Vedic Astrology

This page has information on the 10th lord in the houses, the planets in the 10th house, the Navamsha of the 10th lord & miscellaneous rules relating to the 10th house.  The 10th house is the main house of career, public reputation and social leadership. The 6th house describes the kinds Read more
When Jupiter transits Virgo, he will be showering the very being of Virgos with his blessings. Of course, Jupiter's blessings are not quite as pure for Virgos as is the case with several other ascendants. It's long been recognized that Jupiter looses his first face when he comes into ownership Read more
Jupiter in Virgo for Leo Ascendants (or moon in Leo) Jupiter will be in the 2nd house ruling the 5th and the 8th houses while looking at the 6th, 8th and 10th houses. Jupiter will bring his natural significations as well well as his functional significations to the 2nd house Read more
On August 11 Jupiter will move from Leo to Virgo. Of course Jupiter likes his friends sign of Leo more than Virgo who is ruled Mercury who does not particularly like him. This means that many of the significations of Mercury make it difficult for Jupiter to do his job. Read more
Part 7: How do we prevail? “Aath pinde, tat brahmade [As the world is inside, so it is outside.]” (Manduka Upanishad) Self knowledge, the equal of universal knowledge in most of India, is one of the most prized areas of knowledge. Various sciences and systems have been created just for Read more
    Saturn conjunct Mars 9th house Scorpio Saturn and Mars will bring some special Masala to your beliefs. Saturn's dryness is combining with Mars' more subtle but steamy heat in water sign Scorpio. Saturn is likely to cause some frustrating delay, but Mars will none-the-less give you both the courage Read more
Ketu in 1st house Aquarius Ketu in the first house makes a very good spokesperson. Ketu in this position can create a kind of self negating attitude making it easy for him to play whatever role is assigned to him by his more determined Rahu partners. Ketu in 1st does Read more
    Rahu in 8th house Leo conjunct Jupiter (Moon will be full here of February 24th) 8th house is giving strong indications of involvement with people over seas and foreigners. Rahu and Jupiter both naturally give indications of travel, and for Capricorns, Jupiter's rulership of the 12th house (foreign travel) Read more
    Rahu in 9th house conjunct Jupiter Rahu's conjunct with Jupiter forms Guru Chandal Yoga which compromises the virtues of Jupiter. Since this occurs in the 9th house, this corruption of higher law and broad humanistic thinking is complete. Rahu is our strongest desires and uncontrollable urges; those ones that Read more
   Leo 10th house: Rahu conjunct retrograde Jupiter (full Moon February 24th) Rahu comes into the 10th house with Jupiter. Rahu will being some intensity to public life and a drive for pubic recognition. Jupiter, as owner of the 5th house transiting the 5th sign will bring extra energy to Read more
For other signs and 2015 horoscope follow this link.    11th house: Rahu & Jupiter in Leo (Full moon February 24th, 2016) Rahu, the shadowy planet signifying some of our strongest desires and urges goes into the 11th house signifying hopes, gains, and friendships. The triple conjunction with the full Read more
Rahu moves into Leo 12th house Ketu moves into Aquarius 6th house Saturn will be in Scorpio 3rd house Mars conjunct Saturn (in 3rd house) Jupiter in Leo (conjunct Rahu makes Guru Chandal Yoga) Jupiter retrograde    Rahu in Leo 12th house Rahu is very happy in the 12th house Read more
Planetary Transits for Leo Ascendant: Rahu & Ketu in Leo & Aquarius; Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Scorpio Jupiter conjunct Rahu in 1st house Leo (Guru Chandal Yoga) While Jupiter in the first house for Leo ascendant is generally very favorable since his benefic effects will be felt in the Read more
Rahu & Ketu move into Leo (2nd house) & Aquarius (8th house) Jupiter in Leo (Guru Chandal Yoga) Saturn in Scorpio (Mars conjunct) Note: As always, this is a very general forecast which ignores many important transits. How these transits will affect you personally can only be seen through your Read more