and will like to express them at physical levels of existence.”

Moon in Pushya Pada 1, Leo Navamsha: They are natural authority figures playing a central administrative role in politics, theatre, fashion, music, banking or the arts. They are devoted to their work and typically have good mentors and repay society through their own mentorships. They often have many children of students. They are usually well respected and may gain fame in a foreign country. Early success can plague them with scandal later on.

Moon in Pushya Pada 2, Virgo Navamsha: Pushkara Navamsha Pada – Bhagya 7°. They are hard workers, service orientated, and often find ways to regulate unbalanced situations or people somehow. They do well in criminal justice and health care fields as they seek out rhythms of regulated logical argumentation. This also makes them good at business administration and any field where they find themselves repeating  the same argument over and over again: planning, scheduling, media and these kinds of things. They might uses criminal means to get ahead.

Moon in Pushya Pada 3, Libra Navamsha: Their main duty is to facilitate a peaceful balanced atmosphere. They will like beauty and luxury in the home, living near water and gardens, any kind of work connected with water: farming, fishing, caretaking, security. They are often charged with the responsibility to regulate peace and facilitate agreement. They might have contractual duties.

Moon in Pushya Pada 4, Scorpio navamsha: They have a nasty obligation of keeping secrets. They can be fighters or traitors since Scorpio is the sign that crosses over to the other side. They often have unspeakable duties. Dealing with sex or death can fall into this category. This can relate to the unpleasantness of life and those really dirty jobs that someone has to do. This typically allows them to gain the respect of outcast people while getting scorned by most others. They can also get involved in the occult on some level.

Celebrities with Moon in Pushya

Peter the Great of Russia (1), Woo-Suk Hwang (stem cell researcher (1)), Harvey Cushing (1), Joseph Campbell (1), Norman Mailer (1), Jeff Conaway (acting, guitar, singing dabbler (1)), Barry White (1), Robert Duvall (1), Jimi Hendrix (1), Jesse James (1), Moon Unit Zappa (1), Mary Tyler Moore (1), India (1),

James Norman Mattis (2), George Soros (2), Robert H. Goddard (2), Joseph Lister (2), Clint Eastwood (2), Rita Wilson (2), Paula Modersohn-Becker (2), 

Pope Urban VIII (military ruler, opponent of Copernicus & Galileo (3)), Ulysses S. Grant (3), Pierre Paul Broca (brain anatomy (3)), James Clerk Maxwell (3), Albert Bandura (3), Claud Monet (3), Ansel Adams (3), James Joyce (Avant guard novelist, literary critic (3)), Carl H. Brans (mathematical physics (3)), Harry Babasin (experimental jazz (3)), Patrick Swayze (3), Drew Carey (3), Chris Martin (3), Tulsi Gabbard (3), Israel Independence (3), 

Copernicus (4), Ralph Klein (4), Bennett Cerf (4), Tom Hanks (4), George Lopez (4), Daniel Bellard (highway rapist (4)), Phineas P. Gage? (survived metal spike thru his head (4)), Paris Hilton (4), Gloria Steinem (4), Chelsea Clinton (4), Lupe Valez (4), 


Mars in Pushya

Nurtures thru competition and aggression. They typically have a difficult childhood with too much aggression and conflict in the home as they impetuous youth seek to overthrow the old ways. Parents are likely to be punitive in their enforcement. They don’t usually do well in school because they are too busy fighting with teachers, police and parents. They are Jupiter rebelling against their fathers corrupt ways and then adopting those same corrupt ways to enforce compliance.The home becomes a battle field rather than a place to relax. Home may be more like a military barrack full of competitive siblings rather than a proper nurturing loving caring environment. There could be some problems with adrenals since they are so proactive in defending their boundaries. Of course when you’re actively attacking everyone around you, you’re gonna feel insecure. They do well in areas of home security and proactive jurisprudence. And they may say they are “just being prudent” in being so aggressive. But this approach can work for someone keeping the jungle from overtaking their land, gardeners, foresters, hedge trimmers. Many of the construction trades can put this energy to good use. Mars in Pushya does very well in the 6th house for military men being sent beyond their borders to “fight for human rights and democracy” and very aggressive therapeutic methods of treatment. Many of the “Wars” that governments fight against their own citizens come from Mars in (or transiting Pushya) because it’s this energy which allows them to work outside of the normal boundaries of jurisdiction by giving enforcement authorities extra-judiciary powers. Of course this placement can easily become criminal if there are other negative influences.

Celebrities with Mars in Pushya

Oxford (1), Sri Aurobindo (1), Mikhail Gorbachev (1), Rupert Murdoch (1), William Shatner (1), Leonard Nimoy (1), Bear Grills (1), Rudolf Kempe (Opera Conductor (1)), D.H. Lawrence (1), Wilber Wright (1), James Clerk Maxwell (1), Natalie Wood (1), Diane Keaton (1), 

Friedrich August III King of Saxony (2), King Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia (2), Al Capone (2), Robert Owne (textiles, utopian socialism, co-op (2)), Ram Das (2), Paul Gauguin (2), Steven Crowder (Change my Mind (2)), Jerome Deschamps (2), Neil Young (2), Gillian Anderson (2), Goldie Hawn (2), Stromboli Volcano 2019 (2), 

Pope Urban VIII (military ruler, opponent of Copernicus & Galileo (3)), King Carl Gustav of Sweden (3), Pence (3), Rudy Giuliani (3), Peter Jennings (3), Eugene Herrigel (Zen & Archery (3)), Hugh Laurie (House MD (3)), Hans Christian Anderson (3), Quentin Tarantino (3), Ben English (3), Robert Redford (actor, filmmaker (3)), Evander Holyfield (boxer (3)), Joe Louis (baseball (3)), Zenobia Camprubi (3), 

Pompey (4), Herbert Hoover (Mining, President during great depression (4)), Jean Paul Palomeros (4), Dante Alighieri (4), Trump Jr (4), Sivananda (4), Masutatsu Oyama (4), Gazi Yasargil (4), Garry Kasparov (4), Michael Faraday (4), Hulk Hogan (4), Jon Jones (MMA (4)), Michael Jordan (4), Knut Hamsun (4), Julian Lennon (4), Alice Bailey (4), Jessica Watson (4), Lina Franziska Fehrmann (4),  Ghat Astrologer (4),  Roger Ebert (2),

Mercury in Pushya

Messengers of “rules based order and international norms.” They tend to come up with these norms in a logical manner based on loose agreement rather than following the proper channels. They may seek to establish order in the use of speech and words while at the same time using rhetoric and double-speak to enforce compliance. They send a message about the consequences of non-compliance. In some ways this has become a little like Mercury rebelling against his father (step-father) Jupiter. Mercury is not very comfortable here. Mercury is already an impressionable youth and he doesn’t get any clear direction from the wishy-washy ruler of Cancer. And it should be mentioned that logic, rhetoric or even debate are not the best ways to come to an understanding of what the norms of society are or should be. Social norms are very specific to place. It’s hard to say that yours is the social norm just because you won the debate; the fact that there is a debate suggests it’s not the norm.

Mercury will have a narrative of local cultures, security, protection, foundations; there can be some cultural relativity due to Mercury’s ability to see both side. It will not always be their own home and community they are talking about. They will however communicate in a soft emotional rhetorical appeal and their reason and logic can get lost in the emotional appeal. If Mars influences this Mercury they can be very impassioned and emotional argument. If Rahu or Ketu offer further affliction their argument might not even make sense.

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Celebrities with Mercury in Pushya

USA (1), Bobby Hatfield (1), Ken Dryden (1), Max Knoll (Electrical Engineer; Electron Microscope (1)), 

Stromboli Volcano 2019 (2), Reverend Jerry Falwell (2), Barack Obama (2), Anthony Kennedy (2), Fidel Castro (2), Herbert Hoover (Mining, President during great depression (2)), Jean Paul Palomeros (2), Masutatsu Oyama (4), Hulk Hogan (2), Dave Toschi (2), Erwin Schrodinger (2), Hermann Oberth (rocketry (2)), Gazi Yasargil (2), Dan Ackroyd (2), Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (2), Jennifer Lopez (2), Alice Monroe (2), Halle Berry (2), Helen Keller (2), 

Canada (3), Benito Mussolini (3), Meghan Markle Duchess of Sussex (3), Pope Innocent IX (3), Sheldon Adelson (casino resorts and political philanthropy (3)), Howard Schultz (Starbucks (3)), John MacKey (Whole Foods (3)), Henry Ford I (3), Andy Warhol (3), Charles Bukowski (3), Joe Rogan (3), Mike Tyson (rape, boxing, sports entertainment (3)), Komilla Sutton (3), 

India (4), Pope Pius VII (4), Alexander the Great? (4), Napoleon Bonaparte (4), Bill Clinton (4), Cecil John Rhodes (4), Hunter S. Thompson (4), Roman Polanski (4), Jerry Garcia (4), Ginger Rogers (4),    Courtney Love (2), Frida Kahlo (4),   ////

Jupiter in Pushya

Founding father. Jupiter is exalted at 5°. Pride can become excessive in these people. They may seem somehow holier than thou, they can be very caring and the women are likely to have big nurturing breasts and the all embracing motherly qualities that go with it. Men are also likely to have a well developed chest and be on the larger side. They believe in an impartial judiciary and an open, free and permissive society. This is the position of a democratic temperament. They have fairly open borders that are secured through faith and belief in the system. Rules are only designed to make us more free. They are very optimistic people but the positions of the Moon and Saturn can have a strong effect on how far they are willing to go in the cause of freedom, and some can become very dogmatic. They usually have a large faith-based family, possibly large multi-family homes. This last point will certainly be the case when Rahu influences this position; though with Rahu influence it could be more like a boarding house. Other factors will be needed to know if you own the large home or just get the benefits of the space and openness, but this Jupiter can also give large land holdings with some of them being set aside for natural heritage. They will often be offering care, protection and provisions for many children, and perhaps the whole community.

Jupiter In Cancer has to be careful of their excessive pride in the correctness of their own beliefs.


Jupiter in Pushya Pada 1, Leo Navamsha: They can be a bit house proud, certainly nationalistic.

Jupiter in Pushya Pada 3, Libra Navamsha: Psychologists, nurturing one to one relationships. Yoga, yoga therapy, dancers, musicians, fighters, martial arts experts. Teachers, advisors, gurus.

Celebrities with Jupiter in Pushya

Benjamin Franklin (1), Denzel Washington (1), John Patterson (Physicist, Meteorologist (1)), Dave Toschi (dirty Harry Cop (1)), Curtis Joseph (hockey goaltender (1)), Duchess Marie Elisabeth of Holstein-Gottorp (1), Alice Monroe (1), Jennifer Lawrence (1), Stormy Daniels (1), Sexual Abuse #7 (1), New Orleans (1), 

Emperor Wu of Han (2), Ron DeSantis (2), Stanislawa Leszczynska (midwife (2)), Jian Ghomeshi (Radio Pod Caster (2)), Lenas Man (photographer (2)), Anders Breivik (mass murder (2)), Lore Ruckert (Opera $ Film actress (2)), Emily Carr (2), 

George Soros (3), Eddie Gallagher (Navy Seal (3)), Morihei Ueshiba (founder of Aikido (3)), Joseph Pilates (founder of Pilates (3)), Abraham Maslow (psychologist (3)), Shakespeare (Poet, Playwright (3)), Vatsraj Jha (Vocals (3)), Mick Jagger (Singer (3)), Mike Bloomfield (Blues Guitar (3)), Gordon Ramsay (Chef (3)), Nicole Kidman (3), Cheryl Crane (model, real estate brokerage, author (3)), Sinead O’Connor (singer (3)), United Kingdom (3), 

King George VI of England (4), Oskar Ludwig Kummer (Engineer, Entrepreneur (4)), Ravi Shankar (4), John Legend (singer, songwriter, pianist (4)), Katie Holms (4), Pamala Anderson (4), Coccinelle (4), Rachel Entwistle (teacher, murdered by husband (4)), New Zealand (4), Iraq War (2003 (4)), 

Venus in Pushya

Venus wants to make more rules in the name of fairness. Venus is the Guru of the asuras and Jupiter is the Guru of the Devas. We cannot expect Venus to do well in the place where Jupiter is exalted. Venus will abuse the rules in the name of fairness. Venus is all about optics so she can be more concerned with the way things look than how they actually are. They can be very good at creating an image that is in compliance. They can put on a very nice ceremony and are usually highly skilled at hospitality and may conduct much diplomacy in the home in the quest for security and protection. They will tend to be very agreeable people but this trait could end up backing themselves in a corner of counterintuitive or counter productive situations. These are the parents who always say yes; children love them, but what they are doing is not actually in the best interests of the children.

Mother Teresa has been heavily criticised for the way she ran her charity. She often didn’t offer medicine for cure or pain relief as she claimed people should die a natural death facing God directly rather than through a more painless opiated gaze. Meanwhile there is speculation that she was an addict for most of her life and then went to America for medical treatment when she was herself ravaged by old age and hard living. An incompetent hypocrite dressed in the clothes of the trusted parental figure. Of course Rahu’s influence can really tilt this in a confusing way. They are able to recognise the material value of the position, of the upper most part of anything. They can do well in groundskeeping, gardening, and harvesting.

The value of the poppy, flowers and blossoms can be realised here: Friedrich Serturneris given credit for the discovery of morphine in 1804 and these days of mass opium addiction modern Afghanistan has become synonymous with the poppy. But the poppy isn’t the only way to gain top value. Florists and those classical garland makers might have this position. Martin Poolesland is a harvester of wild mushrooms. Andy Hug has a peculiar ritual when he gets in the kick-boxing ring; he goes over and hugs his opponent. The ring is very much a Cancer type bound space which is very much governed by rules as in Pushya, and in walks Venus to us promote agreement in a fighting ring; because who would want to beat the crap out of such a nice guy.

Celebrities with Venus in Pushya

Benjamin de Rothschild (banking, sailing, racing, vineyards (1)), Cecil John Rhodes (1), Frank Evers Beddard (Zoologist: worms (1)), Ruth Benedict (1), Dante Alighieri (1), Knut Hamsun (1), Hermann Hesse (1), Russel Brand (1), Andy Hug (1), Ibram X Kendi (1), Lisa Kudrow (1), Angelina Jolie (1), Mary-Kate Olsen (1), Halle Berry (1), Sara Aldrete (killer/smuggler (1)), 

Julius Caesar (2), Pence (2), Marquis de Sade (2), T.K.V. Desikachar (2), Wolfgang Stresemann (conductor, composer (2)), Robin Di Angelo (White Fragility (2)), Jian Ghomeshi (radio host, music critic (2)), Robert Buell (2), Emma Goldman (anarchist (2)), Madonna (2), Danielle Steel (2), Margaret Trudeau (2), Patsy Cline (2), Afghanistan (2), 

James Clerk Maxwell (3), Bailey Sherwood (child actor, civil engineer(3)), Gazi Yasargil (3), Leo Tolstoy (3), Hugh Laurie MD House (3), John Smeaton (Father of Engineering: lighthouses, waterways (3)), Henry Every Pirate (3), Bob Newhart (3), Margaret Lockwood (British child actress, born in Pakistan (3)), 

King Louis XIV of France (4), Sanjay Rath (4), Anthony Kennedy (4), Friedrich Serturner (pharmacist, discovered morphine (4)), Antoni Gaudi (architect, designer (4)), Ken Dryden (4), Mother Teresa (4), 

Saturn in Pushya

This is the most likely position for Blue Blooded Royalty. High class or closely tied to the church. They represent the “old order” in some way. They can be cold-blooded, snobbish, and far too high above most people to give them the time of day. They are like cold stiff royalty, unless you are part of their inner circle; but to be there you have to follow a very harsh protocol. They tend to have very rigid caste or class divisions. Even the less wealthy people will maintain their position in society without seeking advancement. They might be capable of keeping a “stone face” without showing expression or emotion. Of course many of them end up studying law and becomes regulators of the land, hostels, hotels, guest houses.

They can be over protective; defending both personal emotional boundaries as well as erecting stone barriers around their home for security. They might even have a rigid security detail protecting them when they are out. They become equally protective as parents with their children. They will rigidly defend the old ways. They may have been raised by servants or step mother whose focus was on enforcing rules rather than offering maternal care and comfort. Give only cold comfort from a controlling mother. Perhaps we can’t put all the blame on her. She is usually very focused on survival; she is just trying to keep you alive. In Pushya this sense of survival might be for the whole home community and culture where the mother is tearfully hugging her child dramatically saying: you have to rise above all of that. You could say that they nourish by providing the necessities, rules, structure, discipline usually by a very young age. Of course this can make a person a little hard, but life is hard and if you want to get to the top you have to work hard.

I would expect most of this group has land and properties in the family for many generations. Those who don’t have landed property might find themselves work or give service in care-homes, social service sector, providing meals to homeless, possibly even adopting. Some people would say they are emotionally repressed, others might put a positive spin on it and call it having control over their emotions; we could also debate the merits of the wealth, power and heavy responsibility that many of these people have. This is one of the most common placement of leaders.

Here we see the symbol of the circle coming out as a ball that flies through the air: the tennis balls and cannon ball of Henry the V, Bernard Montgomery and others: hurling a ball of iron through the air. Tiger Woods is hitting plastic golf balls, but he’s doing so with iron; Henry Ford made big business for the ball bearing markets. It was obviously this Saturnian energy that inspired Shakespeare to write about the young King Henry V whose cold rule persecuted and executed even those who had been the closest of friends. He had little tolerance for anyone stepping out of line. As usual one could find themselves either giving or receiving this kind of treatment depending on the placement.

Out of a list of 83 leaders of countries, this was the placement they most had in common. 9 of 83. Numerous other placements had 6 of the 83 people, so this position really stood out. Leaders of nations also make up 9 of the 47 people who have this placement in my database (at the time of writing of course).

Celebrities with Saturn in Pushya

Napoleon Bonaparte (1), King Henry V of England (3), Marcus Aurelius (1?), Queen Elizabeth I of England (1), George Bush Jr (1), John F. Kennedy (1), William Howard Taft (1), Alexei Navalny (1), Joseph Conrad (1), Frank Evers Beddard (Zoologist: worms (1)), Bon Scott (1), Dean Martin (1), Sylvester Stallone (1), Cheech Marin (1), Margaret Lockwood (British child actress, born in Pakistan (1)), 

Bill Clinton (2), Kim Campbell (2), Shakespeare (2), Sivananda (3), Zenobia Camprubi (2), Leo Tolstoy (2), Susan Miller (2), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (2), Erwin Schrodinger (2), Sex Pistols (2), Kirk Douglas (2), Alan Thicke (2), Travis Barker (2), Forrest Ackerman (science fiction writer, editor, agent (2)), Tara Reade (2), Elton John (2), Kate Winslet (2), Tiger Woods (2), 

Le Corbusier (3), Barron Trump (3), Oliver Stone (3), Freddy Mercury (3), Nolan Ryan (baseball pitcher (3)),

Earthquake/Tsunami Philippines 1976 (4), Bernard Montgomery (4), Sam Walton (Wallmart (4)), Richard Feynman (quantum mechanics (4)), Henry Ford II (4), Deepak Chopra (Ayurveda, physician, author (4)), Arthur Conan Doyle (4), Salman Rushdie (novelist (4)), Steven SpielbergAA (4), Spike Milligan (4), Gianni Versace (4), Oscar Romeo (4), O.J. Simpson (football, abusive, criminal (4)), Ted Bundy (serial killer (4)), Matt Molloy (flute master (4)), Georgia O’Keeffe (4), Betty Ford (4), Patty Smith (punk singer songwriter (4)), Susan Sarandon (4), Jamie Sale (4)

Rahu in Pushya

Alfred Alder can be very instructive for astrologers. His theory of organ inferiority suggests that everyone has at least one weak spot in the body. Furthermore he pointed out that this physical inferiority is connected to emotional inferiority in a certain area. He believed that inferiority was one of the hallmarks of being human. And this is healthy so long as it pushes us to overcome the problem and rise, but if it stagnates into bitterness then we end up with an inferiority complex. But in classic Rahu fashion, this inferiority complex masks itself as a superiority complex. His ideas about compensation involved not only the idea that we might turn our weakness into a strength, but that other organs would seek to compensate for the weak part. Done to a certain degree one might discover a truly unique talent, but over-compensation was always a danger leading to health problems in the organs and mental health problems like dark-ego, aggressiveness, or hunger for power. He differed from the psychoanalysts in splitting the problem between our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with society (Psychoanalysis focuses predominantly on the individual). The community and the socio-historical-political forces that shape the community are integral to understanding of an individual psychologically. His focus was on what we call holistic healing. He had a rough outline of a personality or lifestyle hierarchy: Leaners were the people who were unable to do things on their own. They are dependent, fearful and neurotic. And then comes the avoiders who are scared of failure or rejection. They are capable but they fly under the radar without taking any risks. The rulers or dominant people will strive hard to get what they want without fear of manipulating others. And finally there are socially useful people who are well balanced, active, and outgoing. They are truly capable of accomplishing something in society. The three main tasks that every human must contend with and seek mastery in are employment, intimacy and social connection.

“Our idea of social feeling as the final form of humanity – of an imagined state in which all the problems of life are solved and all our relations to the external world rightly adjusted – is a regulative ideal, a goal that gives our direction. This goal of perfection must bear within it the goal of an ideal community, because all that we value in life, all that endures and continues to endure, is eternally the product of this social feeling.” ~ Alfred Alder

Celebrities with Rahu in Pushya

Saint Bartholomew Day Massacre (1), Rudy Giuliani (1), Robert F. Kennedy (3), Rajiv Gandhi (1), David Phillips (Climatologist (1)), Alfred Alder (Psychotherapist, Individual psychology (1)), Albert Bandura (1), Michael Jordan (1), Henri Matisse (1), Richard Burton (1), Quentin Tarantino (1), Doc Holliday (1), Barry White (1), Christine Chubbuck (news reporter (1)), Molly Ivins (journalism (3)), Serena Williams (1),, Tegan/Sara/ Quin (1), Louisa May Alcott (1),, 

Maxmillian Robespierre (2), Johnny Stompanato (2), Matt Cameron (2), Meghan Markle Duchess of Sussex (2), Margaret Thatcher (2), Demi Moore (2), Ella Bleu Travolta (2), Jane West (novelist (2)), Natalie Portman (2), 

Guatemala Volcano 2018 (3), Gottfried von Leibniz (3), Thomas Spence (3), Gazi Yasargil (3), B.B. King (3), Towns Van Zandt (3), Barbara Bush (3), Jessica Alba (Actress; Housewares (3)), Peter Sellers (3),

Mohandas Gandhi (4), Malcolm X (4), Joe Frazier (4), John Denver (4), Keith Richards (4), Jim Morrison (4), Yusef Estes (4), Tulsi Gabbard (4), Emma Goldman (anarchist (4)), Hannah Arendt (4), Billie Jean King (tennis, gender equality, social justice (4)), 

USA (4), Marcus Aurelius (3), Gandhi (4), Johannes Kepler (Laws of Planetary Motion (4)), Johnny Carson (2), Bonnie Franklin (4),

Ketu in Pushya

They manage to avoid most regulatory frameworks while being in the middle. Life might be so regulated that they don’t even notice. Isabel Myers-Briggs just wanted a tool to understand the personality differences in her marriage and ended up creating the most standard tool of psychological diagnosis. Howard Schultz has made big business for the dairy industry by selling coffee through his Starbucks chain. I’m pretty sure the nourishing benefits of milk are muted once it’s mixed with coffee. Lila Baba is a young naga baba who doesn’t care for the rules of society, but still finds himself married at a young age while following a strict sadhana. Phineas P. Gage?, who has Ketu and Saturn conjunct in this asterism, had an iron crowbar shot up through his jaw and brain. The oddities of Ketu scattered his brain and he was never the same again. He lost much of his social restraints and became practically degenerate. Bitcoin also manages to remain outside of the frameworks of regulation while remaining fully within a block chain system.

Celebrities with Ketu in Pushya

Frederick II the Great of Prussia (1), Lucky Luciano (1), The Rock (1), Phineas P. Gage? (survived metal spike thru his head (1)), Enzo Ferrari (race car driver, founder of Ferrari (1)), Martin Brodeur (hockey goaltender (1)), Frank Sinatra (singer (1)), Margaret Lockwood (British child actress, born in Pakistan (1)), Franklin Pierce (1),

Joseph Goebbels (propaganda minister (2)), Dante Alighieri (Divine Comedy (2)), William James (Father of American psychology (2)), Paul Villard (physics, chemistry, discovered Gamma rays (2)), Elvis Presley (singer (2)), Komilla Sutton (vedic Astrology (2)), Evelyn Mary Booth (Botanist (2)), Isabel Myers-Briggs (2), 

Josef Stalin (3), Justin Trudeau (3), Howard Schultz (Starbucks (3)), Shaquille O’Neal (3), Jaromir Jagr (hockey (3)), Hulk Hogan (wrestler (3)), Glenn Ford (3), Elvis Stoijko (3), Squire Whipple (3), Charles Manson (3), Albert Einstein (3), 

Bitcoin (4), Tony Blair (4), Jacque Fresco (4), Ronnie Gale Dreyer (4), Max Knoll (Electrical Engineer; Electron Microscope (4)), James Ensorr (4), Leonard Cohen (4), Edmund Speyer (chemist, oxycodone (4)), Louis Pasteur (chemist, microbiologist (4)), Nathaniel Hawthorne (4), Sophia Loren (4), Jennifer Lawrence (4), Christina Applegate (4), Bridgitte Bardot (4), Jean Paul Palomeros (4), Pope Paul VI (3), William Faulkner (3), John Mackey (2),

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