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Why do Tantriks talk about sex?

I’ve been lucky enough in my travels to meet a few Tantriks who were not trying to sell me anything, nor did they want anything from me: they never spoke about sex. They laugh at the west and their so called Tantric sex cults and the culture of permissiveness that has grown from the idea that we can somehow become enlightened if we can just have better sex.

When ever I have heard these less lustful Tantriks talk about sex, it’s been as a metaphor. We all know how overwhelming sexual desire can be. Our entire focus will shift to sex so that everything else that was in our minds is gone. One pointed in focus we take action to get what we want: satisfaction; a feeling of fullness that quenches all desires. The moments of orgasm they liken to the more eternal blessing of having your true desires fulfilled. But of course the orgasm of sex is over in a few moments and the feeling of fullness quickly begins to fade, especially when the feeling that we’ve perhaps chosen our partner too hastily stars to set in.

To continue the metaphor of sex, most of us these days know that the difference between average sex and good sex has little to do with the physical action and everything to do with how much heart the couple put into it. The more you attach by heart with your partner and the moment, the more intense will be orgasm as well as the feeling of fullness you receive.

Tantriks like to ask: “What do you want?” They push you to get to know yourself and become aware of your desires and discover what it is you truly want; your lasting desire. There’s nothing wrong with fulfilling your desires, but learn from them, use your experience to figure out what it is you really want. As you discover deeper and deeper desires you will discover that you are willing to sacrifice many lesser desires for the bigger one. Thru such sacrifice you will build more power and resolve to achieve the greater desire which in turn will make the satisfaction that much greater.

Tantrism is very practical. It’s not the mystical practice it’s so often portrayed as. Sure it takes a different view of The world, but it’s no hocus-pocus. All the knowledge of Tantrismis is contained in our actions: our hopes, desires, wisdom, will and joy. Just look at yourself, learn from your elders, learn from your experience, learn from sharing, and then put it all into practice in the direction you want to go. Moksha will be there only when you hold your desire and your direction firmly without going here and there and everywhere.

Today the world is full of youths who want Moksha, but they want it now and when they don’t get it, they move on. There is nothing wrong with this, everyone must follow their heart, and without age and experience the youth cannot be expected to know their heart. Many people in the world maintain their entire lives in fear of looking at what they might have inside, so having this courage at whatever age is a blessing alone, but at a young age we have not so many heart experiences to learn from. And at any age there are few people who know what it is they really want.

Most sages tell us that the greatest longing of the heart is for union with god (with energy), and though many of the tantriks of the west profess to this longing, few sacrifices are being made for it’s attainment. They are often much too busy following every little desire that arises to focus on the bigger picture. This is why moksha is reserved for the end of life, because by then, if we’ve really paid attention, we will have realized by heart and by experience that there really is no such thing as moksha. But if they’ve really been following Tantra way, they will experience the full fullness of life.

Tantrism has nothing to do with sex but everything to do with desire, you just have to keep your head out of the gutter to see it.

Om namah shivaya

City of Light: (The Second Part) Still Very Reasonable

Dear Friends,

This is the second part of the city of light as I see it. You will notice that the main conflict that began the story comes to a very unceremonious end here. I’ll get to it. In the mean time, notice how much fresh conflict (competing dualities) have arisen because of what was really only a minor annoyance. By now, all shit is hitting the fan; that is to say that time and space have begun their reign of terror.

The third part will be out very soon. Thank you for reading.

City of Light: (The Second Part) Still Very Reasonable

They honeymooned in infinity and planned their new life together. Miss Mountain, as she became known, had insisted on moving off the mountaintop and finding someplace more civilized to raise their family. She certainly wasn’t going to allow her children to be raised by the cliff-hopping goats, and something still had to be done about the power monger who was making everyone’s life difficult. If they didn’t have a son everyone was going to leave and then even the timeless world would be void, and no one wanted that.

The problem was that Miss Mountain was just a simple village girl from the hills and the Destroyer was much friskier and much more experienced than she could handle. The sex was great, this goes without saying since the Destroyer was known far and wide as a master of Tantra and the destroyer had to be milked for many, too many hours before he could release his seed. This left Mrs. Mountain exhausted and fully satisfied, but still without a son.

It was rumoured that the Destroyer was holding back his seed because he believed Mrs. Mountain to be too frail for childbirth. Eventually, Miss Mountain had to tell the destroyer about the need for him to have a son to rid everyone of nuisance that had been making timelessness intolerable. He was annoyed at having been used for such a petty purpose, but he consented with several conditions. He knew when he opened his eyes and came down from the mountain that there would not only be many unintended consequences, but that the motivations for waking him could not have been a straight forward coincidence. He knew better than anyone that a long chain of invisible causes preceded everything that could ever happen. Some suspected that he say it all coming but preferred to play it dumb.

Now that the plan was out, the Destroyer set about at once to deposit his seed.

Some say he had an affair with the beautiful woman everyone knew as Miss River, and others say he merely brought his seed to her. The Destroyer stuck by his strange story that he’d thrown his seed in the fire (he was known to have done stranger things). Miss Mountain herself was never sure what exactly happened. In any case, a boy was born in the forest and everyone said it belonged to the Destroyer. For the first time that anyone could remember, it was the mothers identity that was in question, and no the father. Some people even suspected that Mrs. Mountain herself was the mother, but she seemed to be cultivating a strong jealousy for Miss River.

The boy was sent to be raised by six sisters. He grew quickly and fulfilled his destiny bringing a kind of peace to timelessness. (more on this coming soon)

But by now everything had changed. Ever since the Destroyer’s honeymoon strange things had begun to happen, the most notable of which was the beginning of time and the space that came with it.

No one knew how it happened. It almost seemed like it was always there. No one thought to blame the creator for the mess since he was still doing things on the sly. By the time anyone noticed anything, the Sustainer was usually looking after it, and he almost never started anything because he knew it would just mean more work for him. Besides, everyone liked the Sustainer and never gave him any grief. They liked that he never pulled any surprises and they knew exactly what to expect from him. He kinda kept things going.

There certainly would have been hell to pay if anyone from before time now found themselves subject to its ravages, but this wasn’t the case so no one really cared. Besides it was really neat that so many thing that had only been possibilities before were now becoming reality. And there were so many realities that no one could keep up, and sometimes people still got confused about the difference between a reality and a possibility. Some said you could tell the difference because reality shone much more radiantly than possibility; actual existence seemed to make everything more beautiful. None the less the possibilities for time and space seemed endless and that was in itself a thing of beauty.

Possibility itself now seemed to change its nature. Whereas before when there was just possibility, anything might be possible, but now possibility found itself confined by time-space* (see technical note below). The possibilities of any given moment were entirely dependent on the situation of time and space during the moment immediately preceding the moment of possibilities. The curious thing was that although this seemed to limit the possibilities, the possibilities remained endless none-the-less.

One particularly strange possibility became a reality. The City of Light, which had been around since even before timelessness, found itself a small plot of land on the earth. People said that it was on the earth, but not of the earth. It was here that the Destroyer decided to settle down with his new wife. They both loved their new home. The Destroyer still, however, preferred to be left alone so he took up residence at the place where all the people affected by time went to burn their dead bodies. It was a despicable place of fire and morning and only partially charred flesh that the dogs would over fight over. No one visited him much, but he was staying just a little to close to the River tramps abode for Miss Mountain’s comfort. To keep her own mind off this possibility of infidelity that loomed over her marriage and, hopefully, to keep the Destroyer in check, she busied herself to such a degree around the city that it seemed as though she was everywhere at once. After some time, people started to believe that she had become the city herself.

And what a strange city it was. Streams ran in every direction with water so pure and fresh that people began to believe it was enchanted (although it wasn’t yet as enchanted as it would soon become).

[Technical note: To those who were here before time, time and space appeared at the same time so they often consider them to be one thing; like two heads of the same creature. It was only to those who came after time that the two seem to be different. And even today this distinction will cause to people to raise their voice. For the remainder of the story the author will attempt to appease those who came before by referring to time-space rather than time & space.]