This is space for readers, friends, clients to comment on my work. My work is what you see: this blog (the writing and photography on each of these pages), the Astrology readings and consultations, the Acupuncture treatments and Yoga classes, or just the interactions we’ve had together as our paths have crossed. My work is my life, my occupation is what I do, there’s no separation. The only reason I’m able to do what I do is because the good people whose path I cross are generous enough to support me thru word or deed. It’s always an honour to touch and be touched by someone; to see and be seen…

Om namah shivaya

5 thoughts on “Feedback”

  1. Mike’s astrological readings have been amazingly true, Me an ardent student of this science , just pray almighty to help Mike explore his best potential in this wonderful mystique science. Warm Wishes


  2. In a soul searching trip to Varanasi I met a mysterious and talented man named Mike who looked into my astrology chart. Several aspects I could relate to immediately, including some specific details. I can also confirm that his predictions of my soon-to-be liver problem, came true when a month later I contracted Hepatitis A (infection of the liver).

    Mike has a way of explaining through the chart, with fascinating explanations behind his calculations. Very insightful indeed! There are of course always some follow up questions, which he has very kindly followed up through email as a part of his service.


  3. In a soul searching trip to Varanasi I met a mysterious and talented man named Mike who coached me in the ancient techniques of Hatha Yoga. His style was laid back and at the same time very thorough. I have since come to learn that he studied the technique extensively from an orthodox perspective. It was a truly enjoyable and wholesome experience. It is good to find a teacher from a Western background who clearly understands yoga for its spiritual benefits first and foremost, and the more physiological benefits henceforth.


  4. I’d just come back from Thailand and had a huge rash erupt on the palms of my hands and soles of my feet. This rash has been present throughout my adult life, appearing only in the summer. My doctor wanted to give me cream to suppress the eruption, which was a a form of eczema. After getting 4 acupuncture treatments from Mike the eczema is 100% cleared up. Thanks Mike!


  5. Mike’s astrological readings are startlingly accurate. I’m not overly into astrology and highly skeptical of anyone thinking they’ve mastered it, but can’t deny when it’s right. I was very happy living in this house with no intention of moving way back when Mike said we’d be moving in July of this year. But sure enough events conspired and we were to move this July. But then things changed to August and i thought “HAH, not July after all”! Now, as it turns out, the landlord needs the house back and we’re moving before August. So you were spot on Mike, wish us happy moving 🙂


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