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Mike has been studying astrology, philosophy and classical tantra out of Varanasi, India since 2007 after leaving career in civil construction management. He has practiced and studied Yoga or martial art for most of his life. He has studied several forms of holistic healing including massage, acupuncture, yoga therapy, and has deep knowledge of shamanic methods of healing, seeing and living. Since early 2021 he has been focused on the Nakshatra Project, a research project dedicated to illumination the 27 Moon Signs of Vedic Astrology. The foundation of this project spans over 6000 pages. He has truly given his life to higher wisdom and broader vision.

Where to start? The Basics.

*The Nakshatra Project* Opens to a large scale research project on the Nakshatras.

Occupation in Astrology.

Ayurvedic Astrology

Astrology & the Endocrine System/Chakras

Rahu in the Houses

Jupiter in Aquarius for Each Ascendant

Astrological Remedies

Remedial Measures, Meditation & The 12th House

Astrology & the Tattva

Astrology in the Big Picture


Vedic Astrology Reading (1 session) House by house astrology reading, questions answered, & basic remedy recommendations. Contact

Self-Exploration Sessions (3 sessions) This is a very popular program that allows people to really connect with their personal cycles and wheels of energy so that they can almost make simple predictions for themselves. The general format of the session is something like this: 1. The basic astrology reading. 2. Deep exploration of the planets and your personal cycles of their energy. 3. Special topics. Contact


Astrology Mentorship

This is your opportunity t learn astrology with a mentor in one-to-one setting.  A special kind of transmission is possibly when it’s just two people talking with each other; a purity in the karmic connection. This also allows you to set your own schedule for learning, and, to a certain degree, go your own direction. I have arranged the program in 3 parts:

1. The Self-Exploration Sessions: Three sessions, described above. This is basically a prerequisite for us to study together. r us to get to know each other and decide if we want to continue working together. Contact

2. The Basics of Vedic Astrology: 5 sessions to cover the basics of astrology. One textbook recommendation & and some self study required.  Contact

3. Chart Reading Examples: 5 sessions of reading charts together. Student supplies most of the charts. Contact


Vedic Councellor — Astrological Life Coach

This is a special program for people who need advice to overcome obstacles of life, a push to achieve their dreams, someone to turn to when catastrophe happens, or just in need of a philosophical perspective of life.

This typically starts with the self-exploration sessions described above. But much of our contact continues though text messages via whatsapp with just the occasional call.

Many yogis, wellness workers, and holistic therapists stay in touch this way. People who work with peoples problems and need someone from the outside to talk with occasionally.

People facing on giant hurdles in life, in their relationships, career, personal life, spiritual path, others trying to maintain a spiritual path in the midst of material or city life. Contact


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